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Marriage Records, Oranmore, Co. Galway, 1833-37

Oranmore (Kilcameen & Ballymacourty) Roman Catholic Parish,
Co. Galway,

Diocese of Galway.

The parish records for this parish begin on 11th March 1833 and continue to 23rd Dec, 1880.  There are death records.  The National Library of Ireland reference for this set of records is 2438.  The LDS have a copy of this film, ref. 0979690, item 1.

I only looked at this film for marriage references to the surnames Egan or Larner and the list is below.

G NameG SurnameB NameB SurnameDateYear
PatEagancert of lib04-Aug1837


Baptism Records, Athleague, Co. Roscommon, 1838-40

Athleague & Fuerty Roman Catholic Parish Baptismal Index.

Partial 1838 & 1839.  1840 Complete

I wanted to look at the 1840 records but, knowing family history or genealogy records the way I do I figured begin with the 1839 records.  So, I did.  Unfortunately parish records can be confusing when you see them on a microfilm and lots of times, regardless of your experience when you are presented with a record which has two pages beside one another instead of remembering that the page on the left is an earlier year or time of the year, you can work automatically and just go from one page to the next.

I did that with these records and was halfway down the second page when I realised I was in the wrong year!

My notes tell me “1839 was really difficult to read” – this was a combination of faded and not great script.  My notes also tell me “1838, accidently began this page, got to half way down.”  I didn’t make any notes about the condition of the script in 1838 though.

Question marks indicate letters or words that I had a problem with.  Where I have ‘two’ surnames listed, that means that I had a lot of difficulty with the surname and it might have been either or for the two surnames I give.  I am not familiar with the surnames in Roscommon so if any of you see that I have made a mistale, I would really  appreciate it if you would let me know.  Thank you.

This part of the register had Christian names in English as opposed to the Latin of the 1808 section.  Place names are not given here.  Names are abbreviated.  I am not going to script the real spellings for all I give here, please look to other parish record pages that I list these on.  I will just have to make up one page of abbreviations and link that in to all my sets of parish records.

NameSurnameFatherMotherMother Maiden NameDateYear 
ThadyKillianPatPeggyMeely or Mury22-Nov1838
JamesBottonJohnBiddyLomers or Lorners22-Nov1838
CathrnCorrThos.Margaret??Keggan or Beggar19-Feb1840
PatCoonThos.Margaret??Keggan or Beggar19-Feb1840
JamesCarrol or CourtPatrickMaryKean31-Mar1840
BridgetKinselyThomasMaryConnors07-Jan1840on another page
BiddyClealon or CledonMichl.MargretWhite01-Oct1840

Dublin Street Names Beginning With B and Civil Parishes


al. = alley.
ave. = avenue.
br. = bridge.
ct. = court.
la. = lane.
lr. = lower.
mkt. = market.
par. = parade.
pk. = park.
pl. = place.
qu. = quay.
rd. = road.
sq. = square.
str. = street.
ter. = terrace.
= yard.


A.D.C. = Artisans’ Dwellings Co.
D. K. R. = Deputy Keeper’s Report.
G. C. D. = Gilbert’s Calendar of Dublin.
G.H D. = Gilbert’s History of Dublin.
L. L. = Lord Lieutenant.
L. M. = Lord Mayor.
Cf. = confer (compare).

l.C. = loco citato (in the place last cited).
q.v.= quod vide (which see).
cr.= created.

Dublin Streets beginning with B : Dated and Explained plus the name of the Civil Parish the street was in during 1834 if given in my 1834 Dublin Directory

Bachelor’s-walk. 1728. ·lane, -quay, 1766.
From an owner of property here named Batchelor.
(Cf. Cook’s-walk, Lord Galway’s-walk.) ‘.
[This derivation seems more probable than that which would describe the quay as a promenade for bachelors. Cf. Beaux-walk, Beaux-lane.]
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint Mary

Back-la. (Corn-market.) 1610.
From its position at the back of the High-str. (Cf. Backquay,-also the Hind- or Behind-str., formerly at the rear of the Skinners’ -row.)
It was called in 1281 Rochel-str.,-and later Rochel-la.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 :
Saint Nicholas, No’s 1-18 & 49-67 inclusive
Saint Audeon No’s 21-48 inclusive.

Back-quay. 1756.**
From its position at the back of the Quay. Now Essex-str. W., q.v.

Badger’s-la. (Duke-str.) 1756. Now Duke-la.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint Michan

Baggot-str. 1773. -up. 1819. -lr. 1839. -ct. -la.
From Robert, Lord Bagod, to whom the Manor of the Rath, outside Dublin, was granted about 1280. (The Battle of Baggotrath was fought in 1649.)
It was called in 1756, The Road to Ball’s-br. In 1800 Baggot-str. up. is called Blackrock-rd.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint Peter
Bagnio-la, -slip. (Wellington-qu.) 1559.
‘The watering slip of the lane called the Bagnio.’ (Gilb. Hist. Dubl., i. 370.) Now Fownes-str. lr.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint Andrew
Bailey’s-row. (Summer-hill.) 1816.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint Thomas
Baldwin’s-ct. (Winetavern-str.) 1766.

Ball’s-la. (Anne-str. N.) 1756.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint Michan

Ball-yd. (S. John’s-la.) 1756**
From the Tennis ball court here. Cf. Tennis-ct.-lane.


Ball-yd. (Church-str.) 1756.**

Ballybough-br. See under Bridges (Tolka).**

Ballybough-la. 1735. -road. 1854.**

Banfield-la. (City-qu.) 1833.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint Mark

Bank-str. 1821-1835.
From its proximity to the Bank of Ireland (1731 to 1800 the Irish Parliament ho.), to which building the Bank removed from S. Mary’s-abbey, where it had been founded in 1783.
Now called College-str., q.v.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint Andrew

Barley-fields. 1773.**
A name given to the district through which Frederick-st. N was subsequently made.

Barrack-br. See under Bridges (Liffey,- VIctoria-br.).
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint Paul and Audeon

Barrack-str. (Queen’s-str.) 1728.
From its proximity to the Royal Barracks (erected in 1704). In 1890 the street appears as Benburb-str., q.v.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint Paul

Barrow-str. (Grand Canal-str.) 1795.
From the river Barrow, the navigation of which IS connected with the Grand Canal.
(The river Barrow is mentioned in a statute of 1537.)
Barrow street is listed in the 1834 directory but there is no civil parish named after the street – a typographical error perhaps.

Basin-la. (S. James’s-str.) 1756.
From the City Basin, constructed (near S. James’s-str.), about 1728 to supply the city with water.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint James

Basin-view (N. C. R.) 1887.
From its view of the Basin at Blessington-str.
NOTE!! A street called Basin View is listed in the 1834 Directory BUT, according to this book on Dublin Street Names Basin-view on North Circular Road did not exist or was not named until 1887. Given that the book tells us that Basin-view is off N.C.R. I am listing the parish given in 1834 here.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint George

Bass-la. 1822. -pL. (Denzille-str.) 1835.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint Mark

Bath-la. (Temple-str. lr.) 1840.**
From the medicated Baths opened here in 1820 by Sir Arthur Clarke (1803-1887),-and continued by Sir Jas. Murray, the patentee of the Fluid Magnesia.

Bayview-ave. (North-strand.) 1840. -parade. **
From the view of Dublin Bay, which could then be had from this place.

Beaumont-ter. (N. C. R.) 1890.**

Beaux-la. 1756.
Since corrupted into Bow-la., and now called Digges-la.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint Peter

Beaux-walk. 1756.**
The north side of S. Stephen’s-green (q.v.) was so called from its being a favourite promenade. (Cf. Bachelor’s¬walk,-but ?)

Beaver-str. (Mecklenburgh-str. lr.) 1811.
[Beaver-row, Donnybrook, quite a different place, was probably so called from Mr. Wright’s Hat Factory there.]
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint Thomas

Beck’s-la. (Mount-brown.) 1756. **

Bedford-row. (Crampton-qu.) -str. (Church-str.) 1766.
From the 4th Duke of Bedford, L.L. 1757-61.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint Andrew

Beef-row. (Ormond-market.) 1833.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint Michan

Behind-str. Called also Sutor-str., q.v. **
From its position behind the Skinners’• row. Cf. Back-la.

Belfast-ter. (N. C. R.) 1865. **
From Belfast, the capital of Ulster.

Belgrave. (N. C. R.) 1890. **

Bell-alley. (Golden-la.) 1766.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint Peter

Bella-str. (Buckingham-str.) 1872.**

Belle-str. (Rutland-str. lr.) 1798.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint Thomas

Bell’s-la. (Ely-pl.) 1832.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint Peter

Bell-villa. (Camden-row.) 1845.**

Belmont-pl. 1834. (Gardiner-str. mid.) -ter. (N. C. R.) 1889.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint George

Belton-ter. (S. C. R.) 1889. **

Belvidere-p1.(Mountjoy-sq.) 1794.
From the Earl of Belvidere (cr. 1756, ext. I8I4),-whose residence, Belvidere House (now the Jesuits’ College), in Great Denmark-str., faces North Gr. Geo.-str.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint George

Belview. (Crane-str.) 1776.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint Catherine

Benburb-str. (Queen’s-str.) 1890.**
From Benburb, in the Co. Armagh, the scene of a battle in 1646.
Formerly called Barrack-str., q.v.

Bennington-la. (Moore-str.) 1776. See Bunting-la. Benson-str. (Sir John Rogerson’s-qu.) 1795. Beresford-pl. 1791.
From the Rt. Hon. John Beresford (1738-1805), M.P. for Co. Waterford, Chief Commissioner of the Revenue (1780-1802). The neighbouring Custom Ro. was built in 1791 by his advice. [See his Correspondence in 2 vols., 1854. Cf. Eden-qu.]
Bennington lane is not listed in 1834, but Bennington pl (place) is listd and as being in the area of Moore St. Bennington place is listed as being in the Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint Mary

Beresford-str. (King-str. N.) 1774. [Dubl. Gazette, 24 Dec.] Formerly called (Frapper- or) Phrapper-la.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint Michan

Berkeley-str. lr. up. 1825.**

Berkeley-rd. (N. C. R.) 1871. **
It passes through ground marked in a map of 1796 as Royal Circus.

Bermingham-la. (Moore-str.) 1792.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint Mary

Bertram’s-ct. 1305. **(Gilb. Hist. Dubl., i 329.)
Not now existing,-then near Corn-market.

Bessborough-ave. (North-strand.) -ter. 1848.
From the Earl of Bessborough, L.L. 1846-47.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint Thomas

Bethel’s-ct. **

Bethesda-la. (Dorset-str.) 1792.
From its proximity to the Bethesda Church,-first built in 1784, destroyed by fire I839,-and rebuilt in 1840 (re¬opened, 13 Dec.)
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint Mary

Binns-br. See under Bridges (Royal Canal). **

Binns-ct. (S. Francis-str.) 1792.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint Nicholas, without

Birchin-la. (Moore-str.) 1766. **

Birmingham-alley. (Meath-str.) 1766. **

Bishop-str. (Redmond’s-hill.) 1774. [Dublin Gazette, 24 Dec.]
From its proximity to S. Sepulchre’s, the residence (until about 1815) of the Archbishop of Dublin. (Cf. Dean-, Canon-, and Vicar-, streets,-Mitre-al., Chapter-ct., and Cathedral-Ia. )
Previously known as Boater-la., grt. or big, q.v.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 :
No’s 1-24 inclusive Saint Peter
No’s 26-53 inclusive Saint Bride.
No mention made of No. 25

Black-dog, New-hall-market (Corn-market). 1756. **

Black-str. (Infirmary-rd.) 1886. **
From the late Gibson Black, esq. (d. 3 Jan. 1889),-one of the directors of the A. D. c., who gave this name to a street of their own erection.

Blackhall-market, -row. 1787. -str. 1789. -pl. 1822. -par.
From Sir Thos. Blackhall, L.M. 1769. Blackhall-market was formerly called the City-market.
(See Arundel-ct.)
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint Nicholas, without
Note: Dublin Street names lists Blackhall Market as becoming Blackhall Parade in 1822 and that it is part of the Civil Parish of St. ncholas, without. The Dublin City Directory lists Blackhall parade as being a separate street to Blackhall Market and that Blackhall Parade was part of the Civil Parish of Saint Paul.
In 1834, there was also another street called Blackhall-place which is not listed in the Dublin Street Names book and this was also part of the Civil Parish of Saint Paul.

Blackhorse-la. 1756. **
From a tavern with the sign of the Black Horse?
(Cf. Whitehorse-yd. and Redcow-la.)
In a map of 1796, the sth.-east end appears as Aughrim-str., q.v.

Blackmore-yd. 1756. **
From a tavern with the sign of a Black Moor?
This thoroughfare does not now exist (not in Directory since 1787). It led from Anglesea-str. to Foster-pl., through the site of the present Royal Bank, or a little north of that site.

Blackpits. (Ward’s-hill.) 1728.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 :
East side, Saint Nicholas, without
West side, Saint Luke

Blackpost-yd. 1756. **

Blaquiere-br. See under Bridges (Royal Canal).**

Blenheim-str. (Talbot-str.) 1800.
The northern portion has been built on (Carolin’s Buildings, 181O),-the southern portion is now known as Northum¬berland-sq., q.v.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint Thomas

Blessington-str. (Dorset-str. up.) 1795. -pl. 1818. -ct.
From the Earl of Blessington, cr. 1816, ext. 1829. (He was the eldest s. of the Rt. Hon. Luke Gardiner (1745-98), cr. Baron Mountjoy, 1789, and Viscount Mountjoy, 1795• Cf. the neighbouring Gardiner-str. and Mountjoy-sq.)
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 : Saint Mary

Blind-quay [not on the riverJ. 1639. -Ir. 1674. -up. 1697.
Now known as Exchange-str. lr. and up., q.v. (Cf. Great Britain-quay, a thoroughfare not on any river or canal.)
“Exchange street” Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834
No’s 1-20 and 18-19 inclusive Saint Andrew
No’s 11-17 inclusive Saint John
No’s 23-45 inclusive Saint Anne

Bloody-br. See under Bridges (Liffey,-Victoria-br.).

Bloomfield-ave. (S. C. R.) 1839. -pk. **

Blueboar-alley. (S. Werburgh-str.) 1766. **

Bluehand-ct., -la., -yd. (Pill-ln..) 1837. **

Blythe’s-ave. (Church-road.) 1866. **

Boater-la. grt. 1728. **[Also spelled Booter and Butter.] From the Irish bothar,a road (dim. bohereen)? (~f. Stoney¬batter, Booterstown, and Cow-booter-la., Howth. See Joyce, i. 44-46.)
Now Bishop-str. (since 1774, Dublin Gazette, 24 Dec.), q.v.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834
No’s 1-24 inclusive : Saint Peter
No’s 26-53 inclusive Saint Bride

Boater-la. lit. (Exchequer-str.) 1766. **
Now Drury-str. (formerly Drury-la.), q.V.
Drury Lane : Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Bridget

Bobbet’s-la. (Constitution-hill.) 1833.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Michan

Bolton-ct. (Skinners’-row.) 1784.
From Thos. Bolton, L.M. 1716, d. 1736.
Bolton Court adjoining Bolton street: Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Mary
Bolton Court adjoining Christ Church Place: Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Werburgh

Bolton-str. (Capel-str.) 1724.
From the Duke of Bolton, L.L. 1717-21.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Mary

Bond’s-la. (New-str.) 1728. **

Bond-str. (Grand Canal Harbour). 1833.
From Sir Jas. Bond., a wealthy Anglo-Indian, who in the last century built S. James-str. harbour, and other places, including Clover Hill, Clondalkin.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Catherine

Bonham-str. (Bridgefoot-str.) 1792.
From Alderman Bonham, a hide-merchant.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Catherine

Bonny-la. (New-str.) 1795.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Nicholas, without (Bonny’s lane)

Boot-la. (The N. part of what is now Arran-str. E.) 1697.
From an inn, with the sign of the Boot.
Cf. Shoe-lane,-but in a different neighbourhood.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Michan

Bor’s-ct. (Schoolhouse-la.) 1756.
From John Bor, of German origin, who in 1674 leased (from the Corporation) the City Free School, situated in School¬house-la., at the corner of this court.
The name is often corrupted into Borris-ct. and Burrowes-ct.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Michael (Borris-court)

Bothe-str. 1305.
It was later called Skinners’ -row, q.v.,-and it is now called Christchurch-pl., q.v.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834
No’s 1-9 inclusive, Saint Nicholas, within
No’s 10-21 inclsive saint Werburgh
No’s 22-24 inclusive Saint John

Boule-house-yd. (Abbey-str.) 1840. **

Bow-br. See under Bridges (Camac).
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint James

I. North (Church-str. new.) 1756.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Michan
Formerly known as Loughbuoy, q.V.
2. East (Aungier-str.) 1766.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Peter
A corruption of Beaux-la., q.v.
3. West (5. James’s-str.) 1756.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint James

Bow-str. (King-str. N.) 1728.
Properly Bowes-str.,-from John, Baron Bowes, Lord Chancellor (Sergeant, 1728; Lord Chancellor, 1761; d. 1767), who resided here in the house now known as the Night Asylum.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Michan

Bowes-la. (Marrowbone-la.) 1840. **

Boyne-str. (Cumberland-str. S.) 1770.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Mark

Boyne-str. -grt. 1800. (Grand Canal Docks.)
This street appears bid out in a map of 1800, intersecting Barrow-str.,-but it has never been made.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Mark

Brabazon-str. (Coombe.) 1766. -row. 1775. -sq. 1882.
From Brabazon, the surname of the Earl of Meath. Cf.
Ardee-str., q.v.
Brabazon-str. was formerly called Truck-str., q.v. Brabazon-sq. was so named by the A. D. C.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Luke

Bracken’s-la. (Townsend-str.) 1833.
Bracken’s row is listed in the 1834 Dublin City Directory and the Civil Parish from this Directory is Saint Mark

Bradoge-la. (S. Mary-la.) 1756.**
From the Bradoge river, which rises in upper Cabragh, and enters the Liffey at Arran-str. E. (Cf. Channel-row.)
Now called Littlegreen-str., q.V.

Brady’s-row. (Paradise-row.) 1832.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Mary

Braithwaite-str. (Pimlico.) 1756.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Catherine

Brazill-ct. (Winetavern-str.) 17-. **
From Richard Brazill, plumber, living in 1763 at 12 Wine¬tavern-str. (Hughes’s S. John, 135.)
This is now the entrance to the Corporation yard.

Breffni-ter. (5. C. R.) 1890. **

Brewery-yd. (Gloucester-str. lr.) 1840.**
The houses were taken down in I889,-and on their site, part of the Asylum for Female Penitents has been erected.

Brickfield-la. (Cork-str.) 1756. -str. 1766. **

Bride’s (S.)-alley, str. See S. Bride’s-alley, -str. Bridewell-br. ?ee under Bridges (Liffey,-Queen’s-br.). Bridewell-la. (Queen’s-str.) 1756. **
From the Bridewell in Smithfield.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834
No’s 10-27 inclusive Saint Bride
No’s 1-9 and 28-36 inclusive Saint Nicholas, without


BRIDGES: – There are no houses on the bridges so I will not be trying to indicate the parishes they lie in
1. BRIDGES OVER THE LIFFEY (proceeding from the mouth)
1. Butt-br. (Beresford-pI.) 1879.
From Isaac Butt, M.P., Q.C. [Erected 1879.J
2. O’Connell-br. (Sackville-str.) 1880.
From Daniel 0’Connell, M.P.
Formerly called Carlisle-br., 1794, from Frederick Howard (1748-1825), 5th Earl of Carlisle, L. L. 1780-82. [Erected, 1794; rebuilt, I880.J
3. Wellington-br. (Liffey-str.) 1816.
From the Duke of Wellington, who won the battle of Waterloo in 1815.
Popularly called the Metal- or the Iron- br.,¬from the material of which it is made.
[Erected in lieu of a ferry, 1816, by Alderman Beresford and Mr. Wm. Walsh, at a cost of £3,000. (See an article on Our Only Toll Bridge, in the Evening Telegraph of 3 Feb., 1887•)J
4. Grattan-br. (Capel-str.) 1875.
From the Rt. Hon. Henry Grattan (1746-1820), M.P. Formerly called Essex-br., 1697, from Arthur Capel, Earl of Essex, L.L. 1672-77.
[Erected, 1676; rebuilt, 1755; again rebuilt, levelled and widened, 1874.]
5. Richmond-br. (Winetavern-str.) 1818.
From Charles Lennox, 4th Duke of Richmond; L.L. 1807-13. [Erected, 1683; swept away, 1806; present bridge commenced, 1813; opened, 1816.]
Formerly called Ormond-br., 1683, from James Butler, Duke of Ormond, L.L. 1677-85.
6. Whitworth-br. (Church-str.) 1818.
From Charles, Earl Whitwortli, L.L. 1813-17. Anciently known as the Old Bridge; built by King John, 1210, and rebuilt by the Domini¬cans, 1385; the present structure was erected in 1818 ; re-balustraded, 1890.
7. Queen’s-br. (Queen’s-str.) 1776.
From Queen’s Charlotte, wife (1761) of Geo. III. (whence the neighbouring Queen’s-str.)
Erected, 1683; called Arran-br.1728,-Bridewell-br. (from its proximity to Bridewell-la., and to the Bridewell in Smithfield), 1756,-Ellis’s-br., 1766 (see Ellis’s-qu.) ;-rebuilt, 1768.
8. Victoria-br. (Watling-str.) 1863.
Erected in wood, 1670, and called Bloody-br. from a fatal affray there in 1671; rebuilt in stone, 1704, and called Barrack-br. from its proximity to the Royal Barracks (the foundations of which were laid in 1701); and rebuilt in iron in 1863, when it was opened by Queen Victoria.
9. King’s-br. (Steevens-la.) 1828.’
From King Geo. IV., and as a memorial of his visit to Dublin in 1821.
The foundation stone was laid, 12 Dec., 1827.
10. Sarah-br. (Island-br. rd.) 1791.
From Sarah, Countess of Westmoreland, whose husband was L.L. 1790-95.
An earlier br. was called Island-br., 1728.

II. BRIDGES OVER THE TOLKA (proceeding from the Liffey)
I. Annesley-br. (North-strand.)
From the Hon. Richard Annesley (a director of the Royal Canal Company in I791)?
2. Ballybough-br. 1488.
From its leading to Ballybough (which means Town of the Poor; Joyce, i. 16).
First erected by John Decer (provost of Dublin,. 1308); destroyed by a flood in 1313.

III. BRIDGES OVER THE CAMAC (proceeding from the Liffey) :-
1. Bow-br. (Irwin-str.) 1756.
2. Golden-br. (Inchicore-rd.)

IV. BRIDGES OVER THE DODDER (proceeding from the Liffey) :-
1. Ringsend-br. (Ringsend-rd.)
Built, 1650; rebuilt, 1729; again, 1789; and again after its destruction in 1802.
2. London:br. (Bath-ave.) Rebuilt, 1856.
3. Herbert-br. or Lansdowne-br. (Haig’s-ave.)
4. Ball’s-br. (Blackrock-rd.) 1751.
Built in last century; and called (1757) Baal’s- br.; rebuilt, 1791 ; again rebuilt, 1835.
5. Anglesea-br. (Donnybrook-rd.) Built, 1832.
6. Clonskeagh-br.
7. Milltown-br.
8. Classon’s-br.
9. Waldron’s-br. (Orwell-rd.)
Built in 1848 by Patrick Waldron, of Rathgar Ho.
10. Big-br. (Rathfarnham-rd.)
Destroyed by a.flood in 1754; since rebuilt.

V. BRIDGES OVER THE ROYAL CANAL (proceeding from the Liffey):¬
1. Newcomen-br. (North-strand.)
From Sir Wm. G. Newcomen, bart. (cr. 1781), a director of the Royal Canal Company in 1791.
2. Clarke’s-br. (Ballybough-rd.) .
From Edw. Clarke, a director in 1791.
3. Clonli:tf-br. (J ones’s-rd.)
From the adjoining tovmland of Clonliff•
4. Binns-br. (Drumcondra-rd.)
From John Binns, a director in 1791.
5. Blaquiere-br. (N.C. R.)
From the Rt. Hon. Sir John Blaquiere, bart., a director in 179 J •
6. Westmoreland-br. (Glasnevin-rd.)
From the Earl of Westmoreland, L.L. 1790-95.
7. Rei11y’s-br.
From Henry Stevens Reilly, a director in 1791•

VI. BRIDGES OVER THE GRAND CANAL (proceeding from the Liffey) :-
1. Draw-br. (Ringsend-rd.) of wood, 1791; also called the Brunswick Bascule (Irish Builder, 15 Nov., 1879, p. 350); replaced in 1857 by the present Victoria-br. (of metal).
2. Macquay’s-br. (Grand Canal:’str.)
From George Macquay, a director of the Grand Canal Company in 1791.
3. M’Kenny’s-br. (Mount-str.lr.)
From Sir Thos. M’Kenny, a director.
4; Huband-br. (Mount-str. up.)
From Joseph Huband, a director in 1791.
5. Macartney-br. (Baggot-str.)
From John Macartney, Chairman in 1791.
6. Eustace-br. (Leeson-str.)
From Colonel Chas. Eustace, M.P., Deputy Chair¬man in 1791.
7. Charlemont-br. (Charlemont-str.)
From Charlemont-str., q.v., which was here intersected by the Canal.
8. La Touche-br. (Rathmines-rd.)
From Wm. Digges La Touche, a director in 1791 (grandfather of the late Wm. Digges La Touche).
9. Clanbrassil-br. (Harold’s-Cross-rd.)
10. Parnell-br.
From Sir John Parnell, bart. (cr. 1766).
11. Camac-br. (Dolphin’s-barn.)
From Turner Camac, a director in 1791.
12. Harberton-br.
From Lord Viscount Harberton, a director in 1791.
13. Griffith-br.
From Richard Grijjith, a director in 1791 (father of the late Sir Richard Griffith).
14. Harcourt-br. (S. C. R.)
From Simon Harcourt, 1st Earl Harcourt, L.L. 1772-76.
Also called Rialto-br.

Bridge-str. (now lr.) 1317. -up. (Corn-market.) 1799.
From its proximity to the Old Bridge,-see above, under Bridges (Liffey,-Whitworth-br.)
Bridge-str. up. occupies the site of New-hall-market.
Upper & Lower : Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Audeon

Bridgefoot-str. (Ushe.r’s-qu.) 1732.
From the Bridge-foot (the foot of the Old Bridge,-see above), the name of the residence of Sir Wm. Ussher, the younger (I610-1671), which was situated to the west of Bridge-str. lr., and which with its grounds occupied the space covered by Usher’s-quay, Usher’s-island, &c. [See Wright’s Ussher Memoirs, pp. 139, 140)
The upper or southern end of Bridgefoot-str. was called Dirty-la. (q.v.) in the early part of last century,-a name by which the whole street is still popularly known.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834
No’s 1-13 and 54-68 inclusive Saint Catherine
No’s 17-53 inclusive Saint Audeon

Britain-str. gr. See Great Britain-str. [From Great Britain?)
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834
No’s 1-61 and 151-209 inclusive Saint Mary
No’s 63-104 inclusive Saint Thomas
No’s 105-149 ionclusive saint George

1824 Directory also mentions
Britain St.-Lit
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834
No’s 1-4 and 16 1/2 -19 inclusive Saint Mary
No’s 5-16 inclusive Saint Michan

Britt’s-yd. (Cole-al. W., ‘Meath-str.) 1766. Broadstone. (Phibsborough-rd.) 1756.
(Cf. Longstone, sub Hawkins-str.,-and also Ehrenbreitstfin, opposite Coblenz.)
The M. G. W. R. was opened in 1851•

Broad-str. (Oxmantown.) 1261.** [Gilb. Cal. Dubl., i. 94•] What existing street bore this name?

Brock-la. (Great Britain-str.) 1728. **

1. (S. Thomas-str.) 1756.
Listed as Brown-alley in 1834. Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Catherine
2. (Tighe-str.) Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Paul

I. S. (Weavers’-sq.) 1756. Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Catherine
2. N. (King-st. N.) 1756. Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Michan

I. (N.) 1766.
Formerly called, as still popularly, Channel-rowl q. v.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834
No’s 1-16 and 59 to Church St., inclusive Saint Michan
No’s 18-51 inclusive Saint Paul
2. Gr. (Sth.) 1795.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Mark

Brush-row. (Arran-sofr. E.) 1776
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Mark

Bryan-al. (Arran-str. E.) 1776.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Michan : Listed as Bryan’s Alley in 1834

Buckingham-str. (Summer-hill.) 1790.
From the Marquis of Buckingham, L.L. 1782-83, 1787-90.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Thomas

Buckridge’s-ct. (Ship-str. grt.) 1773. [Map.]
It was closed in 1803, when the Quartermaster General’s House was built on its site.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Bridget : listed as Buckridge Court in 1834

Bull-al (5. Patrick-str.) 1680. [Par. Reg., S. Nicholas Within.] Bull-la. (Pill-Ia.) 1728.
Cf. (by association of ideas) the neighbouring Cow-Ia. [So, too, Greek-str., q.V., with Latin-ct. adjoining it.]
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834
No’s 1-8 and 31-40 inclusive Saint Nicholas, out
No’s 9-16 and 20-30 inclusive Saint Bride
No’s 17, 18 and 19 Saint Patrick

Bull-ring. 1564. ** [Fiants.]
An iron ring that sticketh in the Corn-market, to which the bulls that are yearly baited be usually tied. [Stani. hurst, 1577,-in Gilb. Cal. Dubl., ii. 542.)

Bum bailiff’s-la. (New-str.) 1756.**
Corrupted into Fumbally’s-la., since 1792.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Nicholas, without

Bunting-la. (Moore-str.) 1756. **

Burges-la. (Hay-market.) 1756.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Paul : Listed as Burgess lane 1834

Burgh-quay. 1808. See Quays.
From Elizabeth Burgh, wife of Anthony Foster, Chief Baron of the Exchequer,-whose eldest son was the Rt. Hon. John Foster (1740-1828), the last Speaker of the Irish House of Commons.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Mark

Burlington-pl. (Leeson-str. up.) 1848. -rd. 1849. **

Burnell’s-la. (‘By the keye.’) 1573.** [Gilb. Cal. Dubl., ii. 85.] From Henry Burnell, recorder, 1873?

Butt-br. See Bridges (Liffey).

Butter-la. 1577. **See Boater-la. [Gilb. Cal. Dubl., ii, 119.)

Butter-market. 1713.
Cf. cattle-, corn-, egg-, fish-, fruit-, hay-, markets.

Byrne’s-hill. (Ardee-str.) 1792.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Catherine

Byrne’s-la. (Swift’s-row.) 1756.
Civil Parish from Dublin City Directory, 1834 Saint Catherine


Baptism and Marriage Extracts, Church of Ireland, Carlow Town, 1747-1855

A few baptismal and marriage extracts from the Church of Ireland parish registers of Carlow town, Co. Carlow.
Spellings are exactly as I read them with no changes. Question marks show where I had difficulty reading a word or a name

Carlow Church of Ireland Parish Register Extracts
Baptisms : 1836-1852
Marriages : 1836-1845
Burials : 1836-1865
R.C.B. Library Ref.: P. 317.1.3

Baptised : Nov. 11th, 1838.
Born : Oct. 12th, 1838
Name : Henry
Parents : Wm. & Elizabeth Black?burne
Abode: Carlow
Profession/Occupation father: ?Saddler

Baptised : July 31st, 1842.
Born : July 10th, 1842
Name : James Edward
Parents : James & Dorcas Porter
Abode: Carlow
Profession/Occupation father: Physician
Curate: William Brandon

Baptised : Dec 27th, 1843
Born : Sept 27th, 1843
Name : Edward Albert
Parents : Thos. James & Jane Margaret Rawson
Abode: Carlow
Profession/Occupation father: Surgeon & M.D.
Rector: J. Jameson

Baptised : July 11th, 1846.
Born : Not given
Name : Robert Nicholas
Parents : Thomas & Jane Rawson
Abode: Carlow
Profession/Occupation father: Doctor
Wm. Brandon – Private baptism, child (?very) ill

Groom: Mansergh Lugworth Flood of Carlow Parish
Bride : Anne Catherine Moore of Carlow Parish
By Banns. 2nd May 1837
Signed : Lugworth Flood & Catherine Moore
Witnesses: Jane Emerson & Patrick Devereux

# 379. John Blackburne, Carlow. Aug 22nd, 1855. 2 years. Thos. Shelland Curate.
#461. Un-named Blackburne. Carlow. 28th Jan 1860. No age given
Baptisms 1852-1864
P. 317.2.1
No Blackburne, Flood or Rawson listed.

Carlow Church of Ireland Parish Register Extracts
R.C.B. Library Ref.: P. 317.1.2

Month?? 31st Baptised. Joseph son of John and Ann Bowles. Killeshin

Aug 27th Married. Robert Carr and Ann Bowles, being called in Church July the 31st, Aug 7th & 14th

Oct. 17th Married: Will’m Bowles to Mary Harborne. Rich’d Mills

July 24th Baptised : James Bowles son to Will’m & Mary Bowles

July 9th Married: Jno Bowles to Eliz. McGrath with Lycence

April 12th Marr’d: Joseph Bowels and Ann Tunstead with Lycence

June 20th Bapt’d : Robt. Son to Wm. And Sarah Bowles

Mary 21st Bapt’d: Jane Daughter to Jno and Mary Bowls (sic)

Feb 27th Married / By Mr. D. / Joseph Bowles to Jane Feltus, both of this parish, by Licence
May. Omitted, about 7th. Bapt : Eliza Daughter of Joseph and Jane Bowles

June 16th. Marr’d: James Bale and Mary Budds
Sept 9th. Bapt’d: John son of Joseph and Elizabeth Bowles

Jan 26th Bapt’d: Margt. Daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Bowles
Aug 31st. Mar’d: John Graham and Lucinda Bowles

p. 122
May 17th Bapt’d: Eliza. Daughter of Joseph and (Blank) Bowles.

Next page of register (p. 123) = blank note re 10 pages on – did not go ten pages to see if it continued at that point

Page 124 – 1822
Page 125 – 1825
Page 127 – 1824

No mention of Bowles or Feltus surnames on these pages.

Dec 12th. Married by ?C. Francis Flood of the parish of Carrick, Co. Kilkenny to Dorcas Burchaell of (??this parish)



The Dublin Fishery Company, 1818-30

Extracts from: The Dublin Fishery Company 1818-1830
AUGUST, 1951
Vol: XII, No. 3

On the 2nd of November, in the year 1818, a small number of gentlemen met at the Leinster Tavern, also known as Morrison’s Hotel, in Dawson Street, to consider proposals to form a company for the better supply of the Dublin Market with fresh fish.  The proposals were submitted by Captain James Steward, an official in the Civil Branch of the Ordnance Board employed as Superintendent of the Pigeon House Dock. The gentlemen present were taken with the idea and sent a deputation to the Lord Mayor to request his sanction and support. The Mayor appointed a day for a public meeting to consider the matter further and one hundred copies of a printed prospectus were distributed about the town. In brief, the prospectus asked for £2,000, divided into £50 shares, to purchase five boats of about 30 tons each to trawl off the coast and the adjacent banks. It was reckoned that each boat, in four or five days’ trawling, could catch and bring to market a freight estimated to average £10 when sold. One boat from the fleet would arrive at the Pigeon House Dock on each week-day and the fish were to be brought to Dublin by horse and cart. An allowance of thirty days in the year was made for times when fishing would not be possible because of gales and other causes. The remaining 335 days were taken to be the number of days that a freight of fish to the value of £10 would be brought to market and the annual income was put down as £3,350. The items on the expenditure side of the account totalled a lesser amount and showed that a good profit was to be anticipated. The wages of masters and seamen were put down as three-eights of the income which was too little according to the general practice of that time and as it turned out the company’s masters and seamen never got less in wages and shares than one-half the total income. At the public meeting on the 11th of November, Captain Steward’s proposals were approved and a subscription list was opened. The subscribers held further meetings at which the capital was doubled and rules were made for the management of the concern. Captain Steward was appointed the company’s agent to purchase boats and to superintend their working. He was also to take charge of the sales of fish and to account weekly with the treasurer for all receipts and expenses.

This information is in a book preserved in the Public Record Office and entitled: Dublin Fishery Company Minutes, which has entries beginning on the second of November, 1818, and ending on the 9th of October, 1824. There is evidence that the company hand-bills inserted in the Minute Book showing that the company’s boats were put up for sale in August of that year.

An item of outstanding interest in the Minute Book is the detail of the numbers of each kind of fish caught and on which days in each week fish were landed and brought to market and how much each day’s fish sold for. This record was kept for each of sixty-two weeks beginning on Saturday, 28th September, 1822, and ending on Saturday, 6th December, 1823′ The fish mostly named are turbot, sole, haddock, plaice, hake and whiting. The less frequently named are gurnet, cod, ray, ling and conger-eel In the 52 weeks of the year 1823, there were 192 days on which fish were landed which is an average per week of nearly 31 days. Not a single week in this year passed without at least 2 days on which fish were landed and brought to market. This must be regarded as a remarkable achievement when it is remembered that it was done with sailing-boats which were at the mercy of wind and tide.

The subscribers were citizens of Dublin from different walks in life. There were gentry, aldermen, clergymen, doctors, lawyers and government clerks. Viscount Frankfort de Montmorency, one of the Harbour Commissioners, was president and George La Touche, senior partner in La Touche’s Bank, vice-president and honorary treasurer. The offices of president and vice-president were discontinued after Lord Frankfort’s death in 1823 and the Board of Directors elected a chairman at their weekly meetings. C. B. Newenham and the first honorary secretary, Leonard Thornhill were clerks in the Ordnance Board at the Pigeon House Fort. George Booker of 2 Erne Street succeeded Thornhill as honorary secretary in June, 1819′ William Watts, 2I Sackville Street, was an apothecary and Arthur Morrison of Morrison’s Hotel, No. I Dawson Street, is described in the directories as a tavern-keeper. He was lord mayor in I834. Counsellor James Lyne, 2 Lower Mount Street, Assistant-Barrister for Co. Westmeath, advised the company in legal matters and another lawyer was Counsellor Henry Dawson of 3 Hume Street. The clergy were represented by the Reverend William Barber, curate of St. Mark’s, and the Reverend Henry Savage, assistant curate of St. Michael’s,’ High Street. The members of the Dublin Corporation were Alderman John Cash, of 34 Rutland Square and Belville, and Alderman John Kingston James, afterwards a baronet, of I6 North Frederick Street, with his counting house at 9 Cavendish Row. Doctor J. Duncan, 38 Marlborough Street, a practising physician, represented the medical profession, and Captain John Macgregor Skinner, RN., of Falconer’s Hotel, 12 Dawson Street, commander of one of His Majesty’s Steam Packets, and Major Crampton, 15 Holles Street, represented the Navy and Army respectively. Other notable subscribers were Robert Guinness of Stillorgan, Henry Darley of Stillorgan, and Ralph Shaw of George’s Quay, a Harbour Commissioner.(last line of page missing…)

…….. differed in the social scale, the subscribers were on a level footing as investors in the venture since most took two shares and very few only one. Excepting Captain Steward, they were almost certainly on a par in knowing little or nothing about sea fisheries but they were willing to learn. One of their first resolutions after forming the company was to instruct Captain Steward to buy a copy of Robert Fraser’s Review of the Domestic Fisheries of Great Britain and Ireland, published in 1818. This quarto-sized volume of 287 pages contains more historical than practical information and it is doubtful if it helped the Directors very much in their work.

The Company was formed on the 17th December, 1818, and no time was lost in getting to work. Captain Steward left for England to buy boats on the 30th December and he returned on the 8th February, 1819. In these 5 weeks he journeyed from Brixham in Devonshire along the coast to Plymouth and as far east as London. Grimsby and Hull were not at that time the great centres of the fishing industry they afterwards became. It shows Captain Steward’s good judgement that he went first to Brixham, the home of the famous fishing smacks that led the way in developing the present day deep-sea fishing industry. Four of the company’s fleet of 8 boats are listed as coming from Brixham and one from Plymouth. One boat was built in Dublin and the home port of the remaining 2 is not given. The first boat arrived at Dublin on the 14th January, 1819, and on the 22nd February the company had five boats, the Armada from Brixham, 41 tons, cost £371; Rosebank, Brixham, 36 tons, cost £461; Maria, 37 tons, cost £410; Pheasant, 32 tons, cost £325 ; and the Frederick, Brixham, 39 tons, cost £490. If boats could have been obtained in Ireland the company would not have spent their capital outside the country. A boat at Balbriggan was inspected and found totally unsuitable. In order to give employment at home, a contract was placed with Mr. Morton of Dublin, shipbuilder, for a vessel to the company’s specification to cost £675. In January, the directors were hesitant in deciding to acquire the fifth boat but the returns of later weeks showing a good profit made them bold enough to announce in their first quarterly report to the proprietors in April, 1819, that they had ordered 2 more boats from England, the Mary from Plymouth, 39 tons, cost £430; and the Mariner, Brixham, 39 tons, cost £480. In this first quarterly report in April, 1819, the directors increased the capital to £5,000 because of numerous applications to become shareholders. By the end of July, when Mr. Morton’s boat of 40 tons was launched the company had eight boats in service. The new boat was named the Frankfort in honour of the president.

As well as the boats, the captains and seamen had to be brought from England since none experienced in trawling could have
been found in Ireland. This mode of fishing was practically non-existent here before 1819 and the Dublin Fishery Company was
(line missing here…)

The Inshore fishermen of Baldoyle, Howth and other palces displayed violent opposition.

1821 Mr. George McAlpin elected Assistant Secretary

Mr. john Hoare, 2 Pill Lane was the company’s salesman

Christopher Lawlor was under contract to suppl horses and carts to bring the fish to market. He had to attend Pigeon House
at 4am and was paid 2/6 a day for each horse and 1s. 3d when standing b

Seamen who came over with the boats returned and their places were taken local men.

Captain Pile, Captain Henry Saunders. Captain Nicholas Talbot
Masters; Samuel Bartlett, James Pile, Thomas Bartlett and Elias Willis.

Seaman : William King :

Seaman James Thornton, Seaman

Marriage Records, Lisdowney, Co. Kilkenny, 1828-32

Bride & Groom Names, plus dates are given here. This index was transcribed and created by Jane Lyons. No guarantee is given as to 100% accuracy. Witness names are also given in the register, these were not transcribed. An attempt was made to read all records, there may have been some at the end of pages which were blocked out on the film. Over the years transcribed there were a total of 100 marriages recorded in the Roman Catholic parish of Portarlington

Bride Surnames or spelling variations which do not appear as Groom surnames : Barry?? – Blanchfil – Brophy – Burke – Byrne – Cashin – Costigan – Delahunty – Doyle – Dunne?? – Foley – Glindon – Gorman – Grogan?? – Guinan – Harney – Head – Hoyne – Keeffe – Kehoe – Kenny – Knaresborough – Laherty – Lannan – Lickton or Siclton?? – Loeylda?? – Maguire – Martin – Muldowney – Neil – Oxly – Power – Quin – Read – Ried? – Shorthall – Slattery – Talbot – Wall – White – Wolf

First Name Abbreviations
Ally = Anastasia (sometimes), Bess = Elizabeth, Eliza, Biddy, Bridgt. = Bridget, Betty = Elizabeth ; Cath. = Catherine, Danl., Dan = Daniel, Fanton, Finton = Fintan , Hanna = Hanora or Anne, Honner = Honora, Honoria, Jas. Js. = James, Jer. = Jeremiah, Jim = James , Jno. = John or Jonathan, Jos. = Joseph, Judy = Judith ; Lau. = Laurence, Matt. = Matthew, Michl, Mick. = Michael, Margt. = Margaret, May = Mary, Murty, Murtha = Martin ; Nelly = Ellen, Eleanor ; Onny = Winifred, Pat = Patrick, Peggy = Margaret ; Sally = Sarah, Thos., Thoms., = Thomas, Richd = Richard, Winn, Winny = Winifred ; Wm = William

Groom Bride Date Year
Tom Balkin Mary Fogarty 07-Oct 1830
John Bergin Kitty Egan 19-Jul 1829
Nick Bergin Biddy Kelly 13-Feb 1831
John Bowe Kitty Foley 01-Mar 1832
Patt Brady Margaret Kelly 11-Jul 1830
Larry Brenan Ally Ried? 15-Jul 1829
John Brenan Biddy Brenan 19-Nov 1832
Martin Brenan Mary Dowling 29-Jan 1830
Patt Brenan Anty Hickey 02-Oct 1832
John Brenan Mary Maguire 07-Feb 1831
James Brett Biddy Muldowney 14-Feb 1830
Patt Broderick Nancy Bergin 16-Feb 1830
Michael Butler Anne Grogan?? 21-Oct 1830
James Butler Kitty Cahill 19-Jan 1832
Wm. Butler Nelly Head 01-Nov 1829
Owen C?onnell Anne Dooly 18-Aug 1830
Tom Cahill Biddy Glindon 08-Jul 1832
Wm. Campion Bridget Murphy 25-Sep 1829
Mick Cantwell Sally Delany 01-Feb 1830
Tom Cantwell Biddy Kenny 10-Oct 1830
Larry Cantwell Mary Mahony 05-Mar 1832
Thomas Carbery Mary Burke 16-May 1831
Nicholas Carroll Bridget Martin 04-Mar 1832
Richard Cody Ally Walsh 06-Mar 1832
Wm. Collatin Kitty Loeylda?? 25-Nov 1830
Dick Conway Mary Byrne 11-Dec 1831
Mick Coyne Mary Maher 10-Feb 1831
Nick Crean? Mary Fogarty 04-Feb 1830
Patt Cuddihy Catherine Cuddihy 22-Feb 1830
Dick Cuddihy Judy Kelly 25-Jul 1829
Denis Cussan Mary Purcell 27-Jan 1831
Martin Delany Kitty Bergin 25-Feb 1829
Barth Delany Anne Doyle 03-Mar 1829
Andy Delany Nelly Mulhall 26-Feb 1832
John Delany Mary Walsh 26-May 1830
Martin Dohony Peggy Glindon 17-Feb 1830
Michael Dooley Mary Power 14-Feb 1831
Tim Dooly Kitty Sexton 19-Feb 1832
John Dowling Mary Cashin 22-Feb 1832
Fergus Dowling Margaret Maguire 08-Feb 1831
Mick Dowling Betty Neil 13-Jul 1829
John Dunphy Biddy Dunne?? 14-Feb 1830
Wm. Egan Margaret Fitzpatrick 01-Dec 1832
John Fa?relly Peggy Shorthall 10-Feb 1831
Martin Fitzpatrick Mary Fitzpatrick 22-Feb 1830
Patt Fitzpatrick Anne Walsh 08-Jul 1831
Michael Fogarty Biddy Brophy 03-Jul 1832
Michael Forrestal Mar?gt Costigan 21-Oct 1830
Patt Forrestal Mary Costigan 24-Nov 1831
James Gahagan Mary Delahunty 19-Sep 1831
Mathw Grace Honor Knaresborough 28-Nov 1832
Frank Griffin Kitty ?…ken 31-Jan 1831
Michael Hickey Peggy Brenan 23-Feb 1832
Charly Hogan Biddy Talbot 11-Jun 1829
Jer Holden Mary Cantwell 23-Sep 1830
Wm. Horan Biddy Maher 24-Oct 1831
Wm. Houlahan ?Mary Mulhall 26-Jan 1830
John Jordan Mary Laherty 08-Feb 1832
Patt Jourdan Sally Guinan 11-Sep 1831
John Kavanagh Mary Walsh 13-Feb 1831
Wm. Kelly Biddy Brenan 18-Feb 1830
Wm. Kenedy? Judy Fitzpatrick?? 17-Nov 1829
Nick Kennedy Ellen Walsh 21-Feb 1830
John Kilfoyle Judy Walsh ?19/9 1831
Terry Kinsella Kitty Ryan 13-Aug 1832
Patt Lalor Mary White 11-Feb 1830
Martin Lowry Judy Cahill 23-Feb 1832
?Math Macdonald Kitty Barry?? 13-Aug 1829
James Maher Eliza Brophy 28-Jan 1831
John Maher Ellen Dooly 20-Apr 1830
John Maher Judy Fogarty 13-Jul 1830
John Maher Catherine Phelan 26-Nov 1828
John Maher Mary Phelan 08-Sep 1831
Mick Maher Mary Walsh 23-Aug 1832
John Mahony Mary Kenedy 16-Feb 1830
Mick Mansfield Peggy Fitzpatrick 27-Feb 1829
Riddy Mansfield Anty Fitzpatrick 03-Mar 1829
Peter McGuiness Anty Maher 03-Sep 1831
John Meighan Mary Phelan 11-Jul 1829
Ned Mulhall Bridget Kelly 25-Jan 1831
Patt Mulhall Betty White 27-Nov 1832
Henry Mulrooney Mary Harney 05-Mar 1832
Patt Murphy Biddy Campion 27-Nov 1828
Michael Murphy Kitty Phelan 06-Mar 1832
John Nowlan Ellen Doyle 27-Apr 1831
John Phelan Anne Cantwell 24-Sep 1829
Mick Phelan Mary Delany 15-Feb 1830
Dan Phelan Abby Hoyne 29-Feb 1832
Larry Phelan Peggy Phelan 23-Feb 1829
Mick Phelan Betty Read 10-May 1829
John Phelan Peggy Ryan 02-Mar 1829
Robert Philips Peggy Broderick 27-Feb 1829
Wm. Philips Biddy Wolf 06-Mar 1832
Philip Purcell Mary Cahill 24-Sep 1832
Tom Quealy Kitty Lalor 27-Feb 1829
Mick Quigly?? Ellen Fitzpatrick 03-Sep 1829
Martin Quinlan Judy Bergin 13-Jul 1831
Tom Rabbit Betty Kehoe 01-Mar 1829
Ned Ryan Kitty Corrigan 19-Jan 1832
James Ryan Kitty Gorman 22-Feb 1829
John Ryan Mary Wall 25-Jan 1831
Dick Sexton?? Anne Slattery 24-Jul 1831
Tom Shortall Kitty Grace 03-Mar 1829
Randal Smith Jane Oxly 26-Feb 1829
John Stapleton Mary Blanchfil 03-Feb 1831
William Sutton Mary Cody 25-Nov 1830
Wm. Thornton Peggy Lickton or Siclton?? 26-Feb 1829
James Walsh Anne Bergin 14-Feb 1831
John Walsh Biddy Dooly 15-Aug 1830
Kyran Walsh Judy Hoyne 05-Mar 1832
Kyran Walsh Anne Keeffe 15-May 1831
Patt Walsh Mary Lannan 27-Feb 1832
James Walsh Biddy Maher 11-Feb 1831
Ned Walsh Biddy Quin 02-Mar 1829

Prison Records, Co. Cork, 1830-31

There are two main means by which you can find information if it exists.

1. Newspaper reports of the time – the chances are that this would be a long search – searching for Assize reports as to who was being tried for what and then a possible report on the outcome. Usually very little details will be given.

2. A search through the official reports of the time for the county of Cork.

These are searchable only in the NAtional Archives of Ireland as far as I know

The official reports of the constabulary were indexed but for the most part these indices are mixed in with various other ones such as the Military indices.

A few years of the Police reports are indexed separately from other official reports. The indices do give the name of the person involved in the ‘crime’ and in some instances a little bit of information on what the crime was. Each name in the indices has a reference number and in many cases the original reports still exist. I don’t know about the 1831 reports, but those for 1836 are indexed separately to all other kinds of official reports as ‘Police’ or ‘Outrage’ reports. These are the letters written by each Constabulary Chief as to the incidents that occurred in his jurisdiction to his Supervisor. The 1836 reports are filed by county and when you call up one of the references you get a box of manuscripts. From there it is a case of reading through each and every one – or, those that remain legible as these are original documents and in some cases beginning to deteriorate or in very bad condition.

I doubt that the indices or the originals are filmed, because if that was the case then the National Archives of Ireland would have copies and it wouldn’t be the originals that researchers would have to read through.

The following are examples of the kind of information one finds in these outrage reports and while they relate to Co. Galway, they give you some kind of idea of what is in these documents.

On Saturday morning last, an old unmarried lady of the name of Bridget Burke residing in Bohermore in this Town was discovered in her own house suspended by the neck from a ladder to which she was tied by a silk cloth. On being taken down she was found to be quite lifeless. Some suspicion being however attached to Pat Prendergast and Bridget his wife, who some short time before resided with Miss Burke but parted on rather bad terms, they still lived in her immediate neighbourhood. They were by the Magistrates directions taken into custody. An inquest was held by the Coroner on the body on Sunday and by adjournment on yesterday when the jury acquitted the prisoners of any participation in the guilt and returned a verdict that the deceased put an end to her own life while in a state of temporary derangement.
Mark Burke
Constable ?major Police.
October 4th 1836

On the night of Saturday the 24th instant a man named Luke Ashe was beaten in a dangerous manner in that his life is despaired of on the road from his town in the parish and barony of Clonmacnoon.

From the information of some women who were on the road on their way from the market of this town Ash (sic) being stunned from the first blow it appears that two men named James Wiley and James Kelly were the principals and two others named Thos. Ward and Michael Kelly were aiding and assisting.

I succeeded this day in apprehending the principals Wiley and Kelly.
Informations will be sworn as soon as possible.
P. Arthur
C.C. 2nd Class
26th September 1836

In reference to my report of the 26th instant concerning a man named Luke Ash who had been beaten on the night of Saturday the 24th I have further to state that the parties concerned who were in custody were brought before the Magistrates at Petit Sessions and admitted to bail to abide their tryal at the ensuing assizes. Ash is not yet out of danger but the Bench were of the opinion that he was the aggressor.
P. Arthur
C.C. 2nd Class
Sept 29th 1836

Baptism Records, Graignamanagh, Co. Kilkenny, 1838

The following is indexed according to the surname of the Child. All spellings are as on the parish register. Where a name was difficult to read, there are question marks

Name Abbreviations found in registers:
Wm = William Jas/Js. = James ; Mich/Mick. = Michael ; Margt. = Margaret ; Jn/Jno. = John or Jonathan; Ally = Anastasia (sometimes) ; Anty = Anastasia/Anastatia ; Lau. = Laurence ; pat/patt = patrick ; May = Mary ; Jos. = Joseph ; Matt. = Matthew ; Onny = Winifred ; Cath. = Catherine ; Danl., Dan = Daniel; Hanna = Hanora or Anne ; Jer. = Jeremiah ; Sally = Sarah ; Bess = Elizabeth, Eliza ; Biddy/bridgt. = bridget ; Fanton = Finton. Nics./Nich = Nicholas ; Thos. = Thomas ; Nelly = Eleanor or Ellen ; Fanny = Frances

Name Father Mother Date
Edward Bailey Thomas Catherine Bailey 24-Jun 1838
Pierce Blanch William Bridget Walsh 09-Oct 1838
Mary Brady John Mary Nichol 14-Dec 1838
?Suly Bray Wm Anne Quinn 18-Nov 1838
Catherine Bray Pat Bridget Doyle 20-Jul 1838
Margt Bray Thomas Catherine Canning 14-Nov 1838
James Brien Thos Bridget Corcoran 28-Dec 1838
James Brien Thomas Catherine Murphy 26-Jul 1838
Anty Brophy James Mary Doyle 24-Oct 1838
Thomas Brophy Pat Judith Morrisy 05-May 1838
Thomas Brophy Pat Judy Morrisy 07-May 1838
El?iza Bryan John Catherine Canning 07-Oct 1838
Anne Butler John Mary Ryan 03-Sep 1838
Sally Byrne Pat Bridget Norris 15-Jul 1838
Bridget C?(o)ll?ins John Anty Ryan 04-Dec 1838
Henry C?(o)ll?ins John Anty Ryan 04-Dec 1838
Cath C?ury Martin Cath n.g. 28-Dec 1838
Pat Ca(?g)an John Mary Cannon 13-Oct 1838
Catherine Campion Edward Ellen Flanery 21-Oct 1838
Anne Carroll John Mary Farrell 29-Sep 1838
Margaret Casey Michl Bridget Casey 24-Jun 1838
John Cleere Michael Mary Baker 19-Aug 1838
Mary Cleere James Mary Long 12-Aug 1838
Cath Cody Pat Nancey 18-Dec 1838
John Cody Pat Catherine Cody 24-Jun 1838
Mary Cody Michl Mary Shea 22-Aug 1838
Mary Cody Michl Bridget Whelan 30-Dec 1838
William Cody Pat Ellen Ryan 27-Jul 1838
Anne Cogan Thos Mary Ann Loftus 28-Dec 1838
Ally Collins John Judy n.g. 23-Oct 1838
Eliza Conigan Ned Mary Walsh 31-Dec 1838
Luke Connolly Wm Mary n.g. 30-Sep 1838
Michael Connolly John Bridget Dempsey 26-Nov 1838
Anne Corcoran Maurice Peggy Murphy 11-Nov 1838
Bridget Corcoran Thomas Betty Handrick 07-May 1838
James Corcoran James Honor Dailey 13-Sep 1838
James Corcoran James Mary Grace 25-Jul 1838
William Cotteral Pat Kitty Cotteral 21-May 1838
Catherine Cregg John Mary Lanigan 09-Dec 1838
Peter Cullen Michl Bridget Kavanagh 14-Oct 1838
Thos Culliton Matthew Betty Brennan 23-Dec 1838
Catherine Cunan Jas Catherine Murphy 08-Dec 1838
Mary Cunningham Michl Bridget Shea 20-Aug 1838
Judy Curran Pat Ellen Doyle 19-Dec 1838
Mary Curran John Anty Delany 08-Jun 1838
Catherine Dalton Martin Ann Corcoran 10-Jul 1838
James Dalton Andrew Mary Foley 20-Nov 1838
Edmd Dempsey ?Tim Betty Shea 22-Aug 1838
Thomas Dillon John Anne n.g. 28-Oct 1838
Mary Doogan James Mary Darcy 17-Aug 1838
Ellen Doolan Michael Mary Fenlon 21-Oct 1838
Pat Doran Pat Catherine Murphy 05-Nov 1838
Catherine Doyle Charly Betty Tracy 04-Nov 1838
Edmd Doyle John Bridget Mathias 18-Nov 1838
Margaret Doyle Thomas Mary Doyle 04-Dec 1838
Mary Doyle Charles Mary Blanch 07-Oct 1838
Pat Doyle Pat Mary Brennan 28-Dec 1838
John Doyle? Patrick Bridget Browne 10-Dec 1838
Martin Dulahanty Edward Mary Whelan 28-Oct 1838
Bridget Farrell John Judy Shee 28-Jun 1838
Honor Finlan Patrick Mary Kealy 28-May 1838
Mary Finlan James Judy Ryan 22-May 1838
Mary Fitzhenry Martin Judith Doyle 08-Dec 1838
Anty Fitzpatrick John Ellen Currin 21-Oct 1838
Catherine Foley Pat Catherine Murphy 18-Jul 1838
Michl Freeman Thomas Bridget Murigan 23-Sep 1838
Mary Gahan James Mary Mulligan 27-Oct 1838
Morgan Gahan James Mary Mulligan 28-Oct 1838
John Gardiner Thos Margt Ca?rroll 26-Nov 1838
James Gardner Laurence Margaret Doyle 07-May 1838
Joseph Gishin Joseph Mary Kelly 14-Oct 1838
John Gorey John Judy Murphy 24-Jun 1838
Bridget Grace John Kitty Murphy 21-Oct 1838
Margaret Grace Pierce Bridget Calahan 06-May 1838
Mary Grady Pat Anne Brennan 13-Nov 1838
Michael Gregory Neill Cath n.g. 10-Nov 1838
John Griffin John Cath White 26-Dec 1838
Mary Griffin Pat Anne Ryan 14-Oct 1838
Pat Griffin Larry Sally Summers 22-Jul 1838
Anne Gynell John Bridget Dooley 25-Sep 1838
Mary Ha?don Martin Ann Currin 24-Jul 1838
William Hammond Patt Sally Morrisy 03-May 1838
John Harding John Bridget Kealy 22-Apr 1838
Ally Haydon Thomas Bridget Corcoran 07-May 1838
Martin Haydon ?Thos Mary n.g. 28-Oct 1838
Anne Headen Maurice Mary Walker 02-Nov 1838
Ellen Healy Pat Anne Henesy 30-Oct 1838
Mathew Hickey Michl Mary Long 05-May 1838
Catherine Hunt William Judy Murphy 12-Jun 1838
Elenor Johnson Thomas Bridget Roach 27-Jul 1838
Mary Jordan William Catherine Kenny 06-Nov 1838
John Joyce Luke Mary Bryan 19-Jun 1838
Judy Kavanagh Morgan Judy Sweeney 19-Oct 1838
Patrick Kavanagh Chars Ellen n.g. 29-Nov 1838
Maurice Keating Maurice Margt Lee 29-Aug 1838
Mary Kelly John Bridget Key 02-Oct 1838
Michl Kelly Ned Betty n.g. 11-Oct 1838
Thos Kelly John Margt Dunning? 13-Oct 1838
Pat Kenna Michl Catherine Brien 09-Sep 1838
William Kincella James Mary Currin 30-Nov 1838
Ellen Laffan John Mary Murphy 18-Nov 1838
Joseph Lang?fry Joseph Margt Martin 01-Oct 1838
John Lawlor Laurence Sally Murphy 29-Sep 1838
John Lee Michl Catherine Scullt 02-May 1838
Margt M?ucary James Ellen Corrigan 10-Nov 1838
Judy M?ucary? James Ellen Corrigan 10-Nov 1838
Michael Mahon Michael Bridget Mahon 04-Oct 1838
Ellen Mahoney Jno Cath. n.g. 06-Aug 1838
Martin McEvoy Suly Johannah Doyle 14-Oct 1838
Mary McGee Michl Catherine Byrne 09-Sep 1838
Mary McGrath James Elleanor Cain 08-Sep 1838
Roderick McGuigan James not named n.g. 15-Dec 1838
?Thos McGuire John Catherine Murphy 27-Oct 1838
Mary McNamara John Bridget Murphy 28-May 1838
Catherine Meany William Catherine Ryan 21-Jun 1838
Dan Meany Pat Bridget Navin 26-Nov 1838
James Monahan Thos Bridget Dulahenty 09-Dec 1838
Cath Moran Martin Mary Curran 19-Dec 1838
James Morrisy Ned Judy Fitzgerald 24-Jul 1838
John Moylan Thos Honor Doran 20-Oct 1838
Betty Murphy John Mary Barry 07-Dec 1838
Bridget Murphy James Catherine Doyle 28-Sep 1838
Cath. Murphy James Bridget Kavanagh 05-Oct 1838
Edmd Murphy Larry Bridget Hynes 14-Aug 1838
Ellen Murphy James Bridget Murphy 24-Jun 1838
Honor Murphy Mathew Mary Farrell 01-Jul 1838
John Murphy Pat Mary Byrne 08-Jul 1838
Mary Murphy Michl Mary Doogan 18-Jul 1838
Michael Murphy Patrick Anne Pinder 12-Dec 1838
Michl Murphy Patk Mary (?F)raney 29-Sep 1838
Michl Murphy Michl Ellen Maher 30-May 1838
Pat Murphy Pierce Mary Griffin 11-Nov 1838
Pat Murphy James Betty Neill 19-Sep 1838
Pat Murphy Michael Ally Whealan 01-Nov 1838
Teresa Naddy Pierce Mary Doyle 16-Sep 1838
Arthur Neil William Biddy Murphy 04-Jul 1838
Mary Neile Laurence Judy Aylward 05-Sep 1838
Bridget Neill James Margt Cody 15-Nov 1838
Bridget Nolan William Peggy Grace 08-Jun 1838
James Nolan John Mary Cudihy 01-Nov 1838
Mary Nolan Michael Margt Doyle 17-Dec 1838
Edward Nowlan Thomas Mary Murray 01-Jul 1838
Alexander Patrick Phayer John Cath Murphy 24-Sep 1838
Bridget Pinder Michael Mary Joyce 04-Dec 1838
Judy Prindergast Pierce Mary Mahon 19-Sep 1838
James Quinn Peter Catherine Rogers 03-Aug 1838
Judith Redmonds George Bridget Byrne 15-Nov 1838
William Rourk Matthew Honor Murphy 25-Aug 1838
Mary Ruth Michl Catherine Freeman 25-May 1838
Catherine Ryan Tim Cath n.g. 23-Nov 1838
James Ryan James Mary Griffin 27-Oct 1838
Margaret Ryan Timothy Anne Norris 23-Dec 1838
Mary Ryan Malachy Judy Callahan 06-Sep 1838
Mary Ryan James Judy Joyce 28-Oct 1838
Mary Ryan Thomas Mary Kean 29-Apr 1838
Nessy Ryan Daniel Judith Ryan 20-May 1838
Cath Shea Henry Mary Haydon 11-Oct 1838
Pat Shea John Bridget Tobin 27-Nov 1838
Johanna Shortell Edward Bridget Murphy 07-May 1838
Nicholas Signal David Margaret Hogan 21-Dec 1838
Mary Tobin Joseph Mary Haydon 04-Dec 1838
Ellen True? James Mary n.g. 16-Oct 1838
Matthew Walker Thos Sally Corcoran 19-Sep 1838
Bridget Walsh James Catherine Doyle 23-Sep 1838
Mary Walsh Thos Judy Haydon 26-Dec 1838
Andrew Wilson Patrick Mary Conway 05-Aug 1838

Baptism Records, Drumgooland, Co. Down, 1832

Lower Drumgooland Roman Catholic Parish, Diocese of Dromore: Baptismal Index, 1832

The names of all children listed in the Baptismal register for this parish are indexed below, alphabetically by the child’s surname. The register also contains the names of sponsors (Godparents) to each baptism. The townland that they came from is noted in the register in most cases. The index below does not contain townland names. This section of the register is reasonably easy to read.

Placename spellings as on the register are not the exact same as those listed in the Townlands directory of 1851

Ballydrummond = Ballydrumman ; Ballymagenaghy = Ballymaginaghy ; Clamaghera = Clanmaghery ; Cloughskett = Cloughskelt ;Decomet or Drucomet = Deehommed ; Derryneal = Derryneill ;Drumadonald = Drumadonnell ; Gargary = Gargarry ; Maghermayo = Magheramayo ; Moneysland = Moneyslane


Child Father Mother Date
Sarah Bannan Patk King Margaret 29-Jul 1832
Sarah Bannen Charles Murphy Ellen 05-Dec 1832
William Bery?? William O’Hare Catherine 24-Sep 1832
Jane Burns John McClone Elizabeth 22-Sep 1832
Patrick Burns Michael Ward Catherine 15-Jun 1832
Patk Campbell Terence Grant Ellen 06-Jun 1832
John Clark James ?Kouon Isabella 16-Sep 1832
Ellen Conatty Arthur Gallagher Bridget 09-Dec 1832
William Connelly Meredyth Peden Jane 08-Aug 1832
Patrick Donnelly James Grimes Cicily 22-Jul 1832
Rose Doran Thos McAvoy Elizabeth 13-May 1832
Charlotte Downey John McCourt Margaret 19-Aug 1832
Mary Downey Hugh O’Hare Mary 27-May 1832
Arthur Doyle Arthur Burns Ellen 06-Nov 1832
James Doyle Nicholas Conatty Mary 24-Nov 1832
William Doyle Patk Morgan Mary 26-Jul 1832
Catharine Dreany Michael Doyle Agnes 16-Oct 1832
Patrick Duncan William O’Hare Mary 18-Apr 1832
James Finigan Laughlin McKrickert Rose 08-Jul 1832
James Gilmer John Doyle Ann 27-Nov 1832
Catharine Greenan William McPolin Rose 24-May 1832
Rose Greenan James Burns Ellen 15-May 1832
James Heney Henry Campbell Biddy 13-Jun 1832
Bridget Joice?? Thomas Holmes Mary 24-Apr 1832
Rose Keenan Isais Ward Ann 19-Aug 1832
John Keenan James Gilmer Ellen 31-Dec 1832
Sarah Keenan Arthur Joice Rose 02-Sep 1832
Owen Keenan or Feenan (*Twins) John Burns Cicily 11-Jul 1832
Margaret Keenan or Feenan (*Twins) John Burns Cicily 11-Jul 1832
Patrick Kelly Patk Donnelly Mary 23-Sep 1832
William King Peter O’Hagan Nancy 10-May 1832
John King James Doran Margaret 06-Jun 1832
Francis King John Rooney Margaret 14-Jul 1832
Cecily King Hugh O’Hare Rose 29-May 1832
James King Daniel McConville Rose 05-Jun 1832
Peter King Michael Kelly Agnes 17-Oct 1832
Hugh Lynch Hugh McCann Mary 18-Aug 1832
Thomas Mageen Bernard Walsh Rose 14-Jun 1832
James Mageen James Ward Sarah 18-Jun 1832
Bridget Mageen Nicholas Burns Catherine 19-Aug 1832
John McAleenan?? Patrick McAleenan Mary 19-May 1832
Hugh McAlernon John Megraw Catherine 13-Aug 1832
Rose McAnerney Peter Malone Bridget 01-Aug 1832
Mary McArdle Hugh Burns Elizabeth 06-Nov 1832
James McAvoy Peter Branigan Margaret 20-Jun 1832
Patrick McAvoy Domnick ?Irevons or Trevons Catherine 24-Mar 1832
Thomas McCabe James O’Hagan Mary 19-Apr 1832
Patrick McCabe Patk Mulholland Margaret 03-Jun 1832
Bernard McCabe Alexander McCartan Agnes 14-Nov 1832
Bridget McCann Hugh Doran Margaret 29-Jul 1832
Michael McCarton Edward Murphy Anne 19-Sep 1832
Francis McMahon Michael McMahon Mary 01-Jul 1832
James McNally Michael Magee Catherine 27-Oct 1832
Paul Megrai?? Thos Ward Bridy 16-Apr 1832
Patrick Morgan Owen O’Hare Mary 27-May 1832
Catharine Mulholland Thomas Laughlan Margaret 03-Oct 1832
James Murphy Andrew Donnelly Ellen 21-Aug 1832
Sarah Murphy John Hinnon or Kinnon Rose 01-Jul 183

Cholera in Clones, Co. Monaghan, 1834

Extract from a letter dated Feb 2nd 1834, Clones, from Dr. M. Keating, Clones to Dr. Bernard, Ballybay. Taken from Carolan Rushe MSS and published in the Clogher Record.

Already there are near fifty deaths, scarcely any survivors …Subscriptions have been sent in from all quarters. Nothing to exceed the consternation…..From forty to fifty families have left Fermanagh St., Shamble St. is also deserted. Our town presents the appearance of having undergone a great siege…..So frightful a scene, I hope in God I may never witness. We distributed a beef cow on Thursday. We are giving the poor now meat and turf, together with blankets and straw. We have a young Doctor Mitchell from Monaghan and one to-day from Cavan of the name of Byrne or Burn, who, I am told, is on the Cavan staff. We are leaving nothing undone. Our visitation has far exceeded yours. ..The deaths have, as you remarked, been confined to the very poor or dissipated