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Dublin Under The Georges, 1714-1830

Dublin Under the Georges
Constantina Maxwell

Life of the Poor

The city of Quang-tcheu [Dublin] … is much celebrated amongst the Quang-tongese for its size and magnificence, and is supposed to contain 400,000 souls, but this cannot be; for, in that case, 200,000 of them must, of necessity, be hurdled [sic] together in extreme filth and misery, which, in such a polished and charitable age and nation, it is absurd to suppose.
JOHN WILSON CROKER, “An Intercepted Letter from J. T., Esq., Writer at Canton, to his Friend in Dublin, Ireland (1804) (a satire on Dublin society, published anonymously)

Great exertions have been made, and are daily making, by humane societies and individuals, for relieving the Poor.
SAMUEL ROSBOROUGH, “Observations on the State of the Poor of the Metropolis (Dublin, 1801)

The Rev. Thomas Campbell, an Irish clergyman who was acquainted with London, while praising the elegance of the fashionable parts of Dublin, remarked in his Philosophical Survey of the South of Ireland, published in 1777, that “the bulk” of the city was “like the worst parts of St. Giles”. “I must say,” wrote Mrs. Delany earlier in the century, “the environs of Dublin are delightful, [but] the town is bad enough – narrow streets and dirty-looking houses.” And practically every other eighteenth-century visitor refers to the filth and squalor of the Dublin poor. “Poverty, disease, and wretchedness exist in every great town,” wrote Curwen, an Englishman who made a tour of Ireland shortly after the Union, “but in Dublin the misery is indescribable.” .

The population of Dublin was variously estimated during the eighteenth century. Sir William Petty put it at 58,045 in 1682. Dr. Rutty, the Quaker physician who wrote “A Natural History of County Dublin”, estimated it in 1772 at 128,570, while the ‘Post-chaise Companion’, published towards the end of the century, gives the figure as 300,000, which represented the popular view. In 1798 the Rev. James Whitelaw,(1) the charitable Rector of St. Catherine’s Church in Thomas Street, determined to investigate the matter and to carry out a census of his own. With the sanction of the Government he took a number of assistants, and together they carried out a house-to-house search. This was not an easy task, for it occupied them ten hours a day during five successive months, and took them into the lowest and dirtiest quarters of the city. “My assistants and I,” wrote Whitelaw, “undeterred by the dread of infectious diseases, undismayed by degrees of filth, stench, and darkness inconceivable by those who have not experienced them, explored, in the burning months of the summer of 1798, every room of these wretched habitations from the cellar to the garret, and an the spat ascertained their population” He put the total population of Dublin at 172,091, but considered that another 10,279 persons should be added if the soldiers in the garrison, the staff of the Castle, the inmates of various institutions, and the students of Trinity College were included. The return under the Population Act of 1814 was 175,319 which shows that Whitelaw was not very far out; it also shows that Dublin had at the time of the Union a greater population than any of the towns in England, London of course excepted. (2)

Petty had shown that the inhabitants of Dublin were “more crowded and straitened in
their housing than those of London,” and by the end of the century-judging from the
account given by Whitelaw – the congestion seems to have grown worse. This was
especially true of the districts known as the Liberties, most of which lay to the south
-west of the, river – in the oldest part of the city.

Whitelaw writes:
‘The streets [in this part of the City] are generally narrow; the houses crowded
together; the rears or back-yards of very small extent, and some without accommodation
of any kind. Of these streets, a few are the residence of the upper class of shopkeepers
or others engaged in trade; but a far greater proportion of them, with their numerous
lanes and alleys, are occupied by working manufacturers, by petty shop-keepers, the
labouring poor, and beggars, crowded together to a degree distressing to humanity. A
single apartment in one of these truly wretched habitations, rates from one to two
shillings per week, and to lighten this rent two, three, or even four families become
joint tenants. As I was usually out at very early hours on the survey I have frequently
surprised from ten to sixteen persons, of all ages and sexes, in a room not 15 feet
square, stretched on a wad of filthy straw, swarm¬ing with vermin, and without any
covering, save the wretched rags that constituted their wearing apparel. Under such
circumstances it is not extraordinary that I should have frequently found from 30 to 40
individuals in a house. An intelligent clergyman of the Church of Rome assured me that
number 6 Braithwaite Street some years since con¬tained 108 souls. These however in 1797
were reduced to 97; and at the period of this survey to 56. From a careful survey twice
taken of Plunket Street, it appeared that 32 contiguous houses contained 917 souls,
which gives an aver¬age of 287 to a house, and the entire Liberty averages from about 12
to 16 persons to each house ….

“This crowded population [Whitelaw goes on to say] wherever it obtains is almost
universally accompanied by a very serious evil – a degree of filth and stench
inconceivable except by such as have visited these scenes of wretchedness. Into the
backyard of each house, frequently not 10 feet deep, is flung from the windows of each
apartment, the ordure and other filth of its numerous inhabitants; from which it is so
seldom removed, that I have seen it nearly on a level with the windows of the first
floor; and the moisture that, after heavy rains, oozes from this heap, having frequently
no sewer to carry it off, runs into the street, by the entry leading to the staircase.
One instance out of a thousand that might be given, will be sufficient. When I attempted
in the summer of 1798 to take the population of a ruinous house in Joseph’s Lane near
Castle market, I was interrupted in my progress by an inundation of putrid blood, alive
with maggots, which had from an adjacent slaughter yard burst the back door, and filled
the hall to the depth of several inches. By the help of a plank and some stepping stones
which I procured for the purpose (for the inhabitants without any concern waded through
it) I reached the staircase. It had rained violently, and from the shattered state of
the roof a torrent of water made its way through every floor, from the garret to the
ground. The sallow looks and filth of the wretches who crowded round me indicated their
situation, though they seemed insensible to the stench, which I could scarce sustain for
a few minutes. In the garret I found the entire family of a poor working shoemaker,
seven in number, lying in a fever, without a human being to administer to their wants.
On observing that his apartment had not a door, he informed me that his landlord,
finding him not able to pay the week’s rent in consequence of his sickness, had the
preceding Saturday taken it away, in order to force him to abandon the apartment. I
counted in this style 37 persons; and com¬puted, that its humane proprietor received out
of an absolute ruin which should be taken down by the magistrate as a public nuisance, a
profit rent of above £30 per annum, which he extracted every Saturday night with
unfeeling severity. I will not disgust the reader with any further detail, and only
observe that I generally found poor room-keepers of this description, notwithstanding so
many apparent causes of wretchedness, apparently at ease, and perfectly assimilated to
their habitations. Filth and stench seemed congenial to their nature; they never made
the smallest effort to remove them; and if they could answer the calls of hunger, they
felt, or seemed to feel, nothing else as an in¬convenience ….

“In July 1798 the entire side of a house 4 storeys high, in School-House Lane, fell from
its foundation into an adjoin¬ing yard, where it destroyed an entire dairy of cows. I
ascended the remaining ruin, through the usual approach of shattered stairs, stench and
filth. The floors had all sunk on the side now unsupported, forming so many inclined
planes; and I observed with astonishment, that the inhabitants, above 30 in number, who
had escaped destruction by the circumstance of the wall falling outwards, had not
deserted their apartments. I was informed, that it had remained some months in this
situation, and that the humane landlord claimed, and actually received for it, the usual
rent …. The most dense population, as might naturally be expected, is found within the
walls of the ancient city, comprehending the parishes of St. Werburgh, St. John, St.
Michael, St. Nicholas Within, the eastern part of St. Audoen, and the Deanery of Christ
Church. This space, containing an area of nearly 45 acres English, had in 1798, 15,683
inhabitants in 1,179 houses; which gives an average of 349 souls nearly to an acre, or
13.3 to a house. There were at that period 137 houses waste. The density of population
however varies within this space; for St. Nicholas Within has only 215.5 to an acre, or
10.5 to a house; while in St. Michael’s it amounts to 439 to an acre, and almost 16 to a

To be continued

(1) The Rev. James Whitelaw, statistician and philanthropist, was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, where he graduated in 1771. His most important service was his census of the City of Dublin, carried out 1798-1805. His most important work was his History of Dublin, in which he collaborated with John Warburton, Keeper of the Records in Dublin Castle. Neither lived to see the publication of this work, which was completed by Robert Walsh, at that time Curate of Finglas, Co. Dublin. Whitelaw founded several charitable institutions, the most useful of which was the Meath Charitable Loan (1808) for the benefit of unemployed members of the Coombe. He died of a malignant fever contracted from visiting his poor parishioners in 1813.

(2) The population of London, calculated from the parish registers of baptisms, was 674,350 in 1700 and 676,250 in 1750. According to the census returns of 1801 and 1811 it was 900,000 and 1,050,000 respectively. See M. D. George, London Life in the Eighteenth Century, pp. 329-30.

Baptism and Marriage Extracts, Church of Ireland, Carlow Town, 1747-1855

A few baptismal and marriage extracts from the Church of Ireland parish registers of Carlow town, Co. Carlow.
Spellings are exactly as I read them with no changes. Question marks show where I had difficulty reading a word or a name

Carlow Church of Ireland Parish Register Extracts
Baptisms : 1836-1852
Marriages : 1836-1845
Burials : 1836-1865
R.C.B. Library Ref.: P. 317.1.3

Baptised : Nov. 11th, 1838.
Born : Oct. 12th, 1838
Name : Henry
Parents : Wm. & Elizabeth Black?burne
Abode: Carlow
Profession/Occupation father: ?Saddler

Baptised : July 31st, 1842.
Born : July 10th, 1842
Name : James Edward
Parents : James & Dorcas Porter
Abode: Carlow
Profession/Occupation father: Physician
Curate: William Brandon

Baptised : Dec 27th, 1843
Born : Sept 27th, 1843
Name : Edward Albert
Parents : Thos. James & Jane Margaret Rawson
Abode: Carlow
Profession/Occupation father: Surgeon & M.D.
Rector: J. Jameson

Baptised : July 11th, 1846.
Born : Not given
Name : Robert Nicholas
Parents : Thomas & Jane Rawson
Abode: Carlow
Profession/Occupation father: Doctor
Wm. Brandon – Private baptism, child (?very) ill

Groom: Mansergh Lugworth Flood of Carlow Parish
Bride : Anne Catherine Moore of Carlow Parish
By Banns. 2nd May 1837
Signed : Lugworth Flood & Catherine Moore
Witnesses: Jane Emerson & Patrick Devereux

# 379. John Blackburne, Carlow. Aug 22nd, 1855. 2 years. Thos. Shelland Curate.
#461. Un-named Blackburne. Carlow. 28th Jan 1860. No age given
Baptisms 1852-1864
P. 317.2.1
No Blackburne, Flood or Rawson listed.

Carlow Church of Ireland Parish Register Extracts
R.C.B. Library Ref.: P. 317.1.2

Month?? 31st Baptised. Joseph son of John and Ann Bowles. Killeshin

Aug 27th Married. Robert Carr and Ann Bowles, being called in Church July the 31st, Aug 7th & 14th

Oct. 17th Married: Will’m Bowles to Mary Harborne. Rich’d Mills

July 24th Baptised : James Bowles son to Will’m & Mary Bowles

July 9th Married: Jno Bowles to Eliz. McGrath with Lycence

April 12th Marr’d: Joseph Bowels and Ann Tunstead with Lycence

June 20th Bapt’d : Robt. Son to Wm. And Sarah Bowles

Mary 21st Bapt’d: Jane Daughter to Jno and Mary Bowls (sic)

Feb 27th Married / By Mr. D. / Joseph Bowles to Jane Feltus, both of this parish, by Licence
May. Omitted, about 7th. Bapt : Eliza Daughter of Joseph and Jane Bowles

June 16th. Marr’d: James Bale and Mary Budds
Sept 9th. Bapt’d: John son of Joseph and Elizabeth Bowles

Jan 26th Bapt’d: Margt. Daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Bowles
Aug 31st. Mar’d: John Graham and Lucinda Bowles

p. 122
May 17th Bapt’d: Eliza. Daughter of Joseph and (Blank) Bowles.

Next page of register (p. 123) = blank note re 10 pages on – did not go ten pages to see if it continued at that point

Page 124 – 1822
Page 125 – 1825
Page 127 – 1824

No mention of Bowles or Feltus surnames on these pages.

Dec 12th. Married by ?C. Francis Flood of the parish of Carrick, Co. Kilkenny to Dorcas Burchaell of (??this parish)



Baptism Records, Leighlinbridge, Co. Carlow and Co. Laois, 1783

Leighlinbridge Counties Carlow and Laois (Queens Co.)
Baptisms: Jan 1st, 1783 – Oct 22nd, 1786
National Library of Ireland film ref: 4195
Latter Day Saints  1363869

Condition of 1783 records – fairly good.  Spaced well enough to read. Child’s name, father’s name, mother’s name and maiden name in most instances, the names of two sponsors

Name Surname Father’s Name Name Mother Mother’s Maiden name Date Year Placename
Will ?? Bryan Margaret Maher April 14th 1783 ?Shellymount
?? B?? George Biddy ?Fairdy March ?31st 1783 Ballyg.
Will Bergin Patt Bridget Brien Jan 18th 1783
Wineford Bergin Will Catherine Doogan April 24th 1783 Banelagh
Cath Bowe John Mary Barry Jan 3rd 1783
??? Brophy Will Sara Byrne Feb ?4th 1783
James Butler Richard Bridget Cody March ?29th 1783 Old Leighlin
Mary Butler Thos. Catherine Fitzgerald April 16th 1783 ?Loughfine
Margaret Butler Thos. Elizabeth Brophy April 23rd 1783
David Byrne James Ann ?? March ?12th 1783 Leighlinbridge
Mary Byrne Patt Margaret Bowe March ?? (19th-23rd) 1783 ?Cronavon
Mary Byrne James Elinor Hogan March ?30th 1783 ?Wells
Bridget Byrne Will Mary June ?14th 1783 Balinva
Margaret Carrole Anthony Elinor Commins April 10th 1783 Bulingurteen
??? Carrole ?jos Eliner Carrolle June ?9th 1783 ?Bulinga
James Cleare Will Mary Ryan April ?25th 1783 Old Leighlin
Bridget Cradden?? Morris Catherine Cavanaugh Feb ??(4th-15th) 1783 ?Monamore
Margaret Cus?hin Michl Catherine Walsh May 16th 1783 Leighlin
Elinor Dawson John Mary May ?6th 1783 Shellymount
Tady Delany James Margaret Pendergst Jan 20th 1783
Mary Dooly John Bridget Cody April ?8th 1783 ?He?tymount
Anne Dooly ?jos Catherine McDarby June ?5th 1783 Shellymt
?Denis Doyle Bryan Jane Fowly Jan 6th 1783
Bridget Doyle James Margaret Walsh March ?23rd 1783 ?Paulstown
Mary Doyle Harry Bridget Brophy April 13th 1783 Leighlin
John Doyle Denis Catherine Mangin June 18th 1783 Crane
Bridget Farnan/Fannon James Jane Farrelle Jan 15th 1783
Peter Fitzpatrick David Elinor Bolger Jan 22nd 1783
Lawrence Hanaway?? Patt Bridget McDavid Feb 15th 1783 Old Leighlin
Catherine Hayes Andrew Mary ?Timmins April 15th 1783 Sheskin
Margaret Headen Will Margaret ?Dinan April 20th 1783 ?Rathtarnan
Henery Headin Edmond Anne Neale Jan 21st 1783
Bridget Healy Thos. Mary Walsh April 9th 1783 Barnafea or sea
Margaret Henecy Philip Margaret June 19th 1783 Paulstown
Thos. Henesy Michael Jane Arkinson March ?19th 1783 Old Leighlin
John Henesy Edmond Elizabeth Henesy May ?14th 1783 Crane
Mary Kavanaugh Michael Mary Whelan Feb 2nd 1783
John Kavanaugh Paul Mary Quinlan April 6th 1783 Monemore
Robert Kelly Michl Mary Brenan April 23rd 1783 Banafea
Bryan Kelly Edmond Mary June 19th 1783 ?Coavbeg
Margaret Kenny?? John Hanna May 18th 1783 Paulstown
Mary Kewler James Anastia Brenan Jan 4th 1783
Thos. King Murtagh Bridget Doran Feb 21st 1783 Cranavonane
Elinor Kinsalah?? Richard Mary Kinsalah April 23rd 1783
John Lane?? James Catherine June 2nd 1783 Ballynabra?e
Edmond Lannan Patt Anne May 6th 1783 Paulstown
Thomas Lannon John Jane Brenan April 12th 1783 Duffswood
Anne Lannon Michl Anne May 3rd 1783 Old Leighlin
Margaret Lawler Edmond Elizabeth Delany Feb 1st 1783
Mary Lawler Will Margaret Brophy March 7th 1783
Patt Lawler Peter Mary Farnan May 2nd 1783 Rahtarnan
Mathew Lee John Eliza Delany Jan ?8th 1783
Patt Linchy Owen Mary Carrolle Feb 16th 1783 Monamore
John Lowry Michl Margaret June 2nd 1783 Clogrannon
Patt Maher Thos. Elizabeth Kavanaugh Feb 20th 1783 Coolnaha?sy
Mary Mahon Patt Bridget April ?29th 1783 Shan?khill
John Mahon Thos. Bridget June 2nd 1783 Tom?mard
Philip McAnally Bryan Margaret April 17th 1783
Jane McAnally Andrew Mary May 22nd 1783 Old Leighlin
Thos. McDaniel James Winafred Mara June ?9th ?19th 1783 Jn.Duffs
Philip McDonil Pierce Mary April 24th 1783 Paulstown
Margaret M’Grah Michael Anne Mahony Jan ?8th-10th 1783
Denis Moony Thos. Mary ?Careio April 14th 1783 Old Leighlin
Vall Moran John Catherine Hesse Jan 19th 1783
Elinor Mullins James Bridget Fitzpatrick April 5th 1783 Leighlin
John Murphy John Mary Miller Jan 1st 1783
Richard Murphy Lawrence Jane Murphy May 17th 1783 Old Leighlin
Anne Neale Arthur Bridget McDavid June ?15th 1783 Leighlin
Silvester Nowlan David Catherine Commins Jan 4th 1783
Margaret Nowlan ?? Elinor ?Eagan Jan 6th 1783
Patt Nowlan ?Thos Margaret Milea Feb ??(4th-15th) 1783 ?Tinagarry
James Nowlan David Mary June 16th 1783 ?Clonrush
James Pendergast Martin Anne Lannon April 24th 1783 Old Leighlin
Jane Pendergast Patt Catherine ?Madlin May 4th 1783 Madlin
??? Purcelle ??? Mary Brenan Feb ??? (2nd-4th) 1783
Patt Purcelle John Jane Morisy March 7th 1783 Monemore
Elizabeth Reddy John Bridget May 17th 1783 Old Leighlin
Darby Timmins Michael Honore Lawler Jan 22nd 1783
?Anne Walsh Patt Margaret Brenan March 16th 1783 ?Thankilla
Margaret Walsh Garrette Margaret May 23rd 1783 Shankille
Mary Ward Toby Jane Anderson Jan 4th 1783



Admiralty Passing Certificates, Co. Cork, 1782-92

Records of admiralty passing certificates for people of County Cork between the years of 1782 and 1792.

Surname Name Townland Year Note
Broderick John 1789 Bantry
Conor Richard Daniel 1790 Cork
Denstan Thomas 1782 Cork
Dundas Thomas Lawrence 1788 Middleton
Earle Edward Charles 1792 Cork
Elmore Henry Mathias 1782 Cork
Fair Robert 1763 Cork
Falkener Charles Leslie Samuel, Esq 1789 St. Paul’s
Fitzgerald henry John 1789 St. Paul’s
Hungerford John George 1788 Cloughnokiley
Johnston William Benjamin William 1786 Upper Shannon
Morgan Robert 1771 Christ Church
Nason Henry John of Kinsale 1790 Clifton
Nason Richard Henry 1786 Castlelyons
O’Hea Matthew James 1786 Clonmel Cove
Otway Robert Robert 1788 St. Mary, Shandon,
Reid henry James 1792 Middleton
Rumley James William, Esq 1788 Ahada
Sarsfield Domnick Michael 1790 St. Mary & St. Ann, Shandon
Smith George Charles Thomas 1790 Cork
Trant Philip Henry 1786 St. Paul’s, Cork
Walsh Stephen Russell Richard Esq. 1792 Christ Church
Warren Robert Thomas William 1792 Carrigaline

Irish Marriages, Portapatrick, Wigtownshire, Scotland

This page features free transcribed records relating to Irish people to emigrated to and married in Portapatrick, Wigtownshire, Scotland in the late 1700s and early 1800s.

1763 July 3rd Wilkinson William, a gent from Cachorelly ,Co. Limerick married mrs. Jacoba Susanna Bowchier from Killcullane, Co. Limerick

1764 March 25th Holmes Cornelious from Shennagh, Co. Cork married Miss Margret Wilkison from Calreleigh, Co. Limerick

1780 Jan 19th Cox Richard, Sir, Bart from Dunmanway, Co. Cork married Miss Mary O’Bryan from Limerick now residing Portapatrick

1784 May 17th Fitzgibbon Thomas, Esq Co. Limerick married Miss Mary Fitzgibbon from Ballyseeda, Liberties of Limerick City Witnesses: Quin, Elizabeth & Quinn, William

1784 June 3rd Vincent Thomas, Esq from Limerick City married Miss Mary Ann Cowney from Limerick City

1785 Feb 1st Fitton Terence, Esq from Cork City married Miss Lucinda Browne Lucinda, from Rathcahill, Co. Limerick

1786 Jan 22nd Royce Nicholas Ford, Esq from Nantinan, Co. Limerick married Miss Mary Catherine Croker from Rawleighstown, Co. Limerick

1786 May 12th Grady Standish, Esq Grange, Co. Limerick married Mrs. Margaret Foord from Limerick City widow of Abraham Foord, Esq. late of City of Limerick Witness: Grady, William jun

1786 Oct 9th Fitzgerald John, Esq. from Rathkeal, Co. Limerick married Elizabeth Dartnell from Rathkeal, Co. Limerick she the 3rd dau of Edward Dartnell. Witness: Dartnell, Edward

1788 Nov 8th Goggin Michael, Esq from City of Limerick married Miss Eliza Harrison from Limerick City

1791 Dec 29th Massy George, Hon. from Stagdale Lodge, ?Co. Limerick (he was from Co. Limerick) married Miss Elizabeth Scanlan from Balynaha, Co. Limerick Witness: Scanlan, Michael jun

1792 March 12th Massy Hugh,Rt. Hon. Lord, Baron from Co. Limerick married Miss Margaret Everine Barton from The Grove, Co. Tipperary Witnesses: Barton, Thomas & Barton, Charles & Cody, Judith

1793 Sept 19th Hunt Edmund, Esq. from Inchirourke, Co. Limerick married Miss Teresa Butler from ss Millbrooke, Co. Clare dau of James Butler Esq.

1794 May 13th Forbes Frederic, The Hon. from Co. Longford ; Lieut of 80th & 5th regt of foot married Mary Butler from Limerick City Spinster

1794 June 21st Whyte Charles, Esq. Lieut. 80th & 5th Regt of Foot married Anna Ross Lewin from Fortfergus, Co. Clare spinster Witnesses: Collis, henry: Limerick City & Williams, Joseph, servant to C. Whyte & Fyfe, Andrew: from Portpatrick

1795 Aug 28th Horan Ringrose Drew Esq. from Co. Limerick married Miss Jane Buchanan from King’s Co/Offaly Witness: Murray, Alexander: Commander Hillsborough Packet

1797 April 27th Hunt Thomas Edward, Esq Captain in His majesty’s 64th Regt of Foot married Miss Mary Mahony from Limerick City dau of Pierce Mahony, Esq Witrnesses: Mainsell, Jno & Mack, James & Mahony, Pierce & Fyfe, Andrew – Portpatrick

1797 Dec 4th Blennerhassett Arthur, Esq from Elmgrove near Tralee, Co. Kerry married Miss Dorcas Anna Twiss from Co. Kerry Witnesses: Harte, William Johnston Esq. of Coolruss, Co. Limerick & Sullivan, James – servant to Mr. Blennerhasset

1798 Jan 9th Gordon John, Sir Baronet of Park, Co. Banff married Miss Pyne Crosbie from Limerick dau to Hon. & Rev. Maurice Crosbie of Limerick Witnesses: Crosbie, Mrs. – mother to Miss Pyne & Morgell, Robert Hickson, Esq of Rathkeale, Co. Limerick & Wade, Mickel servant to Sir John Gordon

1799 Sept 22nd Meade, Christopher Henry Barry from Limerick married Miss Ann Fulton from Lisburn, Co. Antrim Witnesses: Fulton, Ann, Mrs & Major, John Esq. Cornet 22nd Dragoons & Murray, Alexander Commander of hilsborough Packet

1799 Sept 30th Hunt Henry Esq. from Golden Garden, Co. Tipperary married Miss Mary Bradshaw Limerick City Witnesses: Bradshaw, Mary of Limerick & Bradshaw, Benjamin Bennet, Esq, Mount William, Co. Tipperary & Buchanan, John: Ensign Perthshire Militia

1799 Oct 7th Naish Carroll Patrick, Esq from Ballyann, Co. Limericj married Miss Ann Johnson from Bettyville, Co. Limerick Witnesses: Johnson, William, jun. Esq – Bettyville & MacKenzie, James: Vintner & Ker, John Portapatick

1800 May 7th Creaghe Martin Connell, M.D. Limerick City married Miss Mary Lacy from Limerick City

1802 Dec 18th Sherlock Thomas, Esq from Rock Abbey, Co. Cork married Miss Mary Bevan from Miltown, Co. Limerick Witnesses: Bennett, James: Newbridge, Co. Limerick & O’Callahan, Daniel, Co. Limerick

1803 April 14th Copley John, Esq from Ballyclough, Co. Limerick married Miss Dorothea Stack from Ballyconry, Co. kerry Witnesses: Stack, John sq. Ballyconry, Co. Limerick & Monsell, Samuel, Mallow Co. Cork

1805 Jan 7th Johnston Nicholas George, Lieutenant 2nd Batt 61st Rgt of foot married Miss Mary Ann Keating from Limerick City dau of George Keating Esq. Doctor of Medicine

1805 May 20th Frewen Thomas, Esq from Castle connel, co. Limerick married Miss Margaret Dundun from Castleconnel, Co Limerick

1806 Aug 3rd Kingston Robert, Esq from London City Miss Charlotte Burdett from Limerick City

1807 May 7th Hogg Edmond William, Esq from Limerick City married Miss Mary Sargent from Limerick City dau of James Sargent, Esq of Limerick City Witness: Bell, James Belfast

1817 Aug 5th Head Michael Prattle, Esq from Derry castle, Co. Tipperary married Miss Mary Butler from Limerick

1822 April 24th Evans John, Esq from Limerick City married Miss Jemima Sexton Jemima, from Limerick City Witness: Sexton, William

1824 Oct 15th Lloyd Eyre, Esq from Limerick maried Miss Anne Hutchinson Masey from Limerick Witness: Wallace, Patrick servant to Eyre Lloyd

1826 Feb 6th Holmes Robert of Glennanore Esq from Castletown Roache, Co.Cork married Catherine Wilkinson Catherine, spinster from Mallow, Co. Cork Witness: Wilkinson, Francis of Limerick

Baptism Records COI, Abbeyleix, Co. Laois, 1780s

This page features 93 Church of Ireland baptism records for the Laois village of Abbeyleix during the 1780s. The records are sorted alphabetically by surname.

Surname Name Year Father Mother
Brereton Thomas 25/12/1787 Samuel Sarah
Brett John 1781 Michael Bridget
Case Elizabeth 1784 Thomas Comfort
Case Arthur 1786 Thomas Comfort
Case Frances 02/09/1787 Allen Mary
Case John 30/10/1787 Thomas Comfort
Case Diana 1782 Thomas Comfort
Chambers Joseph 1782 Robert Elizabeth
Chambers Benjamin 1785 Robert Elizabeth
Church John 1783
Dignell Catherine 1781 Walter Anne
Dignell Henry 1784 Walter Elizth
Dobbs John 1782 Joseph Judith
Galbraith John Edmond 1784 George Frances
Galbraith Francis Edward 1785 George Frances
Gale William 1781 Thomas Anne
Gale Peter 1782 Thomas Anne
Gale Mary 1784 Thomas Anne
Gale Anthony 1786 Thomas Eleanor
Gale Michael 1786 Thomas Anne
Gale Thomas 1787 Thomas Eleanor
Green Catherine 1786 Joseph Anne
Hairbottle James 1783
Hand Wynne 1781 William Jane
Hand Edward 1785 William Jane
Harris John 1781 Nathaniel Mary
Hartford Elizabeth 1782 Thomas Elizath
Hartford Judith 1784 Edward Elizth
Hartford Catherine 1784 John Mary
Hartford Mary 1785 John Margaret
Hartford Thomas 1786 Edward Elizabeth
Hartford Thomas 1786 John Margaret
Hodgins John 11/12/1787 Isaac Anne
Hutchinson Richard 1785 Thomas Anne
Jessop Rebecca 1784 Humphry Anne
Jestin Richard 1781 Martin Elizabeth
Jestin Mary 1783 Martin Elizabeth
Jestin Richard 1784 James Anne
Jestin Frances 1785 Martin Elizabeth
Jestin Robert 1785 James Anne
Jestin Catherine 04/12/1787 Martin Elizabeth
Lawrenson Elizabeth 1783 Mr Edward Mrs Eleanor
Lawrenson Edward 1786 Edward Eleanor
Leech John 1783 George Catherine
Leech Henry Allen 1786 George Catherine
Lewis Margaret 1783 John Margaret
Lewis John 1786 John Margaret
Lowry Esther 1781 John Elinor
Lowry Elizabeth 1783 Richard Grace
Lowry Eleanor 1785 John Eleanor
Lowry Maria 1785 Richard Grace
Lowry Mary 20/12/1787 John Eleanor
Lyon Louisa 1783 Thomas Mary
Lyon John 1784 Thomas Mary
Maurice Sarah 1783 John Sarah
Maurice Anne 1786 John Sarah
Mosse George 1781 Thomas Elizabeth
Mosse Henry 1783 Thomas Elizabeth
Mosse Christian Anne 1784 Robert Jane
Mosse Meanue 1786 Thomas Elizabeth
Naun Frances 1786 William Sutcliffe Frances
Noble Richard 1785 John Alley
Noble Anne 1787 John Alice
Oldfield Sarah 1785 George Margery
Oxley John 1782 Joseph Elizabeth
Oxley Nathaniel 1785 Joseph Elizabeth
Parkinson Meanue 1784 John Christian
Parkinson Alice 1786 John Christian
Price Edward 15/10/1787 Edward Sarah
Quinlan Lawrence 1781
Remmington Mary 1783 Thomas Mary
Remmington Thomas 1783 Thomas Mary
Ryland William 1783 John Anne
Ryland Sarah 1786 John Anne
Sampson James 1783 John Anne
Sampson John 1785 John Anne
Sutcliffe John 1781 Edward Margaret
Sutcliffe Mary 1783 Edward Margaret
Sutcliffe James 1785 Edward Margaret
Sutcliffe Thomas 01/12/1787 Edward Margaret
Vance Christopher 1781 Samuel Anne
Vance Elizabeth 1785 Samuel Anne
Warren Thomas 1783 John Elizabeth
Warren Alice 1784 John Elizabeth
Warren Mary 1786 John Elizabeth
Watt John 1781 John Mary
Watt Christian 1782 John Mary
Watt David 1784 John Mary
Watt Arthur Charles 1785 John Mary
Wild Anne 1784 Thomas Frances
Wild Thos 1786 Thomas Frances
Wilkinson Margaret 1786 David Anne
Wilson Mary 1787 Thomas Grace

Baptism Records, Freshford, Co. Kilkenny, 1777-80

These may seem a bit confusing BUT they come from the early set of records I was working with this week and those records are represented at a later date on the film so I’d have to go look at the later set to see if there are any differences.

There were only a few pages that could be read with 1777 records on them, I managed to read one record for March and then some for November and then the film was just too difficult to work with and faded.

All of 1780 has been transcribed as I read it in this set of parish records.  Please read my other posts about Freshford parish records in order that you will understand why I talk about two different sets of records on the microfilm.

The records are in English and placenames are given.  All spellings are as I read them, questionmarks indicate that I had a problem with the reading and give the name as best I saw it spelled.  I have not interfered with the spellings as I read them.

Name Surname Father Mother if given S. Mother Place Date Year
Bridget Costelloe Jams Eliz ?Farrill Freshford 04-Nov 1777
Cathr Delany Michl Eleanor Kavanagh R???? 01-Nov 1777
Cath Fitzgerald ?Simon Eliz Stapleton Freshford ?? 1777
?? Quigly Jno Mary Costelloe Freshford 06-Jul 1777
Mary Stapleton Richd Mary Brett 3 Castles 03-Nov 1777
Margt ?? ?? Mary ?Clear Mmoonab?? 14-Jan 1780
Mary Clear? ?? Mary Brien Freshford 17-Jan 1780
Ed Corcoran? Jno Mary Corcoran Ballylarkin 15-Feb 1780
Elizabeth Fian? Jno Mary Phelan Freshford 03-Apr 1780
Wil Phelan? Michl Margt Cody ?Saard 21-Jan 1780
Mary Brady Dens Margt McDanl New ?England 08-Feb 1780
John Brennan Tom Cathr Dooling Rahelty 02-Apr 1780
Joan Brennan Nichls Bridget McCoy Ballynamara 19-Apr 1780
Tom Burke Tom Bridget Fitzgerald Freshford 02-Mar 1780
Margarett Cahill Jno Mary Gl?ishin? Kyle 24-Apr 1780
Joan Coggy William Honor Delany Bballydaniel 02-Apr 1780
Michl Corigan Michl Cathr Comeford Ballylarkin 19-Jan 1780
Mary Costelloe Jams Margt Farrell Freshford 02-Apr 1780
Joan Costelloe William Mary Delany N.g. 23-Apr 1780
Anstice Dalton Mathew Anstice Wall 3 Castles 16-Apr 1780
Jno Delany Pat Brittas 20-Feb 1780
Patt Dooling Tom Cathrin Delany Kahely 19-Jan 1780
Patt Doran Jno Mary Melvin Clinstown 09-Apr 1780
Anne Dowdle Jno Mary Booden 3 Castles 10-Apr 1780
Anstice Dunne Luke Mary Looby Ballydooles 10-Apr 1780
Mary Finan Kyran Cathr Dooling Ballylarkin 05-Apr 1780
Margt Fleming Pat Anstice Wallace Oldhouse 12-Jan 1780
Mary Grace William Mary Cahill ?Kerreen 02-Mar 1780
Margt Hanlan Ppatt Cathr Delany Coolishill 09-Apr 1780
Tom Henesy Jno Honr Doghny Ballyroe 24-Jan 1780
Joan Henesy Jno Mary Henesy Huntstown 15-Apr 1780
Patt Horahan Tom Mary Byrne Freshford March 1780
?Patience Jackman Patt Susanna Fitzgerald Freshford 05-Mar 1780
Jams Kavanagh Jams Honer Foley Bally?? 03-Jan 1780
James Keating Edmd Cahtrin ?Kemple B?? 18-Jan 1780
Elizabeth Kelly Jams Honor Phelan Kilaree March 1780
Patt Keoghan Wilm Mary Thracey Cooleshill March 1780
Bridgt Lannan Jno Mary Power Barnaglefran 28-Jan 1780
Helena Maher Willm Helen Fitzpk Freshford 13-Mar 1780
Bridgt Mahony Will Mary Kylfoile Freshford 22-Jan 1780
Elizebth McDaniel ?Simon Cathr Poor New England March 1780
Elizabeth McDaniel Jno Mary White Rahelty March 1780
Mary McGrath Michl Bridgt Hickey Rahelty 08-Mar 1780
Patt Neale Wiliam Cathr Dunne Lisnaclea March 1780
Thoms Phelan Pat Margt Hackett ?Saard 09-Mar 1780
H?onor Ryan Dens Winifred Keoghan Freshford 21-Jan 1780
Cathr Tinan Tom Mary Dooling Freshford 28-Jan 1780
Thoms White ?Pierce Cathr Brophy Freshford 23-Apr 1780

Baptism Records, Durrow, Co. Laois, 1789

The names of the children baptised in the Roman Catholic parish of Durrow for the year 1789 are listed below as well as the names of their parents. It was not possible to read some pages of this section of the register, the number of question marks which I have are indicative of how hard it was to read. If you are looking for someone from this parish during this time frame and can’t find them listed here, then it is advisable that you look at the register yourself or employ a professional genealogist to do so.

?n.g. means that I had no townland in my file and to tell the truth, it’s so long since I looked at this part of the register, I can’t remember if it was a case of the townland name being illigible or it was not listed! Tables are sorted alphabetically by the surnames of the children, see below for surnames of mothers or sponsors not found amongst those of the children.

Mother surnames/spelling variations not occurring as children’s surnames: Arp ; Bergan ; Brich (?Birch) ; Broder ; Brophy ; Brutt : Cahill ; Carroll ; Coyne ; Crah ; Croake ; Daton ; Dowling ; Drenna ; Dwyre ; Egan ; Flanagan ; Grady ; Hibbtis ; Hoban ; Holahan ; Holohan ; Hutchson ; Hynes ; Jones ; Justin? ; Kennedy ; Laherty ; Maher ; McEvoy ; Morrisy ; Muldoney ; Rat?ley ; Robinson ; Scott ; Shaw ; Shiel ; Sheridan ; Smith ; Sweeny ; White.

Surnames/spelling variations appearing as Sponsor surnames (not given here) and not occuring as a child or mothers surname: Brenogue ; Broderick ; Broren? ; Cantwell ; Cashin ; Clear ;Commerfd ; Comons ; Conran ; Coogan ; Dollard ; Dooley ; Dooly ; Drenan ; Dulhanty ; Dullaw ; Evans ; Farrell ; Fogarty ; Ford ; Geagle ; Glyndon ; Glynnan ; Glysann ; Greary ; Griffith ; Hawkins ; Henderson ; Horohan ; Hutchson ‘ Ivans ; Keally ; Kealy ; Kearny ; Keys ; Kinchela ; Knaresborough ; Larken ; Loury ; McCarty ; McDermot ; McGrath ; McLoghlan ; Morrisy ; Nugent ; Purcel ; Querny ; Roberts ; Rourke ; Scully ; Shee ; Shelly ; Shine ; Spencer ; Strang ; Trainor ; Wall

Name Father Mother Date
Ellenor ????? Edmund Allice ????? May 7th
Mary Aspel Wm Mary Hynes Sept 17th
Sara Bergin Pat Margt. Sweeny June 20th
Bridget Boe Martin Nancy Walsh Jan 9th
Mary Boe ?Ned Judy Kelly Dec 17th
Denis Bolger Jno Betty Grady Feb 20th
Jas Brett Martin Bridget Kelly July 15th
Pat Brophy Jno ???? ???? May 3rd
Denis Brophy Pat Grace Larken Jan 26th
Jno. Brophy Thos Margt. Crah June 4th
Anne Butler Thos. Cath. Laherty Dec 13th
Mary Butler Jas. Mary Maher May 31st
Margt Butler Ond Mary Maher May 31st
?Andrew Byrne ?Jno Margt. Delany Dec 31st
Thos. Campion Danl. Margt. Butler Dec 21st
Adam Cassin Pat Mary Brophy Sept 18th
Michael Clear Roger Mary Keenan July 19th
Bridget Cody Charles Mary Broder Jan 26th
Bridget Cordial Martin Bridget Grady March 1st
Denis Coyle Wm Mary Smith May 6th
Honor Dalton Edmd Mary Phelan May 26th
Bridget Dalton Jno or Jos.? Mgt. Lalor Jan 6th
Mary Dalton? Wm Jenny ?Justin Dec 29th
Jas Deegan Edmd ????? Fitzp. July 15th
Phil Deegan Larry Cath Kennedy Juy 11th
Elenor Delany Martin Cath Cody March 8th
Jas Delany Bernard Grace Hibbits July 30th
Edward Delany Edward Eleanor White May 29th
Mat. Delany Danl. Anty Maher Feb 14th
Richard Dirreen Pat Mary White Jan 17th
Jno. Doran Jas. Eliz Bergan Aug 4th
Jas Dulhunty Jas. Bridgt Cahill July 15th
Mathias Dullard Wat. Bridget Phelan July 11th
Mary Dunne Wm Anty Moore Sept 23rd
Thos Dunphy Joseph Cath Fletcher May 15th
Wm Dunphy Larry Cath Fitzg. May 28th
Danl Dwyer Martin Cath Morrisy June 14th
Wm Elliott Jas. Mary Brutt Jan 1st
Pat Fitzg. Michl. Bridget Walsh Jan 25th
Cath Fitzgerald Michael ?? May 7th
Jno. Fitzp. Wm Elenor Doran March 11th
??? No name Fitzp. Danl. MAry Dowling Dec 16th
Mary Fitzp. Pat Bridget Delany March 10th
Pat Fletcher Lalor Lalor Sara May 22nd
Thos. Genan Pat Cath. Carroll Dec 4th
Bridget Glysian Jno Cath Cahill May 14th
Francis Gohagan Jas. Judith Cahil May 18th
Pat Golden Pat Nancy Coyne Jan 24th
Mary Gorman Edmd Anty Cahill Aug 28th
Tom Gorman Ned Mary Gylfoyle May 10th
Cath Gorman Joe Mary Phelan July 20th
Laurence Grogan Jno Sara Fitzp Aug 6th
Nancy Gylfoyle Michl. Mary Cody Jan 21st
Thos Heas Charles Bridget Delany July 19th
Cath. Heose? Wm. Mary Dwyre Dec 1st
Mary Holasky Kieran Nancy Brich June 29th
Edmd Holland Kieran Mary Byrne July 16th
Wm Horan Mat Mary Gylfoyle Jan 18th
Mat Jacob Pierce Anne Cassin Sept 6th
Jno. Keas Wm Cath Tobin Aug 13th
Betty Keating Maurice Mary Arp Feb 8th
Jeremy Keenan Terence Bridget Phelan March 18-26?
Judy Kelly Jno Mary Scott Dec 15th
Margt Kelly Danl. Ally Murphy March 18th
Michl Kelly Jas. Mary Hutchson Sept 25th
Jno. Kelly Michl. Betty Tynan March 2nd
Nancy Kelly Ned NAncy Holohan Dec 13th
Paul Kenna ?Jno Mary Laherty March 10th
??? King Pat Ann McEvoy Dec 6th
Jas Lalor Pat ???? Tobin July 17th
Frances Lodge Tom Mary Phelan May 4th
Mary Loughman Jno Elenor Phelan Oct 15th
Eliz Lowry Jno Ally Butler Aug 10th
George Lynch Pat Mary Mulhall July 4th
Edmund Mahony Laurence Honora Fitzg. June 14th
Eve Mara Jas. Bridget Lalor Dec 3rd
Mary Marshal Pat Margt. Mara July 25th
Thos Mathews George Kitty Delany Aug 24th
Jno. McDaniel Jno Cath Phelan Aug 6th
Wm Moore Pat Mary Jones June 15th
Philip Moore Michael Judy Phelan July 21st
Cath Moran Michl. Mary Sheridan May 7th
Jno. Mulhall Pat Margt. Lowry June 28th
Michl Mullone ????? Bridgt ?????? March 11th
Mary Mulroney Thos Honora Fitzp June 15th
Jas Murphy Michl. Nancy Keas July 4th
Timothy Murphy Jno Judy Delany March 26th
Pat Neal Jno Mary Lalor Aug 9th
Mary Palmer Wm Sally Keas Aug 21st
Mary Phelan Pat Mary Murphy June 17th
Sara Phelan Timy Margt. Phelan Oct 21st
Margt Phelan Wm Honoria Phelan Dec 14th
Elenor Phelan P?? Nanny Mulhall March 12-17?
Danl Phelan Michl. Mary Holahan Oct 20th
Pat Phelan Denis Honora Sheil Aug 20th
Margt Phelan Ned Bridgt Phelan Oct 5th
Mary Phelan ????? Nancy Fitzp March 10th
Jno. Phelan Mathias Honor Doran July 9th
Michl Quin (Cuin) Christopher Bridgt Muldony Sept 24th
Mary Reddin Pat Dolly Egan Feb 16th
Wm Reilly Ned Anne Robinson Sept 24th
Betty Ryan Jas. Bridget Hoban July 11th
Hugh Shelby Peter Bridget Delany Feb 18th
Richard Talbot Denis Margt. Shaw June 9th
Mary Tobin Jno Elizabeth Phelan Jan 24th
Jno. Troy Michael MAry Flanagan Feb 8th
Bridget Tynan Vester Margt. Holohan July 24th
Martin Walsh Jno Mary Drenna Oct 19th
Betty Walsh Ned Mary Croake Sept 16th
Rose Walsh Michael Margt. Daton March 26th
Margt Walsh Michael Margt. Daton March 26th
Jno. Walsh Michael Margt. Daton March 26th
Elenor Woods Tim Cath Rat?ley March 12-17?
??? ?? ?? Betty Dunne Feb 8th

Will Abstracts, Lismore and Waterford, 1724-88

Pre 1858 abstracts can be helpful even for those whose ancestors did not make wills – here we have domestic servants mentioned, there are placenames which may or may not be phonetic variations on those we find in the 1851 Townland Directory.

19 June 1724
Everard, George
Will of George Everard of Garrondillon Co. Tippy (Tipperary)- his wife Ellen, eldest son Edmond two thirds, John second youngest son one third of the property. To Dr. James Glysane, par. Priest, a young black filly & £4.6.8. To Mr. Wm. McCarthy one of executors, a young bay meare. Mr. Hamilton Lowe ffetheard, Mr. Wm. Mcarthy Clocully & wife Ellen Everard, Executors. Present: Laur Fanning, Nich White. Bond of £200 ster: due from Mr. Redmond Everard Bart of some other person for his use.

NOTE: John Bray: Burgess of Clonmel, Conf. Kilkenny & M.P. Clonmel in St. James II parliament, lived at Garondillon in 1677: he had forfeited under Cromwell & by deed of 26 Mar 1669 was demised 478 acres in Knockballymallow/Knockballynemollogh for term of 31 years, by Thomas Juxon

26 Nov 1729
Goss, Gration:
Will of Gration Goss, Citty of Waterford – all to his wife Catherine Goss. £5 to her Grandchild Thos. Comby, declared by Gration Goss in presents of Alexr Desmaison, Pirce Butler, James Walsh – after or in my life – my ffrince book to Alexr Desmaison in ye same order as at p.: sent, with the silver clasps on ye salme along wth them.

12 Feb 1725
Clancy, Johannes:
Admon of goods of Johannes Clancy intestate of Kildarmudy firmarius, granted to Marg. Clancy his Widow by Thomas bishop of Waterford & Lismore.

16 July 1725
Quarry, Isaac:
Will of Isaac Quarry, Knockane – his farm and cattle &c to be divided between his two sons John & William – joint Executors, to old servt Mary Ryane, house garden & grassing for four collops during lease of Knockane, rent free & to her two children my daughter by her £5 each at 19 years of age. To my good friend Wm. Gombon during my lease a house rent free for life and grassing for one beast & when he dies to daughter Esther. Prest Pierce Power, Robt Quarry Will Gambon.

14 Feb 1729:
Redmunds, Timotheus
Admon of goods to Timotheus Redmunds granted to Alicia Redmunds, Clonmel, Widow

5 Aug 1725
Wells, Simon
Will of Simon Wells schoolmaster – All to his wife Sarah Wels (execux) & daurs. Amy, Elizabeth & Lydia. Prest. John Fell, Thos. Murray, John Sault

27 Jan 1726;
Ellis, John
Will of John Ellis, gent: Leaves a Moydore to each Edwd Redmonds , Benj. Robinson, Wm. Blackcoat (son of John Blackcoat), his silver watch to John Norrinton, sword to Michl. Browne & rest, bonds debts to Susanna Browne. Prest. John Smith David Walls, Willm Lonergan.

Meade, Garrett. Dungarvan, Mercht.
2nd May 1787. Probate to Frances Lonergan 23rd Aug 1787
Partnership of Lonergan & Meade.: – Accts. & Bequest of £200 on Geo. Porter – conditioning Wm. Lonergan son of Francis Lonergan to have stores & cellars & £25. £25 to Revd. John Buckley for purpose I have mentioned him & further sum of £25 for said purpose. Gold watch to Wm. Lonergan, £39 to Mr. Thos. Fade. Residue to wife mrs. Elizabeth Lonergan for sole use & c. She and Frances Lonergan sole Execrs. G. Lonergan, James Kennedy.
Codicil to last: £5 to James Williamson for mourning. 40 guineas to Barthol. Guinan, Cork. 30 gns to Michl. Anthony, Jr. Tanner. £10 to Mrs. Marg. Connery, Dungarvan. Residue only; any effects to my brother Henry Meade not yet remitted should produce amount. William Walsh, Mary Power.

Robinson, John. Waterford City. Gent.
18th Nov. 1786. Probate to Robt. Backas 23rd Aug. 1787
Rbt. Backas, son of Alderman Geo. Backas & Elenor his wife, the dwelling house and garden in rere of Peirce’s Lane orwise Kisby’s Lane, city Waterford, which Mr. Kelly now holds under me with the Turrett and garden outside (inside) same to be held & enjoyed by said Robt. Backas and heirs. I also leave him my House in Barronstrand St now in possession of Mr. David Henry,(Heneary) also houses held by lease to Mr. John Archbold, Mercht. Near the new bridge. Robt. Backas sole Exr. & Rec. Legatee. Present: R. Dillon, Sylvester Pyne, Tho. Anthony.

Baldwin, John. Gent. Cahir.
9th Feb 1786. Probate 15th Oct. 1787.
5s each to sons & Daurs. Edward, Margt.McGrath (Als. Baldwin), Allice Mahony (Als. Baldwin), Thomas, James, John, bridget, Ellen. All the rest to wife Bridget Baldwin als. O’Brien. Prest. Jeffery Keating, Pierce Everard.

Bohen, Matthew. City of Waterford, Baker.
14th May 1787. probate 25th Jan 1788
Wife Margt. & Six sons. Bakery, houses to wife & Revd. D. Thomas Hearn. Exors. Andw. Dobbyn; Thos. Hunt and Thomas Cooke.
Codicil June 1787: Bequeaths Revd. Thomas Hearn £5.

Foster, Francis. Coolroe.
29th Feb 1788. 12th Mar. 1788 Probate.
Sister Ann Rogers als. Foster £50. Cath Moore als. Foster £20, Sister Elizabeth Cottanger £10, nephew Chris. Moore my bal or best bay horse. To nephew Wm. Moore my other bay horse. To friend and bror in law Pierce Rogers my watch. Rest to two sisters Sarah Gill and An Rogers. Trustee Revd. Anth. Sterling, sole exor. Prest. Will Cheeran, Jno, Edwd. Bourne.
Probate granted to Revd. A. Sterling.

Walsh, Richard. Mariner. Waterford City.
5th Jan 1788. Probate 23rd June 1788. Probate 23rd June 1788
Appoints wife Margt. Sole heiress Execx. & Adminx. Bequeath her all real and pers. Pres. Jas. Foristall, Ellen Hynes.
Probate granted to Margt. Widow.

Whelan, John, Waterford.
21st June 1784. Probate 16th July 1788
To be buried in St. Patrick’s. To each sisters children, John martin and Richd. Tobin, to John Neale’s son, Wm. Neale, silver ink horn with a gold and silver pen.- watch to keep in memory of me. £5 to repairs of Johnstown Chapple. Exors. Wm Neal, Joan Tobin als Morrisey, and Murphy.
Codicil to last:21st June 1784:
If Wm. Neale and Joan Tobin not living at death bequeath Mr. Henry O’Neile, bror of Mrs. O’Neile, Exors. £10 for trouble.

Osborne, Sir Thomas,
Tickincor, Co. Waterford, Knt.
13 Oct 1713. Precis ½ p., 17 Sept 1717

Wife Dame Ann Osborne als. Usher. Son Nicholas. Grandson John Osborne.
Edward Hubbart, lessee of Winsland als. Farrinbullin near White Church Rock. Edmond Power, lesee of the lands in B. Glannehiry, William Rony, Widow Gough, Widow Bull, Susanna Cox, John Fling, Joseph Thomas, William Hore of Caraine. Widow Ronane, Wm. Fies, Thomas Morrisy, Morrish Houllighane and Gerald Gibon, tenants in parish of Dungarvan.
Cullenagh, Coolepeasoone (?Coolnabeasoon), Knockmeale, Barneshangannagh in B. of Glannehiry; Cooleporsilly, Parknecorry, Clyneskie, Parkeirsheal, Clynegonniny and Garrystroppie, Parish of Dungarvan, Barony of Decies; Winsland als Farrinbullin, all in Co. Waterford
Witnesses: William Browning, Affane, Co. Waterford, Esq; James Usher, Ballintaylor, Co. Waterford, Esq.,; and Robert Carew, Tickinure, Co. Waterford, gent.
Memorial Witnessed By: Peter Molloy, Dublin gent; Cha. Browne
Ann Osborne (Seal)

Baptism Records, Kilnasoolagh, Co. Clare, 1785-93

Kilnasoolagh, Co. Clare,(aka Killenasulagh), Ireland

Diocese of Killaloe

National Archives of Ireland film number MFCI5, M5222

Baptisms: 24th Feb 1785-20th June 1824
Burials 31st. Dec 1786 – 26th April 1828
Marriages: 1st Jan 1799 – 1st Feb 1820
Some mixed event entries on scattered pages 14th July 1823 – 21st June 1829

Baptismal Extracts

Feb 24th, 1785
Ann, the daughter of Ann & Thomas Studdert, Esq., Privately

April 1st, 1785
Frances the daughter of Ma?ry and John McNamara, Esqr. Privately

April 24th, 1785.
John the son of Thomas and Frances Roche. Eliza Fitzgerald, James Fitzgerald, Charles Creagh Esqr., the sponsors

May 5th.1785.
William, the Son of Samuel and Mary Scales. Sarah Jones, William Stamer, Paul Edwards, the Sponsors.

May 15th, 1785.
Hannah, the Daughter of Ambrose & Cecilia Woods. Elizabeth Crosson, Ellen Cross, James Hogan – Sponsors

June 12th, 1785.
Henry Jeremiah, the Son of Sir Lucius & Lady O’Brien. Privately.

September 6th, 1785
John the Son of Doragh and ?Matthew Blood, Esq. Privately

November 6th, 1785
Letitia & Maria, the twin daughters of John & Catherine Jordan. Privately

Burial : January 9th, 1788.
Miss Mary Blood was interred at Killenasulagh

April 20th, 1788
Diana, the Daughter of Anne & James Creagh, Esq., was baptized privately

June 16th, 1788
Anne Coffoe, a foundling was baptised privately.

Burial : November 29th, 1788
Luke Hickman junior, Esq., was interred at Killenasulagh

December 15th 1788
Jane, the Daughter of George & Catherine Austin was baptised. Catherine Dophin, Winny Shea and Joseph Woods sponsors.

Janry 4th, 1789. Henrietta, Catherine. Donatius, Lucinda, Anna Maria, Sydney and Henry Jeremiah, the children of the Right Honerable Sir Lucius & Lady O’Brien were received into the Church. And on the same day, William the son of Mary and Donatius O’Brien, Esq., and Robert the son of Mary and Acheson Trench, Esqr., were also received into the church.

January 6th, 1789.
Elenor, the daughter of ?Trophina & Thomas Roche, privately.

January 15th, 1789
Bridget, the Daughter of James and Mary Nash, privately

February 10th, 1789. Benjamin, the Son of Selena & Michael Hays, Lady O’Brien, Miss Harriet O’Brien, Thomas Arthur, junior Esqr., & Mr Benjamin Sergent, Sponsors.

April 3rd, 1789
Ellen, the Daugher of Anne & James Creagh, Esqr. Privately

Burial : June 21st, 1789. Thomas Hickman Esqr., interred at Killenasulagh

Burial : July 7th, 1789. Mrs. Henrietta O’Brien interred at Killenasulagh

Burial : July 29th, 1789. Miss Ellen Creagh interred at Killenasulagh

September 6th, 1789
Alexander, the Son of Martin & Diana Connolly: Miss Isabella Halloran, Jane Waters, Matthew Weeks & Haddock Mason, Sponsors.

Burial : January 12th, 1790
Samuel Cross was interred at Killenasulagh

April ?8th, 1790
Conner Williams, the son of Right Honble Lucius and Lady O’Brien was baptised privately

November 21st, ?1791
Mary the daughter of Dorothea and Mat. Blood Esq., baptised privately.

Burial : March 7th, 1792
Michael Fitzgerald, Esq., interred at Killenasulagh.

Burial : March 22nd
William Butler Esq., interred at Killenasulagh

Burial : January 15th
Mrs. Eleanor Byrn interred at Killenasulagh

February 25th, 1792
Margret (sic) the daughter of George & Catherine Austin: Eleanor Woods, Catherine Dolphin and John Woods sponsors.

March 17th, 1793
Mary the Daughter of Adam and Elizabeth ?Song : Haddock Mason, Anne Mason and Jane Mason, Sponsors

August 19th, 1793.
Catherine Anne, the daughter of Anne & James Creagh Esq., baptised privately.

Burial : August 26th, 1793.
Mrs. Jane Austin interred at Killenasulagh