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Waterford During the Civil War, 1641-53

Waterford during the Civil War(1641 -1653).

Traits and Stories from the T.C.D. Depositions (Continued)

John Crockford, of Killgraney, in the County of Waterford (f. 125)
(Losses, 521(li) 13 shillings 9d (pence)

….. And further he sayth, yt there was murthered, of and in the parish of Whitedchurch, Ralph Bennetl jun., Wm Shoah, Robert Drew, James brother-in-law to Robert Wallis, Robert Damorell, and four others whose names he knoweth not.
And further the depont sayth, that he was robbed of his goods & chattells by the hands & means of Sr Nicholas Walsh of Ballykeroge, Knt, John Hore of Dungarvan, gent, Capt Edmond ffennell, now of Dungarvan, Richard Butler of Kilcash, a reputed Generall of the forces of Waterford and Tipperary, Edmund mc James, & Robcrt Stephens, parish of Whitechurch, John fitz gerald of Balliellane
Jur &c 18 June 1642
(Bisse, Badinedge, Rugge)

John Lambert of the Grange, barony of Decies (f. 126)
(Losses, 376 li)
……………. He saith that John fitz Gerrald of ffarnan, gent, James Welsh, Son to Sr Nicholas Welsh, Knt, and John Butler of Ringova (Ringagoona), gent (a reputed Captaine of the rebells), were the parties that robbed this depont, as he is [credibly] informed.
And further he deposeth that John Stutely (see also Nos. c, cxiv) of Ardmore (sic), in ye sd county, cleark, formerly curat of Armore, since this rebellion turned papist, together with his wife & family, John Adams his wife and family, likewise turned papists.
Jurat &c 23 Junii 1642
Tho: Badinedge,
Hen. Rugge)

Barnard Pabe of Ballingambon, parish of Whitechurch, yeoman
(Losses, 264 1i l1 shillings 4d (pence))
He was robbed by the hands & means of Robert Stephens & his followers, as, Wm Veale of Ballingambon, & John Veale brother to the sd Wm., husbandmen, & divers others
He further sayth that Phillipp Veale of ye parish of Whitechurch, taylor, John o Lyne of the same, husb., Daniell . . ” husb, who also tould his wife, a protestant, that she must shift for herself, for if it were knowne that he was in her company he should be cut to picces (how can the deponent swear to this?): All these were heretofore reputed protestants, and now, sithence this rebellion, tumed papists.
Jurat &c 18 June 1642
(Bisse, Badinedge, Rugge)

Hercules Beere of Gleinmore, parish of Lismore, carpenter (f. 129)
(Losses, 439 li sterl.)
The deponent saith that Morris o Downey of Glanmore, husbandman, James fitz Gerat of Coole-Ishell, gentleman, and others whose names he knoweth not, were the parties that then and there so robbed him.
Jur, &c 17 June 1642
(Bisse, Ellwell)

Charles Hart, parish of Kilgobint, barony of Decies, husbandman (f. 131)
(Losses, on New years day night, 9 li 5 shillings)
………….by Turlough o Brien his tenants. He saith that he himself his wife and children, were then and there stript by the tenants of Turlough o Brien aforesd and John Hore fitz Mathew of Shandon, barony of Decies, Esqrs.
Jurat &c 15 Aug. 1642
Phil Bisse
Jam Wallis

Robert Clay of Coscam, parish of Dungarvan,: clothier, (f. 132)
(Losses, value 35 li 7 shillings)
He further sayth, he was robbed by Garrett Newgent, of Coscam, gent, & his followers…………….And further sayth that Sr Nicho. Welsh of Ballyearoge & his followers stole & carryed away certaine Englishmen’s cattle, & as they were driving them by an house nere wherein the deponant was ffaine to hyde himselfe for shelter, his wife and one child, being one James Mac Thomas his house, of Coscam…………….. hearing ye drove of cattle going by ye aforesd James Mac Thomas, now in actuall rebellion & his company, ran out and took of the prey an English heiffer & presently killed it. He further sayth that one . . . Boston, with his wife & three children were stripped by ye rebells; but knoweth not who they were yt stripped them.
And lastly this deponent sayth, that Peter Anthony of Comro (Comeragh) his wife, & children formerly a professed protestant, but since this rebellion turned papists.
Jurat &:c 22 June, 1642
(Badnedge, Bisse, Rugge, Ellwell)

Phillipp Chapple, of the town and parish of Whitechurch, clarke (f.133(
(Losses 39 li 3 shillings”)
(‘……… besides the loss of his curattship of Whit Church
under the Bishop’s seale, worth to this depont coibus annis twelve pounds per annum – further sayth he was robbed of his goods, as he is credibly informed,’ struck out) by Margrett Tobin of the same parish, with her son Edmond and daughter More, and David Morrish his brother-in-law – his name the deponent knoweth not, and Wm Brenagh of the said parish his brother & Margarett Garracoin, only so called in the sd parish, widow, with divers of the forces of Waterford and Tipperary he also sayth that he was stripped stark naked by the said rebells.
Jur 24 June 1642
Percye Smyth
Phi1 Bisse

to be continued

1641 Depositions, Co. Louth

Surname & Name

Adams, Randall
Adams, Randall
Aldersy, Thomas
Aldrich, Will.
Aldrich, William
Aldrich, Wm.
Allen, ffrancis
Allen, John
Atkinson, Anthony
Babe, John
Bane, Patrick McHenry
Barber, Elizabeth
Barber, William
Barnewall, Christopher
Barnewall, Mathew als. Mathias
Barnewall, Patrick
Barnewell, Christopher
Barnewell, Chr’opher
Barnewell, Nicholas
Batten, Worsley
Beckett, Robert
Bell, Rgr.
Bellew, Christopher
Bellew, John
Bellew, Patrick
Bellew, Thomas
Bellinges, Barnaby
Bellings, Alderman
Bellings, Mark
Bermingham, Patrick
Birene, Patrick McHenry Bane
Birne, Bryan McRory Bane
Birne, Hugh
Birne, Patrick McHenry Bane
Blundell, G.
Blundell, George
Brereton, Hen
Bringhurst, Thomas
Briscoe, Amy
Cadogan, Wm.
Cappock, Tho.
Cappock, Thomas
Carroll, James
Chamberlaine, Mr.
Clarke, Thomas
Clearke, Captain
Clerke, John
Clerke, Thomas
Clinton, James
Clinton, Nicholas
Clinton, Peeter
Clinton, Peter
Clinton, Peter, Esq., Lawyer
Clinton, Stephen
Clogher, Hen
Colley, Gerrard
Colley, Gerrarde
Connor, Dennis
Cooke, Gregory
Cooley, Garrett
Cooley, Mr.
Coote, Charles
Cosar, Margaret
Coulton, Gregory
Cowley, Edward
Crooke, Gregory
Crowse, Jeran
Darcy, Nicholas
Dardise, Patrick
Davies, John
Davyes, Patrick
Dawe, Thomas
Devenish, Geo.
Disney, Lt. Col.
Doe, Thomas
Donellan, James
Donelon, Jas
Dongan, Tho
Dowdall, Charles
Dowdall, Edward
Dowdall, Garrett
Dowdall, Laurence
Dowdall, Nicholas
Dowdall, Patrick
Dowdall, Richard
Dowdall, Stephen
Dowding, Christopher
Dracott, John
Dromgoole, John
Dromgoolesten, John
Duff, Richard
Duff, Thady
Duffe, Thady
Elliot, John
Ellis, Patrick
ffennell, James
ffox, Arthur
ffugill, Thomas
ffzgarrald, John
Fitzwalter, John White
fossett, Christopher
fossett, Christopher
Garland, Henry
Garland, M.
Garland, Patrick
Garland, Patterick
Garland, Roger
Garnan, Henry
Gernon, Patrick
Greene, George
Gregory, George
Griffin, John
Griffin, Patrick
Hadsor, John
Halfpenny, Willm.
Hampston, Christopher
Hampton, Chr.
Hankin, Elizabeth
Hankin, James
Hanley or Stanley, John
Hanley, John
Hargreave, Christopher
Hill, Richard
Hitchcock, Will.
Hitchcock, William
Hitchcocke, Will.
Hitchcocke, William
Hoath, ffrancis
Hoey, Patrick
Holland, Alce
Howard, Grifin
Hulson, William
Hurleston, James
Hurlston, Jasper
Jackson, John
Joanes, Ithell
Jones, Hen.
Kelly, Margarett
Kienigston, Paul
King, George
King, Nichas
Lappage, Edward
Lowth, Lord
Lyndon, Roger
mac Maughon, Colle McBrian
Macbratin, Brian
MacLocklan, John
MacWard, Connor (alias Phillipp)
Mallone, John
Malone, Chr’opher
Malone, John
Malone, Philip
Malone, William
Maudesley, Richard
Maughhowne, Hugh Mac Rory
Mawdesley, Richard
Mawdesley, Thurston
Maxfield, Edward
M’Brien, Collogh
McBrattin, Thomas
McBrian, Collogh
McCosar, Margaret
McCreane, Brian
McIver, Toole McEdward
McMaghan, Coll. McBrian
McMaghan, Owen McBrien
McMaghon, Collo Mcbryan
McMahon, Ardell
McMahon, Coll mac Art
McMahon, Hugh
McMahon, Hugh McRory
McMahon, P. Fitzedmund
McMahon, Patrick McEdmund
McMahon, Patrick McLachlane,
McMahon, Patrick McMLaughlin
McMahon, Rory
McMahowne, Ardell
McMahowne, Ardell Beddy
McMahowne, Brian
McMahowne, Coll. McBryan
McMahowne, Collogh McBrian
McMahowne, Katherine
McMahowne, Patrick McCollo Roe
McMahowne, Patrick McEdmund
McMahowne, Patrick McLaughlin
McMahowne, Patrick McToole
McMaughowne, Ardell
McMaughowne, Ardell Booy
McMaughowne, Rory Booye
McMullghowne, Patrick McLaughlin
Meredith, Robert
Meredith, Robt.
M’Garland?, Mr.
Moor, Jane
Moore, Bartholomew
Moore, Ld.
Moore, Roger
Moore, William
More, Alice
More, James
More, Jane
More, William
Mortimer, John
Murphy, Michell
Nettervill, Luke
Netterville, Nicholas
Nettervyle, Lord
Newgent, Garrett
O’Cahalan, Manus
O’Calan, Hugh
O’Calan, Hugh Ramer
O’Calan, Hugh Ramer
O’Donnelly, Brian
O’Donnelly, Brian
O’Donnelly, Bryan
O’Donnelly, Bryan
O’Hanlon, Glasny
O’Hanlon, Glasny
O’Hanlon, Patrick
O’Hanlon, Patrick
O’Hoey, Patrick
O’Hoey, Patrick
O’Murchie, Owen
O’Murchie, Owen
O’Murphy, Owen
O’Murphy, Owen
O’Neale, Henry
O’Neale, Phellim
O’Neale, Phelmy
O’Neale, Phelym
O’Neale, Tirlogh Oge
O’Neile, Owen Roe
O’Neile, Phlemie, Sr.
O’Neile, Tirlagh Oge
O’Neile, Turlough McQuin
O’Neill, Tirlagh oge
O’Neille, Phelimy
O’Rely, Miles
O’Rely, Turlogh
Osborne, Robert
Parker, Elizabeth
Parker, Thomas
Pasmere, John
Pentheny, Mathew
Pharlie, Philip
Pigott, Edw.
Plinckett, John
Pluncket, Nicholas
Plunckett, James
Plunckett, John
Plunckett, William
Plunckett, Wm.
Plunket, Alex
Plunket, Captayne
Plunket, Robt.
Plunkett, John
Ponsonby, John
Pressick, Thomas
Preston, Captain
Price, Rich.
Price, Richard, Esqr.
Rawden, Geo.
Rayner, Robt.
Relie, Philip
Roberts als Walmsley, Jane
Ryves, Wm.
Sellis, William
Slane, Lord
Spell, Luce
St. Laurence, Bartholomew
St. Laurence, Christopher
St. Laurence, Walter
St. Lawrence, Bartholomew, Lieut. Col.
St. Lawrence, Christopher
Stanley or Hanley, John
Stanley, John
Stanley, Olivr.
Stanley, Rowland
Sterne, John
Stone, John
Taafe, James
Taafe, John
Taafe, Lady
Taafe, Laurence
Taafe, Lawrence
Taafe, Patrick
Taafe, Robert
Taafe, Stephen
Taaffe, John
Taaffe. Richard
That, Christopher
That, John
Ticquett, Major
Trant, Thomas
Varden, John
Verdon, Isaac
Verdon, John (Lord of Lowth)
Vesey, William
Voke?, Charles
Walmsley – See Roberts
Walmsley, John
Warren, W.
Warren, William
Warren, Wm.
Watson, Joh.
Weston, Patrick
White, Chr.
White, John
White, Nicholas
Whyte, Walter
Williams, Gabriell
Williams, William
Wise, ffrancis
Wooten, John
Wssher, William

Waterford During the Civil War: XC – XCVII

Waterford during the Civil War (1641-1653)
Traits and Stories from the T.C.D. Depositions
Edited by Thomas Fitzpatrick, LL.D.
Published in the Journal of the Waterford Archaeological & Historical Society

f. = folio
sd = said
Placenames in brackets are those suggested by editor of article for the names as spelled in the documents
wch = which

Sr Richard Osborne of Knockmonne (f.221)
(Losses, including debts, 3,38li. . Among those indebted to him – James Hore ffitzjohn of Dungarvan …… )
Lastly this depont saith, that the howse of Cappagh in the said county (wherin the Lord of Ikerrin, & the Lord of Dunboyne, with their forces, lately encampt themselves) belonging to this depont, by means of this rebellion was burned and utterly ruinated together with to his loss of five hundred pounds. he was robbed of his goods by the hands and means of Captaine ffennell of Clonmel1. He likewise saith that upon the tenth of March last, the reblls killed in the County of Waterford, upon the lands of Knockmone, the undernamed persons English and protestants, viz, Richard Holloway, yeoman, Thomas Bayley, yeoman, William Shea, Ralph Bennett, yeoman, Thomas fforane, Robt True th’ elder, Robt True th’ younger, then of the garrison soulders of Knockmone Castle in the parish of Whitechurch, County of Waterford. He sayth that they were killed by John fitz Thomas of Wood house, in the sd County, gent, (a reputed Captaine of the rebells), John fitz Tibbot of Clonea in the sd countie, gent, John fitz Gerrald of ffarna,in the said countie, gent, & divers others
Jurat &c 22 July 1642
Pcrcyc Smyth
Phil Bisse

Henry Cliffe of Lisnekilie, County of Waterford, ( f. 229) gent,
(Losses, 202li)
by the means of Thomas Wadding Esqre and James Lincol1, gent, of the (torn) of Waterford in chiefe of the sd farms of Clones and Broad . ……And further saith that one Paul Cary of Waterford, vintner, spake the…. words in the presence of this deponent & Mr. Kidly of Carrick in the county of Tipperary, clarke, that “the puritant parliament of England was the cause of all these troubles”, And furthermore that they had made a match between the Lady of England, the Kinges eldest daughter, and a traytour’s son that had never a foote of land.
Jurat &c 18 June 1642
Tho. Badnedge
Phil Bisse
Thomas Ellwell

Roger Greene, late of Ballyhambles, husbandman deposeth and saith : , ( f. 230)
That on or about the first of October last, this deponent together with the number of eleven men and women vizt., Alexander Crase, Garret Barry, Rich. West, Wm. Watts, Wm o Hea, Ann Merryville the wife of John Merryville, Ursula Gullyferr. & others, were sent by direction from sejieant-major Apleyard, governor of the town of Youghall. over the ferry of Youghall, into the County of Waterford, “to reape & bind some of the rebells’ corrne”. But the enemy, consisting of the number of forty horse & three score foote, or thereabouts, came and assaulted this deponent & the rest, & being apprehended by them, they carryed them prisoners to Dungarvan a place of theenemys randevous, And being there comitted a long time. then & there they observed two barques come in to Dungarvan aforesd., one whereof came out of Spayne laden with armes and amunition, comanded by one Captain John Donnell a native of this kingdom, & th’ other laden with salt, powder and armes newly come out of ffrance. but what quantity of armes & other amunition they brought into the said harhour this deponent know not.
Hee likewise deposeth that they then observed one Bourke (his christian name he knoweth not) to come thither out of the County Clare, Whoe bought from the said Captain Donnell three hundred musketts, sixteen barrels of powder, and five thousd weight of match, & carried the same away, being guarded with a convoy of twelve musketteers sent with him by John Butler of Ballycloghey, in the county of Tipperary, then Captain & cheefe comander of the Castle of Dungarvan aforesd
Garrett Barry of Youghall, in the County of Cork, yeoman, this day came before us, and deposed that the premises were true in all particulars.
These deponents lastly doe severally say. That they sawe at Dungarvan, John Roch of Ballyfinsoge, in the County of Waterford, gent, bearing arms in the company of the said John Butler. And likewise they saw then & there James Butler, late of the Grange, in the sd county, gent, then in company with the rebells. And further they depose that, then & there, they heard the rebells at Dungarvan cursing the puritants, & saying they were the cause of all these mischeefs, &c
Jur. &c 12 Decembris, 1642
Phil Bisse
Thomas Ellwell

John Andrews, late of the parish of Lismore, (f.234) gent,
(Losses. 189li)
Further saith that John Murphy of Carrick in the County of Tipperary told this deponent that he himself had killed seaven women at Cappoquine, this deponent being prisoner, and in company with all the rest.
He also saith that Edmond Unssin of the barony of Inchequin,in the County at Clare, was killed by Captaine ffennell, being accompanied with all the rest: All wch rebells told this deponent that they had the Kings broade seale of England to warrant them for what they did, And further said that all the English in Ireland were rebellious Rogues and were worthy to be hanged, And that they fought for the King, and moreover wished that, in the deponent’s room, they had had the Lord President, the Earle of Corke the Earle of Barrymore, the Lord of Dungarvan, the Lord of Kynallmeaky, the Lord of Broghill **, and Sr John Browne, whoe they said were all traytours and rebells. And that they fought for the King (sic, repeated). And further saith that if the English wholly in generrall did not leave the kingdom, they would kill them or hang them all.
He also saith that they stripped this deponent, saying, that there was never a (‘man’ cancelled) [souldierJ come over out of England but such as the Earle of Cork had raised in England upon his owne landes : but they would make him glad to carry them back againe as fast as they came over.
Jurat &c 29 die Septembrls, 1642.
Jam. Wallis
Hen. Rugge

** Lords Dungarvan, Kinalmeaky and Broghill, three of the seven sons of Richard Boyle, first Earl of Cork

Christopher Choreton, late of Dungarvan, yeoman, deposeth & saith : ( f. 237)
That on or about Christmas last, he was robbed of his goods & chattels, to the vallue of 84li 15s…….
The deponent saith he was robbed by the means and hands of Edward Hore of Dungarvan, gent, Tibbot fitz John, nere Dungarvan, gent, & Thomas Morley of the same, merchant.
He further saith that this deponent, William ffarmer, Henry Davy, Walter Bactra, John Allen, Thomas Gadsell, their wives & children, all English protestants, were stripped about ten o’clock at night by the rebells
Jurat &c 25 June 1642
Phil Bisse
Thomas Ellwell

Jeremy Wyse, late of Loghdolim, gent, ( f. 239)
(Losses, 257li 16s 8d)
…… By the hands and means of one Grant living neere the Three-mile bridge, a reputed captaine of the rebells, & his forces The deponent saith that, Thomas Coote, ffrancis Powell [smith, who made halberds & pikes for the rebells], John Collins, sadler, [who makes sadles likewise for them] Lawrence Ward, inkeeper, Thomas Rogers, ffarmer, Mathew Johnson, carpenter [who makes cariadges for the ordnance of the rebells], John Hudson joiner, Richard Sherett. cooper, Ralph Mullineux, smith, Joseph the hatter. [all of Waterford, were] English protestants formerly, but since this rebellion turned papist
Jurat &c 16 July, ,1642
Phil Bisse
Thomas Ellwell

Richard Shepard, late of Ballycollane, parish of Aglish . ( f. 243)
(Losses 42li 10s.)
Hee further saith, that one Henerie Lyncoll of the parish of Clash more, husbandman, together with his wife, were murthered by Owen o Comery, of the parish of Clashmore, the said Henerie o Nealle & his company. Hee also saith that he was stript, with his wyfe and ffive children by Capt”” Edmond ffennell.
Jur. &c 17 Junii 1642
Tho. Badnedge,
Phil Bisse

Roger Boyle of Kilnaparke, in the County of Waterford (f.246)
(Losses, 2701i
The parties so robbed were the following [by the deposition of Ann Boyle, wife to the said Roger] : Margrett Smith, Judith Richmond, Michaell Smith, Mr Dinn, his wife and three elder children, Joan Llewellin, John Sterne, his wife, son & servant, John Smith & his wife, Goody Smith & her children, Mrs Rookes & her two children, Ge … Morgan her daughter & her children, & divers others whose names she cannot remember, to the number of (between) 3 or 400 persons, ‘as she conceives’. She also saith that there was nine children & one old woman buried on the day which she [verily conceives] was occasioned by the vnhuman vsage of those Irish rebells there vpon them

She further (torn) that there is Thomas Atkins & his wife living on Passage Hill neere Waterford, a weaver, Ralph Mullineux & his wife, at Killure, smith, Lawrence Wade at the Kinges Head [in Waterford, inkeeperl. Thomas Rogers & his wife of Woodestowne, ffrancis Powell of the Citty of Waterford, [smith ]& his wife, Thomas Dobson & his wife [husbandman], Joseph Ellis & his wife of Waterford, hatter, old Nicholas the miller, without Sct Patrick’s gate in Waterford & his wife, Evan Welsh of Killauline, ffisherman, his wife & daughters, Mathew Johnson of Ballyhow, carpenter, Mr Williams of the Cathedrall church of Waterford organist, one other Mr Williams who professes himself to be a drainer of Bogge & engineer, All wch were known protestants, & now gone to Masse with the Iris.
Jurat &c 17 June1642
Tho. Badnedge (No other signature)

Waterford During the Civil War: LXXXI – LXXXIX

Waterford during the Civil War (1641-1653)
Traits and Stories from the T.C.D. Depositions
Edited by Thomas Fitzpatrick, LL.D.
Published in the Journal of the Waterford Archaeological & Historical Society

f. = folio
sd = said
Placenames in brackets are those suggested by editor of article for the names as spelled in the documents
wch = which

Richard Reely of Cappoquin, yeoman, (f.180)
(Losses, about 1 March & after, 21li)
The deponent further saith that about the time aforesd, he was taken prisoner by [ye under named persons, vizt] Richard Butler of Kilcash County of TipperaryEsquire, Captain Edmond ffennell, Pierce Butler of Bansagh in the County of Waterford (sic), gent, Patrick Gough of Kilmanihan, gent, Clement Gough of the same, gent and divers others in company with them, to the number of a thousand armed men, or thereabouts, Whoe came to the Castle of Dromanny in ye said county, purposeing to goe over the Blackwater, & notwithstanding that the enemy stood in a full body within distance to the said Castle, yett one Miles Magrath comander of the said Castle, & Mabell fitz Gerrald, wife to Gerrald fitz Gerrald of the same, Esquire, would not permitt any of the warders of the sd Castle to make any shott at them ; besides, they suffered the sd rebel1s to make use of a boate under the comand of the sd Castle, thereby to carry their men over the sd river to robb & pilladge the kinges subjects.
Jurat &c 8 Dec 1642
Phil Bisse
Ric. Williamson

** Editors note: Is this the Richard Ryly (or O’Rely) who later on is said to have been hanged by Fennell on Shrove Tuesday 1641-2, that is about ten months prior to the date of this deposition? See no cxliii and other examinations relating to Mountain castle near cappoquin

Daniell Spicer, of Lismore, clerk, deposeth and ( f. 183)
That since the beginning & by means of the present. rebellion Ireland, he lost and was despoiled of his goods & chattels & debts, worth One-hundred fortie three powndes, Part thereof due by Richard Magner (‘clarke’ scored out) of Kilnattock, clerke …… wch Magner was. hanged by the rebells of Mountgarret’s army, & Garret Browne, & Anthony Preston & the rest, papists and rebells; Donogh oGrady of Kilbotowne, gent, and Loghlin oDwire of the same parish & county, clarke, now turned papist & rebell) Michael Blunt of Any, in the said County yeoman, Robt ffarnan, Edward Rawleigh, of the same, butcher, Philip Karney of the same yeoman, John Burgett of the same, Esquire, Andrew tragh (sic) of Stonehouse in the County of Waterford, gent, Besides the losse of the benefit of his Church-living worth one hundred pounds.
Jurat &c 17 August 1642
Phil Bisse,
Jam. Wallis.

Hugh Cooke, lateof Kilbrice, County of (f.184)
-Waterford, gent
(Losses, 241i)
Phillip Corkran, yeoman, servant to the deponent upon oath deposth …… (and names the parties concerned in the alleged robbery) Thomas Corkran, yeoman, deposeth that one Captaine Kenedy, Captaine Edmond ffennell, & Donogh oBrien, gent, were all at Kilbrice aforesd, wasting and destroying the said Hugh Croker’s corne & household goods.
(The Corkrans both mark)
Jur. &c 12 Augusti 1642
Phil Bisse
Jam. Wallis

Donogh Newman of Cappoquin (f. 186)
(Losses. 971i 15s)
And further saith that he lately bestowed in the buyldinge of the said house Twentie pownds wch he never raised out of the same for yt the last April the same was burned by Capt John Sherlock, late of Motoe in foresaid County, and Capt. Edmond ffennell late of Clonmell, and their souldiers
Jurat &c 15 Aug. 1642
Phil Bisse,
Jam Wallis

John Smith, late of the Cittie of Waterford, hatter (f.187)

Thomas Hore, Patrick Glissin, hatmaker, John Stephens of Wexford, seaman, but in regard the said parties are partly in rebellion and partly disenabled by means of the rebellion, therefore the deponent cannot get satisfaction from them, And that about Candlemas 1641, the undernamed parties, formerly protestants, are, since this rebellion, turned papists, namely, Laurence Ward of the same, yeoman, Thomas Rodgers of Woodstown in the County of Waterford, yeoman, ffrancis Powell of Waterford, with Edward Abbott of the same, tobacco pipe-maker, John Hudson of the same joyner, Mr. Williams organist of Christchurch in the said Cittie, Robert Claffe of the same, tanner, Ralph Mollineux of the same, smith. His cause of knowledge is, that he sawe some of the said parties goe into the Masse-house, & the rest did bouldly affirm their said revoult & openly confess their going to Masse.
Jurat &c 1 ffebr 1642
Phil Bisse,
Thomas Ellwell

John Potter, curate of Affane, County Waterford (f.204)
(Losses, 41i 10s)
(‘of one co we to the’ value of fortie shillings’ struck out). Of household stuffe & his house burnt to the ground, to the value of one pound ten shillings. Of hay to the value of one pound. Besides the losse of the benefitt of his Church liveings, the curateship of Affane, worth, coibus annis, the sum of three pounds ten shillings, which he leaves to consideration.
Jurat &c 13 Aug. 1642
Phil Bisse
Jam. Wallis

(The following curious memorandum appears on this folio:) (f.209)
By the relacon of Nicholas Roberts of Ballycarty, fflorence mcCarty exprest some favours to the English after ye Castle was yeilded upp, who, when they were threatned & in danger of their lives, came & told them that he was but one man, & that he knew not what to doe for them, & to give them a convoy he thought it to be very dangerous, Whereupon he told them that they had best, as he conceaved, to buy a peare of brogues a-peece & see how the brogues & the mountaynes would agree, meaning to escape thereby, & soe ye very next night after, being snowy winter-weather they went over ye mountane & escaped all safe to the Newmarket, being twenty miles distant.
Also by ye relacoll of Mr. Daverax Spratt, Clarke, it appeareth, yt Peirce fferitur did much favour ye English in many respects above all ye Irish gent, in Kerry, in protecting many men’s lives & goods, & releeving many poore protestants out of his owne purse, And in giving many five shill. a-piece, some half-a-crown a-piece, & some less, Who was ye man when ye Castle of Tralee was taken who propounded to ye rest of ye Captns there, that if they would give back to ye protestants one-third part wch they had in ye Castle, that he for his part wold give them all his owne share, Wch notwithstanding they denying, he gave much of ye protestants’ goods hack that fell to his share.
(Not signed; but this noting on margin, 209h: Good acts of some ill men yt are Rebles-namely, fflorence mcCarty & Peirs fferitur.)

Phillip Chappell, Whitechurch, clerk . (f.211)
deposeth & saith**
That on or about the 12th day of January last past, and sithence the begining of the present rebellion, that the church of Whitechurch [of which he was Curat, was] Robd and forcibly dispoiled of its ornaments and vtensills to the value following: Of one silver cup, a church byble of the large volume, two new Comon praier-bookes, a book of Commons, one surplus (sic), one linen tabell-cloth, one carpett, Onle pulpitt-c1oth, a peece of new cloth apoynted to make a pulpit cushing: To the value of six pounds.
Jurat &c 24 June, 1642
Tho Badnedge,
Phil Bisse
Thomas Ellwell

**see also No. lvii of same date

Judith Phillipps, of Waterford, for and· in the (f.219)
behalf of john Williams ( now a souldier in his Matjes army, &. this deponent’s husband,’ struck out) deposeth and saith :
(Losses, about Shrovetide, 401i)
This deponent sayth that at the aforesd time ye Citizens of Waterford did appoint the Constables of every parish in ye sd citty of Waterford, to fetch ye English protestants (men, women, and children in ye sd City), & thereupon had some of them Comitted in ye Citty Hall, & ye rest in three severall other places within the sd City, & soe kept them in the nature of prisioners for foure days together & seized upon all their goodes. And afterwards they comanded yt all the women & children should be led away guarded with halberts & pikes through ye sd Citty, & to be turned out of the gates towards Passadge, Wch was accordingly done, & one Capt. Stronge (governor of ye Passadge, as they tearme him) comanded to put the women & children in some severall houses in ye sd Passadge.
The depont further sayth yt the sd Capt Stronge & his company, in a most cruell manner, kept this depont & ye rest prisoners (being stript by ye rebells) yt came out of ye county of Waterford to the number of three hundred & fifty men, women and children, English & Protestants, or threabouts, allowing them but a farthing’s worth in bread every third day, Soe that through his cruell vsadge of them, there perished & dyed (most of them being starved to death) aboute ye number of eight & forty persons, young & auld (as see verily beleeves) – their names she cannot remember except two, the widdow Joice & the widdow Juan.
And this examinat likewise sayth that the sd Captaine Stronge & his company would not suffer ye Corpses of ye parties so dead to have any christian burial, but threw their dead corpes upon the sands. She also sayeth that shee this depont, at Passadge aforesd, once persuaded to come out of ye house where she was kept prisoner to buy some bread for her poore children (almost famished to death) from Irish in Passadge aforesd, having a piece of silver in her hand to buy the said bread, One of the sd Captaine Stronge’s men, meeting with this examinat (his name she knoweth not) striving to get the said money out of her hand, with the butt end of his peece strooke this deponents child Joan Phillips of ye age of three years, then in this examinat’s arms, & strooke out her brains, & afterwards fell to beating this deponent most miserably (she being in the latter end of her time), & gave her a matter of eleven wounds with his skein ‘Whereupon she imediately miscarryed of a man child.

This examinat further sayeth, yt John Lowther of ye parish of Christchurch within the Citty of Waterford, shoemaker, formerly an English protestant but since this rebellion turned papist, himselfe and his wife; & being in a conference with this examinat aboute the time aforesaid, this depont demanded the said Lowther whether he heard any news out of England, or whether any forces were coming out of England, yea or noe, He answered & sayd (with a great oath), Doe you expect (quoth he) any ayde out of England & they being upp there one agt another, & the King having lost his Crowne, Whereupon this examinat reprehended him & had him not to say soe, He replyed & sayde, ‘He lost his Crowne by loosing Ireland,’ for, if you live, sayth he (averring the same with oathes & wounds sic) a hundred years, you shall see Ireland new-recovered agen by ye English.
And lastly she deposeth yt she was present when Lieut. Trevisor & fourteene men and nyne women English & protestant in company with, him (whose names she knoweth not) were killed & murthered by the rebells at Dungulfe nere Tinterne in ye County of Wexford : but the rebells’ names she knoweth not.
( Mark)
Jurat &c 27 Jany. 1642
Tho. Badnedge
Phil Bisse

Waterford During the Civil War: LXXV – LXXX

Waterford during the Civil War (1641-1653)
Traits and Stories from the T.C.D. Depositions
Edited by Thomas Fitzpatrick, LL.D.
Published in the Journal of the Waterford Archaeological & Historical Society

f. = folio
sd = said
Placenames in brackets are those suggested by editor of article for the names as spelled in the documents
wch = which

Henry Howell, late of Dungarvan, husbandman, (f.171)
(Losses, value 93li)
by Edward Hore of Dungarvan masse-priest. Anstace White of the same widdowe. And saith he was present when the Castle of Dungarvan was surprised and taken by the rebels, vizt, John Butler, living neere the same, John Hore of Shandon in the said county, Esquire, John Clancy of the same, gent, John Hore fiitz Michaell of the same, gent, Matthew Hore of the same, gent, [Tho. Morrin of the same. merchant], and divers others whose names he knoweth not.

The said Castle was taken after this manner: John Hore of Shandon aforest, pretending (a mater of a fortnight before the castle was taken that the rooffe of his house wanted reparation and slateing. borowed a lather (sic) out of the said Castle, and the same morning it was taken the sd Hore sent word to the sd castle to fetch home the sd ladder, For, saith he, the enemy is neere at hand, and it is to (be) feared they will scale [with it] the walls, except it were brought in by times, And withall sent six men with the ladder to the Castle gate; & presently noe sooner were the gates opened to receive in sd ladder but the parties that carried same stood in the middest of the sd gate with the one half of the ladder within doores & th’ other half without, Whereby the rebells instantly rushed in a greate number and tooke the said Castle, where they stripped a matter of fortie persons young and ould, English & Protestants. **
Jurat &c 2 die Julii 1642
Phil Bisse
Thomas Ellwell

William Masters, on behalf of Henry Masters, (f.172)
Hugh Masters, & Ursula Masters, three orphants,
the children of Hugh Masters – of Currakeale, taylor, deposeth and saith :
That upon the first of January 1641, or thereabouts, the said Hugh Masters in his life time lost, was robbed, and forceably despoiled of his goods and chattles to the value of 20li…..
The deponent saith that the said Hugh Masters left his castle & household stuffe in the custody of Pierce Edward of Cloghine, whoe is now in open and actuall rebellion. And likewise the said orphants’ sheepe were taken away by James White neere Everard’s Castle, gent.
Jurat &c 17 Martii 1642
Phil Bisse
Ric Williamson :

** For another account of the re-capture of Dungarvan Castle by the Irish, see deposition of Walter Bartram of Dungarvan (No. cxii.)

Walter Power, late of Ballymalloe, parish of (f. 174)
Whitechurch, gent, (Losses, 200li)
The deponent saith, that John fitz Gerald of ffarnan, gent, Captain Edmond ffennell & Henry Dowdall of Clashmore, gentlemen, were the parlies that took away this deponents cattle & goods. And further saith, that one Richard Halloway of Knockmone with six others English and protestants, & divers women and children were murthered neere Knockmone, by the said Captaine Edmond ffenneJl and his company
Jurat &c 17 Aug. 1642 Phil Bisse
Jam. Wallis

James Burne of Dungarvan, yeoman . .. (f.176)
(Losses, 591i 7s 10d)
The deponent saith) that he heard Walter Roch, of Wexford say, That he hoped [to see] the English goe to Masse or made to run into the sea. He further saith, that he was robbed by Captaine Edmond ffennell, Sr Nicholas Welsh his eldest son, Will Murphy of Dungarvan, husb., Captaine Welsh of Slievebrayagh, county of Kilkenny.
Jurat &c 12 Aug, 1642
Phil. Bisse
Jam. Wallis

Richard Prudderagh, late of Whitechurch, Cordyner, (f.177)
(Losses117li 10s.)
The deponent saith that Teige Laghten of Ballylemon, husb.,
robbed this deponent of his garden fruits, & that David Pruderagh his father, and Mary Prudderragh his mother, were murthered at Golden bridge in the County.of Tipperary, as he is informed.
Jurat &c 16 Aug. 1642
Phil. Bisse
jam. Wallis

James Curry, late of the towne & parish of (f. 178)
Affane, husbandman (Loss,’s, 39li)
He sayth that he was stript at Affane aforsd by Tibbot Butler of Knockanamony in the County of Tipperary, & his followers, And yt Donell mc David, late of Ballyhanebegg, parish of Whitechurch,. gent, did say, in this deponent’s hearing, when he was prisoner about Candlemass last, that the protestants were trayterous English doggs, and that they knew no god yt they had.
Jurat &c 15 Aug. 1642
Phil Bisse
Jam Wallis

Waterford During the Civil War: C – CX

Waterford during the Civil War (1641-1653)
Traits and Stories from the T.C.D. Depositions
Edited by Thomas Fitzpatrick, LL.D.
Published in the Journal of the Waterford Archaeological & Historical Society

Amos Godsell, late of grange in the County of Waterford. Husbandman.
And he said his goods were taken away by Sir Nicholas Welsh his son & John Ffarnane of Ballyellelane in the said county, gentlemen (as this deponent is credibly informed)
The deponent further saith that when the said rebels took away his (this deponents) cattle, among others’ cattle, he – this deponent, demanded Wherefore they took them away. They answered that they had aurthority for to doe it, and that they had the Kings broad seale to show for it.
He lastly saith that John Adams, his wife & children and his siter in law, Richard Henisy, Robert Marlin, his wife and all his family, John Stutely & his wife & family and the widow Whitelock and her son James Whitelock, John lacy, James Cooper, Wm. Tobin, James Brannagh, Edward Newtown & his wife Ellen Tobin. All formerly Protestants, but since this rebellion turned papists, all parishioners of the severall parishes of Lisgenin, Armore & Kinsale.

The deponent further saith that the undernamed persons are indebted to this deponent.
Signed Amos Godsell
Jurat & c. 15 Junii 1642
Tho. Badnedge
Phil Bisse

Edmond Bagg, late of Bowley, yeoman

Hee saith that he was robbed by the Lord of Mountgarrett, Theobald Purcell, baron of Loghmoe, in the county of Tipperary, Esquire, Sir Nicholas Welsh of Ballykeroge, Knight; Phillip McCragh, high Sheriff of the said county of Waterford (at that time) John Roch of Cur?? His two sons Peerce Roch and Tibbot Roch; XXX O’Conery of Ballyhanebegg, gent; John McThomas fitz Gerrald of ffarnan, gent; John Butler, Thomas oge Macragh (of Dromany) in the said county, gent; & George Russell (an English Papist) of Aglis, gent, Edmond ffennell of Duingarvan, gent; Richard Butler, Esquire, brother of th e late Earle of Ormond, the Lord of Dunboyne & divers others and their forces…… he lastly saith that one Allis Bywater, wife to Robert Bywater of Dromany was murthared by the rebels whose names he knoweth not.
Edmond Bagg
Jurat &c. 16 junii 1642
Tho. Badnedge
Phil Bisse

John Bicknor of Dromor, in the parish of Aglis, gentleman.
The deponent further saith that Edward butler of Clare in the county of Tipperary, Esquire, Peerce Cantwell of Muckarky in the same county, gent, James butler son of Edward, together with the elder son of the said Cantwell, did about the xxiiiith of January last, publish, declare and aver that the Lord Mountgarrett, Theobald Purcell als. Baron Loghmoe & Richard butler of Kilgash (sic) and all their commanders, had a Commission from His Majestie, under the great Seale of England, for authorising their actions & for the extirpation & other rooting out of all the English Protestants in this Kingdom of Ireland that would not conform themselves to the Church of Rome. He likewise saith that James Hay and Roger McDonell of Coolhastie, County Waterford, Mahowne o Lyne of Aglis, & divers others, upon the xiith of February did strip and take away the clothes of Ann Bicknor of the adge of two years, and Wm. Bicknor of the adge of one year (this deponent’s children), whereby the said Wm. & Ann languished (as this deponent concieveth) & both dyed thereof aboute two moneths after.
The deponent further saith, that Phillip Hill of Kilmalesh, County of Waterford did relate to this deponent in the presence of Rowland Davenporte, an English Protestant, that Owen O Feely of Dromany did say that the Lord president of Munster was a greater rebel than thos he had burned and killed in the County of Tipperary.
He lastly saith that he was offred (and the message sent by Terragh Bren…..a Domican Friar) from Richard Butler of Kilcash, Esquire, that if this deponent would put away his English servants and keep none but the Roman Catholiques & yeeld up unto him his arms, & take his oath to doe noe detriment to their army (as the said Therlagh termed it) that the deponent would dwell safely in his house nad place, & plowe & sowe till Easter following: All which the deponent utterly refuseing to doe, the said rebels robbed him of all…
John Bicknor
Jurat &c. 17 Junii 1642
Tho. Badnedge
Phil Bisse

John Horton, parish of Clashmore, yeoman
……Hee lastly saith that Henry Linkhorne and his wife of Kilmore, in the parish of Clashmore. English Protestants, were killed by rebels in those parts), as this deponent is credibly informed.
His Mark
Jurat &c 15 June 1642
Tho. Badnedge
Phil Bisse
John Smith, the younger, late of the parish of St. Patrick’s, in the city of Waterford. Gentleman

…by the means of James Lincolne of the said cittie, Peirce Butler, out of the county of Wexford, gent, Paul Waddinge fitz Richard of Pembrokestowne in the County of Waterford & their companies, stripped this deponent’s childe Michall Smith of 7 yeres of adge & Sara Smith of 4 yeres of adge, & his (this deponent’s) mother, who, through their cruel usadge of her, shee spitted blood & thereupon dyed.
John Smith
Jurat &c 17 Junii 1642
Tho. Badnedge
Phil Bisse

Elizabeth ffleming, late of Ballybrowse, County of Waterford
……..by the means and hands of James Welsh (Sir Nicholas Welsh his son) a captaine among the rebels, captaine Edmond ffennell, James fitzGerald, & divers others in their company. She was stripped by the said parties, & divers others English Protestants, viz. John ffleming, Thomas Richards, George ffleming, John Cox, James Lowden & his wife, Richard ffleming & Wm. Ffleming, yeoman. And that one Peeter Harris, nee Ardmore, an English protestant was killed at the siege of Ardmore. Robert Marlin of Ardmore, formerly a protestant, but since this rebellion turned papist.
Her mark.
Jurat &c. 25 Junii 1642
Phil Bisse
Thomas Ellwell.

Thomas Carter, the elder, of Macollop, county of Waterford
……by means of John & Richard Condon of Ballymcdurgan and one Captain Grace of Cloghleah Co. Cork, with their followers & tenants, & John McDonogh of Dungalene, Cloghleah, gent., James McMorris, Teige Odagh, servant to the deponent…… He also saith yet one Tho Corran (taylor), James Dover (potter) of Mackollop Castle, English Protestants & Phillip Andrews gardner, & Edmund Gibbon Labourer, of Mackollop, were all murdered by the Condons of BallymcPatrick & Ballydurgan. The said Condons company cutt ff the said Dover’s nose after he was killed, and the said Gibbon was enforced by them to dig his own grave, and then that don they murdered him.
He also saith yet by the rebels aforesaid, the deponent and his son Thomas carter, had no lesse than thirteene houses, of dwelling and outhouses, burned down to the ground (by the said Rebells).
He lastly saith, yet Morris, Count of Mackollop, & Edward Mahone, same parish, husbandman, formerly reputed Protestants and since this rebellion turned Papists.
His Mark
Jurat & c. 15 June 1642
Phil Bisse
Tho Badnedge

CVII – Thomas Carter, the younger – similar evidence.

John Godsell of Granyry – carpenter
The deponent saith that (as he is credibly informed) Sir Nicholas Welsh, his son and one ffennell 9a supposed captaine of the rebells) with others and their company, carried away this deponent’s cattle. He lastly saith that Thomas Adams (formerly) an English Protestant, & James Branagh of the same parish, as Irish Protestant (are) both now since this rebellion turned Papists
His mark
Jurat &c. 13 Junii 1642
Tho Badnedge
Phil Bisse
Elizabeth Hathway, parish of Athmean, widow
The deponent saith that her husband James Hathway, was killed by the rebells in the county of Kerry, as she is informed; likewise Alse Baywater, the deponents sister, was murthered at Dromany in the county of Waterford, by some of Captaine ffennells’ company, as this deponent was credibly informed.
Her Mark
Jurat &c. 21 July 1642
Phil Bisse
Thomas Ellwell.

Edmond Rixon of Cappoquin
And he further saith that at capoquin, on or aboute the 28th day of May, there were murthered Margrett Nance & her childe (wife to Henry Nance), Richard a glover, Goodwife Sanders (& his child) Alce browne her mayde, all being murthered at Cappoquene………. And he further saith that hee was robbed by the rebells of those parts.
His Mark
Jurat &c. 18 Junii 1642
Phil Bisse
Hen Rugge.

High Court of Admiralty Examinations, 1536-1641

The High Court of Admiralty was established between 1340 and 1360 and it was probably set up to deal with the problems of piracy and spoil. It was stated that as an ‘Admiralty Court’ it was not bound by the rules of common law, but must administer “Equity and the Law of the Sea”

The work of Reginald G. Marsden is the best introduction to the early history of this court (‘Select Pleas in the Court of Admiralty’. Selden Soc., vols., Vi and XI, 1894 and 1897)

As with any court, cases were heard involving plaintiffs and defendants. Documents relating to any case, examinations and depositions of witnesses were studied by the court or its employees and decisions made. Appeals may or may not have been presented.

“Most of the surviving records of the court are clasified in a series of documents separate from civil and prize cases. This includes a wide range of material such as commissions of oyer and terminer, warrants, indictments, lists of gaol delivery, letters, minutes and examination books running from 1537-1776, which contain the depositions of the accused person, complainents and witnesses. Much of the material conerns the activities of pirates at sea, or of ‘aiders and abettors” ashore, but there are other cases concerning theft, murder or manslaughter, sodomy and mutiny.”(A Calendar of Material relating to Ireland, from the High Court of Examinations, 1536-1641″ Ed. John C. Appleby. Publ. Irish Manuscripts Commission, 1992. ISBN 1 874280 03 7)

The High Court of the Admiralty was probably set up to deal with the problems of piracy & spoil, it was not bound by the rule of common court. This is an index to the names of people found in the documents of that court. The following is an index to the names found in the High Court of Admiralty Index and the page numbers.

1641 Hangings, Co. Fermanagh

Rebellion of 1641

Letter : 4th December 1641
“This day by our Colonell’s command, a gallowes was erected upon the top of an hill neare the castle (Manor Hamilton) , and having about 24 prisoners in the castle he (Sir Frederick Hamilton) caused eight of them to be hanged up which had been at the burning of Ballyshannon in the County of Donegal, and at the burning of the iron works in the county of Fermanagh.”

The gallows was kept busy, for we find that a number of men were tried by and executed under martial law since the beginning of this Rebellion, whose names are given as below.

The Names of such as have been hanged at Manor Hamilton, by Martial Law since the beginning of this Rebellion
Dec. 3rd Turlogh Mac Clevor
Neale Mac Cluan
Manus O’Gallogher
Manus O’Hay

Dec 12th
Phelemy Duff Mac Cob

Dec 18th
Gelpatrick O’Kan
Brian O’Moriice

Dec 20th
Turlough O’Cally

Jan 2nd
Brian O’Cannan
Con. O’Rourk, the Colonell’s brother

Jan 8th
Connour Mac Shane
MacLoughlin, the chief of his name

Aug 23rd
Owen Mac Garraghy
Cormack O’Cornan

Aug 31st
Shane Mac Skerrie
John Spence

Sept 10th
Capt Con O’Connour
Credagh Mac Derno
Cor Mac O’Hay, had been a Minister
Teig Mac Goane

Sept 1st
Brian Mac Diffit

Sept 17
Donnogh O’Dowde

Sept 19th
Granny O’Dowgan
Patrick O’Neale

Feb 2nd
John Witherspin

Feb 11th
Donnogh boy O’Bane
Mewe Mac Loughlin

Feb 22nd
Owen Mac Thomas Murray

Feb 26th Ferrall Mac Regan
Tutmultagh Mac Garraghy, subsheriffe deputy of Donegall
Cormack O’Hay’s wife neare kinswoman to O’Connour
Hugh O’Hart
O’Donnell O’Hart
Granny ny Kewe
Phelomy Mack A NAw
Gilpatrick O’Mullane
Laughlin O Degannian
Call boy Mac Garty
Donnogh O’Hart
Hugh O’Flin
James Roch, the chief Murtherer of the British at Sligo
Donnell O’Clery
Hugh O’Cullen
Glany O’Regan
James Wytherspin

July 12th
James Halfpenny

July 26th
Hugh O’Fay

Nov 4th
Captain Charles Mac Guire

Nov 26th Phelomy Mac Pierce

Dec 22nd
M. Gwyre

Jan 7th
Edmond MacGawran
Turrogh Beagh O’Mortelan
Brian O’Cuer

Feb 3rd Cormack O’Cuer
Cormack O’Quillan

Feb 18th
KAhill Mac Kan
Donnell Mac Glanaghy
William Mac Roregan”

Comment: Extracts from “The History of Enniskillen”

pages 222-225

Hangings Manorhamilton – Fermanagh

1641 Rebellion

The spellings below are as written in the History of Enniskillen and these were transcribed as written. It is not advisable to search this page for a particular placename or surname spelled as you know it.

Abbreviated first names : Jas = James, Jn/Jno = John or Jonathan, Xtopher = Christopher, Wm. = William, Alex. = Alexander, Richd = Richard, Pat = Patrick, Thos = Thomas, Chas=Charles, Edw=Edward, Will/Willm=William –