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Baptism Records, Ardstraw West, Co. Tyrone, 1846-47

Derry Diocese,
Ardstraw West Roman Catholic parish, Co. Tyrone, Ireland
Baptismal Index 1846-1847

I have indexed the names of children and parents from the Roman Catholic Parish register of Ardstraw West, Co. Tyrone, Ireland.  The records are in English, placenames are given.  I have not changed the spellings in any way I give you each name as I read it.  Question marks indicate letters or names where I had some problem.  I leave the records as I transcribed them in chronological order.  For the most part full names are given.  Please remember that Sally can be Sarah.  n.g. means that the name was not given.  Blank spaces also mean that the name or word was not given

Name Surname Father Mother Mother Surname From Date Year
Patrick Donnelly Patrick Anna McCrosson Legland 03-Jun 1846
Bridgit ??O’Fane John Biddy D?inleague 12-Jun 1846
Mary O’Neill John Ealenor ………rn 21-Jun 1846
Name not given McCallion James Margaret Russelstown 21-Jun 1846
Sara Shields Edward Mary Goland 11-Jul 1846
Mary McCrossan Richard Nancy ??Trivagh 12-Jul 1846
William ?Leathen ??Chris Ellen Drumnabey 31-Jul 1846
Sara Mullin James Sara Invagh 24-Jul 1846
Anne McCallion ??Art Mary Lisnacreight 01-Aug 1846
John McCrossin John Nancy Deragone 02-Aug 1846
Mar???dh Go?rvan Mark Grace Invagh 20-Aug 1846
??Tomey McMahon Felix Eelisa the Crew 10-Aug 1846
Anne O’Kane John Anne Glasmullagh 19-Aug 1846
Charles Doonan Andrew Anne Mullagherey 23-Aug 1846
Anne McCavil ??Finntin Catharine Legland 02-Aug 1846
Charles McCrossan Henry ?Unity Knockfress?hy 08-Aug 1846
Catharine McCrossan Patrick Mary Legland 23-Aug 1846
Mary McC?Celhinny Hugh Margaret Legland 05-Sep 1846
Ellen McGinne Felix Bridgit Scanaherin 06-Sep 1846
Sara Mulnnhery Philip Ealenor Invagh 27-Sep 1846
Michel McHugh Miles Sara Clare 04-Oct 1846
Peter Gormley Peter Margaret Lisnacreight 04-Oct 1846
Bridgit Callaghan Willm Bridgit Ballinalone 22-Dec 1846
Francis McBride Michel Mary Castle Cane 13-Dec 1846
Bernard McCallion Brian Mary Tullymuck or Fullymuck 13-Dec 1846
Mary McCrossan ??Wm Margaret Dunnlagree 18-Dec 1846
Michel ?Winter John Mary Lettercarn 20-Dec 1846
Francis Carlan Neil Jane Garrahullion 20-Dec 1846 Vagrants
Francis McKeown David Margaret Colnahern 25-Dec 1846
Catharine Doogan Francis Mary Clare 11-Jan 1847
Michel Gormley Robert Jane Garvetagh 07-Feb 1847
Thomas Caterson Michel Margaret Goland 07-Feb 1847
Patrick ??McPhelenny Edwd Rosanna Lescleern 14-Feb 1847
Ellen Kerigan Charles Jane Garvetagh 14-Feb 1847
John Kerigan Charles Jane Garvetagh 14-Feb 1847
Hugh Conaghan John Catharine Invagh 31-Dec 1846
Michel Mc??Rory Michel Biddy Drumlegagh 02-Jan 1847
Name not given McCanney Thomas Anne Tullymuck 06-Jan 1847
James McHugh Owen Biddy Lisnacreight 17-Jan 1847
Mary Moris Owen Nelly Drinlaghe 17-Jan 1847
Hugh McLaughlin Mark Biddy ?? 17-Jan 1847
John O’Neill Charles Biddy Meahey 18-Jan 1847
John McCaffrey Patrick Mary Lisnacreight 19-Jan 1847
Arthur Gallagher Daniel Isabella Meaghey 20-Jan 1847
Catharine McElroy James Margaret Invagh 25-Jan 1847
Name not given Coyle John Mary Lisnacreight 28-Jan 1847
Willm McCallion Denis Rosey Meahey 31-Jan 1847
Rosanna McCross Owen Catharine Clunty 04-Feb 1847
Catharine Holland James Mary ??Linagh 07-Feb 1847
Patrick ?Winter Robert Susan Tullymuck 17-Feb 1847
John McGeligan John Anne Balindre?d 27-Feb 1847
Jane Loughney Bernard Catharine Bolaght 28-Feb 1847
Anne McCrossan ?Wm Isabella Goland 28-Feb 1847
Sara Judge John Anne McGuire n.g. 28-Feb 1847
Sara Bogan Patrick Mary McGlinsey n.g. 28-Feb 1847
John Gormley Michel ?Rose Loag…. n.g. 07-Mar 1847
Francis McHugh Michel Jane McGratt n.g. 11-Mar 1847
James Gallagher James Jane Coyle n.g. 19-Mar 1847
James McPhelenny James Catharine Liscleen 25-Feb 1847
Mary Murphey n.g. Jane Tiveney 25-Feb 1847
Francis McCanney Patrick Anne Castle Cane 25-Feb 1847
Catharine McNulty Michel Jane Mc?Hugh n.g. 04-Apr 1847
John ??Morrien Edwd Bridgit Invagh 04-Apr 1847
Thomas McHugh Michel Eleanor Gillen n.g. 24-Apr 1847
John ??McNamee James Biddy Tullymuck 02-May 1847
Patrick McDade ?Willm Mary ??Watson n.g. 16-May 1847
Francis McBrine Edward Jane O’Kane 19-May 1847
Catharine Dauglas James Catharine Kelly 24-May 1847
Bernard Curran Willm Bridgit McDade 29-May 1847
Catharine Quinn James Catharine Mc?Quade 30-May 1847
Elizabbeth ?McTagart Thomas ?Franny Bradley Mullagherey 03-Jun 1847
Bridgit Gawan James Anne McPheleny 03-Jun 1847
James Conway Patrick Mary McGuire Dunnlagree 04-Jun 1847
Willm McBrien James Mary McDade Garvelagh 13-Jun 1847
Philip Geraghty Philip Margaret Fagan Legland 13-Jun 1847
Francis O’Kane Patrick Joan Whahan Tullymuck 13-Jun 1847
Mary McCrossan Charles ??Hanna McCrossan Legland 14-Jun 1847
James O’Kane Peter Jean McCrossan Clannty 02-Jul 1847
Mary Devannie Peter Mary ?Winter Druminabey 14-Jul 1847
Mary Charlotte McPhelenny Francis Mary ?Sproul Ardhill 16-Jul 1847
Margaret McPhelenny James Anna O’Lo?an Licnacreight 20-Jul 1847
Edward O’Kane Francis Anne McGuire Invagh 21-Jul 1847
Rosey Hart Peter Mary McBrearty Goland 12-Aug 1847
Isabella Winters Willm Catharine Garvetagh 16-Aug 1847
Maria Gorman David Mary McHugh ?Inchall 10-Sep 1847
Margaret McLeer Bernard Jane Maglin Tiveney 11-Sep 1847
Charles McCrossan Francis Rosey Conway Legland 13-Sep 1847
Eealse Curran James Anna McNemee Glasmullagh 14-Sep 1847
John Garvan Thomas Mary Gormley Invagh 19-Sep 1847
Patrick McLaughlin Patrick Biddy McHugh Drumnabey 19-Sep 1847
James Gormley James Margaret McNamee Drumlagu?n 03-Oct 1847
John McGlinn John Nancy Morris Drumlegagh 03-Oct 1847
James Monahan John Rosey Marley Invagh 03-Oct 1847
Catharine Brogan Francis Mary McSorley Aughafad 17-Oct 1847
Bridgit McCrossan Patrick Anne Invagh 17-Oct 1847
Ealeanor O’Kane Edward Biddy McCrossan Invagh 19-Oct 1847
Sally Morrien ?Bobby Mary McGlinchey Invagh 04-Nov 1847
Mary Moffat James Catharine Martin Creegan 15-Nov 1847
Edward McSorely Roger Catharine ??Brown Crew 24-Nov 1847
Sophia McCrossan Daniel Rosey ??Quinn Legland 18-Nov 1847
Willm John Sheridan John Mary McGeligan Drumnabey 22-Nov 1847
Margaret McPhelenny James Margaret Mo?ngan Liscleen 05-Dec 1847
Patrick McCrory Philip Mary Gilespie ??Bog turn 26-Dec 1847

Baptism Records, Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny, 1847

I have indexed the names of the baptised children and their parents from the Roman Catholic parish registers of Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny for the year 1847.  The records are in English.  Spellings are as I read them, questionmarks indicate names I had a problem with.  Placenames are given.

Jas=James ; Margt = Margaret; Cath/Catharine = Catherine ; Michl = Michael ; Murty = Martin ;  Onny=Honora

Name Surnam Father Mother M Surname From Date Year
Ellen Gaffney Simon Mary Ryan Classduff 12-Apr 1847
Bridget Bergin John Anty Doran Feroda 13-Apr 1847
Catharine Kennedy Patrick Mary Cahill ?Precawn 22-Apr 1847
Bridget McDarby Michl Mary Ryan Castlecomer 23-Apr 1847
Margaret Brennan John Bridget Holohan Feroda 14-May 1847
Patrick Brennan Jas Margt Kealy Ballycorney 16-May 1847
Margaret Cantwell Richard Margt Fleming Kilkenny Street 17-May 1847
James Garner Joseph Margt Fleming Chatsworth?roe 26-May 1847
Margaret McGrath Jas Johanna McGrath (?rere) of the Chapel 2-Jun 1847
Bridget Murphy John Bridget Kennedy Feroda 3-Jun 1847
Patrick Healy Edwd Catharine Buggy Feroda 4-Jun 1847
Catharine Quinn Patrick Barbara Brennan Smithstown 9-Jun 1847
Margaret Bergan Martin Mary Downey Dunaguile 10-Jun 1847
Murty Coogan Michael Winefred Kelly Feroda 10-Jun 1847
Peter Mop?hell Michl Ellen Hennesy Feroda 13-Jun 1847
William Kelly John Jjudy Kealy Castlecomer 14-Jun 1847
Judy Shortal Michael Cath. Bergin ?Keltown 15-Jun 1847
John Tuite Patrick Mary Doughney Cruttin Clough 17-Jun 1847
Eliza Carroll Patrick MAry Delany Castlecomer 19-Jun 1847
Margaret Peel William Margt Peel Cruttin Clough 19-Jun 1847
Johanna Comerford Michl Mary Rutha ?Mayhona 25-Jun 1847
John Doran Denis Mary Dormer Ahamulley 29-Jun 1847
Alicia Holohan John MAry Brennan Castlecomor 30-Jun 1847
Nicholas Boland John Anne Dunne Castlecomor 1-Jul 1847
John Crennan Edmd Johanna Jackson Ahamulley 7-Jul 1847
Catharine Butler Toby Anne Fogarty Classduff 7-Jul 1847
Ellen Gleeson Michl Cath. Creenan Phee…d 15-Jul 1847
Margaret Brennan Pat Anne Breadly Castlecomer 17-Jul 1847
Owen Lynch John Johanna Barry Cruttin Clough 19-Jul 1847
James Curran William Anne Kealy Ahamulley 20-Jul 1847
Catharine ?Kenny Nicholas MAry n.g. Castlecomer 24-Jul 1847
Anne ?Buggy John Margt Dunne Maghona 27-Jul 1847
Andrew Daly John Mary ?Malloy Ballylinan 29-Jul 1847
Mary Comerford Kyran Catharine Deakan Clashduff 31-Jul 1847
Mary Sexton Michl Anne Foley Castlecomer 31-Jul 1847
John Morrissy ?Fintan Cath. Holohan Pheeroda 7-Aug 1847
Mary Slattery Pat Mary Fitzgerald Dunaguile 13-Aug 1847
Isabel Coughlan Robert Margt ??Jackvill?? Castlecomer 21-Aug 1847
John Dormer Mathew Jane ?Simmons ??? 22-Aug 1847
Mary Stapleton Edmond Caht Shea Cracaw.. 22-Aug 1847
Mary Jane Mulholland John Eliza Browne Banack? 29-Aug 1847
??Onny Drennan Edmd Mary Jacob Castlecomer 29-Aug 1847
Catharine ?Corcoran Michael MAry Quinlan Donaguile 3-Sep 1847
Mary Dpyle Edward Mary Rowley Ba… Street 16-Sep 1847
John Shea ?Robert Bridget Ryan Ardra 21-Sep 1847
Mary Butler Pierce Elizabeth Gorman Castlecomer 26-Sep 1847
John Ga(?c)hney James Mary Deevy Clashduff 27-Sep 1847
Margaret Brennan John Margt Callahan Shie…. 24-Oct 1847
Michl Walsh James Cath ??Forrestal Kiltown 24-Oct 1847
Bridget ?Carlen John Cath Bowden Castlecomer 25-Nov 1847
Michael ?Fanning ?Richard Margt Brophy Castlecomer 26-Nov 1847
Ellen Cantwell Michl Cath ??Miles Ballylinan 26-Nov 1847
John Whelan James Mary Clancy n.g. 27-Nov 1847
Mary Anne McCullagh Pat Catharine Quinne Castlecomer Barracks 8-Dec 1847
Michael Maher Michl Johanna ???? Dunaguile 23-Dec 1847


Baptism and Marriage Extracts, Church of Ireland, Carlow Town, 1747-1855

A few baptismal and marriage extracts from the Church of Ireland parish registers of Carlow town, Co. Carlow.
Spellings are exactly as I read them with no changes. Question marks show where I had difficulty reading a word or a name

Carlow Church of Ireland Parish Register Extracts
Baptisms : 1836-1852
Marriages : 1836-1845
Burials : 1836-1865
R.C.B. Library Ref.: P. 317.1.3

Baptised : Nov. 11th, 1838.
Born : Oct. 12th, 1838
Name : Henry
Parents : Wm. & Elizabeth Black?burne
Abode: Carlow
Profession/Occupation father: ?Saddler

Baptised : July 31st, 1842.
Born : July 10th, 1842
Name : James Edward
Parents : James & Dorcas Porter
Abode: Carlow
Profession/Occupation father: Physician
Curate: William Brandon

Baptised : Dec 27th, 1843
Born : Sept 27th, 1843
Name : Edward Albert
Parents : Thos. James & Jane Margaret Rawson
Abode: Carlow
Profession/Occupation father: Surgeon & M.D.
Rector: J. Jameson

Baptised : July 11th, 1846.
Born : Not given
Name : Robert Nicholas
Parents : Thomas & Jane Rawson
Abode: Carlow
Profession/Occupation father: Doctor
Wm. Brandon – Private baptism, child (?very) ill

Groom: Mansergh Lugworth Flood of Carlow Parish
Bride : Anne Catherine Moore of Carlow Parish
By Banns. 2nd May 1837
Signed : Lugworth Flood & Catherine Moore
Witnesses: Jane Emerson & Patrick Devereux

# 379. John Blackburne, Carlow. Aug 22nd, 1855. 2 years. Thos. Shelland Curate.
#461. Un-named Blackburne. Carlow. 28th Jan 1860. No age given
Baptisms 1852-1864
P. 317.2.1
No Blackburne, Flood or Rawson listed.

Carlow Church of Ireland Parish Register Extracts
R.C.B. Library Ref.: P. 317.1.2

Month?? 31st Baptised. Joseph son of John and Ann Bowles. Killeshin

Aug 27th Married. Robert Carr and Ann Bowles, being called in Church July the 31st, Aug 7th & 14th

Oct. 17th Married: Will’m Bowles to Mary Harborne. Rich’d Mills

July 24th Baptised : James Bowles son to Will’m & Mary Bowles

July 9th Married: Jno Bowles to Eliz. McGrath with Lycence

April 12th Marr’d: Joseph Bowels and Ann Tunstead with Lycence

June 20th Bapt’d : Robt. Son to Wm. And Sarah Bowles

Mary 21st Bapt’d: Jane Daughter to Jno and Mary Bowls (sic)

Feb 27th Married / By Mr. D. / Joseph Bowles to Jane Feltus, both of this parish, by Licence
May. Omitted, about 7th. Bapt : Eliza Daughter of Joseph and Jane Bowles

June 16th. Marr’d: James Bale and Mary Budds
Sept 9th. Bapt’d: John son of Joseph and Elizabeth Bowles

Jan 26th Bapt’d: Margt. Daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Bowles
Aug 31st. Mar’d: John Graham and Lucinda Bowles

p. 122
May 17th Bapt’d: Eliza. Daughter of Joseph and (Blank) Bowles.

Next page of register (p. 123) = blank note re 10 pages on – did not go ten pages to see if it continued at that point

Page 124 – 1822
Page 125 – 1825
Page 127 – 1824

No mention of Bowles or Feltus surnames on these pages.

Dec 12th. Married by ?C. Francis Flood of the parish of Carrick, Co. Kilkenny to Dorcas Burchaell of (??this parish)



Baptism Records, Gambonsfield, Kilcash, Co. Tipperary, 1840

This page features free baptism records for Gambonsfield, Kilcash, Co. Tipperary in the year 1840. The records are in alphabetical order of the child’s surname.

Dr. Jane Lyons’ Notes

Here I have a slight problem in that I have labelled the excel file ‘Gammonsfield’ with no mention of Kilcash and normally I give the film the name that I see written on the parish records in the film. It could easily be that I made a mistake and thought I had two m’s instead of an m and a b in the name but I would not have missed out on the Kilcash. That being said, the baptismal records for this parish begin on Jan 1st, 1840-Feb 1st, 1856 and then Feb 16th, 1856-Dec 27th, 1880 and I give you those records for that first year, 1840. Placenames are not given in the parish records for this year, the records are in Latin, meaning that the first name is given in Latin and the surname in English. I did not take the names of the witnesses or sponsors. There are two films on which there are records for this parish and their references in the National Library of Ireland are 2452 and 2453. It seems that the LDS does not have copies of these films. All question marks indicate where I had a problem reading a letter or deciding on a name. The names are sorted alphabetically by that of the child, the names of children for which I had a problem with the surname come before the alphabetical sorting.


Name Surname Father S Mother Mother Date
Catharinam ?Commons Patricii Hickey Brigida Mar-05
Patricium ?Duhy or Deely Thoma Shea Maria Mar-05
Margaritam ?Gorman Joannis Neagle Ellena Jan-13
?Michaelum ?Gorman Jacobi ?Lendon Ellena Jun-13
Catharinam ?Haagay or Flagay Gulielimi Duggin Anastacia Mar-12
Patricium ?Henesy Davidum Harty or Lanty? Anastace Mar-17
Honoram ?Herly Patricii Hacket Margarita ?Jan 13
Patricium ?Kickham Edmundii Clancy Maria Jun-15
Elliner ?Nagle Gulielim Quin Honoria ?Jan 19
Joannem ?Quinn Joannis Wall Margarita May-17
Gulielmum ?Smiths Gulielmi Lonergan Maria Mar-07
Joanem ?Sulivan Michaelia White Maria Jun-07
Mariann Allen Jacobi Lynch Honoria Jun-01
Ellinor Brien Jacobi Neill Brigida Feb-02
Gulielmum Burke Joannis Butler Catharina May-29
Patricium Burne Michaelis Quin Maria Mar-03
?Marian Ca?net Jacobi ?Bermingham ?Sun? Feb-02
Richardum Callinan Joamis Allin Maria Apr-16
Joannem Callinan Richardii ?Hanigan Maria Jun-19
Julianan Carrol Edmondi ?Bretten Maria April 2?8
Catharinam Casey Mauritii Lonergan Maria Mar-17
Johanam Caughlan Michaelis Murphy Elin Mar-29
Joannam Clifford Jacobi Feeny Catharina Feb-21
Brigidam Commons Philipii ?Cardal Brigida Apr-01
Catharinam Connelly Joannis Daly Catharina Mar-21
Michaelum Coony Edmondi Neill Maria Apr-26
Laurentium Corbett Jacobi Connell Catharina Mar-03
Joannam Crotty Nicolai ?Keily Margarita Apr-17
Joannem Crotty Michaelis Kil?foy Maria May-01
Brigidam Cuddihy Jeremii Walsh Maria Mar-01
Jacobum Curtin Jacobi Kenedy Margarita May-19
Mariann D…? Joannis Smith Brigida Feb ?12
Catharinam Daniel Joannis Houlahan Margarita Mar-22
Mariann Donn…? Thoma Corbet Brigida Apr-17
Joannem Donnell Michaelis Murphy Brigida Apr-29
Patricium Driscol Danielis Carty Catharina Mar-14
Mariann Flaherty Richardii Connelly Ellena Apr-26
Iulian Fogarty Edmondi ?Casey Margarita Jan-09
?Bann? Foley Edmundii Kain Maria Jun-18
Johannam Gleeson Michaelis Gawl Brigida Jun-14
Redmundum Gorman Thoma Shea Maria Apr-23
?? Greene Michaelis ?Coony Alicia Feb-12
Brigidam Hacket Patricii ?Ahary Ellena May-03
Philipum Hacket Gulielimii Walsh Elisabeth May-14
Andrewwm Halloran Andrii Osborne Catharina Apr-17
Jacobum Hearacy Gulielimii Butler Catharina May-28
Margaritam Henesey Gulielimii Walsh Ellena Apr-22
Edmundum Hickey Michaelis King Margarita Jan ?26
Mariann Houlahan Jacobi Lonergan Elena Apr-08
Andream Keary Nicholas Carny or Carry Catharina Jun-23
Brigidam Keating Gulielum Cahell Honora Jun-12
Joannem Kenedy Dionsii O’Neil ?Eliza Jan-09
Patricium Keys Edmundii Mullally Brigida Apr-17
Danielem Lee Joannis Hickey Honoria Apr-27
Margaritam Lonergan Joannes Crotty Ellinor Mar-05
Patricium Lonergan Joannis Connelly Catharina May-17
Dionicum? Mara Thoma Henesey Ellena Jun-01
Joannem Meagher Joannis Walsh Maria Jun-17
Johannam Meany Thimothii Doyle Honora May-20
Mariann Moore Robertii Walsh Winnifred Apr-14
Catharinam Mullowny Thoma O’Dee Elin Feb-18
Joannem Murphy ?Joannis Shine Alicia Jan-12
Joannem Murphy Michaelis Ryan Honoria Mar-31
Dyonium Neil Edwardii Walsh Maria Apr-07
Honoram Neil Thoma Daulton Honora May-29
Patricium Phelan Joannis Lonergan Ellenor Mar-17
Joannem Phelan Dionsii Minihan Ellena Apr-13
Joannim Phelan Jacobi McGrath ELlena May-27
Thomasam Poe Jacobi Carew Maria Jun-16
Aliciam Power Gal?fredi ?nugent Brigida Mar-06
Gulielmum Power Antonii Neagle Maria Apr-09
Mauricium Power Patricii Walsh Johana Apr-24
Joannem Power Andrii Crotty Margarita May-14
Brigidam Purcell Joannis Hogan Anstacia May-13
Margaritam Quinlan Joannis Connors Maria May-24
?Maurice (Manim?) Quinn Jacobi Sullivan Brigida Jan-23
Margaritam Reddy Gulielimii Holden Brigida Apr-13
Thomasam Regan Michaeli White Margarita Jan-02
Patricium Ryan Thoma ?..aunton Johanna Mar-11
Catharinam Ryan Thoma Hogan Margarita Apr-30
Gulielmum Slattery Gulielmi Casey Catharina Jan-20
Jacobum Wall Joannis Lonergan Ellin Jan-31
Mariann Walsh Edwardii Conners ?Elain Jan-01
Mariann Walsh Richardii Commons Anastace Mar-15
Edwardum Walsh Patricii Kenedy Johana Apr-03
Aliciam Walsh Thoma Morrisey Ellena Apr-18
Michaelum Walsh Michaelis Cantwell Maria May-22

Baptism Records, Kildimo, Pallaskenry, Co. Limerick, 1846

This parish is simply listed as Kildimo (Pallaskenry) in the book I have, but, on the name of the parish records on the microfilm in the National Library of Dublin, the word Chaple is also used.

The Roman Catholic baptismal parish records for this parish begin on Jan 1st, 1831, these continue until Nov 21st, 1845.  They begin again on 7th Jan, 1846 and continue until Dec 31st, 1880.  The National Library of Ireland film ref for this set of parish records is 2419 for baptisms up to 1880.  There is another microfilm with records for this parish on it that is 2420.  According to the source I have the LDS do not have copies of the microfilm for these records

I am giving you the copies of 6 months of records going from 7th January, 1846 to 5th July 1846.  I have taken the names of some sponsors but they were only for families I was interested in and I am not including them here.  Townland names were NOT given in this set of parish records.  All first names and surnames are as in the original parish records.  I have NOT changed any spellings.  Any question marks indicate places where I was unsure of a letter or the actual name, I THOUGHT it should be spelled or written as I give it.  No guarantee is made that these records are all correct, everyone makes mistakes at some stage or other.

If you have any problems with deciphering names then please see my article on Names at


This section of these parish records are in Latin.  That means that the first name is given in Latin and the surname is in English.  Please note as I have said before in many places, Irish parish records were NOT written in Irish even in areas where Irish was the spoken language.  The Irish spoke Latin and parish records were kept in Latin in many areas, BUT by Latin we mean the first names, surnames and placenames stayed in English.

The first few surnames that I was not sure of are at the top of the list below.  All other surnames are listed alphabetically.

If you want to know more about the information on these records then you can view the film in Dublin or hire a professional genealogist such as myself

Name Surname Father Mother M Surname Date
Catharina ?Conway or Cormudy? Patritii Honoria Rourke 06-Feb
Patritium ?Made Thoma ?Hellena Danah.. 01-Jun
Patritium ?Mulahget Johannis Catharina Hanly 21-Mar
Joannem Barrett Jacobi Brigida Moloney 14-Jun
Danielem Bond Jacobi Maria M(?ee)han 25-Jun
Jacobum Bradish Joannis Honoria Kir?by 25-Jan
Joannem Buckly Patritii Catharina Lynch 29-Jun
Johannem Burk Jacobi Anna Fallon 14-Apr
?lodimum Burk Joannis Catharina Brick 24-Jun
Mariam Burns Jacobi Catharina Power 07-Jan
Mariam Burns Thoma Maria Downey 10-Apr
Johanna Casey Thoma Johanna Rice 16-Mar
Brigidam Casy Danielis Margarita Dundon 12-Jan
Patritium Clune Joannis Brigida O’Brien 14-Feb
Brigidam Coleman Patritii Maria Tracy 14-Jun
Thomam Collins Patritii Maria Tucker 22-Mar
?Joamiam Connell ?Joamys Honoria Dillon 04-Jun
Mariam Conway Patritii Brigida Ba(?rr)ett 21-Apr
Catharina Costeloe Patritii Brigida Carroll 08-Mar
Danielem Cronan Patritii Ellena Purcell 02-Apr
Helenam Cussen Thoma Margarita Walsh 09-May
Thomam Dea Thoma Margarita Shaughnessy 20-Apr
Mariam Dillon David Ellena Nash 25-Jan
Brigidam Dillon Jacobi Ellena Shaughnessy 31-Jan
Catharina Dillon Michaelis Maria Nash 24-May
?T/F or Janithana Donough Patritii Maria McMahon 13-Feb
Mariam Donough Gulielimi Brigida Madigan 10-May
Thomam Doran Michaelis Helen Dal? 05-Apr
Mariam Dowling Michaelis Catharina Howard 10-May
Mariam Downey Cornelii Maria Cronin 03-Jul
Joannem Enright Patritii Honoria Hayes 05-Feb
Patritium Farrell Michaelis Brigida Hayes 31-Jan
Thomam Farrell Michaelis Margarita Griffin 31-Jan
Brigidam Farrell Michaelis Brigida Kenny 04-Jun
Margaritam Farrell Thoma Maria Ha(nnan) 26-Jun
Mariam Fitzgerald Thoma Margarita Coglan 23-Jan
Jacobum Fitzgerald Joannis Ellena McMahon 23-Jan
Guilielmum Fitzgerald Michaelis Honoria Moylan 27-Mar
?T or J anitham Fitzgerald Patritii Ellena Culhane 03-Apr
Gulielimum Fitzgerald (?Jodimys) Maria O’Brien 03-May
Marianam Fitzgerald Thoma Catharina Cahill 10-May
Jacobum Frawly Jacobi Honoria Ka…? 04-Apr
Guilielmum Glin Thoma Brigida Quin 07-Jan
Edmundmum Goggin Joannis Margarita Madigan 03-May
Patritium Griffin Danielis Margarita Keeffe 03-Apr
Margaritam Griffin Henrici Margarita Walsh 16-Apr
Margaritam Guerin Thoma Maria Enright 25-Feb
Joannem Guerin Michaelis ?alla?eo Sheahan 28-May
Michaelem Guiltinane Michaelis Brigida McMahon 05-Jul
Geraldam Guinane Jacobi Janetha Da?ly 11-May
Jacobum Guinane Patritii Catharina Walsh 12-May
Joannem Ha(?nnan) Jacobi Maria Cussen 25-Feb
Patritium Halloran Rogerii Margarita Ronan 27-Jan
Joannem Hanly Jacobi Johanna Hourigan 13-Jan
Patritium Hannan Patritii Brigida Nolan 09-Apr
Helenam Hartney Danielis Maria Hanrahan 08-Apr
Thomam Hayes Patritii Honoria Walsh 01-Feb
Michaelem Hays Jacobi Catharina Casey 21-Jan
Catharina Heffernan Patritii Margarita Coghlan 26-Feb
Annam Hen(?essy) Joannis Maria Dundon 15-Jun
Margaritam Hogan Dionitii Debora Riely 12-May
Joannem Hogan Jacobi Maria Cosgrave 14-Jun
Thomam Horan Henrico Margarita Molony 10-Mar
Joannem Hurley Thoma Ellena Hanly 23-Jan
Jacobum Hynes Jacobi Maria Kennedy 27-Apr
Tadeum Kin?g Tadei Judith McCarthy 02-May
Patritium Kir(by or ly) Jacobi Catharina Sheahan 17-Feb
Patritium Latchford Jacobi Ellena 10-Mar
Brigidam Looney Jacobi Catharina Sheehy 24-Jan
Michaelem Lynch Joannis Catharina Sheahan 13-May
Patritium Lyons Thoma Anna Holahan 17-Mar
Margaritam Lyons Patritii Anna Horan 30-Jun
Mariam Mack Jacobi Brigida Hickey 19-Apr
Jacobum Madigan Danielis Catharina Shaughnessy 26-Feb
Catharina Madigan Joannis Johanna Madigan 05-Jun
Winferd McDonnell Thoma Anna Burns 17-Jan
Joannem McEnery Jacobi Maria Guinan 02-Jun
Mariam McMahon Edmundi Maria Dalton 25-Jan
Michaelem Meany Patritii Ellena Hayes 25-Mar
Jacobum Molony Michaelis Honoria Macnamara 03-Jun
Guilielmum Molony Patritii Catharina O’Donnell 24-Jun
Johanam Morgan Danielis Brigida Shaughnessy 08-Apr
Margaritam Morrissy Thoma Maria Frawley 08-Mar
Mariam Mulqueen Johannis Catharina Lynch 23-Mar
Mariam Mulqueen Georgeii Brigida Shaughnessy 28-May
Thomam Nash Thoma Catharina O’Donnell 31-May
Catharina Naughton Patritii Joanna McCarthy 31-Jan
Mariam Naughton Gulielimi Maria Keating 22-Feb
Michaelem Neal Patritii Margarita Guiltinane 10-Feb
Jacobum Nealon ?? Maria Sheahan 13-Mar
Margaritam Nealon Danielis Catharina Toomey 03-Apr
Patritium Nevil Patritii Maria Conway 26-Feb
Annam Nolan Patritii Catharina Fleming 26-Apr
Stephanum O’Brien Joannis Catharina Burk 20-Feb
Ellanam O’Brien Dionitii Maria Kenny 16-Apr
Brigidam O’Brien Danielis Maria Sheahan 03-Jun
Danielem O’Brien Dionitii Margarita O’Brien 28-Jun
Patritium O’Connors Johannis Brigida Ronan 22-Mar
Patritium Purcell Patritii Brigida Sullivan 19-Jan
Ricardum Purcell Patritii Honoria ?Setright 17-Apr
Margaritam Purcell Gulielimi Catharina Fitzgerald 08-May
Mariam Purcell Patritii Margarita O’Brien 31-May
Ricardum Purcell Jacobi Maria ?? 06-Jun
Thomam Rose Thoma Catharina Horan 26-Mar
Patritium Rourk Dionitii ??Fanitha Purcell 12-Feb
Patritium Rourk Thoma Catharina Hanly 21-Mar
Margaritam Rourk Jacobi Catharina Guerin 12-Apr
Mariam Rourk Murdachi Brigida Rourk 09-Jan
Annam Rourk Thoma Helena Lyons 16-Jun
Thomam Sheahan Joannis Maria ?Ahern 24-May
Patritium Smyth Jacobi Brigida Lynch 22-Feb
Patritium Sullivan Jeremia Maria Purcell ?1/3
Patritium Walsh Thoma Maria Culhane 05-Apr
Robertiem Walsh Thoma Maria Riordan 26-Apr
Joannem Walsh Jacobi Brigida Conway 21-May
Dionitium Ward Joannis Maria McMahon 05-May

Church of Ireland Notes, October 1845

The Church
At an ordination held in the Church of Ardbraccan by the Lord Bishop of Meath, on the 21st September 1845, the following persons were ordained; –

James Robert Moffatt, A.B., for the curacy of Reynagh.
John Whitelaw Scoles, A.B., Athboy
Samuel Parsons, A.B., Drumconrath
Arthur Waring, A.B., Laracor
All for the Diocese of Meath

Peter Wilson, A.B., Curate fo Tullamoore (sic)
Hugh Gelston, A.B., curate of Enniskeen
Both for the Diocese of Meath

The Lord Bishop of Kildare held a visitation on the 23d September at Kildare ; on th 24th at Edenderry ; on the 25th at Philipstown ; on the 26th at Portarlington and no the 27th at Naas.

An ordination will soon be held (time not yet fixed) in the Cathedral of Waterford, to ordain curates for Templemore in the Diocese of Cashel ; and Tallow, Dunhill, Ardmore, Mothel in the diocese of Lismore.

The Lord Lieutenant and Council have disappropriated the parish of Aglishcormick from the precentorship of Emly and trancferred same to the ecclesiastical commissioners.

The German papers announce the death of the venerable Archdeacon of Cologne.

taken from The King’s Co. Chronicle
Vol. 1 No. 3
Wednesday, Oct 6th, 1845

Lieutenant Kirwan Stabbing, 1845

A serious accident occurred at Hounslow barracks on Sunday evening. Lieutenant-Colonel Harcourt Masters of the the Light Dragoons gave an entertainment to his brother officers in celebration of his recent promotion from the rank of major. After dinner the officers generally amused themselves with wrestling, and eventually with fencing, and Quarter-master Tarleton received a wound in the side from the sword of Lieutenant Kirwan. The surgeons of the Regiment immediately attended the wounded officer who was considered to be in a precarious state.

Lieutenant Kirwan was next day, by the military authorities at the Horse Quarters placed under arrest. Quartermaster Tarleton’s deposition was taken in writing by a magistrate and afterwards, the evidence of Mr. Frogley, the surgeon as to the nature of the wound and the state of the wounded man. A warrant was then issued for the apprehension of Lieutenant Martin Kirwan on a charge of cutting and wounding. Mr. Frogley, the surgeon, informed the local magistrates that he was unable to pronounce the wounded officer out of danger. Lieutenant-Colonel Daly expressed his readiness to enter into any amount of bail for the appearance of Lieutenant Kirwan. The Bench said the charge was of so serious a nature that they could not take bail, and it was their duty to remand the prisoner to Tothill-fields Bridewell until the fate of Quartermaster Tarleton can be ascertained. The prisoner accompanied by some of the officers of the regiment was then removed by a police officer in a fly to Tothill-fields Bridewell.

From a source on which reliance may be placed the following version of the occurrence has been obtained : – During the entertainment given to the officers on the evening of Sunday, between eleven and twelve o’clock, some words arose between Lieut. Kirwan and another officer, when Lieut. Kirwan left the room in a great passion, declaring he would cross swords with the officer who had offended him. Quarer master Tarleton followed him to his room, and endeavoured to prevent him leaving his apartment with a drawn sword in his hand, when by some means the unfortunate occurrence took place. Lieut. Kirwan was intoxicated at the time, and during some wrestling which took place after dinner, had been thrown twice with great violence on his head. The officer between whom and Lieut. Kirwan the disagreement had taken place was Captain T. Fane of the same regiment. Quarter-master Tarleton is a married man and has a family of three children. His father was Quartermaster of the 18th Light Dragoons for many years. He has since been declared out of danger and Lieutenant Kirwan has been admitted to bail.

Taken from : The King’s Co. Chronicle
Vol. 1 No. 3
Wednesday, Oct 6th, 1845

Military News, October 1845

Head-quarters of the 49th have arrived in Athlone from Dublin.

The 57th or ‘Die-Hards’ are ordered home from India after 2(?1) years service.

Captain Ormsby has taken command of the Royal Depot at Nenagh, Major Deane having left for Gibralter.

A son of Richard Sadlier, Esq., of Scalaheen, Co. Tipperary, is promoted to a company in the 41st, quartered in Dublin.

The 73d embarked at Cove for Giberalter on Saturday, on board the Apollo t=troop ship.

The entire of the services companies of the 54th are now in Cork, and will embark in a few days for Giberalter. On the embarkation of the 54th, the 34th from Fermoy will move into Cork, to embark for Corfu.

The 11th Hussars under Lord Cardigan, move from Dublin to Newbridge in a few days.

Lord Lieutenant Mountcharles, Scots Greys Capt. Mildmay, of the Bays and Captain Cathcart, 11th Hussars dined with the Lord Lieutenant on Tuesday evening.

Major General Wyndham has returned to Dublin from leave, and takes command of the garrison.

Lieutenant Carey, 44th, succeeds Captain Lynch, 57th at Omagh, on the recruiting service.

The officers and men of the 24th Regiment have, with a generous feeling of sympathy, ubscribed one days pay for relief of the may sufferers of fire at Quebec.

Two privates of the 25th, who deserted from Tralee with £10 belonging to Lieutenant Davis, Depot Paymaster, were arrested in Cork this week.

Stations of the British Army, 1845

Stations of the British Army
On the 1st October, 1845

Where two places are mentioned, the last named is that at which the Depot of the Regiment is stationed.

(In order to make things as easy as possible for you, I have taken all groups which have a place in Ireland mentioned, going to or coming from and placed them in the first table, but I have still left the group listed in the main table)

2d Dragoon Gds – Longford, for Dublin
3d do, – Ballincollig
2d do, Dublin
6th do (Inniskilling) Birmingham
8th do, Longford
11th do, Dublin
13th Lt. Dragoons, Cahir

1st Foot
(1st batt.) Gibralter ; Nenagh
5th Enniskillen
6th Mullingar
7th Barbadoes ; Naas
15th Ceylon ; Waterford
16th Buttevant
19th Corfu ; Carlow
24th Limerick
26th Belfast
30th Castlebar
32d Athlone
33rd New Brunswick ; Clonmel
34th Fermoy
38th Giberalter ; Derry
41st Dublin
44th Dublin
46th Canada ; Armagh
48th Jamaica ; Kilkenny
49th Dublin
54th Cork
64th Dublin
66th Giberalter ; Clare Castle
67th Dublin
70th Dublin
72d Giberalter ; Templemore
73d Cork ; Spike Island
75th Birr
77th Jamaica ; Templemore
79th Bombay ; belturbet
82nd Canada ; Kinsale
83d Limerick
85th st. Vincent ; Newry
88th Malta ; Boyle
93rd Montreal ; Newbridge
95th Ceylon ; Tralee

Rifle Brigade
1st batt. Corfu ; Dublin

END of copied section. Below is the complete list as it was published

1st Life Gds – Hyde Park
2d Life Gds – Windsor
1st Dragoon Gds – Exeter
2d Dragoon Gds – Longford, for Dublin
3d do, – Ballincollig
4th do – Edinburgh
5th do – Nottingham
6th do – Manchester
7th do – Cape of Good Hope ; Maidstone
1st Dragoons, Dundalk
2d do, Dublin
3d Lt. do, Bengal ; Maidstone
4th do, Hounslow
6th do (Inniskilling) Birmingham
7th Hussars, Ipswich
8th do, Longford
9th Lancers, Bengal ; Maidstone
10th Hussars, York
11th do, Dublin
12th Lancers, Coventry
13th Lt. Dragoons, Cahir
14th do, Bombay ; Maidstone
15th Hussars, Madras ; Maidstone
16th Lancers, Bengal ; Maidstone
17th do, Brighton

1st Grenadier Guards
(1st) Wellington Barracks;
(2nd batt.) Windsor;
(3d batt) St. George’s Barracks

Coldstream Guards
(1st batt.) Portman street
(2d batt.) Tower

Scots Fusilier Guards
(1st batt.) St. john’s Wood
(2d batt.) Winchester

1st Foot
(1st batt.) Gibralter ; Nenagh
(second batt.) Barbadoes ; Glasgow

2nd Bombay ; Chatham
3rd Winchester
4th Madras, Chatham
5th Enniskillen
6th Mullingar
7th Barbadoes ; Naas
8th Portsmouth
9th Bengal ; Chatham
10th Bengal ; Chatham
11th N.S. Wales ; Chatham
12th Mauritius ; Isle Wight
13th Walmer Castle
14th Canada ; Plymouth
15th Ceylon ; Waterford
16th Buttevant
17th Bombay ; Chatham
18th China ; Chatham
19th Corfu ; Carlow
20th Bermuda ; Isle ofWight
Reserve batt. Bermuda
21st Madras ; Chatham
22nd Bombay ; Chatham
23rd Trinidad ; Isle of Wight
24th Limerick
25th Madras ; Chatham
26th Belfast
27th Cape of Good Hope ; Guernsey
28th Bombay ; Chatham
29th Bengal ; Chatham
30th Castlebar
31st Bengal ; Chatham
32d Athlone
33rd New Brunswick ; Clonmel
34th Fermoy
35th Mauritius ; Charles Fort
36th Newcastle on Tyne
37th Newport S. Wales
38th Giberalter ; Derry
39th Bengal ; Chatham
40th Bengal ; Chatham
41st Dublin
42d Malta ; Isle of Wight
43rd Halifax ; Dover
44th Dublin
45th : 1st batt. Cape of Good Hope ; Isle of Wight
45th : Reserve batt. Ditto
46th Canada ; Armagh
47th Chester
48th Jamaica ; Kilkenny
49th Dublin
50th Bengal ; Chatham
51st Van Diemen’s Land ; Chatham
52nd Quebec ; Brecon
53rd Bengal ; Chatham
54th Cork
55th Devenport
56th Bury
57th Madras ; Chatham
58th New South Wales ; Chatham
59th Leeds
60th 1st batt. Bombay ; Chatham
60th 2nd batt. Quebec ; Paisley
61st Bengal ; Chatham
62d Bengal ; Chatham
63d Madras ; Chatham
64th Dublin
65th Chatham
66th Giberalter ; Clare Castle
67th Dublin
68th Portsmouth
69th Weedon
70th Dublin
71st Antigua ; Isle of Wight
72d Giberalter ; Templemore
73d Cork ; Spike Island
74th Portsmouth
75th Birr
76th Manchester
77th Jamaica ; Templemore
78th Bombay ; Chatham
79th Bombay ; belturbet
80th Bengal ; Chatham
81st Canada ; jersey
82nd Canada ; Kinsale
83d Limerick
84th Madras ; chatham
85th st. Vincent ; Newry
86th Bombay ; Chatham
87th Aberdeen
88th Malta ; Boyle
89th Quebec ; Carlisle
90th Ceylon ; Hull
91st Cape of Good Hope ; Isle of wight
91st Reserve batt. Do
92nd Edinburgh
93rd Montreal ; Newbridge
94th Aden ; Chatham
95th Ceylon ; Tralee
96th New South Wales ; Chatham
97th Corfu ; Isle of Wight
98th China ; Chatham
99th New South Wales ; Chatham

Rifle Brigade
1st batt. Corfu ; Dublin
2nd batt. HalifaxN.S. ; Isle of Wight

Colonial Corps
South Newfoundland, V.C. Newfoundland
1st W. I Reg. – Demerara Sierra leone
2nd do – Jamaica, Sierra Leone
3d do – Sierra Leone
Cape Mount Riflemen Cape Good Hope
Ceylon Rifles – Ceylon
Royal malta Fencibles – Malta
Royal St. Helena Regiment – St. Helena
Royal Canadian Rifle Regiment – Canada
Published in The King’s Co. Chronicle
Vol. 1 No. 3
Wednesday, Oct 6th, 1845

Flax Improvement Society and the End of the Ballinasloe Show, 1845

Meeting of the Flax Improvement Society
Pursuant to public notice, a meeting of the Flax Improvement Society of Ireland was held today in the court house at one o’clock. Nearly all the nobility and gentry in the town were present. The Earl of Erne took the chair.

His lordship called upon the secretary to read the report of the society’s proceedings for the last year, and observed, that there were two or three gentlemen present who would be happy to answer any questions asked them regarding the cultivation of flax.

Mr. Wardham then read the report, which was regarded as most satisfactory.

Mr. Walker from the co. Donegal, who cultivates annually fifty to seventy acres of flax, came forward at the request of the noble chairman to state the result of hi practice. He said that after many years experience he found that there was a clear profit of at least £20 per acre upon an average crop, after the payment of all expenses, from five and a half packs of seed. His rotation of crops was potatoes, wheat, flax and clover. It was a crop which gave more employment to the poor than any other, and at a season when the country people were not otherwise engaged, and it was by no means an exhausting one unless to itself. His opinion therefore was that it should not be sown a second time in the same land for a period of seven years, and when cut, it should be, if possible, laid on new cut meadow land. As regarded seed, he considered that it was best when taken before the flax was perfectly ripe, and its being allowed to ripen did not at all injure the fibre (applause)

Some very interesting conversation then took place respecting the merits of home and foreign flax for seed. The prevailing opinion appeared to be in favour of the native article. Several cultivators, from different parts of the country, stated it to be so from their experience, and observed that it was almost always the successful seed when offered for competition with foreign seeds at local shows.

Ballinasloe, Friday
The proceedings of the show closed last evening, or more properly speaking this moring, with the usual ball, and a more splendid affair, both as regards numbers and respectability, never took place in any provincial town in Ireland, or, perhaps I might say, even in the metropolis. The evening was most unpropitious. No less than five hundred persons promenaded the rooms, one fourth of whom, at least, were members of the aristocratic families in town.
The King’s Co. Chronicle
Vol. 1 No. 3
Wednesday, Oct 6th, 1845