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Catholic Emancipation, Tipperary

Taken from the “Clonmel Herald,” January 20, 1808. We, the undersigned Protestant Noblemen, Gentlemen, and Freeholders of the Co. Tipperary, actuated at all times by cordial goodwill towards our Catholic countrymen, and impressed by the wisdom and necessity of uniting all classes in the common defence at this crisis, do, publicly and unequivocally declare, that we feel no repugnance whatever to the measure of imparting to the Catholics of these realms an equal and full enjoyment of all the civil and military privileges, franchises, and advantages of our happy Constitution, upon equal terms with their fellow-subjects, of what religious persuasion whatsoever, and that we see no necessity or good cause for prolonging the restraints and disabilities which the Catholics suffer under the existing laws.

Ormonde and Ossory.

Mont. Mathew, M.P.
Ab. H. Hutchinson.
G. Ponsonby, M.P.
Thomas Osborne.
J. Blunden, Bart.
J. H. Massey Dawson.
J. H. Henry.
Richard Sadlier.
Charles Doherty.
Southwell Moore.
William Keating.
Thomas Towers.
Michael Head.
Rich. B. H. Lowe, Sen.
George Lidwill.
Rich. B. H. Lowe, jnr.
William Cooke.
Hamilton Lockwood.
Abbott Trayer.
Daniel Mansergh
Thomas Thelan.
William Latham.
James Doherty.
Henry Osborne.
Jeremiah Ryan.
William Nicholson.
John Power.
Edmond Power.
William Heffernan.
Benjamin Bradshaw.
Heffernan Considine.
Bartholomew Ware.
Mathew Moore.
Michael Lid well.
Thomas Lidwell.
Pierce A. Butler.
John Lane.
Ambrose Lane.
John Power.
Richard Power.
Benjamin Lockwood.
Treever Lloyd Ash.
B. B. Bradshaw.
John Lloyd.

H. O. Callaghan. Abbott Trayer, Jun.