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Minute Book Corporation of Ardee, A.D. 1661 Onwards

The Minute Book of the Coroporation of Ardee
A.D. 1661 onwards
published in The Journal of the Co. Louth Archaeological & Historical Society’
Vol. III. No. 4, pp. 357-62, Nov. 1915
Joseph T. Dolan.

The following is a transcript of the oldest remaining records of Ardee. Ardee was evidently a place of importance and presumably of population in the centuries of Irish independence. Its name is used by the annalists to identify a battle site – three miles distant – Clonkeen, where Muirceartach fell in A.D. 942 at the hands of the Danes. And there must have been a religious community here in charge of the Shrine of St. Patrick, which Malachy of Meath
carried off to his kingdom: in 985.

The fact that it was the scene of two decisive battles by which Ulster resisted the efforts of the King of Munster and the King of Connacht successively to establish his suzerainty over it as Ard Ri during the struggles of the Ri co fressabra also seems to suggest that it was a frontier stronghold.

Ardee was made the centre of his feudal lordship by Roger de Pipard – the first Norman knight who received this territory from John of England, when he come as Lord of Ireland on his father’s appointment in 1185.

It is very possible that a Corporation on the English model was set up almost immediately for his colony, since we read of the privilege of a Corporation being granted to the burgesses of Kells by De Lacy before A.D. 1200. At any rate it must have been established within the next century. The earliest reference to it is in the year 1303, when an Inquisition was held with regard to a grant of land made by the Commonalty of Ardee to the Carmelite Monastery
of the town.-(see Louth Archaeological Journal, 1909).

But though there are enrolments of the many royal charters which the town received during the following three centuries, no documents of the Corporation itself have survived older than the Minute Book of 1661. .

In the Report of the Municipal Corporation Commission 1835, there is a lengthy account of the Commissioners’ enquiry into the existence of records of Ardee Corporation. Mr. William Parkinson Ruxton, of Ardee, for many years Portrieve and at that time Recorder of the Corporation, who had been one of the Members for the Borough in the Irish Parliament, stated (Appendix, Ardee Corporation Report, 1835, p. 654, note) “King James II’s party took possession of some of the Corporation documents, and they never were returned.”

This may account for the loss of any earlier records than this Minute Book. The occasion referred to would be that of the occupation of Ardee by the Irish army during the autumn and winter of 1689-90 – James himself having spent part of October and November in the town before returning to Dublin for the winter. It is remarkable that the Minutes of the Corporation of the old inhabitants restored by James II do not remain. There is a lacuna between the years 1687 and September, 1690, when the Cromwellian party regained power. The first volume of the Minutes ends with 20th September, 1687, and a couple of blank pages follow. The second volume begins with 27th September, 1690.

No reference is made to the interval or to any interruption of continuity in the proceedings of the Corporation during it.

Mr. Ruxton also told the Commission that all, the papers of the Corporation, had been ordered into the Court of King’s Bench in a lawsuit between an ancestor of his and Attorney-General Tisdall over an election for Portrieve in 1768, in which the two families were contending for the control of the Borough, and that some of the documents had been left there and were quite illegible when he examined them in 1793-4.

There was also evidence given of an attempt on the part of the Ruxton family influence in the Corporation to make some of the records illegible by storing them in a damp place. This had reference to the minutes containing entries of admission of freemen, and the purpose was to disfranchise the adherents of the opposing party at an election by destroying the evidence of their enrolment as freemen and therefore of their right to vote.

The Corporation documents that remain were recovered from the Court by the Town Clerk after this Tisdall-Ruxton lawsuit some time before 1790 as Mr. Ruxton told, and they continued in the hands of the successive Town Clerks-three generations of the Barlow family-till the dissolution of the Corporation under the Act of Parliament of 1841.

At the 1833 Commission the Town Clerk and the Corporation refused to submit them to the enquiry evidently, as their examination showed, from fear of investigation into the disposal of the Corporation lands, which the predominant families held on very favourable terms;

The new authority, the Town. Commissioners, who replaced the Corporation under the 1841 Act, got possession of the records from the old Town Clerk after trial in the High Court. Henceforth they were left in the custody of the Solicitor to the Commissioners, until Mr. Edward Caraher, the late Solicitor, sent them bad to Ardee, and the Town Commissioners entrusted them to me for safe keeping

They consist of four Minute Books, Liber I, 1661-1687 ; Liber II, 1690-1724 Liber III, 1724-1768 ; Liber IV, 1769-1841 ; two Borough Court Books, 1746-1771 and 1771-1774; the original Parchment Charter of Queen Anne, 1713; the Pater of George III, 1819; copies in Latin and English of the Charter of James II; number of leases of lands and house property from 1723 onwards, a quantity ( miscellaneous papers and briefs for lawsuits (all of the eighteenth century), and few maps, including one interesting map of the town and the Corporation lands, 1677

This first Minute Book is 131/2  inches long by 9 inches wide. It has merely soft white parchment cover which wraps around it. Many of the leaves are bad frayed, in some cases parts have worn or fallen off them, and sentences can on be completed by help of a complete and easily read copy made apparently in the eighteenth or early nineteenth century, which is the property of the Ruxton family

The penmanship of the original Minute Book is very clear and the spelling uniform. There is much diversity in the use of capitals. I have tried to reproduce faithfully the spelling and the placing of capital letters in this transcript, but have probably failed at times to observe the archaisms.

[There are four leaves (eight pages) of oaths-five written – three blank- before the first page the Minutes. They are very frayed and only partly legible and as they occur in a later book I not attempt to transcribe them here. The first page of the Minutes is marked 3 but apparently pages of oaths were 1 and 2, and there does not seem to be any page of Minutes missing. The figures in parenthesis ( ) are the pages of the original. ]

Page 1
(3) 28 Sep., 1661-1
At which day and time William Armitage and [Wm. Pepper] havinge not served their full tyme as portreeves, are by General Consent of Burgesses and Freemen to serve port reeves for this Burough for one whole year more from the feast of St. Michaell the Archangel next God permit them life.

At which day and tyme Gilbert Jones was admitted a free member of this Corporn. and Sworne by the portreeves.

John Allen, then admitted a free member paying 15s. fine. Sworn the 9th day of October, 1661.
Robert Beaton then admitted upon the like fine.
George ffenton then also admitted paying five shillings fine.
James Wooley then also admitted paying 15s. fine.

Att a gen’all assembly, held at Atherdee, for the Burough of Atherdee, the third day of October, 1661, Before William Armitage and William Pepper, Esqrs., Portreeves of the said Burough.

At which day and tyme Edwd. Nichollson was admitted a free member of this Corporacon paying six shillings and eight pence fine, and was then sworne.
George ffenton being formerly chosen —– paid five shillings fine.

(4) then admitted and sworne and ……….fees , being formerly admitted free was then………payinge fifteene shill. fine and smale fees.
Robt. Bradshoe, Tayler, was then admitted and sworne paying fivei shillings
fine and small fees. . . ;’
James Wooley was then alsoe sworne upon his former fine and fees,
James Wooley and Joseph Sanderqon sworne Sergts. att. Mace for the next
enseuing year. . . I
Thomas Smiles, Clothier, admitted and sworne the same day paying six shill.
eight pence fine, and small fees. .
Samuel Banks, Jonathan Ball, Thomas Crosbey and John Tyres for the Comons appoynted a Comittee for settling a table of fees and the Portreeves to bee added
to the sayd Comittee. . . .
Capn. John Ruxton, Capn John Chambers, John Dowdall chosen for the Bench and . . . of them one of the Burgesses to be one and. A returne (?) to be made on
Tuesday next being Quarter Sessions day.
Robt. Beaton, Thomas Green, Henry Rogers, Geo. Cosslet added to the former Comittee and to consider of a way. to raise money for contingent charges and
paymt. of Sallerys and that the said comittee or Major part of Comittee doe agree upon to bee binding to the whole Corporn. to meet at the Castle by One of
the Clock to ……..
……………. . [One line illegible.]

(5) Gilbert Jones chosen Toun Clerk.
. . . for to consider how the money…………
Ordered that no Burgesse or Freeman of this ——– any House or Houses to any forriner without first— Present Portr., so that due consideration may be taken . . . they or any of them Sett such House or Houses of twenty shillings sterling to be Levyed toties quoties of the person or persons offendinge contrary to the true intent of this Act.

At a Genll Assembly held the 16th day of January, 1661, Before Armitage and Willm. Pepper, Portrs.
Then agreed by Genll. Consent of Assembly that all and every Burgesse that shall make default of appearance at any. Genll. Assembly shall forfeite to the use of the Corpor. the sume of five shill, and the Freeman and Comoner the sume of two shill and six pence toties quoties as they shall make default.

Ordered that the Quarter Assemblys for the future be held the daye followinge and every Burgesse and Freeman to take notice thereof, – that is to say, upon the 16th day of [April) the 16th Day of July, the 16th day of October and 16th day of January yearly, except it be on a Sunday.

Ordered that Alder. John Dowuall, Mr. Samuel Banks, Robt. Lee and Heny Rogers bee and are hereby desired to view and preambulate the Fences belonginge to this Town and parish, and to make a return to the Corportn. of the Insufflciencies thereof and who ought to repaire the same, and the Portreeves or any of them and is hereby Impowered to Impose Fines upon the offenders as he or they shall see cause. .

(6) by genll. consent of this assembly……son and persons whoe keepe any swyne being above a quarter ould doe……. and……within one we eke after the date hereof and them. And if any person or persons shall be found ….. . shall pay six pence sterl. for every swyne to the use of……. Corpor. besides the trespasse (?)

Ordered by Genll. Consent of this assembly that noe brother do disclose the secrets, of this Corpm. upon payne of disffranchismt.

Ordered by Genl. Consent of this Assembly that Proclamation be made that all Inmates depart this Corpor. by May Day next and that all and every such person and persons that shall be found entertainers of Innemates after that day shall pay for and to the use of this Corpor. the sume of ten shill. by the month.

Ordered and agreed upon by Genll, Consent of this present Assembly and by the authority thereof that the Portr. for the tyme being or one of them, John Ruxton, Esqr., John Fowke, Esqr., John Chambers, Esqr., Brian Heron, John Thomas, Richd. Cooley, Samuel Banks. Jonathan Ball, Robt. Beaton, Thomas Green,
Thomas Crosbey and Henry Rogers be and are hereby nominated and chosen to be a Comittee in the nature of a Common Council who are hereby impowered to meete
together as often as they shall see cause in the intervalls of assembly att such tymes and att such convenient place as they shall think fit within this town and there to consider of such things which mayor shall tend to the honor, worship, benefitt, and wellfare of this Corporation in the govnemt thereof, and what they the said Comittee or any seaven of them that is to say 3 Burgesses 3 Comoners and one of the Portreeves for the tyme being to bee always one, shall thinke fit to benefit of this Corpn.

(7) ………………………………..
adjudged to bee as good and…………..the same were done in full and fore used conce made or ordered wise nothwithstandinge.
Bartholamewe Doyle then sworne one of the Ordered and agreed by genll. consent of this Assembly that no person and persons residenters within this Town, not being members of this Corporation shall pay Censershipp of the Port reeves for the time being or Common Council.

Agreed att a Comoll councill held the 27th Day of Febr., 1661, that the sum of forty pounds should bee borrowed by the Portrceves untill such tyme as it can, bee conveniently appl the sd. sum to bee repayd within 12 months . . . Burgesses and Freemen of the Corporation if any other way more convenient cannot bee found to pay them before that time.

It. the sayd moneys if ray sed to bee towards the deffrayinge of sevall charges part whereof doth apper (?) before us and the remainder to bee, forthwith expended. A particular of the sayd charges foll.- for seate for the portr. and Burgesses foure pounds, for the towne seale one pounde seventeene shill. and six pence, for Charges at ye assizes, June 1661, three pounds ten shill., ffor charges at the assizes, March 1661, three pounds sixteene shill., for the County Gaole nine shill nine pence, ffor the prisoners thirteene shill., for Councells fees against Corporall Baker one pounde, for moneys replotted by order of the judge of assize foure pounds eight shill. eight pence, ffor July Assizes, 1662, three pounds eight shill., for A fine at the assyzes one shill., for two Maces twelve pounds, for clerks sallery for 12 months ending . .

(8) At a Genll.Assembly, held the 9th day of September; 1662, Before Willm. Armitage and William Pepper, Esqrs. Portreeves
Upon which day and tyme John Fowkes and Brian Heron, Esqr., were …….Portreeves for this next ensueinge yeare to begin from the day of St. Michaell the ,
Archangell next-God Permit them life.
John Relliough was admitted a free member of this Corporation paying 15s. fine and Small Fees & Sworn 29th September, 1662. ,,I •
John Flower then admitted free paying six shillings eight pence fine and Small
Fees. Sworn 29th Sepr., 1662.

At an assembly heald the 29th day of September, 1662, before Wm. Armitage and Wm. Pepper, Esqr., Portreeve.
At which day and time John Fowkes and Brian Heron, ,Esqrs., were sworn Portreeves for the next ensueing year according to antient custom.
Jas Wooley and Wm. Tumor then sworne Sergts.at Mace. At which day and tyme George Coshlett, Esqr.,upon his humble request was disfranchyed, he the said
Coshlett disclaimng any privilledge or benefitt, which as a Burgesse or Freeman of the said corporation might any way belong to him his former oath by him
taken notwithstandinge.

(9) At an Assembly held ……John ffowkes … the Towne and Borough.
At which day and tyme Thomas Burton, Esqr.,. was appointed Recorder and then ordered that the sum of ten pounds be forthwith applotted and collected for this
year’s Sallery from Michelmas Day last past.
Order’d that no person or persons whatsoever for the future shall be admitted a free member of this Corporation without the consent of the Comittee or common
councell the portreeves or one of them to be at the said Coman councell.
An assembly heald the 17th clay of June, 1663, Before Brian Heron, Portreeve. At which day and tyme Willm Armitage, Esqr., was ellected Deputy portreeve in
the absence of John Fowkes, Esqr. .
The same day Bartholamewe Doyle was ellected Deputy Clarke of the Borough durante lite in the absence of Gilbert Jones, Esqr.

An Assembly held the 3rd Day of Septr., 1663, before John Fowks, Brian Reran,
Esqr., Portreeves. .
John Pepper was the same day chosen free member and Burgess of this Corporation.
Samuel Banks and Jonathan Ball the same day sworn Burgesses.
The same day Henry Towniley and. Jonathan Balle were ellected Portreeves for this next ensueinge yeare to begin from the feast of St. Michaell the Archangell next if God permit them life,
The same day Willm. Armitage, Samuel Banks, Thomas Crosby und John Tyres, were appointed to cal…… . .a comittee and appoint collectors for the sayd yeare.

(10). An Assembly held the 29th day of Sepr., 1663, before John Fowks and Brian Heron, Portreeves.
[Memorand] that the day and yeare aforesaid Henry Towniley and Jonathan Ball Esqrs., by and with the assent and consent of the Portreeves and said Burgesses
and freemen of the sayd Borough ther Assembled did receive their Solemn Oath of Portreev’s of the said Borough to serve accordingly in the same for the space
of one whole yeare next ensueinge who accordingly assum’d the seate and staffe of Office.

Memorand that the said day and yeare Arthur Ward upon petitn. by him preferred in this Behalf was by the Assent and Consent of the Portreeves last with the Burgesses and Freemen of the said Burough ellected Register of the sd. Burough and pursuant to the said ellection by like Grant and consent in full Assembly received Solemnly the Oaths of Freeman and Regr. in the said Burough.

Order’d the day and yeare aforesaid that Bartholamewe Doyle, Gent., receive in Compensation of his service and Trouble by him sustained in discharging the office of Regr in this said Burough such proportion of the sallery granted to the Regr. for this last precedent year as shall bee assertained upon Wednesday come seavennight next being the 17th of October next ensueinge by the said Portreeves agreeable to the tyme wherein hee hath serv’d as Register within this Borough.
Wm. Turner and James Wooley swornSergt. at Mace.
Registre . . .? propositori pred adiurnavit present Congrigation sine die.

(There is a second portion which I do not have a copy of.)

Muster List, Kilkenny City, 1667

The following names have been extracted from a paper published in the “Proceedings and Transactions of the Kilkenny and the South-East of Ireland Archaeological Society” Vol 3. 1855. pp. 231-274

The article was written by John G. A. Prim.

The following is a list of men ‘mustered’ at St. Kenny’s Butts, April 8th, 1667.
All spellings of names are as they were listed in the document.  in such cases as a different spelling was given for a name I have listed this spelling in brackets on the line relating to the man. I have also sorted the list of surname alphabetically.

It must be noted that at that date in time only Protestant Citizens were ‘qualified’ to serve, as Roman Catholics did not take the oath of supremacy, without which, no one could under the then existing law, serve the State.

Peter Hilton was unable to serve because he was ‘in prison”
Robert Wilkinson, John Pape, ffrancis Harris, William Heyes and Davyd Rice ‘came late’
William Walters was represented by his son
Jacob Carnockes was represented by his servant
Richard Daniells also sent his servant who was marked ‘Papist’.

A third muster roll shows the Militia Medical Officer Mr. Tho. Bond, Chyrurgeon.

Name Surname Note/Year
John Ablewitt
John Allen
William Ayers
Michael Badge Sheriff 1664, 1665
Benjam Barton
Ralph Bayley
Bray Beaver
William Beaver Member of Merchant’s Guild at this time
John Beavere Cromwellian settler in Kilkenny. Member of the Merchant’s Guild (Beavor or Beaver)
Willm Bennet
Christopher Berry
Peeter Blacknall
Christopher Blott Sergt Sheriff 1668
Overington Blunden Cromwellian Adventurer – received grant of Clonmorne forfeited by Helias Shee
Nathaniell Bolster
Thomas Boshell
ffrancis Bradish Portreve Irishtown 1667
Joseph Brenane
Robt Broes
Richard Browne
Willm Burch Sheriff 1665. Portreve Irishtown 1668
Willm Burgesse Capt
John Burgesse taylor
George Burgesse
Edward Bustian Corporll
John Caddan Drumr
Thomas Campion
John Chamberlin
William Chapman
Thomas Chapman Sheriff 1658
Rich Clarke
Thomas Collins
John Collyns
Thomas Cone
William Connell Sheriff
  1. Mayor 1672
Willm Connell, Junr
Barthol Connor Sheriff 1664 & 1665.  Portreve Irishtown 1671 Mayor 1682
Thady Coogan
Tho: Cooksey Sheriff 1668
Thomas Cooksey
Henry Cookson member of Corporation Elected Sheriff 1671 but did not attend to be sworn into office
Richd Core
Jacob Cornocke
Ralph Coward
Mathew Crowe
Richd Danniell Sheriff, 1656
John Date Sergt Sheriff 1675
Tho Davijs *****a Thomas Davis of the Kilkenny Excise office struck a toekn about this time BUT 4 persons of that name on this muster roll
John Davys Sheriff , 1693, 1694 1693, 1694 (Davis)
Thomas Davys
Tho Davys
Willm Davys Sheriff 1676 & 1685.  Portreve Irishtown 1661 & 1665. (Davis)
Tho Davys taylor
Henery Dowson Drumr
Nicholas Doyle
Edward Dubberly
Charles Duke
Tho Dullard
John Dyan
Tho Edmonds
Evans Sheriff 1667 Mayor
Thomas Evans Mayor this year Chief Magistrate 1659, 1660, 1666, 1667 & 1668
Tho ffag
Nicholas ffarie
William ffletcher
Robt ffloyd
John ffollows
Thomas Foart
Edward Goddart
Thomas Golborne
Peeter Goodwin Sheriff, 1657 Mayor 1664, 1665
Myler Goodwin
Oudam Gourden
Allexander Gourdon
Daniell Grady
Christopher Greaves
George Grifith
Richd Grymes
Nicholas Halfpenny Portreve Irishtown, 1662
ffrancis Hamlin
ffrancis Harris
William Hart
Stephen Hassard
Adam Haydocke Sheriff 1667 (Haydock)
Josias Haydocke Ensigne Sheriff, 1659.  Mayor 1673, 1674, 1675 & 1701
Arthur Helsham Capt of foot in Cromwel’s army. Received a grant of land at Leggetsrath Mayor 1679 – year he died
Phillip Henderson
Thomas Heyden
Willm Heyes
Thomas Heyes
Edwd Hicks Sheriff 1666
Christopher Hill
Peeter Hilton
Gameliel Holden
John Horsley Corporll
Richd Inwood Innkeeper, Sheriff 1671 Coroner, 1672
Garrat Jacob Corporll
John Joly French Protestant settler His son Edward Jollie Sheriff 1752
Richd Jones
Willm Keast
Willm Kymberlin Joint Sheriff , 1669 Portreve of Irishtwn 1672, 1673 (Kimberley)
John Kyrke
Hugh Langam
William Laugharne
William Lawler
Nathan Lodge
Tho Lyon
William Marwood
ffrancis Mitchel
John Morgan
Richd Mukin
David Murphy
Ebenezer Mylam
John Neale
Thomas Norris Sheriff 1679
Richd Nowlan
George Oliver Sheriff 1666
John Pape Sheriff , 1677, 16788 Mayor 1696
Thomas Parkin
Walter Peart
Nicholas Pharey
Richd Phillips Sheriff , 1709
Sam Phillips Sergt Sheriff 1662, Mayor 1681
Antho Phillips
John Phillips Sheriff, 1660
John Plumer
Willm Plym
Thomas Pollardt
Richd Prat
Tho Price
Tho: Read
Joseph Read
Valentine Reed Leift Sheriff 1656
David Rice
Tho Richards
Willm Robinson
James Robinson
Robt Rose Joint Sheriff , 1669 with Kymberlin
ffrancis Rowlidge Sheriff
  1. Portreve Irishtown 1663.  Mayor 1676 & 1677
John Sandford
John Sayers
Robt Scarbrough Portreve Irishtown 1680
Richd Sergeant
Willm Sewell Warden of the Guild of Shoemakery Guild of Butchers at this time
John Sharpe
Willm Smith
James Syncock, Junr.
James Synocke, Senr. Sheriff, 1667 (Sinock)
Thomas Talbot Keeper of a wine tavern
Jeptha Tovey Sergt Sheriff 1670
James Tovey Sheriff, 1672 Portreve Irishtown 1669, 1674 & 1675
Willm Tydmarsh
Willm Veike
John Wall
Willm Walters
Willm Walters
John White
Henry White
Joseph Whitle son to Job Whittle, soldier in Cromwellian army
John Whittle Sheriff part of 1664.  Coroner 1665
George Wilkinson Sheriff , 1673, 1674
Randle Wilkinson
Tho Wilkinson
Richd Wilkinson
Walter Williams
Williams Smith
Robt Wilson
Tho Woodward
Cornelius Wright Sheriff , 1661 (Wright or Right)
Thomas Yong Sheriff , 1673, 1674 Mayor 1679 (Young)
Henery Yonge Corporll

Arklow Hearth Money Rolls, Co. Wicklow, 1669

This list was donated to the From Ireland web site by Peggy Leonard.

The index is alphabetical, each link brings you to all names beginning with those of the link and names beginning with other letters up to those of the next link. For example ‘Be’ brings you to all names beginning with Be, Bi and Bl. Links back to the Co. Armagh page and the Index page for this web site have been provided at the end of each alphabetical grouping. You are advised to read through any grouping for the letter beginning with any surname you are interested in (at least) as there are phonetic variations on surnames in these tables.

Surname Name Location
Abraham Joseph Arckloe
Adams Thomas Owghell
Annesley Tho. (Thomas) Ballycappell
Applebury Wm. (William) Ballydonnell
Arthur John The Knocke
Ash Wm. (William) Arckloe
Baky Morgan Carrigcoyle
Bane Darby Coolegarrae
Banfield John Ballnisky
Barley Wm. (William) Arckloe
Barrington Tho. (Thomas) Ballywoegge
Bawne Art. (Arthur) Ballymoyle
Bayly Joseph Arckloe
Bedford Henry Arckloe
Begg (see Murphy) ? ?
Begge John Coolegarrae
Bessick Robt. (Robert) Kilcashell
Bibby Wm. (William) Ballydonnell
Bland Richd. (Richard) Ballyrane
Blank Cornelius Arckloe
Blank Dorothy (widow) Glantiege
Blank Honora (widow) Coole ahullen
Blank Jo. Ardenary
Bolgor Garret Barnelugh
Bolgor Teige Barnelugh
Bonyet Jo. Bally Rise
Boodle Tho. Ballynegilloge
Booth Thomas Ballymortagh
Borne Bryan Ballywoegge
Borne Morgan Killeaghbegg
Borne Tady Ballywoegge
Borne Tady Rockslowne
Bottle Wm. Arckloe
Boyce Mathew Castle McAdam
Boyle Patr. Ballyduffe
Brabason Edward Ballyarthur
Branae Rowland The Knocke
Brogan Edmund Killahurler
Bromley Capt. Nich. Carringolan
Browne John The Sheep Houses
Browne Richard Johnstowne
Bryan Darby Johnstowne
Bryan Jo. Rockslowne
Bryan Tady Ballyharra
Bucknall John Knockanode
Bulger Garrett Ballynekill
Bulger John Arckloe
Burne Art Ballydonnell
Burne Bryan Ballymoneene
Burne Charles Ballyhurry
Burne Dan. Temple Lusky
Burne Daniel Coole ahullin
Burne Darby Temple Lusky
Burne Dennis Ballindale
Burne Derby Ballygahan
Burne Dorothy Coole ahullin
Burne Edm. Kilpatrick
Burne Garret Ballinavalla
Burne Garret Glanteige
Burne James Tymullin
Burne Jo. Ballymoneene
Burne John Ballinclea
Burne Margaret Glanteige
Burne Morgan Cooleballyhugh
Burne Owen Ballinavalla
Burne Owen Knockanree
Burne Patr. Ballynattin
Burne Patr. Moneyteig
Burne Patr. Rustigath
Burne Patr. The Money
Burne Phelim Templedreyny
Burne Symon Ballygyllyger
Burne Tady Ballymoneene
Burne Teig Ballinavalla
Burne Teig Coole ahullin
Burne Teig Thomastowne
Burne Tyrlagh Ballygyllyger
Burne Tyrlogh Ballynebarne
Burne Walter Ballygahan
Burne Walter Johnstowne
Bury Wm. Cooleboy
Butler Garret Killeaghbegg
Butler James Arckloe
Buttler James Arckloe
Byrekett John The Knocke
Byrne Morgan Ballinvallagh
Cardy Wm. Tyrane
Carefoot Wm. Ballymoyle
Carney Robt. Arckloe
Carny John Thomastowne
Carroll Art. Moneyteig
Carry Patr. Ballindale
Cavanagh Bryan Killahurler
Cavanagh Tady Ballynagee
Cavanah Art. Ballinvallagh
Cavenagh Edm. Ballyarthur
Cavenagh Peter Rustigath
Cavenagh Phelim Ballynasilloge
Cavenagh Phelim Clunwilliam
Cavenah Art. Tyrane
Cavenah Edward Ballynattin
Cavinah Phelina Johnstowne
Cawsey Tho. Bally Rise
Charneley Wm. Arckloe
Claborne Peter Ballyrane
Clarke Francis Ballyandrahan
Clarkson Geo. Killyneskyduffe
Clerke Arthur Ballydonnell
Clerke Roger Ballymortagh
Comiston Stephen Arckloe
Conman Dennis Ballinvallagh
Conner Tyrlogh Kilpatrick
Conniam Phillip Kilmacra
Cooleston Phillip Moneyteig
Coveney John Kilbryde
Coventrey Robt. Bally Rise
Cranill Murtah Coolegarrae
Cromwell Thomas Arckloe
Crowbrow Jo. Arckloe
Crumpton Tho. Ballyandrahan
Cruse Geo. The Sheep Houses
Crutcheley Henry Ballyandrahan
Crutchley Daniel Mungone
Cullen Daniel Temple Lusky
Cullen Garrett Ballynekill
Cullen Jo. Temple Lusky
Cullen Owen Killahurler
Cullin Edmund Ballycooge
Currall Abr. Ballyrane
Currall Jo. Ballyrane
Currall Tho. Ballyrane
Curry Michael Ballynagee
Daniel Edward Arckloe
Daniel John Arckloe
Daniel Monas Arckloe
Darlington Randal Ballygilroe
Davis Giles Ballyneskin
Davis John p. Ballyrohane
Dempsey Anth. Ballinavalla
Dempsey Patr. The Money
Dillon Franc. Ballynagee
Dillon Nich. Kilmacra
Donnagh James Owghell
Dowdell John Killahurler
Dowlan Hugh Arckloe
Doyle Ann Thomastowne
Doyle Barnabus Ballycooge
Doyle Bryan Knockananoghill
Doyle Dan, jnr. Knockmiller
Doyle Dan, snr. Knockmiller
Doyle Daniel Arckloe
Doyle Daniel Ballynagee
Doyle Dennis Ballyduffe
Doyle Dennis Temple Lusky
Doyle Edmund Ballyhurry
Doyle Eliz. Wid. Chappel
Doyle Garret Rustigath
Doyle Garrett Arckloe
Doyle Hugh Arckloe
Doyle James Ballynepark
Doyle James The Rock
Doyle Jo. Glanteige
Doyle Lewis Chappel
Doyle Lewis Johnstowne
Doyle Morgan Arckloe
Doyle Morgan Ballintemple
Doyle Morgan Johnstowne
Doyle Morris Arckloe
Doyle Nich. Ballydonnell
Doyle Nichas. Ballycooge
Doyle Nichos. Arckloe
Doyle Patr. Chappel
Doyle Phelim Ballycooge
Doyle Phelim Ballynagee
Doyle Tady Knockmiller
Doyle Wm. Ballyhurry
Duckat John Arckloe
Dunn Dennis Ballynesken
Eddin Murtagh Killahurler
Edwards Geo. Arckloe
Edwards John Arckloe
Edwards John Clunwilliam
Edwards Nich. Arckloe
Edwards Patr. Arckloe
Evans Leslie Arckloe
Farrar Garret Templedreyny
Farrell John Ballygyllyger
Farrell Morgan Rockslowne
Farrell Patr. Moneyteig
Finghan Nich ye Ballydonnell
Fitz Harris Edm. Ballygahan
Fitz Wm. Garret Killyluske
Fleming Barthol. Arckloe
Fleming Garret Tymullin
Floyd Jo. Arckloe
Fogott Daniel Ballynegilloge
Foster Richard Arckloe
Gardner Alex. Killmurray
Gill Thos. Arckloe
Glerby Geo. Ballyrahin
Goetobed Henry Askanteny
Gormeley Jo. Ballyandrahan
Grange Edm. Ballymoyle
Griffin Jo. Kill Mc Cow
Haley Morris Arckloe
Haley Wm. Ballyneshra
Hall John Ballyandrahan
Haminan Robt. Johnstowne
Hampson Tho. Ballynecurra
Hara Edm. Knockmiller
Harman Geo. Knockananoghill
Harry Wm. Ballygriffin
Harrys Henry Ballynagee
Hassells Robt, Esq Shelton
Hathernet Robt. Moneylane
Hatton Christo. The Knocke
Hatton Richard Temple Mitchell
Hawett Anth. Ballyrane
Hedyn Dennis Tyrane
Helean Dennis Knockanree
Hely John Templedreyny
Henley Wm. Arckloe
Hethernet Gilbert Monaglogh
Hickie Wm. The Rock
Hicky David Kilpatrick
Hill Thos. Mungone
Holloway Wm. Cooleanvarle
Hore Jo. Kill Mc Cow
Hownes Wm. Knockanode
Howson Jo. Ballyrane
Hoyle John Ballyrichard
Hudson Edm. Kilbryde
Hughes Lewis Ballyrush
Hunter Jo. Kilmurray
Hylan Wm. Ballynononago
Ireland Wm. Arckloe
Jelly Robert Ballyandrahan
Johnson Willm. Arckloe
Johnson Wm. Ballynagee
Jones Tho. Ballynekill
Juke (see Tuke) ? ?
Kehan Jo. Knockmiller
Kehoe Derby Blynewood
Kelly Daniel Killahurler
Kelly Derby Carrigcoyle
Kelly Edm. Killahurler
Kelly Laughlin Carrigcoyle
Kelly Morris Barnelugh
Kelly Patr. Ballinvallagh
Kelly Patr. Kilcashell
Kelly Patr. Killahurler
Kennedy Joane, wid. Ballindale
Kennedy Mary, wid. Ballindale
Kilbride Jo. Ballindale
King Mr. Arckloe
Kinseloe Teig Thomastowne
Kinselogh Art. Ballyduffe
Kinselogh Dennis The Rock
Kinsh Edward Corranstowne
Lancaster Robt. Corranstowne
Large John The Money
Larkin John Caringolan
Lay Tho. Arckloe
Leadbeater Jo. Arckloe
Loughlin Bryan Knockananoghill
Lyon Thomas Kilbryde
Maddin Derby Ballyrichard
Magilligan Corn. Ballynebarne
Malone John Thomastowne
Manyfold John Ballymoney
Marshall Thomas Killyneskyduffe
Mathews James Arckloe
McArt Donnogh The Sheep Houses
McArt Owen Ballynattin
McArthur Dan. Rockslowne
McCallistring Daniel Killahurler
McDaniel John Tynnyhaske
McDaniel Tirlagh Killahurler
McDermot John Knockananoghill
McGarrell Morgan Ballygyllyger
McJemmis Edm. Tymullin
McJone Walter The Sheep Houses
McLeere Wm. Ballydonnell
McLunan Dennis Ballintemple
McMorris Teig Tynnyhaske
McMurta Patr. Ballycooge
McMurtagh Wm. Ballygyllyger
McOny Tyrlogh Killahurler
McOwen Daniel Coolegarae
McRory Patr. Ballynagore
McRory Teig Ballynagore
McShaw Laughlin Coole ahullin
McShaw Morgan Ballycooge
Menan Bryan Ballynagore
Menan Daniell Ballynagore
Meneene Wm. Killahurler
Menlow Rich. Bally Rise
Menlow Tho. Bally Rise
Meredith Rice Owghell
Miller John Ballyduffe
Modesby Wm. Arckloe
Morris Chr. Arckloe
Morris Oliver Arckloe
Morris Wm. Eneriley
Mortimer Hen. Blynewood
Moynagh Roger Killahurler
Murphy Darby Moneyteig
Murphy Dennis Ballynattin
Murphy Henry Arckloe
Murphy Morgan Ballynesken
Murphy Owen Arckloe
Murphy als. Begg Wm. Ballymoyle
Murry Morgan Clunwilliam
Neile Michael Ballynasilloge
Newsom Jo. Kill Mc Cow
Neyle Izabell Ballindale
Neyle James Arckloe
Neyle Murtah Arckloe
Neyle Wid. Knockanree
Neyle Wm. Arckloe
Nowlan Daniel Coole ahullin
Nowlan Morris Kilpatrick
OöHugh John Ballynattin
OöNeyle Jo. Ballydonnell
Oates Mathe Parke
Obehagan Teig Killahurler
Oggan Elitha, wid Ballynattin
One house untenanted ? Killyluske
Owre Daniel Ballygyllyger
Page Jo. Teigronin
Penrose Richd. Ballyrane
Penrose Robt. Ballyrane
Pepoe Patr. Killahurler
Pevis Tho. Cronelusk
Phelps John Arckloe
Pointon John Ballynononogo
Porter John Killyneskyduffe
Proud Francis Arckloe
Pue Lancelot Ardenary
Quash Richd. Ballynattin
Quin James Ballymoneene
Quin Tho. Castle McAdam
Randle Joseph Kilbryde
Readnagh Jo. Knockananoghill
Reane Daniell Ballynattin
Reane Marcus Ballynattin
Redding Wm. Clogoe
Redman Wm. Ballinclea
Redshaw Cuthbert Ardenary
Revell Fr. Ballydonnell
Revell Fr. Kill Mc Cow
Reyman John Arckloe
Rhony Pat. Ballymoneene
Richardson Geo. Arckloe
Roe Edm. Ballygyllyger
Roe Garrett Knockanree
Roe John Ballynecurra
Roe Tyrlogh Ballynekill
Roman Wm. Ballywoegge
Rumley Jo. Ballyrane
Ruscad Robert Ballynebranna
Russell Peter Barnelugh
Sadler Valentine Kill Mc Cow
Sansom Wm. Ballynasilloge
Saunder Edward Arckloe
Savage John Ballynekill
Scorer Tho. Kilcashell
Sharpe Daniel Ballynekill
Shelton Jo. Carrigcoyle
Sheppard George Arckloe
Sly John Ballygriffin
Smith Glasney Coolegarrae
Smith Hen. Kill Mc Cow
Smith Tho. Ballyrane
Smode Arthur Arckloe
Stephens Wm. Arckloe
Sutton Anthony Ardenary
Sutton Tim Kilmurray
Swinfield Law. Ballynegilloge
Tacabray John Ballygriffin
Tayler Giles Mungone
Tayler Robert Arckloe
Tayler Roger Ballyandrahan
Tenements untenanted ? Ballygahan
Tenements untenanted ? Kilmagigge
The Kill of Killmc Cow ? Kill Mc Cow
Thomas Henry Ballywoegge
Thomas Peter Arckloe
Thorneton James Ballygilroe
Tichbourne Sir Wm. Ballynegilloge
Tindall Nicholas Ballymoyle
Tomlinson James Scratena
Tonnell Patr. Moneyteig
Tracy John Chappel
Tracy Tady Ballynesken
Tuke Mr. Castle McAdam
Turner Joe Rockslowne
Turny James Ballyneskin
Turny Wm. Johnstowne
Two houses untenanted ? Ballydufe
Two houses untenanted ? Coolegangan
Two tenements ? Arckloe
Vaughan Roger Arckloe
Vicars Richard Ardenary
Wadick Morgan Moneyteig
Wafer Rowland Arckloe
Walkinson Robt. Arckloe
Walsh Walter Ballydonnell
Ward John Ballyrahin
Ware Ralph Ballinavalla
Waterton Catherine Scratena
Wattom Symon Arckloe
Weaver Wm. Ye Ballygriffin
Welsh Murtagh Cooleganagan
Welsh Teig Coolegangan
West Major The Rock
White Lau. Arckloe
White Mathew Glanteige
Wickham John Arckloe
Wickham John Kilmurry
Williams Richard Ballyrahin
Witty Phillip Ballyarthur
Woods Tho. Ardenary
Woods Tho. Kilmagigge
Worrell Francis Ballyandrahan
Young Julyan Carringolan

Waterford Lazar or Leper House, 1661

[In the Franciscan Convent, Clonmel, is an interesting document bearing on the history of the Leper Hospital, Waterford. It is in manuscript-bound up in a volume of Archdalls “” Monasticon “”- and purports to be a copy of an inquisition taken at Waterford immediately after the Restoration, before the Sheriff of the County and the Mayor of the City (William Halsey), with whom were associated Richard Power, Member of Parliament for the County, and James Bryver. Halsey represented the City in Parliament at the same time that he filled its Mayoral Chair. Father Cooney, O.S.F., Clonmel, copied the manuscript for our Most Reverend President, and we are here enabled, through the courtesy of the latter, to present its contents to the readers of the Journal. The site of the old Leper House, it may be well to add, was in Stephen-street, close to St. Stephen’s Church, and partly on the site of the present brewery.

In St. Stephen’s graveyard a few tombstones of no great antiquity still remain, and a small piece of masonry, apparently a fragment-the only fragment traceable of the church. A chamfered lintel of limestone, forming a wide angle arch over one of the windows in the present brewery buildings, bears the date 1632. The figures are cut in high relief, two on either side of the arch. This lintel belonged to the old Leper Hospital. Portion of the building itself, over a window of which the inscribed lintel is inserted, constituted very probably a part of the ancient hospital, and is in fact the only remnant of the latter now remaining. St. Mary Magdalen’s Chapel was apparently situated somewhere in the direction or neighbourhood of John’s Hill or Ballytruckle, in which direction also most of the suburban landed property of the hospital lay. The names of the persons found in possession of the hospital lands and buildings have a decidedly Cromwellian ring.- signed EDITOR (JWAHS).]

An inquisition taken before the Sheriff of the Co. of Waterford, the Mayor of the City of Waterford, Richard Power and James Bryver, Esqs, the 25th of Sept., 1661, at Waterford aforesaid, upon the oaths of honest and good men, etc., who being sworn upon the Holy Evangelists doe finde as followeth in these words, viz. :–
“”We find that the Lazar or Leaper House in the suburbs of Waterford, in St. Stephen’s Parish, was erected and founded by King John, and hath given the said house immunities and a charter to a Master, Bretheren, and Sisters of the said House for the maintenance of the Leapers for ever, and of which immunities they had a liberty that if any assault, battery, or bloodshed was committed within the precincts of said Lazar House, the Baron or Master of said House were sole judges of any such fact. We doe also find that it is further part of the immunities of said House, that if any man or woman in the City or Country of Waterford be infected with the Leprosie, and not taking their licence and freedom of members of the house to live abroad, and soe dying, their estate is forfeited to the said Leaper House. And we also find that there appertains to the House aforesaid as part of the perquisites thereunto belonging, the oblation of St. Mary Maudlin’s Chapel and the oblation of St. Stephen’s Church, together with all the christnings, mariages, and burials within the said Parish of St. Stephen’s Church, the house allowing to the Vicar of said Parish a competent annuity in consideration thereof, and the Mayor of Waterford did appoint a trusty man to oversee and receive the revenues and part out leases, by the name of Senescall in these latter adges, by what authority we know not.We find that Leaperstoun, in the Barony of Galtier and Parish of Kilmacom, esteemed were plough lands, with the tythes thereof, great and small, to belong to the said House, valued in the year 1641 at £106 sterg. a year, and so yielded for two or three years, recd. then by Francis Bryver, being Senescal of the said House, to the use of said Master, Bretheren, and Sisters of the said House. And since sometimes wast by reason of the wars, and sometimes sett at £50 a year, and sometimes more or less, which was received by the said Bryver during his life, and after him succeeded Baltazar Woodlock, he died in the year of the plague 1650, as Senescall, at which time the city was surrendered to the usurped power, who settled and recd. the revenues of the estate of the said House, since which to Colonell Laurence for 3 years at £30 pel annum, after to Mr. Andrew Lynn for 3 years at £70 per annum, having the tythes of Kilmoyhabe and a garden in Colpeck belonging to the Hospital of the Holy Ghost, to help him in his rent, and after Mr. Thomas Watts, from Mr. Lynn’s times until May last, at £80 per an., and after Mr. Andrew Lynn, who enjoys it to this day, by commission from Dublin, upon what account we know not.

We find that in the year 1641 there was £10 per ann. out of several houses and gardens in St. Stephen’s Parish coming yearly to the said Leaper House, and since these times several of the said houses were ruined, we find that they had tythes of the said Parish of St. Stephen’s besides.
We find that the old House of the Leapers is ruined, and the timber and materials thereof were taken away by Ensign Smart, Robert Woods, and others, and the same with the new House, a thatch house and a garden were sett by the then Commissioners of Revenue to Col. William Leigh at forty shillings a year, who sett them all to Mr. Hall at £4 st. per ann. We find also that Roger Coats, Walter Cantwell and Edmond Leary, masons, took away the tomb stones and paving stones that covered the graves of dead bodies in St. Stephen’s Church, and brought to Lott Leigh’s house to floor his kitchen therewith, and also brought some of the said stones to John Morris’ house, and also some of the said stones to Leftenant-Coll. Leighs Wheeler’s house, where now liveth Coll. Mullor, and also that William Cooper took away the stones of the said church yard.

We find and present that Mr. John Williams had a parcell of hay in St. Stephen’s church, and the rooffe of the said church fell upon the said hay; and he converted the timber thereof in creating a barne near it to his own use. We find and present that the 2/3 of the tythes of Kilbeartane and Ballymoris, in the Parish of ………. and Barony of Middle Third, in the said County of Waterford, did belong to the said House.
We find and present that the whole tythes of Brittas, in the Parish of Drumcannon, doth belong to the said House. We find and present that the parcell of land called Ballycadelan, leading from the Bridge of St. John upon the right hand leading to the meare of Ballytruckle, containing…………acres in parcel of the said Lazar House, with all the houses upon the Hill, and the two parcells called Parckcarraghmore and Parckcarraghbeg, with all the tythes great and small belonging to the said Leaper House. Also that a chapel called St. Mary Maudlin’s Chapel, in possession of John Hevens, who yielded a considerable profit to the sd. Leaper House by the oblation thereof, and turned and converted by John Hevens to a house, which lands and houses were sett for long leases at small rents by the said Lazar House in ancient times, and after when the leases came to the usurped authority they disposed of all these estates as we find to Coll. Laurence, Capt. Warde, Thomas Watts, who held from the Commissioners of Reveuue, at what rents we know not, and how they converted the same we know not, but only this. Thereafter, at present we find Butler’s mill, with the small meadow thereto adjoining, in the possession of Samuel Browne, at the rent of 30/- per annum.

We find a house and garden next to the said mill in the possession of Nicholas McEdmond Cottner, tenant to Capt. Thomas Bolton, at the yearly rent of 50/-. We find a tan house, garden, and yard of tan pitts, late in the possession of John Davis, at the rent of 20/- per ann. A house of Richard Farrell at the rent of 30/-. We find that. John Hevens holds several tan pitts and several houses and 1/2 f acre of land at 20/- per ann. William Hevens, house and garden at £3. Thomas Sherlock, house and garden at £3. Several other cabins, valued at 30/- per ann., upon the hill. A close called Parckcurraghmore, set to Widow Reidy at £3 per ann. Nicholas Lea pays for Parckcurraghbegg and for the house thereon 40/- per ann. ; Walter …….?? for one cabin, 4/- per an. Llachernee Cuffe, for one cabin, 9/- per an. ; John Deimis, for one cabin 4/- per an. ; Nicholas Power, for one cabin, 20/- per an. ; Edmond Walsh FitzRichard, for one cabin, 4/- per an. ; Nicholas Murphy, for one cabin, 4/6 ; Richard Phelan, for one cabin, 4/- per an. ; Job McMorris, for one cabin, 4/- ; Bartolomy White, for one cabin, 20/. Per an. ; James Purcell, for one cabin, 10/- ; five pieces of land going down to the new mill, valued……… ..per an, £3. All the grounds between that and Ballytruck is set by Cart. Thomas Boulter at eleven pounds per an. Lazart Park, held by Mr. Watts, and Little Marsh beyond it southward of, we esteem to be worth £4 per an. Two small pieces of ground adjoining the new mill, with the small island adjoining, we esteem to be worth per an. 20/-. We find the Widow Ruddy pays for her cabin 6/- per an.
We also ……………….there are two Leapers in the Barony of Gallyen, one in Ballynvelly, named Juan McNicholas, and one Denby O’Flyne, of Ballyne Kill, who would not obey.We find and present that Juan Murphy, servt. unto the Widow Bennett, was enfected with the Leprosie, and in the time of the usurped power was presented to the then Commissioners of Revenue, who denyed to give her any releefe, wherefore she miscarried, and dyed a miserable condition. We have summoned Nicholas Walshe and Paul Aylwarde, who denyed to appear before us, as concerning they had most testimony ……………..concerning our charge.

We find and present that we have seen …………….past by the Master, Bretheren, and Sisters of the Lazar House unto John Butler and Nicholas Madden, in fee farm; bearing………………. 1477, of the mill, commonly called Butler’s Mill, with the ……………small meadow and all the land from the Bridge to Mary Maudlin’s Chapel, at 5/- per an., excepting a bean garden which was reserved for the use of the said Leapers’ House.

Published in the Journal of the Waterford & South East of Ireland Archaeological Society c. 1895. All spellings as are in the original document. Where there are dots thus in a sentence, the original script could not be read.