Straboe 1901 Census Records, Co. Laois

This page features 1901 Census Records for the civil parish of Straboe in Co. Laois and includes the name of the head of household and the townland (and district electoral division) in which the head of household resides. A searchable index of all available 1901 census records present on is available here.

Head of Household Townland District Electoral Division
Peter Bennett Ballymooney Maryborough, Rural
Patrick Bergin Ballymacken Kilcolmanbane
Michael Bowe Ballymacken Kilcolmanbane
James Brett Shaen Shaen
John Broomfield Ballyroan Maryborough, Rural
William Brophy Ballymacken Kilcolmanbane
Matthew Brophy Ballyclider Maryborough, Rural
Thomas Brophy Ballymooney Maryborough, Rural
Patrick Buggy Derry Kilcolmanbane
John Bunyan Ballymooney Maryborough, Rural
Catherine Burke Straboe Shaen
Patrick Byrne Ballymacken Kilcolmanbane
Richard Byrne Ballymacken Kilcolmanbane
Margaret Byrne Ballydavis Shaen
Mary Carbery Derrygarron Shaen
Denis Cashen Straboe Shaen
Mary Cheevers Ballymacken Kilcolmanbane
Nathaniel Cheevers Ballymacken Kilcolmanbane
Thomas Coleman Straboe Shaen
catherine Conroy Shaen Shaen
James Conroy Ballydavis Shaen
Patrick Conroy Ballydavis Shaen
Patrick Coss Shaen Shaen
John Crawford Eyne Shaen
Anne Cushen Ballydavis Shaen
Anne Cushin Ballyclider Maryborough, Rural
Thomas Cushin Ballyclider Maryborough, Rural
John Daly Ballydavis Shaen
JOhn Daly Shaen Shaen
Mary Deevy Ballydavis Shaen
Michael Delany Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Michael Dempsey Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Michael Donohoe Ballydavis Shaen
Richard Donohoe Straboe Shaen
Ellen Doran Shaen Shaen
Henry Doran Ballydavis Shaen
Peter Dowling Straboe Shaen
John Drennan Ballymooney Maryborough, Rural
Loughlin Drennan Rathleague Maryborough, Rural
Catherine Dunne Ballymooney Maryborough, Rural
Catherine Dunne Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
John Dunne Ballydavis Shaen
Kate Dunne Ballydavis Shaen
William Dunne Shaen Shaen
Michael Eason Derrygarron Shaen
Francis Ewing Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Thomas Ewing Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Christopher Fennelly Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Robert Fennelly Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Thomas Fennelly Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Daniel Fennelly Derrygarron Shaen
Patrick Fennelly Eyne Shaen
Peter Ferris Ballydavis Shaen
Judith Fitzpatrick Derry Kilcolmanbane
John Fitzpatrick Ballymooney Maryborough, Rural
Edward Fitzpatrick Ballydavis Shaen
Ellen Fitzpatrick Ballydavis Shaen
James Fleming Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Thomas Flynn Ballydavis Shaen
Michael Forans Eyne Shaen
James Fyanes Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Richard Gee Derrygarron Shaen
Catherine Ging Ballyclider Maryborough, Rural
Patrick Ging Rathbrennan Maryborough, Rural
James Ging Straboe Shaen
Maria Ging Straboe Shaen
Peter Ging Ballydavis Shaen
Peter Gray Rathleague Maryborough, Rural
Matthew Gray Shaen Shaen
Patrick Gray Shaen Shaen
David Griffin Rathleague Maryborough, Rural
Jane Haslam Rathleague Maryborough, Rural
William Hennessy Shaen Shaen
Thomas Higgins Ballyroan Maryborough, Rural
George Higgins Shaen Shaen
James Higgs Ballyclider Maryborough, Rural
Catherine Holbrook Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Mary Holbrook Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
James Houlihan Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
William Houlihan Ballyclider Maryborough, Rural
John Howe Straboe Shaen
Richard Humston Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Anthony Humston Ballydavis Shaen
Hanorah Hutchinson Straboe Shaen
Margaret Hutchinson Straboe Shaen
James Hyland Ballydavis Shaen
Mary Hyland Ballydavis Shaen
Richard Hyland Ballydavis Shaen
Patrick Jordan Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Ellen Kavanagh Eyne Shaen
James Keating Eyne Shaen
Laurence Keeffe Ballydavis Shaen
Hanorah Kelly Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Henry Kelly Rathleague Maryborough, Rural
Edward Kelly Ballydavis Shaen
Thomas Kemmis Shaen Shaen
Mary Kenna Ballydavis Shaen
Murtha Lalor Ballyclider Maryborough, Rural
Patrick Lalor Ballydavis Shaen
William Lalor Ballydavis Shaen
Maria Langley Eyne Shaen
Patrick Langton Ballyroan Maryborough, Rural
James Lawler Ballydavis Shaen
John Lawlor Ballymacken Kilcolmanbane
John Loughlin Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Michael Lynch Straboe Shaen
John Maher Ballymacken Kilcolmanbane
Patrick Malone Derrygarron Shaen
William Matthews Derry Kilcolmanbane
Denis McEvoy Straboe Shaen
Edward McEvoy Derrygarron Shaen
Jeremiah McEvoy Straboe Shaen
Joseph McEvoy Straboe Shaen
William Meehan Shaen Shaen
John Morrison Derrygarron Shaen
William Mullins Beladd Maryborough, Rural
Patrick Norton Ballydavis Shaen
James O’Brien Ballydavis Shaen
James O’Hare Beladd Maryborough, Rural
John Quigley Shaen Shaen
John Rafter Ballydavis Shaen
James Rankin Derry Kilcolmanbane
James Ruth Ballyroan Maryborough, Rural
David Salmon Ballydavis Shaen
Elizabeth Salmon Ballydavis Shaen
Joseph Salmon Ballydavis Shaen
Lucey Shanahan Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
William Sherlock Eyne Shaen
William Spooner Ballydavis Shaen
John Tallant Shaen Shaen
Elizabeth Toole Eyne Shaen
Patrick Torritt Ballyroan Maryborough, Rural
William Troy Straboe Shaen
Arthur Tynan Ballyroan Maryborough, Rural
John Tynan Ballydavis Shaen
Joseph Walsh Ballymooney Maryborough, Rural
Patrick Walsh Beladd Maryborough, Rural
Mary Walsh Derrygarron Shaen
James Whelan Rathbrennan Maryborough, Rural
John Whelan Ballyroan Maryborough, Rural
Peter Whelan Kilminchy Maryborough, Rural
Anne Whelan Ballydavis Shaen
Patrick Whelan Eyne Shaen
Thomas Whelan Ballydavis Shaen
Norah White Ballyroan Maryborough, Rural

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