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Baptism Records, Oughterard, Co. Galway, 1820s

Oughterard(Kilcummin) Roman Catholic Parish,
Co. Galway,

Diocese of Galway.

The Oughterard (Kilcummin) Roman Catholic Parish records begin on 27th June, 1809 and continue to 30th Dec, 1880.  There are some death records as well from 1827.  The section of the record that I looked at is listed on film as ‘parish register of Kilcummin’.  My notes also tell me that this section of the register is ‘quite faded’

The National Library of Ireland film reference for this set of parish records is 2438.  According to my records, the LDS do have a copy of this set of parish records and their reference is 0979690, item 3.

This set of transcriptions goes from the 9th March 1827 to the 20th June 1827.  I have taken a few place names and have made no notes to myself as to whether placenames were through this whole section of the register. The register is in English.  Spellings of names are as I read them, most first names are abbreviated.  Question marks indicate those places that I had trouble with a letter or a name.

NameSurnameFather MotherDateYearPlacename 
AndwJoyceAndrewKellySally20-Apr1827?brat after his surname
BiddyFlahertyThosMcDonoughMary06-Jun1827Two small children beggars (as sponsors)
BiddyKellyThos??????20-Jun1827end of page - shaded & faded

Baptism Records, Ballyfin, Co. Laois, 1824-25

Diocese of Kildare & Leighlin, Ballyfin or Cappinrush Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms, Laois or Queen’s County, IRELAND

NAI Pos. # 4201

No guarantee is given as to accuracy of this Index. It is complete for the years mentioned. Names are presented as written in register. Question marks indicate difficult to read and best guess at name

Name Abbreviations
Wm = William ; Jas./ Js. = James Michl, Mick. = Michael, Margt. = Margaret, Jno. = John or Jonathan, Ally = Anastasia (sometimes), Lau. = Laurence, Pat = Patrick, May =Mary, Jos. = Joseph, Matt. = Matthew, Onny = Winifred, Cath. = Catherine, Danl., Dan = Daniel, Onny / Hanna = Hanora or Anne, Jer. = Jeremiah, Sally = Sarah, Bess = Elizabeth, Eliza, Biddy, Bridgt. = Bridget, Fanton = Finton.

Sylvester Boes
Margret Boes or Backs
Mich Buggy
Mary Byrne
Christopher Conner
Wm Conroy
Wm Coss
Cathrine Culleton
John Culleton
Mary Delany
Felix Delany
John Delany
Elisabeth Delany
Anne Devoy
Margret Donnelly
Ellin Dun
Elisa Dun
James Dune
William Dunn
James Dunn
Anne Dunne
Martin Dunne
Peter Egan
Patt Fitz?g.
?David Glennan
Patt Glennan
Margret Good
Patt Gorman
Brigit Gorman
Ann Grey
Elisa Kavanah?
John Keagan
Elisa Keana?n
John Lalor
Judith Lusan
Margret Maley
Mary Mccabe
Fintan McEvoy
James McEvoy
John McEvoy
Mary McEvoy
Judith McEvoy
Michael McGrea
Francis Moor
Sara Moor
Brigit Moor
Mary Mut?chiny
John Nu?anan?
Patrick Quigly
John Sall or Ball
Patt Thomson
Margret Culleton
Margret Lalor
Mary Mulhall?
Anne Dugan
Cathrine Moor
Mary Kelly
Mary Moor
Onny Meagan?
Onny Leonard
Anne Good
?Judith Gahan
Mary Delany
Catherine Malone
Anne Maly
Margret Bergann
Mary Walsh
Margret Dooley
Elisabeth Conroy
Catherine Ryan
Elisa Conroy
Cathrine Connelly
Sara Delaney
Mary Keenan?
Margret Digan
Mary Ann Maher
Brigit McDonnell
Mary Lalor
Mary Graham
Margret Glennan
Judy Tynan
Ann Fitz-gerald
cathrine Leahy?
Elisa Dooly
Elizabeth Nolan?
Mary Thomson
Mary Conroy
Margaret White
Mary Dunn
Margret Doran
Mary Moor
mary McEvoy
Mary McEvoy
Margret Egan
Margret Connor
Mary Conroy
Judith Dooly
Cathrine Dooly
Ellen Conroy
Ellen Quigly
Anne Doyle
Margret Lusan

Baptism Records, Loughrea, Co. Galway, 1827

Diocese of Clonfert
Loughrea, Co. Galway.  Baptismal Index 1827

National Library of Ireland Microfilm ref: 2435
Latter Day Saints ref 1279216/7 items, 29-32; 1-8

I have indexed the names of children and parents from the Roman Catholic parish register of Loughrea, Co. Galway for the year 1827.  Place names are not given in this section of the register. The register is in Latin, please see my article on Latin names in English where I give transclations.  The spellings below are exactly as I read them, I have changed nothing.  Question marks indicate letter or words which I had a problem reading.  Dots indicate that there were letters which I could not make out.

Latin Names in English

Name Surname Father Mother M Surname Date Year
Joannes Gilhuly Jacobi Honoris Burk 29-Apr 1827
Jeremias Kelly Michal Margarita ?Feeny 30-Apr 1827
Teresia Glynn Joannis Margarita Daly 05-May 1827
Joannes Quirk Joannis Catharina Madden 09-Mar 1827
Maria Wall Joannis ?Siby ??? 07-May 1827
Anna Kelly Patricii Anna Hynes 12-May 1827
Maria Kelly Patricii Brigida Fahy 13-May 1827
Joannes Galbraith Patt n.g. 19-May 1827
Joannes Fahy Josephi Margarita 05-Jun 24-May 1827
Daniel ?Mooney Joannis ??? 05-Jun 1827
Joannes Finey Danl Maria Connors 28-May 1827
Anna Cahalan Joannis Anna Carney 29-May 1827
Margarita Wall Joannis Maria Hen?dry 04-Jun 1827
Joannes Fahy Timotheii Judith Fox 16-Jun 1827
Maria Anna ???Fulpot Daniel Catharina Donohue 14-Jun 1827
Maria Winters Joannis Anna ?Prent… 17-Jun 1827
Anna Wren Roberti Maria B?roderick 17-Jun 1827
Helena Burk Patricii Maria Donohue 17-Jun 1827
Maria Leonard Martin Elleonora Malowny 23-Jun 1827
Maria ?Connor B…. Elleonora O’Neill 24-Jun 1827
Maria Jennings Michl Elleonora Morris 08-Jun 1827
Catha Ryan Joans Anna Arkison 27-Jun 1827
Catharina Deely Thomas Catharina Spelman 30-Jun 1827
Josephus Fallow Edmundi Margarita ?? 29-Jun 1827
Brigida Corr Gulielmi Anna Mo?gan 30-Jun 1827
Elleonara Detham Joannis Elleonora Oliver 01-Jul 1827
Jacobus Butler Thos Julia Bane 08-Jul 1827
Michael Loughlin Michaelis Maria ?Foroe 11-Jul 1827
Eedwardus Kenny Stephan ?? Murphy 12-Jul 1827
Judith Farrell Martini Brigida Fox 14-Jul 1827
Brigida Mulloy Joannis Judith Foley 13-Jul 1827
Brigida R..ony Patricii Catharina McTigue 17-Jul 1827
Maria Anna Reddy Cornelii Maria Duggan 17-Jul 1827
Maria Shiel Patrite Maria Kenney 17-Jul 1827
Brigida Fitzpatrick Michaelis Honoria Bryan 22-Jul 1827
Josephus Kelly Joannis Marcella ?? 25-Jul 1827
Susanna Hanlon Gulielmi Helena Walsh 22-Jul 1827
Maria Anna Pellet Thomas Maria Cavanagh 27-Jul 1827
Jacobus McDonnell Jacobi Catharina Murphy 30-Jul 1827
Joannes Cusack Francii Teresius Holland 31-Jul 1827
Patrolus Keeley Thadeii Maria Burns 04-Aug 1827
Patritius Loughnan Patricii Brigida ?Furlong 03-Aug 1827
Gulielmis Armstrong Gulielmi Brigida Kelly 03-Aug 1827
Michel Shaughnessy Michaelis Catharina Daly 10-Aug 1827
Maria Costello Patritii Maria Keeling 13-Aug 1827
Maria Keane Michaelis Margarita Nolan 14-Aug 1827
Maria Mannion Michaelis Catharina O’Loughlin 15-Aug 1827
James Joseph Fahy ?Timt Maria A….?? 18-Aug 1827
Michael Moughan ?? Maria ..egan 11-Aug 1827
Josephus Fahy Gulielmi Judith Fahy 20-Aug 1827
Matilda Kenyan Thom Catharina Palla?n 21-Aug 1827
Joannes Egan Patritii Brigida Huband 22-Aug 1827
Michel Duane Stephani Ellen Burke 24-Aug 1827
Patritius Fahy Martini Winifreda R?oughleen 26-Aug 1827
Anna Bradly Danieli Anna MMcNerny 30-Aug 1827
Louisa Daly Mathi Elleonora Halleran 02-Sep 1827
Michael Fahy Martin Brigida Cavanagh 03-Sep 1827
Gulielmis Conroy Joannis Brigida Williams 05-Sep 1827
Catharina Barrel Thoms Catharina Loughlin 08-Sep 1827
Michael ??Whyte Jacobi Anastatia Hansheen 10-Sep 1827
?Thadeus Rogers Thomas Brigida ?Rogers 13-Sep 1827
Maria Fahy Thos Maria Donohue 12-Sep 1827
Maria ?Fanian Thos Maria ?Riely 14-Sep 1827
Michael Walsh Patritii Winifreda Kelly 14-Sep 1827
Joannes McLoughlan Patritii Catharina ?Blackier 16-Sep 1827
Eliza Glennin Gulielmi Maria ??Smith 16-Sep 1827
Margarita Clarke Patritii Maria ?Shea 20-Sep 1827
Michael Shaughnessy Patritii Margarita King 20-Sep 1827
Judith Galaher Patritii Margarita Galaher 21-Sep 1827
Thos Butler Edwardi Maria Moran 20-Sep 1827
Michael Dernin Bernardii Anna Maria Craughwell 21-Sep 1827
Michael Maher Gulielmi Anastatia K?enny 22-Sep 1827
Brigida Maher Joannis Maria Collins 22-Sep 1827
Maria Doyle Roberti Brigda Finaghty 23-Sep 1827
Catharina Burges Michl Elizt Dunn 24-Sep 1827
Joannes Costello Jacobi Ellizabetha Downy 25-Sep 1827
Edmundus Shea Martini Anastatia Daly 26-Sep 1827
Michael Gibs Joannis Maria Larkin 26-Sep 1827
Michael Ford Patritii Maria Quirk 27-Sep 1827
Michael Fahy Jacobus Julia Hopkins 29-Sep 1827
Catharina Early Joannis Catharina Molloy 29-Sep 1827
Michael Fury Joannis Sarei Lowe 28-Sep 1827
Catharina ??Milehel Patritii Catharina Dillon 29-Sep 1827
Michael Ma?nnian Joannis Brigeda Murry 30-Sep 1827
Patritius Bookin Joannis Franny Burke 01-Oct 1827
Honna Fahy Anty Honnora Fury 26-Sep 1827
Anna Glynn Thomas Brigida Quinn 30-Sep 1827
Maria Daly Eugenii Maria Whelan 01-Oct 1827
Der?iodus Donlan Joannis Honora Ffox 01-Oct 1827
Michl ?Tolan Jacobi Judith ??Levy 01-Oct 1827
Maria Keely Thomas Catharina Lave 06-Oct 1827
Brigida Ruth Jacobi Brigida Flannery 07-Oct 1827
Maurtius Deenife Deonitii Maria Noonan 14-Oct 1827
Jacobus Dolan Jacobi Margarita Bu…. 14-Oct 1827
Laurentius Conn?or ??Laurentii Maria Cunhan 14-Oct 1827
Martinus Kelly Joannis Honora Corcoran 15-Oct 1827
Colia Murphy Gulielmi Brigida Greham 15-Oct 1827
Jacobus Fahy Laurentii Maria Cunihan 15-Oct 1827
Maria Gill Patritii Maria Burke 15-Oct 1827
Honora Ryan Joannis Sarah Tarpy 16-Oct 1827
Thomas Lube Eugenii Joanne Kelly 17-Oct 1827
Maria Keogh Timotheii Elizaetha Keogh 17-Oct 1827
Martinys Bellet Michael Ellionor Malbvel?te 21-Oct 1827
Jacobus Dolan Hugoni Maria Kelly 24-Oct 1827
Joannes Donelan Patritii Teresa Donohue 25-Oct 1827
Joannes Brown Patritii Maria Kerigan 28-Oct 1827
Bathw Heshin Joans Margt Finaghty 19-Oct 1827
Cathr Jordan Joans Cathr Micha?leth 29-Oct 1827
Maria Foster Georgeii Maria Warren 01-Nov 1827
Martinus Moran Joannis Anna Boogan 01-Nov 1827
Johanes Tuohy Petrie Brigida Dernan 04-Nov 1827
Martinus Quin Thos. Maria Michell 13-Nov 1827
Brigida Manahan Thomas Eleanora Dempsy 07-Nov 1827
Maria Ske?hell Jacobi Brigida Kelleher 09-Nov 1827
Michl Dolan Pauli Maria ?Quin 12-Nov 1827
Brigida Holland Gulielmi Maria (?R)oghtan 17-Nov 1827
Brigida Ridington Michl Margarita Curly 18-Nov 1827
Elizabth Coghlan Michl Sabina Dolan 17-Nov 1827
Brigida Moran Petri Brigida Donohue 19-Nov 1827
Elleonora Melody Michael Honora Fahy 24-Nov 1827
Catharina Butler Joannis Catharina (??Kinghan) 25-Nov 1827
Patric Hynes Thomas Brigida Galvin 28-Nov 1827
Catharina Donahou Martinus Maria Higgins 28-Nov 1827
Thomas McManus(sel) or fel Rogeri Maria Moran 30-Nov 1827
Anna Keller Joanis Anna Cunniff 28-Nov 1827
Martinus Barrett Patritii Margarita Murphy 30-Nov 1827
Patritius Hayes Patritii Maria Hussy 02-Dec 1827
Catharina Martin Martin Brigida Connelly 05-Dec 1827
Johanes Quin Petri Maria Huland 07-Dec 1827
Maria Duhain Michl Maria Hooban 08-Dec 1827
Maria Hynes Patricii Judith Connelly 09-Dec 1827
Thos Burke Patt Cath Glevin 11-Dec 1827
Helena Royan Thos Helena Farrell 11-Dec 1827
Thomas Flynn Patritii Winefred Food 11-Dec 1827
Jacobus Hynes Jacobi Maria Hutton 11-Dec 1827
Brigida Dolphin Michaele Brigida C.(?orr…) 11-Dec 1827
Thos Royan Jacobi Cath ??? 13-Dec 1827
Thos Kean Michl Brigida ??Duane 15-Dec 1827
Patt Redmond Patr Maria Gallaher 15-Dec 1827
Thos Daly Johanes Anna Fury 16-Dec 1827
Celia McGan Martini Hanna Lawly 18-Dec 1827
Maria Egan Josephi Catharina Egan 19-Dec 1827
Anna Callanan Joannis Winifreda Conway 21-Dec 1827
Martinus Callanan Petri Maria Cunnair 23-Dec 1827
Brigida Costello Jacobi Catharina Wilkison 26-Dec 1827
Winifreda Darmody Gulielmi Brigida Fahy 26-Dec 1827
Thos Flaherty Thada ?Elizath Mulry 25-Dec 1827
Maria Cum..can Patritii Brigida Fallon 30-Dec 1827

Baptism Records, Freshford, Co. Kilkenny, 1825

Diocese of Ossory,
Freshford, Co. Kilkenny.  Roman Catholic Baptisms 1825

National Library of Ireland (NLI) microfilm ref 5015
Latter Day Saints microfilm 0926192 items 1-7

I have indexed the names of children and parents from this set of parish records.  The records are in English, the first names are shortened.  Placenames are given.  I have not changed the names in any way and give them as I read them.  Question marks indicate the points at which I had a problem. Dots as part of a word show that there were other letters which I could not make out

Cathn=Catherine ; Edmd=Edmond/Edmund ; Margt=Margaret ; Eliza=Elizabeth ; Bridgt=Bridget ; Michl=Michael ; Patt=Patrick ; Thos=Thomas ; Wm=William ; Andw=Andrew ; Anty=Anastasia/Anastatia ; Danl=Daniel ; Betty=Elizabeth

Name Surname Father Mother Mother Surname From Date Year
Cathn Maher Laurence Cath Maher ??Auntstown 02-Jan 1825
John Stapleton Michl Judith Marshall Kile Tullin.. 03-Jan 1825
Anne Haynes Martin Eleanor Campion Huntstown 09-Jan 1825
Edmd Martin James Margt Clohosy Ballyphilip 10-Jan 1825
James Walsh Wm Bridget Brenan Rathealy 19-Jan 1825
Bridget Brenan Thos Bridgt Phelan Sart 27-Jan 1825
Margt Connell Martin Honor Keough Sart 28-Jan 1825
Laurence Brenan James Judith Martin Kilain 29-Jan 1825
Bridget Casey James Bridget Read Paul?brin 30-Jan 1825
Mary Brophy John Ally Spencer Rathmoyle 30-Jan 1825
Eliza Buggy Richd Mary Branagan Kile St. George 07-Feb 1825
Joseph Quinn Patt Mary Ryan Kile Tullin.. 07-Feb 1825
Cathn Wall Edmd Bridgt Petres Freshford 08-Feb 1825
Bridgt Butler Michl Judith Magrath n.g. 10-Feb 1825
Cath Smyth Peter Anne Burk “Strangers” 10-Feb 1825
Michl Grace Richd Judith Birch Coleshall 10-Feb 1825
Richd Ryan Thos Judith Jordan Kilrush 12-Feb 1825
Mary Grace Thos Mary McEvoy Tullaroan 12-Feb 1825
Margt Maher Michl Margt Dunphy Rathmara 12-Feb 1825
Honor Delany Patt Mary Fogarty ThreeCastles 20-Feb 1825
Michl Kerevan John Anne Phelan Kilrush 22-Feb 1825
Charles Fitzpatrick Rich Cath Fitzptk Freshford 25-Feb 1825
Patt Jordan John Mary Delany Carrigeen 26-Feb 1825
Cath Cullinan Edwd Cath Lanigan ??Truckard 27-Feb 1825
Thos Hogan Michl Cathn Hickey Lisnalea 27-Feb 1825
James Cody ?Michl Margt Conway Bally(heth) 27-Feb 1825
Thos Murphy John Mary Purcell Sart 28-Feb 1825
MArgt Phelan John Mary Dowling Carrig… 01-Mar 1825
Sarah Fitzpatrick John Mary Purcell Freshford 01-Mar 1825
Edmd Kelly Edmd Anne McEvoy Kilaree… 07-Mar 1825
Wm Hennessy Darby Bridgt Lanan Castle…. 08-Mar 1825
Mary Hickey John Mary Christial Freshford 09-Mar 1825
Michl Holohan Michl Bridgt Ryan Freshford 10-Mar 1825
Simon Ryan Thos Ally Fogarty Rathuna… 06-Mar 1825
Patt Heffernan John Margt Hennessy Kile St……. 12-Mar 1825
Mary Davy Edmd MAry Conway Rem…. 17-Mar 1825
Patt Madden Patt Mary Kearney Tuller…. 19-Mar 1825
Mary Phelan Patt Ellen Kennedy Bally…. 20-Mar 1825
Patt Fogarty James Sarah Dowling Gaulsto… 25-Mar 1825
Cathn Stapleton John Mary Neal ThreeCa… 25-Mar 1825
Timothy Hennessy Edmd MAry Martin Kilaree… 27-Mar 1825
Wm Keriwick John Mary Dooly Oldt…. 31-Mar 1825
Margt Hickey Martin Cath Gaffney ???? 31-Mar 1825
Eleanor Grace Richd Judith Rafter Bally??? 31-Mar 1825
Mary Brenan Murty Anty Neal Brabstown 03-Apr 1825
Eleanor Stapleton Wm Mary Fox Kile Tulleroan 03-Apr 1825 Bastd
Mary Dargan James Mary Boe Courstown 03-Apr 1825
Mary Clear Michl Margt Butler “Strangers” 04-Apr 1825 Bastd
John Keefe John Judith Costigan Clinstown 06-Apr 1825
Patt Kennedy John Margt Breen Freshford 08-Apr 1825
Cath Walton Philip Mary Walsh Clashaer… 09-Apr 1825
Thos Morris Michl Ccath Kelly Oldtown 10-Apr 1825
Anne Stephens Oliver Honor Delany Tulleroan 11-Apr 1825
Margt ?Fane Andrew Mary Walsh Freshford 12-Apr 1825
John Costelloe Wm Margt Lanigan Thubberlacteen 12-Apr 1825
Bridget Phelan John Honor Dooly n.g. 13-Apr 1825
Andw Lanigan Patt Eleanor Quinn Kilaree 13-Apr 1825
Anty Magrath Wm Bridgit Nowlan ThreeCastles 18-Apr 1825
Cathn Tierny Martin Eleanor Hogan Freshford 18-Apr 1825
Mary Walsh Michl Mary Gaffney ??? 19-Apr 1825
Judith Kennedy Andrew Judith Gleesan Boggin 12-Jul 1825
Edmd Robertston John Margt Hickey Foyle 20-Apr 1825
Edmd Maher Michl Judith Gleesan Courstown 22-Apr 1825
Elizabeth Banks Wm Judith C..ak Brownstown 24-Apr 1825
Mary Fitzgerald Michl Cath Purcell Knocknare 25-Apr 1825
Bridgt Phelan Nichs Mary Phelan Freshford 26-Apr 1825
Bridget Hearn Michl Mary Dowling Boggin 26-Apr 1825
James Kilfoil James Mary Brophy Freshford 29-Apr 1825 Bastd
Bridgt Harohan (or Karohan) Patt Mary Stapleton ?? 29-Apr 1825
Elizabeth Whyte Thos MAry Lalor Tulleroan 06-May 1825
Cathn Butler Wm Margt Campion Freshford 07-May 1825
Edmd Dowling John Mary Clohossy Freshford 07-May 1825
John Hoyne Thos Mary Campion Moonabrouge 08-May 1825
John Shortll Wm Cathn Quinlan Freshford 08-May 1825
Anne Roe Martin Judith Campion Brabstown 08-May 1825
Elizabeth Kelly John Mary Fitzpatrick New England 08-May 1825
Mary Martin James Judith Hanlon Ballydown.. 09-May 1825
Cath Martin James Judith Hanlon Ballydown.. 09-May 1825
Mary Clifford Edmd Judith Bryan Freshford 10-May 1825
Bridgt Fitzpatrick James Betty Fitzpatrick n.g. 12-May 1825
Anne Conway Richd Betty Delany Brabstown 12-May 1825 Bastd
Elizabeth McEvoy James Mary Dowling Rathealy 12-May 1825
Wm Grace Wm Margt Whyte Freshford 12-May 1825
John Martin James Margt Nary Rathmoyle 15-May 1825
Cath Conway Wm Cath Malone Tullaroan 15-May 1825
Thos Costelloe Thos Judith Phelan Boggin 15-May 1825
Edmd Cahill Mathew Cathn Bergin Freshford 21-May 1825
Eleanor Sharp Thos Betty Martin Kilaree 23-May 1825
John Dohany Darby Anty Kee…. Tullaroan 29-May 1825
John Swift John Bridgt Dunn Rathmara 29-May 1825
joana Coman Thos joana Costelloe Uppercourt 31-May 1825
John Gleeson John Mary Dowling Freshford 31-May 1825
Cath Hanahan or Hanrahan Martin Mary Conway Freshford 31-May 1825
Nichs Brenan Larry Mary Butler Rahilly 12-Jun 1825
James Glindon James Margt Dunn Freshford 12-Jun 1825
Thos Dooly Richd Cath Walsh Bootstown 14-Jun 1825
Thos Dunn Michl Betty Lalor Freshford 14-Jun 1825
Mary Phelan Patt Mary Dowling Freshford 19-Jun 1825
Thos Kelly Michl Nelly Rafter Three Castles 23-Jun 1825
Margt Hennessy Thos Mary Dunphy Freshford 23-Jun 1825
John Walsh James Biddy ?Mints Bally…. 24-Jun 1825
John McEvoy James Judith Kilfoil Kile 24-Jun 1825
Peter Bergin James Margt Kelly Freshford 26-Jun 1825
John Swift John Bridget Dunne Rathma.. 29-Jun 1825
Wm Coogan Laur Anty Grace Tulleroan 03-Jul 1825
John Murphy John Ellen Bryan Tulleroan 03-Jul 1825
Mary Phelan Wm Mary Quigly Freshford 04-Jul 1825
Ellen Campion James Mary Malloy Freshford 05-Jul 1825
James Dooly Richd Ellen Bond Freshford 10-Jul 1825
Mary Murphy Philip Bridgt Cahill Freshford 11-Jul 1825
Honor Bow Darby Betty Kenedy Sart 16-Jul 1825
Danl Neal Daniel Honor Neal Lisnalea 17-Jul 1825
Thos Cahill Martin Eleanor Bond Pier…… 17-Jul 1825
Michl Larkin Wm Anty Cody Freshford 18-Jul 1825
Margt Campion Wm Judith Dowling Freshford 20-Jul 1825
James Hoyne John Mary Costelloe Kile St. George 24-Jul 1825
James Power Mathias Cath Kelly Courstown 31-Jul 1825
Cath Kelly Michl Margt Clohosy Tullaroan 31-Jul 1825
Mary Phelan Kyran Margt Lanigan Clashaerow 31-Jul 1825
Mary Dunphy Thos Anne Price Freshford 06-Aug 1825
Judith Maher Nichs Eleanor Darcy New England 11-Aug 1825 Michl
Mary Eagen Wm Bridget Cody Brittas 15-Aug 1825
Eleanor Butler Thos Judith Holohan Ballyphilip 16-Aug 1825
Mary Walsh John Elizabeth Bergin Frenchardstown 22-Aug 1825
Wm Edwards John Eleanor Fogarty Ballydeal 27-Aug 1825
John Cronin David Eleanor Magrath Freshford 27-Aug 1825
Julia Magennis Robt Margt Tyrrell New England 28-Aug 1825
Mary Cahill Michl Bridget Robertson Ballybeth 28-Aug 1825
Bridget Cullen John Rose Key Ballybeth 28-Aug 1825
Wm Fitzgerald James Cath Skeehan Freshford 30-Aug 1825
Michl Kavanagh Wm Honor Dohany Bally?roe 03-Sep 1825
Mary Butler John Honor Brenan Sart 04-Sep 1825
Michl Keefe Wm Margt Phelan Lisnalea 06-Sep 1825
Mary Hackett ?Michl Mary Maher Brittas 06-Sep 1825 Richd
Eleanor Stapleton Michl Cath Butler Brittas 06-Sep 1825
Judith Phelan Nichs Honor Doran Freshford 13-Sep 1825
John Carey John Judith Walsh Freshford 13-Sep 1825
John Marshall Robt Mary Delany Kile 18-Sep 1825
Morgan McEvoy Thos Eleanor Dunphy Courstown 19-Sep 1825
Valentine Kelly James Margt Fitzpatrick Kilaree 20-Sep 1825
Mary Troy James Margt Butler Ballybeth 25-Sep 1825
Mary Hanly James Judith Butler Kile 25-Sep 1825
Patt Dohany Martin Eleanor Dowling Rahely 25-Sep 1825
Bridget Butler Wm Margt McDonald Courstown 25-Sep 1825 Bastard
Richd Shea Michl Ellen Healy Freshford 26-Sep 1825
Thos Gorman Danl Mary Kilfoil Kilrush 01-Oct 1825
James Burke Michl Anne Farrell Freshford 01-Oct 1825
Martin Magrath Edmd Bridget Leary Tullaroan 02-Oct 1825
Michl Delany n.g. Anty Martin Luich 03-Oct 1825
Michl Mansfield Mark Eleanor Fitzgerald Ballylarkin 07-Oct 1825
Cath Cullenan Darby Honor Fanton Whitehall 07-Oct 1825
Mary Delany Laurence Judith Gaffney ?Liss 09-Oct 1825
Sara Ryan John Margt Doyle Freshford 09-Oct 1825
Michl Kerevan Martin Cath Fitzgerald Freshford 09-Oct 1825
John Travers Michl Mary Cahill Freshford 11-Oct 1825
Mary Fitzpatrick John Margt Magannis New England 13-Oct 1825
Cath Walsh James MAry Walsh Freshford 16-Oct 1825
Bridget Cody Patt Eleanor Dempsy Tullaroan 16-Oct 1825
Eleanor Keefe Peirse Eleanor Fairbrother Freshford 16-Oct 1825
Cath Quirk Nichs Mary Morris Freshford 18-Oct 1825
Michl Dowling Wm Mary Casey Paul?back 18-Oct 1825
Martin Duggan Phil Mary Cor?mic Tullaroan 24-Oct 1825
Wm Du?nn Wm Bridgt Magrath Moonam…… 28-Oct 1825
Anty Connors Daniel Mary Brophy Ballybeth 30-Oct 1825
Mary Maher Edmd Cath Murphy Ballybeth 30-Oct 1825 John
Daniel Kelly Phil Eleanor Lanigan Ballybeth 30-Oct 1825
Eleanor Grace Patt Anne Clohossy Rahely 30-Oct 1825
Anty Delany Timothy Honor Maher Luich 06-Nov 1825 James
Peter Holohan James Eleanor Doyle Freshford 06-Nov 1825 Bastard
James Buckly John Mary Walsh Ballybeth 06-Nov 1825
Michl Hoynes Patt Mary Laherty Courstown 06-Nov 1825
Elizabeth Read James Bridget Brenan Freshford 06-Nov 1825
Martin Power Patt Cath Stapleton Three Castles 13-Nov 1825
Martin Dillon Thos Anty Ryan Ballybeth 13-Nov 1825
Martin Butler John Cath Phelan Ballybeth 13-Nov 1825
Mary Walsh Michl Margt Hoyne Ballyphilip 15-Nov 1825
MAry Larkin Richd Cath McEvoy Ballylarkin 20-Nov 1825
James Shortall Oliver Cath Tracy Kincelstown 20-Nov 1825
Richd Dalton Michl Cath Connell Sart 21-Nov 1825
Eleanor Phelan John Mary Dawson Freshford 22-Nov 1825
Martin Keough John Bridget Butler Kilaree 23-Nov 1825
Michl ?Feahan or Teahan Edmd Eleanor Maher Gurtnagap 27-Nov 1825 Michl
Thos Ryan Phil Honor Talbot Freshford 27-Nov 1825
Cath Doyle James Elizabeth Petres Freshford 29-Nov 1825
Cath Fanton Mathias Anne Costelloe Reameen 02-Dec 1825
Eleanor Brenan Wm Mary Butler Sart 02-Dec 1825
Edmd McNamara Michl Mary Kenedy Kilrush 04-Dec 1825
Anne Dowling Nichs Cath Knavsboro Earls Bog 06-Dec 1825
Patt Magrath Wm Judith Hennessy Ballyphilip 08-Dec 1825
Anne Clohossy John Cath Fantan Picketstown 09-Dec 1825 Bastard
Thos Dunn John Mary Fanton Freshford 09-Dec 1825
Ally Fogarty James Honor Hogan Rathmacan 13-Dec 1825
John Costelloe Michl Mary Lodge Moonabrougen 18-Dec 1825
Michl DArgan Peirse Judith Cody Sart 18-Dec 1825
Ally Quigly Patt Betty Bradley n.g. 18-Dec 1825 Bastard
James Burke Andrew Mary Roony Boggan 18-Dec 1825
Mary Dowling James Mary Delany Thubberlacteen 23-Dec 1825
Cath Fitzpatrick Thos Honor Young Reameen 25-Dec 1825
Patt Delany Michl Mary Holden Three Castles 27-Dec 1825
Thos Whyte Martin Anty Costelloe Rahealy 30-Dec 1825

Baptism and Marriage Extracts, Church of Ireland, Carlow Town, 1747-1855

A few baptismal and marriage extracts from the Church of Ireland parish registers of Carlow town, Co. Carlow.
Spellings are exactly as I read them with no changes. Question marks show where I had difficulty reading a word or a name

Carlow Church of Ireland Parish Register Extracts
Baptisms : 1836-1852
Marriages : 1836-1845
Burials : 1836-1865
R.C.B. Library Ref.: P. 317.1.3

Baptised : Nov. 11th, 1838.
Born : Oct. 12th, 1838
Name : Henry
Parents : Wm. & Elizabeth Black?burne
Abode: Carlow
Profession/Occupation father: ?Saddler

Baptised : July 31st, 1842.
Born : July 10th, 1842
Name : James Edward
Parents : James & Dorcas Porter
Abode: Carlow
Profession/Occupation father: Physician
Curate: William Brandon

Baptised : Dec 27th, 1843
Born : Sept 27th, 1843
Name : Edward Albert
Parents : Thos. James & Jane Margaret Rawson
Abode: Carlow
Profession/Occupation father: Surgeon & M.D.
Rector: J. Jameson

Baptised : July 11th, 1846.
Born : Not given
Name : Robert Nicholas
Parents : Thomas & Jane Rawson
Abode: Carlow
Profession/Occupation father: Doctor
Wm. Brandon – Private baptism, child (?very) ill

Groom: Mansergh Lugworth Flood of Carlow Parish
Bride : Anne Catherine Moore of Carlow Parish
By Banns. 2nd May 1837
Signed : Lugworth Flood & Catherine Moore
Witnesses: Jane Emerson & Patrick Devereux

# 379. John Blackburne, Carlow. Aug 22nd, 1855. 2 years. Thos. Shelland Curate.
#461. Un-named Blackburne. Carlow. 28th Jan 1860. No age given
Baptisms 1852-1864
P. 317.2.1
No Blackburne, Flood or Rawson listed.

Carlow Church of Ireland Parish Register Extracts
R.C.B. Library Ref.: P. 317.1.2

Month?? 31st Baptised. Joseph son of John and Ann Bowles. Killeshin

Aug 27th Married. Robert Carr and Ann Bowles, being called in Church July the 31st, Aug 7th & 14th

Oct. 17th Married: Will’m Bowles to Mary Harborne. Rich’d Mills

July 24th Baptised : James Bowles son to Will’m & Mary Bowles

July 9th Married: Jno Bowles to Eliz. McGrath with Lycence

April 12th Marr’d: Joseph Bowels and Ann Tunstead with Lycence

June 20th Bapt’d : Robt. Son to Wm. And Sarah Bowles

Mary 21st Bapt’d: Jane Daughter to Jno and Mary Bowls (sic)

Feb 27th Married / By Mr. D. / Joseph Bowles to Jane Feltus, both of this parish, by Licence
May. Omitted, about 7th. Bapt : Eliza Daughter of Joseph and Jane Bowles

June 16th. Marr’d: James Bale and Mary Budds
Sept 9th. Bapt’d: John son of Joseph and Elizabeth Bowles

Jan 26th Bapt’d: Margt. Daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Bowles
Aug 31st. Mar’d: John Graham and Lucinda Bowles

p. 122
May 17th Bapt’d: Eliza. Daughter of Joseph and (Blank) Bowles.

Next page of register (p. 123) = blank note re 10 pages on – did not go ten pages to see if it continued at that point

Page 124 – 1822
Page 125 – 1825
Page 127 – 1824

No mention of Bowles or Feltus surnames on these pages.

Dec 12th. Married by ?C. Francis Flood of the parish of Carrick, Co. Kilkenny to Dorcas Burchaell of (??this parish)



The Dublin Fishery Company, 1818-30

Extracts from: The Dublin Fishery Company 1818-1830
AUGUST, 1951
Vol: XII, No. 3

On the 2nd of November, in the year 1818, a small number of gentlemen met at the Leinster Tavern, also known as Morrison’s Hotel, in Dawson Street, to consider proposals to form a company for the better supply of the Dublin Market with fresh fish.  The proposals were submitted by Captain James Steward, an official in the Civil Branch of the Ordnance Board employed as Superintendent of the Pigeon House Dock. The gentlemen present were taken with the idea and sent a deputation to the Lord Mayor to request his sanction and support. The Mayor appointed a day for a public meeting to consider the matter further and one hundred copies of a printed prospectus were distributed about the town. In brief, the prospectus asked for £2,000, divided into £50 shares, to purchase five boats of about 30 tons each to trawl off the coast and the adjacent banks. It was reckoned that each boat, in four or five days’ trawling, could catch and bring to market a freight estimated to average £10 when sold. One boat from the fleet would arrive at the Pigeon House Dock on each week-day and the fish were to be brought to Dublin by horse and cart. An allowance of thirty days in the year was made for times when fishing would not be possible because of gales and other causes. The remaining 335 days were taken to be the number of days that a freight of fish to the value of £10 would be brought to market and the annual income was put down as £3,350. The items on the expenditure side of the account totalled a lesser amount and showed that a good profit was to be anticipated. The wages of masters and seamen were put down as three-eights of the income which was too little according to the general practice of that time and as it turned out the company’s masters and seamen never got less in wages and shares than one-half the total income. At the public meeting on the 11th of November, Captain Steward’s proposals were approved and a subscription list was opened. The subscribers held further meetings at which the capital was doubled and rules were made for the management of the concern. Captain Steward was appointed the company’s agent to purchase boats and to superintend their working. He was also to take charge of the sales of fish and to account weekly with the treasurer for all receipts and expenses.

This information is in a book preserved in the Public Record Office and entitled: Dublin Fishery Company Minutes, which has entries beginning on the second of November, 1818, and ending on the 9th of October, 1824. There is evidence that the company hand-bills inserted in the Minute Book showing that the company’s boats were put up for sale in August of that year.

An item of outstanding interest in the Minute Book is the detail of the numbers of each kind of fish caught and on which days in each week fish were landed and brought to market and how much each day’s fish sold for. This record was kept for each of sixty-two weeks beginning on Saturday, 28th September, 1822, and ending on Saturday, 6th December, 1823′ The fish mostly named are turbot, sole, haddock, plaice, hake and whiting. The less frequently named are gurnet, cod, ray, ling and conger-eel In the 52 weeks of the year 1823, there were 192 days on which fish were landed which is an average per week of nearly 31 days. Not a single week in this year passed without at least 2 days on which fish were landed and brought to market. This must be regarded as a remarkable achievement when it is remembered that it was done with sailing-boats which were at the mercy of wind and tide.

The subscribers were citizens of Dublin from different walks in life. There were gentry, aldermen, clergymen, doctors, lawyers and government clerks. Viscount Frankfort de Montmorency, one of the Harbour Commissioners, was president and George La Touche, senior partner in La Touche’s Bank, vice-president and honorary treasurer. The offices of president and vice-president were discontinued after Lord Frankfort’s death in 1823 and the Board of Directors elected a chairman at their weekly meetings. C. B. Newenham and the first honorary secretary, Leonard Thornhill were clerks in the Ordnance Board at the Pigeon House Fort. George Booker of 2 Erne Street succeeded Thornhill as honorary secretary in June, 1819′ William Watts, 2I Sackville Street, was an apothecary and Arthur Morrison of Morrison’s Hotel, No. I Dawson Street, is described in the directories as a tavern-keeper. He was lord mayor in I834. Counsellor James Lyne, 2 Lower Mount Street, Assistant-Barrister for Co. Westmeath, advised the company in legal matters and another lawyer was Counsellor Henry Dawson of 3 Hume Street. The clergy were represented by the Reverend William Barber, curate of St. Mark’s, and the Reverend Henry Savage, assistant curate of St. Michael’s,’ High Street. The members of the Dublin Corporation were Alderman John Cash, of 34 Rutland Square and Belville, and Alderman John Kingston James, afterwards a baronet, of I6 North Frederick Street, with his counting house at 9 Cavendish Row. Doctor J. Duncan, 38 Marlborough Street, a practising physician, represented the medical profession, and Captain John Macgregor Skinner, RN., of Falconer’s Hotel, 12 Dawson Street, commander of one of His Majesty’s Steam Packets, and Major Crampton, 15 Holles Street, represented the Navy and Army respectively. Other notable subscribers were Robert Guinness of Stillorgan, Henry Darley of Stillorgan, and Ralph Shaw of George’s Quay, a Harbour Commissioner.(last line of page missing…)

…….. differed in the social scale, the subscribers were on a level footing as investors in the venture since most took two shares and very few only one. Excepting Captain Steward, they were almost certainly on a par in knowing little or nothing about sea fisheries but they were willing to learn. One of their first resolutions after forming the company was to instruct Captain Steward to buy a copy of Robert Fraser’s Review of the Domestic Fisheries of Great Britain and Ireland, published in 1818. This quarto-sized volume of 287 pages contains more historical than practical information and it is doubtful if it helped the Directors very much in their work.

The Company was formed on the 17th December, 1818, and no time was lost in getting to work. Captain Steward left for England to buy boats on the 30th December and he returned on the 8th February, 1819. In these 5 weeks he journeyed from Brixham in Devonshire along the coast to Plymouth and as far east as London. Grimsby and Hull were not at that time the great centres of the fishing industry they afterwards became. It shows Captain Steward’s good judgement that he went first to Brixham, the home of the famous fishing smacks that led the way in developing the present day deep-sea fishing industry. Four of the company’s fleet of 8 boats are listed as coming from Brixham and one from Plymouth. One boat was built in Dublin and the home port of the remaining 2 is not given. The first boat arrived at Dublin on the 14th January, 1819, and on the 22nd February the company had five boats, the Armada from Brixham, 41 tons, cost £371; Rosebank, Brixham, 36 tons, cost £461; Maria, 37 tons, cost £410; Pheasant, 32 tons, cost £325 ; and the Frederick, Brixham, 39 tons, cost £490. If boats could have been obtained in Ireland the company would not have spent their capital outside the country. A boat at Balbriggan was inspected and found totally unsuitable. In order to give employment at home, a contract was placed with Mr. Morton of Dublin, shipbuilder, for a vessel to the company’s specification to cost £675. In January, the directors were hesitant in deciding to acquire the fifth boat but the returns of later weeks showing a good profit made them bold enough to announce in their first quarterly report to the proprietors in April, 1819, that they had ordered 2 more boats from England, the Mary from Plymouth, 39 tons, cost £430; and the Mariner, Brixham, 39 tons, cost £480. In this first quarterly report in April, 1819, the directors increased the capital to £5,000 because of numerous applications to become shareholders. By the end of July, when Mr. Morton’s boat of 40 tons was launched the company had eight boats in service. The new boat was named the Frankfort in honour of the president.

As well as the boats, the captains and seamen had to be brought from England since none experienced in trawling could have
been found in Ireland. This mode of fishing was practically non-existent here before 1819 and the Dublin Fishery Company was
(line missing here…)

The Inshore fishermen of Baldoyle, Howth and other palces displayed violent opposition.

1821 Mr. George McAlpin elected Assistant Secretary

Mr. john Hoare, 2 Pill Lane was the company’s salesman

Christopher Lawlor was under contract to suppl horses and carts to bring the fish to market. He had to attend Pigeon House
at 4am and was paid 2/6 a day for each horse and 1s. 3d when standing b

Seamen who came over with the boats returned and their places were taken local men.

Captain Pile, Captain Henry Saunders. Captain Nicholas Talbot
Masters; Samuel Bartlett, James Pile, Thomas Bartlett and Elias Willis.

Seaman : William King :

Seaman James Thornton, Seaman

Baptism Records, Camross, Co. Laois, 1820-21

I have indexed the names of the children and their parents from the Roman Catholic parish records of Camross, Co. Laois (Queen’s Co) for the years 1820-21. The names are spelled as I read them.  Place names are given in these records.  Betty = Elizabeth ; Cathr = Catherine ; Dan/Danl = Daniel ; Edwd = Edward ; Jno = John ; Margt = Margaret ; Mat = Matthew ; Michl = Michael ; Sophy = Sophie/ Sophia ; Thoms/Thos = Thomas ; Chas = Charles ; Fantan/ Fantin = Fintin ; Jer = Jermiah ; Ned = Edward ; wm = William

May 12th, 1816 _ Sept 1st, 1829
March 12th, 1821 – Dec 27th, 1829
May 1818 – Oct 6th, 1820
July 12th, 1823 – March 18th, 1830
Oct 14th, 1838 – Sept 11th, 1865
(many pages missing 1838-1850)
Oct 8th, 1865 – Dec 26th 1880
Jan 21st, 1820 – March 1830
Aug 18th, 1839 – Feb 8th, 1842
Aug 30th, 1846 – 1851
Aug 9th, 1855 – Sept 17th, 1865
Oct 26th, 1865 – Nov 25th, 1880

NLI Pos. 5014
According to my notes the LDS do NOT have a copy of this film


Name Surname Father Name Baptised Year Name Mother S From
John ? Michl 08-Mar 1820 Cathr Burke Cloonmin?
Mathew Acton? James 16-Dec 1821 Betty Delany Campclone
Mary Baldwin Wm 07-May 1820 Cathr Brenan Old Borris
Dorothy Bannan Jno 19-Jan 1821 Biddy Maguire Tintore
Mary Bannan Andrew 15-Aug 1821 Ann Delany Castletown
Margt Beaghan Michl 12-Feb 1821 Betty Delany Rushin
Thos Bennet Jno 09-Jul 1821 Mary Delany ?Roundwood
Tom Bennet Tom 25-Sep 1821 Betty Drenan Carrowleigh
Elizabeth Bergin Michl 06-Feb 1820 Sarah Cahill Coole
Mary Bergin Mat 19-Aug 1821 Ann Hanan? Ballycleary
Cathr Bergin? Dan 29-Jul 1821 Cathr Lalor Coole
Ellen Brenan John 25-Oct 1820 Anty Lynch Drim
Patrick Brennan Pat 23-Nov 1820 Mary Conroy Rushall
Sarah Brooks John 08-Oct 1820 Dorothea Redmond Clonmin
Cathr Brophy Joseph 17-Nov 1821 n.g. Burn or Brien? Rushin
Cathr Brophy Rodger 20-Aug 1820 Biddy Clear Castletown
Cathr Burke Ned 02-Jul 1820 Honnora ?? Castletown
Edwd Butler Jno 16-Apr 1820 Mary Mac Coole
Elloisa Butler Robt 28-Jan 1820 Ann B?rien Dangi…
Judith Ca?rvin Pat 17-Jun 1820 Betty Phelan? Kilbricken
Catherine Cahill Patrick 16-Nov 1820 Judith Phelan Deerpark
Denis Cahill Tom 26-Dec 1820 Margt Bowes Deerpark
Pat Cahill Wm 24-Jun 1821 Cathr Tik? Deerpark
Honner Campian Denis 04-Jun 1820 Cathr Hegarty? Clonmin
Judith Campian James 02-May 1820 Nelly Doyle Campwell
Timothy Campian Jeremiah 05-Apr 1821 Margt Phelan Clonin
Thoms Campion James 24-Dec 1821 MArgt Bennet? PAddock
James Carol John 30-Dec 1821 Ellen Savage? Aughafan
John Cassin Anthony 11-Jan 1821 Cathr Delany West?feelor
Margaret Cassin Brian 05-Nov 1820 Margaret Brophy Castletown
Mary Collier Joe 29-Dec 1821 Mary Bocop? Anatrim
Thom Condon Thom 16-Sep 1821 Mary Phelan Coole
Judith Condren Dick 16-Jul 1820 Mary Delany Derryduff
n.g Conly Michl 16-Dec 1821 Sally Neale Coole
Dennis Conrahy Dennis 19-Nov 1820 Mary Fitzpatrick Derry?cantin
Ann Coogan James 08-Oct 1820 Shusan Ban… Castletown
Denis Corkeran Edwd 22-Jul 1820 Ann Ryan Castletown
James Corkeran James 22-Oct 1820 Margaret Alderly Gash
Margt Costigan Joseph 14-May 1821 Jude? Condren? Cranna
Patrick Cuddy Pat 13-Mar 1821 Margt Fitzpatrick Knockacollar
Eleanor Darcy or Daney? Jno 22-Jul 1821 Ann Savage Ragh
Ellen Darcy or Daney? Jno 06-Mar 1820 Ann Savage Coole
John Day Pat 19-Apr 1821 Mary Meagher Mannin
Mary Day John 06-Feb 1820 Ann Dooly Knockalollan
John Delaney Pat 05-Jun 1820 Mary Ryan? Ballyhoraghan
Bridget Delany Michl** 03-Feb 1820 Margt Whelan Ballinrally
Cathr Delany Thomas 20-Jul 1820 Betty Breen Danginrow
Edwd Delany Wm 11-Feb 1821 Ann Delany Old Borris
Honner Delany John 08-Oct 1820 Catherine Walsh Clonmin
John Delany Pat 23-Dec 1821 Mary Gash
Mary Delany Jno 18-Feb 1821 Margt Shelly? Kilbricken
Mary Delany Michl* 08-May 1821 n.g. n.g Castle..?
Ann Dermody Mal 04-Mar 1821 Ann Rigney Carrigeen
Jer Dermody ?Pierce 20-Apr 1821 Mary Delany Cumber
Anthony Sharp Dillon Dan 02-Mar 1821 Frances White Castletown
Jahiels? Don(?cey) or Downey? William 29-Oct 1820 Catherine Neale Coole
Michl Dooly Patk 12-Sep 1821 Mary Phelan Shrahana
Pat Dooly Jno 25-May 1821 Ann Cahill Co?mmeragh
Thomas Dowly Denis 11-Apr 1821 Honner Carrol Buttersland
Ellen Doyle Bill 24-Jun 1820 Mary Dunn Danginrow
Patrick Doyle John 18-Mar 1821 Ann Danginrow
Elizabeth Duffy Richd 20-May 1821 Betty Dolan? Castletown
Ann Dunn Richd 14-May 1820 Mary Fitzpatrick Rushin
George Dunn Jo 17-Dec 1821 Cathr Phelan Rushin
John Dunphy Edwd 23-Aug 1820 Biddy Rigny ?Rah
Henrietta Eagan Mich 09-Mar 1821 Cathr Dunn Derrynaseera
Cathr Farrel Thomas 03-Nov 1820 Ann Bowes Derrylahen
Edwd Finly Jno 04-Mar 1821 Margt Malone Carrigeen
Margt Finly Ned 31-Jan 1820 Margt Delany Knockimullir?
Patrick Fitzgerald Pat 20-May 1821 Mary Phelan Glenbour?
Ann Fitzpatrick Danl 07-Oct 1821 Mary Savage Gash
Ann Fitzpatrick Jno 08-Aug 1821 Biddy Duff Castletown
Ann Fitzpatrick Pat 04-Aug 1820 Betty Cuddy Lackey
John Fitzpatrick Martin 27-Nov 1820 Mary Cahill Danginrow
Marg Fitzpatrick Wm 23-Mar 1820 Mary ?? Deerpark
Pat? Flinn Jno 22-May 1820 Nelly Delaney Ballyhoraghan
Wm Despard Flood Wm 24-Jan 1821 Mary Despard Francislane
Mary Gleeson Peter 17-May 1821 Ann Quily Cudda
Thos Glenny T. 05-Apr 1821 Cathr Whelan Crabhill
Dennis Gorman Dennis 19-Nov 1820 Catherine Lalor Derry?cantin
Aley Higgins Pat 02-Dec 1821 Betty Bradly Dangin?loc
Elizabeth Holland Edwd 14-Mar 1821 Betty Walsh Clonin
Michl Horan James 24-Apr 1821 Ann Brophy Castlehinch
Murty Horan Murty 06-Dec 1821 Alicia? Quigly Gash
Cathr Kelly Edwd 16-Aug 1820 Cathr Rourke Rushin
Dan Kelly ?? 24-Apr 1821 Mary Tennakilly
Edwd Kennedy Jno 13-Aug 1821 Mary Phelan Castletown
Mary Kevona Denis 28-Mar 1820 Biddy Condren Coole
Wm Lahy Thomas 15-Apr 1821 Judith Phelan Woodenbridge
Margt Lalor Hugh 22-Aug 1821 Betty Mulhall Carrigeen
Margaret Lawlor Lalor Patk 19-Dec 1820 Mary Hopkins? Rushin
Martin Leaghy Jno 18-Nov 1821 Mary Quigly Cudda
Joseph Loughlin Wm 17-Jul 1821 Dolly Bannin Glebe
Elizabeth Lyons Ned 28-Mar 1820 Mary Brophy Gash
Margt Lyons? Pat 22-Jul 1821 Mary S…. Carrigeen
Judith Magee Fanton 07-Nov 1821 Mary Dooley Deerpark
Peter Magee Thos 17-May 1821 Margt Bergin Deerpark
Edwd Marnell Rodger 03-Aug 1821 Aley Delany Cranna
Margt McLoughlin Tim 03-Sep 1821 Mary Flinn ?Alana or Asana
Catherine McQui?n Joseph 08-Dec 1820 Ann Byrne Holycross
Wm Meagher Wm 14-Oct 1821 Fanny Cunningham Castletown
Cathr Moore Richard 28-Jan 1820 Mary Dun Castletown
John Moore Pat 12-Oct 1821 Mary Collier Whitesfields
Mary Ann Moore Richd 04-Aug 1821 Mary Dunn Castletown
Judith Mullony Danl 28-Oct 1821 Mary Dunn n.g.
Esther Murphy Denis 28-May 1821 Annabel Cal(?weck) Coale
Sarah Murphy Tom 03-May 1820 Honney Peters Cudda
Hugh Nowlan F?liney 03-Jun 1821 Sarah Casey? ?Meadow town?lawn
Martin Perkinson William 06-Nov 1820 Mary Doncey or Dorcey Campclone
Jno Peters Danl 03-Apr 1821 Mary Ann Kevina Donore
Biddy Phelan Denis 01-Feb 1821 Cathr Bergin Clonmin
Bridget Phelan Alexander 11-Feb 1821 Cathr Kivena Cudda
Edwd Phelan James 28-Jul 1821 Mary ?? Cudda
James Phelan Pat 22-Nov 1821 Mary Malrony or Mulrony Ballycleary
Jno Phelan John 29-Jul 1821 Ann Baldwin? Kilbricken
John Phelan Thoms 30-Sep 1821 Mary Larkin n.g.
Pat Phelan Thos 03-Sep 1820 Ann Lar?kin Clash
Wm Phelan William* 31-Dec 1820 Cathr Dowling Ba?wnshill
Wm Phelan Wm** 16-Sep 1820 Hony Delany Danginrow
James Pound Patrick 25-Mar 1821 Margt Farrel Gash
Jno Quigly Mat 19-Apr 1821 Mary Horan Gash
Mary Quigly Thoms 17-Jun 1820 Ann May Kilbricken
Alice Redmond Jno 18-Jul 1821 Peggy Lalor Badgerhill
Elizabeth Redmond Thos 11-Jun 1821 Judith Go?rman Clomin
Jno Redmond Rodger 30-Apr 1820 Ann Forrestal? Curragh
Margaret Redmond John 05-Nov 1820 Margaret Dougherty Clonmin
Robert Redmond Roger 20-Nov 1821 Ann Forestal? Curagh or Cunagh
Elizabeth Redmond? James 27-Aug 1820 Mary Dowling Castletown
Eliza Scully Wm 28-Jun 1821 Jane Watson Derrynaseera
Martin Shra William 10-Nov 1820 Mary Dunphy Clonneglass?
Fintan Thompson Jno 28-Feb 1821 Margt Delany Rushin
Elizabeth Tisdell James ?24 April 1821 Judith Campian Glenbour?
Jno Wallace ?Fantin 11-Jun 1821 Margt Perkinson Derrycantin
Cathr Walsh James 18-Sep 1821 Cathr Kennedy Ballatarsna
Mary Whelan Sylvester 16-Jan 1820 Judith Breen Cormpioille
Mary Wo?rko Pat 06-Oct 1821 Jude Mooney Crana




Marriage Records, Lisdowney, Co. Kilkenny, 1828-32

Bride & Groom Names, plus dates are given here. This index was transcribed and created by Jane Lyons. No guarantee is given as to 100% accuracy. Witness names are also given in the register, these were not transcribed. An attempt was made to read all records, there may have been some at the end of pages which were blocked out on the film. Over the years transcribed there were a total of 100 marriages recorded in the Roman Catholic parish of Portarlington

Bride Surnames or spelling variations which do not appear as Groom surnames : Barry?? – Blanchfil – Brophy – Burke – Byrne – Cashin – Costigan – Delahunty – Doyle – Dunne?? – Foley – Glindon – Gorman – Grogan?? – Guinan – Harney – Head – Hoyne – Keeffe – Kehoe – Kenny – Knaresborough – Laherty – Lannan – Lickton or Siclton?? – Loeylda?? – Maguire – Martin – Muldowney – Neil – Oxly – Power – Quin – Read – Ried? – Shorthall – Slattery – Talbot – Wall – White – Wolf

First Name Abbreviations
Ally = Anastasia (sometimes), Bess = Elizabeth, Eliza, Biddy, Bridgt. = Bridget, Betty = Elizabeth ; Cath. = Catherine, Danl., Dan = Daniel, Fanton, Finton = Fintan , Hanna = Hanora or Anne, Honner = Honora, Honoria, Jas. Js. = James, Jer. = Jeremiah, Jim = James , Jno. = John or Jonathan, Jos. = Joseph, Judy = Judith ; Lau. = Laurence, Matt. = Matthew, Michl, Mick. = Michael, Margt. = Margaret, May = Mary, Murty, Murtha = Martin ; Nelly = Ellen, Eleanor ; Onny = Winifred, Pat = Patrick, Peggy = Margaret ; Sally = Sarah, Thos., Thoms., = Thomas, Richd = Richard, Winn, Winny = Winifred ; Wm = William

Groom Bride Date Year
Tom Balkin Mary Fogarty 07-Oct 1830
John Bergin Kitty Egan 19-Jul 1829
Nick Bergin Biddy Kelly 13-Feb 1831
John Bowe Kitty Foley 01-Mar 1832
Patt Brady Margaret Kelly 11-Jul 1830
Larry Brenan Ally Ried? 15-Jul 1829
John Brenan Biddy Brenan 19-Nov 1832
Martin Brenan Mary Dowling 29-Jan 1830
Patt Brenan Anty Hickey 02-Oct 1832
John Brenan Mary Maguire 07-Feb 1831
James Brett Biddy Muldowney 14-Feb 1830
Patt Broderick Nancy Bergin 16-Feb 1830
Michael Butler Anne Grogan?? 21-Oct 1830
James Butler Kitty Cahill 19-Jan 1832
Wm. Butler Nelly Head 01-Nov 1829
Owen C?onnell Anne Dooly 18-Aug 1830
Tom Cahill Biddy Glindon 08-Jul 1832
Wm. Campion Bridget Murphy 25-Sep 1829
Mick Cantwell Sally Delany 01-Feb 1830
Tom Cantwell Biddy Kenny 10-Oct 1830
Larry Cantwell Mary Mahony 05-Mar 1832
Thomas Carbery Mary Burke 16-May 1831
Nicholas Carroll Bridget Martin 04-Mar 1832
Richard Cody Ally Walsh 06-Mar 1832
Wm. Collatin Kitty Loeylda?? 25-Nov 1830
Dick Conway Mary Byrne 11-Dec 1831
Mick Coyne Mary Maher 10-Feb 1831
Nick Crean? Mary Fogarty 04-Feb 1830
Patt Cuddihy Catherine Cuddihy 22-Feb 1830
Dick Cuddihy Judy Kelly 25-Jul 1829
Denis Cussan Mary Purcell 27-Jan 1831
Martin Delany Kitty Bergin 25-Feb 1829
Barth Delany Anne Doyle 03-Mar 1829
Andy Delany Nelly Mulhall 26-Feb 1832
John Delany Mary Walsh 26-May 1830
Martin Dohony Peggy Glindon 17-Feb 1830
Michael Dooley Mary Power 14-Feb 1831
Tim Dooly Kitty Sexton 19-Feb 1832
John Dowling Mary Cashin 22-Feb 1832
Fergus Dowling Margaret Maguire 08-Feb 1831
Mick Dowling Betty Neil 13-Jul 1829
John Dunphy Biddy Dunne?? 14-Feb 1830
Wm. Egan Margaret Fitzpatrick 01-Dec 1832
John Fa?relly Peggy Shorthall 10-Feb 1831
Martin Fitzpatrick Mary Fitzpatrick 22-Feb 1830
Patt Fitzpatrick Anne Walsh 08-Jul 1831
Michael Fogarty Biddy Brophy 03-Jul 1832
Michael Forrestal Mar?gt Costigan 21-Oct 1830
Patt Forrestal Mary Costigan 24-Nov 1831
James Gahagan Mary Delahunty 19-Sep 1831
Mathw Grace Honor Knaresborough 28-Nov 1832
Frank Griffin Kitty ?…ken 31-Jan 1831
Michael Hickey Peggy Brenan 23-Feb 1832
Charly Hogan Biddy Talbot 11-Jun 1829
Jer Holden Mary Cantwell 23-Sep 1830
Wm. Horan Biddy Maher 24-Oct 1831
Wm. Houlahan ?Mary Mulhall 26-Jan 1830
John Jordan Mary Laherty 08-Feb 1832
Patt Jourdan Sally Guinan 11-Sep 1831
John Kavanagh Mary Walsh 13-Feb 1831
Wm. Kelly Biddy Brenan 18-Feb 1830
Wm. Kenedy? Judy Fitzpatrick?? 17-Nov 1829
Nick Kennedy Ellen Walsh 21-Feb 1830
John Kilfoyle Judy Walsh ?19/9 1831
Terry Kinsella Kitty Ryan 13-Aug 1832
Patt Lalor Mary White 11-Feb 1830
Martin Lowry Judy Cahill 23-Feb 1832
?Math Macdonald Kitty Barry?? 13-Aug 1829
James Maher Eliza Brophy 28-Jan 1831
John Maher Ellen Dooly 20-Apr 1830
John Maher Judy Fogarty 13-Jul 1830
John Maher Catherine Phelan 26-Nov 1828
John Maher Mary Phelan 08-Sep 1831
Mick Maher Mary Walsh 23-Aug 1832
John Mahony Mary Kenedy 16-Feb 1830
Mick Mansfield Peggy Fitzpatrick 27-Feb 1829
Riddy Mansfield Anty Fitzpatrick 03-Mar 1829
Peter McGuiness Anty Maher 03-Sep 1831
John Meighan Mary Phelan 11-Jul 1829
Ned Mulhall Bridget Kelly 25-Jan 1831
Patt Mulhall Betty White 27-Nov 1832
Henry Mulrooney Mary Harney 05-Mar 1832
Patt Murphy Biddy Campion 27-Nov 1828
Michael Murphy Kitty Phelan 06-Mar 1832
John Nowlan Ellen Doyle 27-Apr 1831
John Phelan Anne Cantwell 24-Sep 1829
Mick Phelan Mary Delany 15-Feb 1830
Dan Phelan Abby Hoyne 29-Feb 1832
Larry Phelan Peggy Phelan 23-Feb 1829
Mick Phelan Betty Read 10-May 1829
John Phelan Peggy Ryan 02-Mar 1829
Robert Philips Peggy Broderick 27-Feb 1829
Wm. Philips Biddy Wolf 06-Mar 1832
Philip Purcell Mary Cahill 24-Sep 1832
Tom Quealy Kitty Lalor 27-Feb 1829
Mick Quigly?? Ellen Fitzpatrick 03-Sep 1829
Martin Quinlan Judy Bergin 13-Jul 1831
Tom Rabbit Betty Kehoe 01-Mar 1829
Ned Ryan Kitty Corrigan 19-Jan 1832
James Ryan Kitty Gorman 22-Feb 1829
John Ryan Mary Wall 25-Jan 1831
Dick Sexton?? Anne Slattery 24-Jul 1831
Tom Shortall Kitty Grace 03-Mar 1829
Randal Smith Jane Oxly 26-Feb 1829
John Stapleton Mary Blanchfil 03-Feb 1831
William Sutton Mary Cody 25-Nov 1830
Wm. Thornton Peggy Lickton or Siclton?? 26-Feb 1829
James Walsh Anne Bergin 14-Feb 1831
John Walsh Biddy Dooly 15-Aug 1830
Kyran Walsh Judy Hoyne 05-Mar 1832
Kyran Walsh Anne Keeffe 15-May 1831
Patt Walsh Mary Lannan 27-Feb 1832
James Walsh Biddy Maher 11-Feb 1831
Ned Walsh Biddy Quin 02-Mar 1829

Irish Marriages, Portapatrick, Wigtownshire, Scotland

This page features free transcribed records relating to Irish people to emigrated to and married in Portapatrick, Wigtownshire, Scotland in the late 1700s and early 1800s.

1763 July 3rd Wilkinson William, a gent from Cachorelly ,Co. Limerick married mrs. Jacoba Susanna Bowchier from Killcullane, Co. Limerick

1764 March 25th Holmes Cornelious from Shennagh, Co. Cork married Miss Margret Wilkison from Calreleigh, Co. Limerick

1780 Jan 19th Cox Richard, Sir, Bart from Dunmanway, Co. Cork married Miss Mary O’Bryan from Limerick now residing Portapatrick

1784 May 17th Fitzgibbon Thomas, Esq Co. Limerick married Miss Mary Fitzgibbon from Ballyseeda, Liberties of Limerick City Witnesses: Quin, Elizabeth & Quinn, William

1784 June 3rd Vincent Thomas, Esq from Limerick City married Miss Mary Ann Cowney from Limerick City

1785 Feb 1st Fitton Terence, Esq from Cork City married Miss Lucinda Browne Lucinda, from Rathcahill, Co. Limerick

1786 Jan 22nd Royce Nicholas Ford, Esq from Nantinan, Co. Limerick married Miss Mary Catherine Croker from Rawleighstown, Co. Limerick

1786 May 12th Grady Standish, Esq Grange, Co. Limerick married Mrs. Margaret Foord from Limerick City widow of Abraham Foord, Esq. late of City of Limerick Witness: Grady, William jun

1786 Oct 9th Fitzgerald John, Esq. from Rathkeal, Co. Limerick married Elizabeth Dartnell from Rathkeal, Co. Limerick she the 3rd dau of Edward Dartnell. Witness: Dartnell, Edward

1788 Nov 8th Goggin Michael, Esq from City of Limerick married Miss Eliza Harrison from Limerick City

1791 Dec 29th Massy George, Hon. from Stagdale Lodge, ?Co. Limerick (he was from Co. Limerick) married Miss Elizabeth Scanlan from Balynaha, Co. Limerick Witness: Scanlan, Michael jun

1792 March 12th Massy Hugh,Rt. Hon. Lord, Baron from Co. Limerick married Miss Margaret Everine Barton from The Grove, Co. Tipperary Witnesses: Barton, Thomas & Barton, Charles & Cody, Judith

1793 Sept 19th Hunt Edmund, Esq. from Inchirourke, Co. Limerick married Miss Teresa Butler from ss Millbrooke, Co. Clare dau of James Butler Esq.

1794 May 13th Forbes Frederic, The Hon. from Co. Longford ; Lieut of 80th & 5th regt of foot married Mary Butler from Limerick City Spinster

1794 June 21st Whyte Charles, Esq. Lieut. 80th & 5th Regt of Foot married Anna Ross Lewin from Fortfergus, Co. Clare spinster Witnesses: Collis, henry: Limerick City & Williams, Joseph, servant to C. Whyte & Fyfe, Andrew: from Portpatrick

1795 Aug 28th Horan Ringrose Drew Esq. from Co. Limerick married Miss Jane Buchanan from King’s Co/Offaly Witness: Murray, Alexander: Commander Hillsborough Packet

1797 April 27th Hunt Thomas Edward, Esq Captain in His majesty’s 64th Regt of Foot married Miss Mary Mahony from Limerick City dau of Pierce Mahony, Esq Witrnesses: Mainsell, Jno & Mack, James & Mahony, Pierce & Fyfe, Andrew – Portpatrick

1797 Dec 4th Blennerhassett Arthur, Esq from Elmgrove near Tralee, Co. Kerry married Miss Dorcas Anna Twiss from Co. Kerry Witnesses: Harte, William Johnston Esq. of Coolruss, Co. Limerick & Sullivan, James – servant to Mr. Blennerhasset

1798 Jan 9th Gordon John, Sir Baronet of Park, Co. Banff married Miss Pyne Crosbie from Limerick dau to Hon. & Rev. Maurice Crosbie of Limerick Witnesses: Crosbie, Mrs. – mother to Miss Pyne & Morgell, Robert Hickson, Esq of Rathkeale, Co. Limerick & Wade, Mickel servant to Sir John Gordon

1799 Sept 22nd Meade, Christopher Henry Barry from Limerick married Miss Ann Fulton from Lisburn, Co. Antrim Witnesses: Fulton, Ann, Mrs & Major, John Esq. Cornet 22nd Dragoons & Murray, Alexander Commander of hilsborough Packet

1799 Sept 30th Hunt Henry Esq. from Golden Garden, Co. Tipperary married Miss Mary Bradshaw Limerick City Witnesses: Bradshaw, Mary of Limerick & Bradshaw, Benjamin Bennet, Esq, Mount William, Co. Tipperary & Buchanan, John: Ensign Perthshire Militia

1799 Oct 7th Naish Carroll Patrick, Esq from Ballyann, Co. Limericj married Miss Ann Johnson from Bettyville, Co. Limerick Witnesses: Johnson, William, jun. Esq – Bettyville & MacKenzie, James: Vintner & Ker, John Portapatick

1800 May 7th Creaghe Martin Connell, M.D. Limerick City married Miss Mary Lacy from Limerick City

1802 Dec 18th Sherlock Thomas, Esq from Rock Abbey, Co. Cork married Miss Mary Bevan from Miltown, Co. Limerick Witnesses: Bennett, James: Newbridge, Co. Limerick & O’Callahan, Daniel, Co. Limerick

1803 April 14th Copley John, Esq from Ballyclough, Co. Limerick married Miss Dorothea Stack from Ballyconry, Co. kerry Witnesses: Stack, John sq. Ballyconry, Co. Limerick & Monsell, Samuel, Mallow Co. Cork

1805 Jan 7th Johnston Nicholas George, Lieutenant 2nd Batt 61st Rgt of foot married Miss Mary Ann Keating from Limerick City dau of George Keating Esq. Doctor of Medicine

1805 May 20th Frewen Thomas, Esq from Castle connel, co. Limerick married Miss Margaret Dundun from Castleconnel, Co Limerick

1806 Aug 3rd Kingston Robert, Esq from London City Miss Charlotte Burdett from Limerick City

1807 May 7th Hogg Edmond William, Esq from Limerick City married Miss Mary Sargent from Limerick City dau of James Sargent, Esq of Limerick City Witness: Bell, James Belfast

1817 Aug 5th Head Michael Prattle, Esq from Derry castle, Co. Tipperary married Miss Mary Butler from Limerick

1822 April 24th Evans John, Esq from Limerick City married Miss Jemima Sexton Jemima, from Limerick City Witness: Sexton, William

1824 Oct 15th Lloyd Eyre, Esq from Limerick maried Miss Anne Hutchinson Masey from Limerick Witness: Wallace, Patrick servant to Eyre Lloyd

1826 Feb 6th Holmes Robert of Glennanore Esq from Castletown Roache, Co.Cork married Catherine Wilkinson Catherine, spinster from Mallow, Co. Cork Witness: Wilkinson, Francis of Limerick

Baptism Records, Portarlington, Co. Laois, 1820

There were no baptisms recorded for October 1820

baptisms: Jan 1st, 1820 – Nov 22nd, 1846
Nov 25th, 1846 – Feb 27th, 1876
Mar 5th, 1876 – Dec 26th, 1880

Baptisms are indexed at the beginning of each section of the film. names are not listed alphabetically, but boys and girls are listed in two separate groupings. The index does not include the mother’s name or that of the witnesses, just the childs name and the fathers name. That format is followed on this page. Child and father. Townland is not given in the first few years of this register – it may be in later years, but I have not looked at any other than the early 1820’s

Marriages: Nov 24th, 1822 – July 16th, 1845
July 21st, 1825 – June 21st, 1876
Jan 14th, 1876 – Nov 27th, 1880
NLI pos. pos 4205

name Abbreviations found in registers:
Wm = William Jas/Js. = James ; Mich/Mick. = Michael ; Margt. = Margaret ; Jn/Jno. = John or Jonathan; Ally = Anastasia (sometimes) ; Anty = Anastasia /Anastatia ; Lau. = Laurence ; pat/patt = patrick ; May = Mary ; Jos. = Joseph ; Matt. = Matthew ; Onny = Winifred ; Cath. = Catherine ; Danl., Dan = Daniel; Hanna = Hanora or Anne ; Jer. = Jeremiah ; Sally = Sarah ; bess = Elizabeth, Eliza ; biddy/bridgt. = bridget ; Fanton = Finton. Nics./Nich = Nicholas ; Thos. = Thomas ; Nelly = Eleanor or Ellen ; Fanny = Frances

1820: Rev. James Delany
Jany 1st. Ellen, of Thos. & Mary Walsh. Wit: John Dunn & Rose Walsh
?3rd. ?Onie of Danl & Mary Lalor. Wits: James Dee?ran & brigt. Dun?fy
9th. Mary of patt. & bridget bergan. Wit: Luke & Mary McDonald
11th. Michael of peter & Mary Dunne. Wit ??? Conolly & betty Dun?fesey
12th. Married: Stephen Fitzgerald to Anne Reilly. Wit: M. Ml. Dun?fy & Jne Fitzgerald
16th. Christy of Thos. & Ellen Conroy. Wit: John Flood & Anne Conboy
Francis of Jer. & Mary Neil. Wit: Danl. Moore & Susan Dempsey
Catherine of Malachy & Mary Dunne. Wit: James Kinna & Margt. ?Malon
Mary of Michl. & Mary Coghlin. Wit: Thos. Higgins & Judith Coghlin
19th Mary of Sandy & Mary Luttrell. Wit Mary bergan & Catherine Dun
23rd. Edwd. Of Thos. & Margt. Flinn. Wit pAtt & betty Flinn
24th Married: John Walsh to Judith bourke Wit: Edwd Walsh & betty Fox
29th James of Stephen & Mary brophy. Wit patt Keegan & bridget ?Tierney
30th. Mary of peter & Mary Doolan. Wit: Denis bergan & Anne Tierney
Anne of James & Mary Ferrett. Wit: Michl Toohy & bess McEvoy

Name Father Date
Catherine beaghe? Maurice May, 1820
Thomas beaux Thos. March, 1820
Catherine beha ?n Richard May, 1820
Eliza behan Ml October, 1820
MAry behan patt, June, 1820
Anne bourke Ned December, 1820
Catherine brennan Martin September, 1820
patt brien Ml April, 1820
Eliza butler John February, 1820
Sara butler Denis October, 1820
James byrne philip February, 1820
Simon byrne Stephen May, 1820
Michael Canvahy Ml December, 1820
Eliza Carroll Martin March, 1820
patt Carroll Greg March, 1820
William Carroll Tom September, 1820
bridget Carson Wm March, 1820
Margaret Carson Wm March, 1820
Mary Carthy John February, 1820
Terence Co?nly Ml June, 1820
Margaret Coghlan Simon April, 1820
Margt Commins? Wm December, 1820
Margaret Conner Stephen May, 1820
Margaret Connor peter April, 1820
Tom Connor Dick December, 1820
Anne Conroy patt, December, 1820
Eliza Conroy peter April, 1820
John Conroy patt, December, 1820
Joe Conway John November, 1820
Jas Coogan Dan December, 1820
Anne Costello Wm February, 1820
John Costello Michael December, 1820
Joseph Crow Wm March, 1820
Mary Culleton John November, 1820
Anne Curran James May, 1820
Simon p. Dalton John July, 1820
patt Deigan John June, 1820
John Dempsey patt, October, 1820
Anne Dovinen Jas November, 1820
Anne Dowling WM September, 1820
Denis Dowling William October, 1820
Denis Dowling William October, 1820
John Dowling Henry June, 1820
Kate Dowling Stephen October, 1820
patt Downey Edwd March, 1820
Margt Doyle John May, 1820
Mary Drennan patt, February, 1820
patt Duigan Ml December, 1820
Anne Dunne Tom October, 1820
bridget Dunne John February, 1820
Edward Dunne Ml September, 1820
Honor Dunne JOhn December, 1820
Joseph Dunne Joe February, 1820
MArgt Dunne patt, September, 1820
Martin Dunne John April, 1820
Ml Dunne Wm April, 1820
peter Dunne Dan November, 1820
Eliza Ennis JAs December, 1820
Mary Fennelly Ml March, 1820
Michael Fennelly Ml February, 1820
Mary Fian John October, 1820
Michael Fister Ml March, 1820
patt Fitzgerald Stephen March, 1820
Tom Flood patt, November, 1820
Eliza Flynn Andrew June, 1820
Kate Garry JAs October, 1820
John Gerraghty Jas June, 1820
Anne Grilbin Thos. March, 1820
Mary Hanley JAs September, 1820
Mary Harrison Wm April, 1820
Daniel Heffernan Murtha February, 1820
John Hickey patt, April, 1820
Mary Higgins Mark March, 1820
Michael Higgins peter September, 1820
Thos. Higgins James March, 1820
Martin Hoologen patt, November, 1820
Anne Horan Martin July, 1820
Henrietta Horan David April, 1820
Anne Hyland JAs September, 1820
bridget Hyland Michael June, 1820
Dan Hyland Ml October, 1820
John Hyland James September, 1820
Margaret Hyland James October, 1820
Margt Hyland Joe October, 1820
William Hyland Henry April, 1820
Mary Kavanagh Mal July, 1820
Michael Kavanagh Edwd September, 1820
Michael Kavanagh Chas October, 1820
patt Kavanagh Wm March, 1820
Eliza Keegan Owen October, 1820
Lawrence Keegan Denis February, 1820
Robert Keegan Thos. March, 1820
Anne Kehoe Ned October, 1820
bridget Kelly Martin September, 1820
Christ Kelly Ml March, 1820
Mary Kenna John May, 1820
Eliza Keogh Ml May, 1820
John Hickey Tom June, 1820
Mary Hickey Francis March, 1820
Anne Lane Frank November, 1820
John Leavy John February, 1820
Catherine Lee Ml March, 1820
Tom Lutterl Thos. October, 1820
John Lynam Garrett July, 1820
Anne Lynch peter June, 1820
Henry Malone Harry December, 1820
John Malone George June, 1820
MAry Malone Jas March, 1820
Tom Mangan James September, 1820
Michael McLough. Andrew April, 1820
Michael M’Cue Not given March, 1820
Dan M’Donnell patt, May, 1820
John M’Donnell George May, 1820
Margt M’Donnell John April, 1820
Martha M’Donnell Thos. March, 1820
Eliza Meagher Jas September, 1820
Arthur M’Evoy Hugh March, 1820
Mary M’Evoy William June, 1820
Kate Molloy Tom October, 1820
bridget Moloney Jas May, 1820
Eliza Monagher peter October, 1820
Mary Monahan bryan September, 1820
Alice Moore patt, March, 1820
MArgt Morrin William October, 1820
Simon Mulhall patt, November, 1820
William Murphy Wm February, 1820
patt Nowlan Wm July, 1820
Elisa pilsworth John May, 1820
Mary poo??as Tom September, 1820
John Ryland Henry March, 1820
Ml Scully peter October, 1820
patt Scully John March, 1820
James Scurlough patt, September, 1820
James Seery Jas June, 1820
Mary Shortall patt, November, 1820
Michael Siney Michael December, 1820
Anne Territt John March, 1820
Eliza Tierney Ned June, 1820
Mary tracy John February, 1820
Robert Tynan John June, 1820
James Walsh Thos. September, 1820
Anne Whela Edmd April, 1820
Catherine Whelan John May, 1820
Mary Whelan patt, May, 1820
Elisa White John April, 1820
Robert Wilkinson John December, 1820
Kate Woods JAs September, 1820