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Historical Notes and Stories of the Ballinamuck, Co. Longford III

Historical Notes and Stories
of the
County Longford.
James P. Farrell
1886 – Dollard Printing House, Wellington Quay, Dublin


Copy of a letter from Lieutenant-General Lake to Captain Taylor, Private Secretary to His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant, dated, “Camp, near Ballinamuck, September 8th, 1798.”     .

“Sir,-I have the honour to acquaint you, for the information of His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant, that finding upon my arrival at Ballaghy the French army had passed that place from Castlebar, I immediately followed them to watch their motions. Lieutenant-Colonel Crawford, who commanded my advanced corps, composed of detachments of Hempesch’s (?) and the 1st Fencible Cavalry, vigilance and activity, being so close upon their rear, that they could not escape from me, although they drove the country and carried with them all their horses. After four days and nights’ most severe marching, my column, consisting of the Carabineers, detachments of the 23rd Light Dragoons, the 1st Fencible Dragoons, and the Roxburg Fencible Dragoons, under the command of Colonel Sir Thomas Chapman, Lieutenant-Colonel Maxwell, Earl of Roden, and Captain Kerr; the 3rd Battalion Light Infantry, the Omagh, and part of the Kerry Regiment, the Reay, Northampton and Prince of Wales’ Fencible Regiments of Infantry, under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Innes, of the 6th Regiment, Lord Viscount Gosford, Earl of Glandore, Major Ross, Lieutenant Colonel Macartney, arrived at Cloon about seven this morning, where, having received ,directions to follow the enemy in the same line, whilst his Excellency moved by the lower road to intercept them, I advanced, having previously detached the Monaghan Light -Company, mounted behind dragoons to harass their rear. Lieutenant-Colonel Crawford., on coming up with the French rear-guard, summoned them to surrender; but, as they did not attend to his command, he attacked them, upon which upwards of 200 French infantry threw down their arms, under the idea that the rest of the corps would do the same thing. Captain Pakenham, Lieutenant-General of Ordnance, and Major-General Cladock arrived., upon which I ordered up the Third Battalion of Light Infantry, under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Innes, and commenced upon the enemy’s position. The action lasted upwards of half-an-hour, when, the remainder of the column making its appearance, the French surrendered at discretion. The conduct of the cavalry was, on all occasions, highly conspicuous. The Third Light Battalion, and part of the Armagh Militia (the only infantry that were engaged), behaved most gallantly, and deserve my warmest praise. Lieutenant-Colonel Innes’s spirit and judgment contributed much to our success. To Brigadier General Taylor I have to return my most sincere thanks for his great exertions arid assistance on this day; also to Lord Roden, Sir Thomas Chapman, Major Kerr, and Captain Ferguson, whose example contributed much to animate the troops. I ought not to omit Lieutenant-Colonel Maxwell, Major Pockenham, and Captain Kerr, whose conduct was equally meritorious, and I feel infinitely thankful to all the commanding officers of corps, who, during so fatiguing a march, encouraged their men to bear it with unremitting perseverance. I cannot conclude my letter without expressing how much our success is to be attributed to the spirit and activity of Lieutenant-Colonel Crawford. I beg leave to recommend him as a most deserving officer.- I have the honour to be, &c.,

Copy of the Lord Lieutenant’s letter to the Duke of Portland, relative to the defeat of the French.
“St. Johnstown (Ballinalee),
“County Longford,
“9th September, 1798 .
“My Lord, – When I wrote to your Grace on the 5th, I had every reason to believe, from the enemy’s movement to Drumahaire, that it was their intention to march to the North, and it was natural to suppose that they might hope that a French force would get into some of the bogs in that part of the county, without a succour of which kind every point of discretion for their march seemed equally desperate. I received, however, very early in the morning of the 7th, accounts from General Lake that they had turned to the right at Drumkeerin, and that he had reason to believe that it was their intention to go to Boyle or Carrick-on-Shannon, in consequence of which I hastened the march of the troops under my immediate command in order to arrive before the enemy at -Carrick, and directed Major-General Moore, who was at Tubbercurry, to be prepared, in the event of the enemy’s movements to Boyle. On my arrival at Carrick I found that the enemy had passed the Shannon at Ballintra, where they attempted to destroy the bridge; but General Lake followed them so closely that they were not able to effect it. Under these circumstances I felt freely confident that one more march would bring this disagreeable warfare to a conclusion; and, having obtained satisfactory information that the enemy had halted for that night at Cloone, I marched, with the troops at Carrick, at ten o’clock on the 7th, to Mohin, and directed General Lake to proceed at the same time to Cloon –  which is about three miles from Mohill, by which movement  I should be able to join with General Lake- in the attack of the enemy, if they should remain at Cloone, or to intercept their retreat if they should, as it was most probable, retire on the approach of our army. On my arrival at Mohill, soon after day-break, I found that the enemy had begun to move towards Granard. I therefore proceeded, with all possible expedition, to this place, through which I was assured, on account of a broken bridge, that the enemy must pass on their way to Granard, and directed General Lake to attack the enemy’s rear, and impede their march as much as possible without bringing the whole of his corps into action. Lieutenant-General Lake performed this service with his usual attention and ability; and the enclosed letter, which I have just received from him, will explain the circumstances which produced an immediate surrender of the enemy’s army. – I have the honour, &c.,
(Signed)    “CORNWALLIS.”

Immediately after the battle, as the foregoing letters go to show, a great many rebels were hanged and sabred.  Amongst the rest was a man named Andrew Farrell, who, despite the fact that some influence was brought to bear on the authorities to save his life, was, hanged out of a spoke-wheel car. When life was extinct, the body, and also the bodies of several other men, were brought into a barn and stretched on a table on some straw. After: a time, a Catholic soldier of the Longford Militia, who knew Farrell, came into the barn, and seeing him, said “Poor Farrell, I’m sorry to see you there;” and a yeoman ruffian, hearing the words, drew his clenched hand and smote the lifeless man’s face, breaking his nose and forcing the very blood to the roof, whilst the Catholic soldier could do nothing to prevent this outrageous act lest he would bring himself into trouble. Farrell’s friends afterwards attempted to bury the body in Longford graveyard, but the authorities prevented them; and they had to inter it at Newtownforbes.

After the famine of 1847 and 1848, which committed fearful ravages in this and the neighbouring parishes, the landlords made a desperate attempt to evict all the Catholic tenants, and plant in their stead a number of Scotch families. Such indeed was the venom with which King-Harman set about this monstrous task, that the tenants, bad and all as they were with the pangs of hunger, rose up en masse, and every attempt at eviction was a bloody massacre, in which the tenants fought wildly and madly for their homesteads; and many of them were sent to their last account by the use of the rifle.  The fearful sacrifice of life considerably subdued them, and their vengeance then took the form of midnight attacks on the “planted” families, during which several of them were killed, and one whole family wiped out. A strong police barracks, loop-holed for musketry fire, was then erected by the Harman family, which is the martial-looking building I have referred to at the commencement of this chapter. But after all these determined attempts to exterminate the people, it is gratifying to know that they are still “to the front,” and that there are few better men in the county than in this same Ballinamuck, or ” The Mouth of the Ford of the Pig.”

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Civil Registration Books, Abbeyleix and Donaghmore, 1864-84 (Hyland)

The following table gives you a list of details re children of the surname Hyland who were registered in the Civil Registration Districts of Abbeyleix & Donaghmore, Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.) during the years 1864-84.

The photocopies of all these records were purchased from the Irish Civil Registration Office.  In some cases it was difficult to read words, those words/letters are indicated by question marks.

Spellings are given as I read them on the records whether or not these place names fit in with current place names is another matter.

The columns are sorted by year, not by name of father.

ChildSurnameFatherFromMotherSurname MotherOcc. FatherDateYear
BridgetHylandMichaelHeywoodElizaKennyFarmerJanuary 20th1864
CatherineHylandJohnBallinacloughMargaretKealyChemical LabourerApril 9th1864
MargaretHylandJamesToortawnMargaretLarkinLabourerAug 5th1864
MaryHylandWilliam?CashanCatherineHylandLabourerJanuary 9th 1864
ThomasHylandJohnAbbeyleixMaryKeenanLabourerAug 20th1864
MaryHylandJohnCastletownHepyDunneLabourerOctober 28th1865
MichaelHylandDenisRingCatherineMooneyLabourerMarch 6th 1865
WilliamHylandUnknownDonaghmore Poor HouseCatherineHylandPauperAug 15th 1865
BridgetHylandJohnCastletownEstherDunneLabourerJuly 28th1866
JamesHylandJamesToortawnMargaretLarkinFarmerJuly 8th1866
MaryHylandJohnMoanfadMaryBerginLabourerAug ?21st1869
MathewHylandJamesToortawnMargaretLarkinFarmerJune 1st1869
SarahHylandMichaelClogmoor, BallinakillElizabethKennyHerdApril ?10th1869
JudithHylandJohnCastlefinnHesterDunneLabourerMarch 9th 1871
LizzyHylandJohnMoanfadMaryBerginLabourerNov 29th1871
NicholasHylandJohnBordwellMaryGavinFarmerMay ?21st1871
WilliamHylandDenis?GaltCatherine?MoonyLabourerJune 21st.1871
WilliamHylandDenisColtCatherineMoonyLabourerJune 21st.1871
PattHylandPattToortawnElizaFitzpatrickFarmerJuly 23rd1872
JosephHylandPattToortawnElizaFitzpatrickFarmerSept 21st1873
Mary AnnHylandJamesToortawnMary AnnBerginBlacksmithNov. 8th1873
PattHylandPattAbbeyleixMargaretBonhamLabourerMay 28th1873
JohnHylandJohnCastletownHephe(e)DunneLabourerJuly ?2nd1874
Margaret MaryHylandJohnBordwellMary?FarillFarmerOct 12th1874
MartinHylandMichaelHeywoodElizabethKennyFarmerApril 19th1874
MaryHylandWilliamBallacollaEllenMartinFarmerMarch 19th1874
JudyHylandPattToortawnElizaFitzpatrickFarmerMay 9th1875
NicholasHylandWilliamPark, BallacolaEllenMartinFarmerAug 3rd1875
PatrickHylandJamesMonadrahidMary A.BerginBlacksmithApril 25th1875
SarahHylandPatrickToortaunElizaFitzpatrickLabourerSept 12th1876
DanielHylandPat.MonadrehidElizaFitzpatrickLabourerDec 13th1877
Joseph JohnHylandJamesMonadrahidMaryBerginMechanicJune 19th1877
MargaretHylandJohnMoanfadMaryBerginLabourerMarch 27th1877
SarahHylandWilliamPark, BallacolaEllenMartinFarmerJune 11th1877
JudyHylandJamesSkirkeElizthLambFarmerDec 4th1878
PatrickHylandWilliamBallacollaEllenMartinFarmerSept 28th1878
KateHylandPatrickToortawnElizaFitzpatrickFarmerAug 10th1879
KyranHylandJames?MondaludusMary AnneBergin or DugganFarmerApril 24th1879
WilliamHylandJohnMounvattMaryBerginLabourerJuly 27th1879
ElizaHylandPatrickToortawnElizaFitzpatrickFarmerAug 29th1880
JohnHylandWilliamParkEllenMartinFarmerOct0ber 24th1880
KateHylandMichaelCahirjohannaPhelanFarmerMarch 5th 1880
EllenHylandWilliamParkEllenMartinFarmerMarch 12th1882
MichaelHylandPatrickTootaunElizaFitzpatrickFarmerAug 28th 1884

Marriage Records, Rathdowney, Co. Laois, 1873-80

Roman Catholic Parish Records,
Laois (Queen’s Co.)

The Roman Catholic parish records for Rathdowney in Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.) begin in July 1763.  This is an index to the names of those who got married in the Rathdowney parish church from Feb 1873 to Nov 1880.  This set of records extends from the end of May 1840-Nov 9th 1880.  The National Library of Ireland film ref for this set of records is 5014.  The LDS do not have a copy of this film according to my records.

Possible shortened versions of names: Danl=Daniel ; Jermh=Jermiah ; Kyron=Kieran ; Mich/Mick=Michael ; Patr/Patt=Patrick ; Thos=Thomas.    Bridgt=Bridget ; Dympana=Dympna ; Eliza=Elizabeth; Fanny=Frances ; Judy=Judith ; Kate=Catherine ; Margret=Margaret ; Maria=Mary ; Mary A.=Mary Ann/e ; Oney=Honora/Honoria

All spellings remain as I read them.  I have not deliberately changed any spellings.  Placenames are also as I read them.  Question marks show that I had a problem with a letter or a name.  Where I have put the word ‘post’ it means that I could not read the date but the entry was just before the date I have listed.

These records are in English.  Two witnesses are also named in the original.  I have not included the names of witnesses.


NameSurnameB NameB SurnamefromDateYear
PattFlaniganAnnCharl(?es or y)Grogan10-Oct1876
MartinQuanyBridgetMooreClonburnn.g. post Oct 101876
WilliamBowen??BridgetMurphy??n.g. post Oct 101876
Joseph L.CoyneMary EllenDeeganErrill25-Jun1877
JohnCarrollMaryQuigleyRathdowneyn.g. post Sept1877
PattBerginEllenDeany or Treacy??Derries31-Jan1878
LaurenceMinie????Costigan?R or B ra?den24-Jul1879
PatrDunneMaryM?urtenRathdowneySept. 81879
MichaelDrennanMary A.DooleyDonomore07-Jan1880
ThomasHayesMaryDea?ney or ?reyDerries09-Feb1880
HenryKickam or Hicham??MaryCampionClonmeen09-Jun1880
JamesDullard?JohannaConroyn.g.n. g. ??22 Jan1880

Marriage Records, Freshford, Co. Kilkenny, 1878-80

Diocese of Ossory,
Freshford, Co. Kilkenny.  Marriage Index 1878-1880

National Library of Ireland (NLI) Film ref. 5015
Latter Day Saints ref 0926192 items 1-7

I have indexed the names of the Groom and Bride from the parish records of Freshford, Co. Kilkenny for the years 1878-1880.  Placenames are given for both people.  The records are in English and the full names are given in most instances. Question marks indicate points where I had a problem with letters or the word

Statia=Anastatia/Anastasia ; Kate=Catherine


Groom Name Surname From Bride Name Surname From Date Year
Gordan Shearman Barnd Mary Curley Kyle 07-Jan 1878
Michael Connolly Nellbrook Mary Costigan Wellbrook 15-Jan 1878
Patrick Keede Curraghduff Kate Byrne Newtown 19-Feb 1878
William Glennan Threecastles Julia Brennan Knockroo 21-Feb 1878
Thomas Downey Swift….house Mary Holohan Newtown 21-Feb 1878
Michael Kavanagh Freshford Mary Walsh Freshford 25-Feb 1878
Thomas Dunne Bally?gosney Mary Holohan ?Newtown 26-Feb 1878
Michael Clohesy Out… Mary Fitzpatrick Knockaroo 26-Feb 1878
Michael Feehan Newtown Margaret Ryan Killrush 05-Mar 1878
Patrick Clohesy Lower Ballydool Catherine Fennelly Ballinamare 29-Apr 1878
James Shanahan Tifeighna Anne Campion Bellerville 13-May 1878
Patrick O’Hara Upper Ballydod Anne Murphy Leugh 17-Jun 1878
James Brennan Ballyoo Grace Margaret Campion Ballylarkin 27-Jun 1878
Nicholas Grace Gaulstown Kate Keoughan Purcells Garden 24-Jul 1878
Richard Moran Kyle Catherine Murphy Barna 14-Oct 1878
John Whyte Freshford Honora Walsh Boherkyle 21-Nov 1878
Thomas Whealan ??Newtown Judith Dargan Sart 23-Jan 1879
Michael Fleming ??Simonsland Kate Byrne Three Castles 18-Feb 1879
Stephen Quinn Fermoyle Eliza ??Costello Freshford 25-Feb 1879
Michael Walsh Freshford Margaret Moran Freshford 29-Apr 1879
James Whyte Irishtown Eliza Clifford Freshford 02-Jun 1879
Daniel Bevans Kilamory Mary Anne Donnelly Killrush 07-Jun 1879
?Laurence Walsh Grange Hill??? Anastatia Henessy Leugh 18-Jun 1879
James Cahill Three Castles Judith Mahony Bawntha amingh 15-Jul 1879
John Hickey Barna Sarah Dowling Ballylarkin 07-Aug 1879
Thomas Murphy Boher..loss Ellen Dooley Moat 21-Oct 1879
Martin Dunne Luskimagh Judith Fitzpatrick Rathmoyle 10-Nov 1879
John Dowling Freshford Bridget ?Fanning ?Wellbrook 25-Nov 1879
Patrick Delany Three Castles Johanna Brennan Clashmaero 09-Feb 1880
?Bernard Barry Dublin Margaret Grace Freshford 10-Feb 1880
Michael Dowling ……town Catherine Ryan Freshford 05-Apr 1880
Patrick Dooley Upper Ballydod Anastatia ??Lannan Upper Ballydod 08-Apr 1880
Edmund Butler …..back Bridget Fleming Mount ?Eagle 10-Jun 1880
Edmund Phelan Boules  ?Ballingarry Bridget Dowling Freshford 18-Nov 1880
Edmund ?Kenedy Ballinamara Statia Brophy Rathkelly 24-Nov 1880

Baptisms Records, St. James’ Catholic Parish, Co. Wexford, 1879-80

Brennan, Kehoe/Keogh/Keough, Lyons, Murphy and Walsh baptisms St. James Catholic parish, Wexford 1879 & 1880 : 139 Records with one of the above surnames

The records are not sorted alphabetically

Yesterday I spent a few hours going through the St. James parish records and transcribing information on any of the surnames above, that is to say if the mother or father had one of the above surnames then I noted the information.  The records are in English and for the most part relative to other parish records are legible (in some places with extreme difficulty).  Question marks indicate those names I had a problem with. Place-names are NOT given in these records.  This is the first set of records that I have transcribed where a lot of children  are given a second first name.

Spellings are exactly as I read them.  (someone else might read them differently).  I do have a question mark beside the surname Parle in one record but then saw that it really was Parle in another record.  When we have two records for the same couple then we can read the name properly in the second record, if we had a problem with the first record.  Names are not shortened.

In these records the name of the father is given in almost every case and where a child was born outside marriage the word illigitimate is placed beside the child’s name.  When the parish was notified of a marriage in later years, then this information is placed with the baptismal record.

National Library of Ireland Parish Record Microfilm 4253

Name Surname Father Mother M Surname date Year
Charles Leeson Charles Mary Walsh 15-Dec 1880
William Stephen Dempsey Nicholas Catherine Murphy 26-Dec 1880
Sarah Murphy Nicholas Sarah Handly 31-Dec 1880
Mary Kate Murphy Michael Hannah Connors 22-Nov 1880
Catherine ?Matabel Henry Margaret Brennan 17-Nov 1880
Martin Murphy George Ellin Connor 28-Nov 1880
Catherine Murphy Thomas Bridget ?Boggan 31/11 1880
Catherine Margaret Beals Edward Johanna Murphy 2-Nov 1880
Nicholas Murphy Jeremiah Anne Don…. ?3/11 1880
Ellen Leary Patrick Elizabeth Murphy 25-Sep 1880
Mary Murphy John Mary Foley 28-Sep 1880
James Kehoe Thomas MAry Bolger 10-Sep 1880
Nicholas Murphy Jasper Bridget Duggan ?11/9 1880
?Jane Dun….cho James Kate Murphy 8-Aug 1880
Peter Murphy Peter Margaret Redmond 13-Aug 1880
Anna Eliza Evoy John Ann Murphy 13-Aug 1880
Ellen Parle? Patrick Ellen Murphy 14-Aug 1880
George Murphy Patrick Bridget Connors 23-Jul 1880
Peter Joseph Whelan James Ellen Walsh 28-Jun 1880
Mary Anne Murphy Patrick Margaret Dillon 1-Jul 1880
James Redmond James Anastasia Murphy 4-Jul 1880
Robert Murphy Robert Mary Farrell 5-Jul 1880
James Walsh Thomas Mary Codd 7-Jul 1880
Mary Barry Edward Mary Brown 12-Jul 1880
Andrew Kehoe Richard Anne Redmond 8-Jun 1880
Thomas Con(?l)oy Thomas Margaret Murphy 13-Jun 1880
Agnes Walsh Patrick Mary Rossiter 13-Jun 1880
?Anne Du(?i)gan Thomas Eliza Murphy ?25 May 1880
Nicholas Murphy Mathew Christina Reilly ?26 May 1880
Johanna Smith Edward Margaret Kehoe 13-May 1880
Margaret Walsh John Eliza Roche 16-May 1880
Michael Edward Murphy Patrick Margaret Ryan 16-May 1880
Mary Ellen Murphy George Ellen Neville 17-May 1880
Anne Maria Brennan Robert Bridget Carley 18-May 1880
Catherine Mary Murphy Ed?ward Mary ?Rossiter 20-May 1880
??? Patrick Murphy John Ellen ?Roche 21-May 1880
Percy Lacy Martin Anastasia Murphy 27-May 1880
Patrick Joseph Kelly James Anne Walsh 30-May 1880
Mary Jane Ridley John Mary Murphy 1-May 1880
Mary Jane Fenlon Michael Mary Murphy 3-May 1880
John Thompson John Eliza Murphy 6-May 1880
Mariella Murphy Stephen Kate Cloury 7-May 1880
Mary Murphy Stephen Kate Cloury 7-May 1880
Alfred Joseph Murphy James Kate Redmond ?13/4 1880
Mary Jane ?Trench Peter Kate Murphy ?16/4 1880
James Murphy Peter Anne Bergin ?19/4 1880
Edward Murphy Laurence Johanna Blake ?21/4 1880
Robert Murphy Laurence Johanna Blake ?21/4 1880
John Joseph Toole John Mary Walsh 20-Mar 1880
James Codd William Mary A. Murphy 31-Mar 1880
Bridget Walsh John Mary Morris 16-Feb 1880
John Murphy John Margaret Browne 18-Feb 1880
Mary Anne Murphy Mathew Mary Howlin 1-Mar 1880
Catherine Walsh Patrick Mary Fanning 8-Mar 1880
Alice Murphy Nicholas Jane Bolger 24-Jan 1880
Joseph Murphy William Margaret Aylward 27-Jan 1880
???? Murphy William Eliza ??Doyle 3-Feb 1880
Patrick Joseph Pender Peter Margaret Murphy 4-Feb 1880
James John Murphy Laurence Kate Redmond 11-Feb 1880
Bridget Lyons Patrick Anastasia Murphy 14-Feb 1880
Mary Anne Kehoe John Anne Whelan 18-Jan 1880
Alice Kehoe Patt Johanna Higgins 19-Jan 1880
Laurence Murphy Paul Margaret Connors 21-Jan 1880
Patrick Christopher ?Haskill Michael Julia Murphy 26-Dec 1879
Thomas Brennan Michael Bridget ?Tierney 28-Dec 1879
Stephen Reynolds John Mary Kehoe 30-Jan 1879
Anne O’C(??onnor) Michael Johanna Murphy 31-Jan 1879
Mary Jane Walch Patrick Mary Clancey 3-Dec 1879
Mary Anne Blake John Mary Murphy 16-Dec 1879
Matthew Murphy Thomas Elizabeth Bolton 22-Dec 1879
Philip Christopher Kehoe William Ellen McCabe ?23/12 1879
Margaret E..ale?ne Richard Elizabeth Murphy ?24/12 1879
Thomas Cullemore Daniel Mary Kehoe 15-Nov 1879
???? Murphy Thomas Margaret ??? 20-Nov 1879
Margaret Walsh John Anastasia Cogley 20-Oct 1879
Mary Anne Walsh John Bridget Caulfield 20-Oct 1879
James Keogh William Mary Larkin 5-Nov 1879
Catherine Murphy Jasper Bridget Duggan 10-Sep 1879
William Carty Michael Bridget Kehoe 11-Sep 1879
Ellen Murphy John Elizabeth Lacy 13-Sep 1879
William Haughton Patrick Eliza Murphy ?? Sep 1879
Agnes ??Kinsella Patt Bridget Murphy ?? Sep 1879
Mary Murphy John Margaret Bolger 27-Aug 1879
Thomas Kehoe John Margaret Moran 31-Aug 1879
John Redmond Thomas Catherine Murphy 31-Aug 1879
Mary Murphy Daniel Johanna Lambert 27-Jul 1879
Thomas Salmon Martin Ellen Walsh 2-Aug 1879
?? (Imelda??) ???? James Mary Murphy 3-Aug 1879
David Donohoe Laurence Mary Murphy 6-Aug 1879
Joseph Rourk Joseph Margaret Murphy 12-Aug 1879
Patrick Morris James Kate Murphy 16-Aug 1879
Joseph Murphy Peter Kate Moran 17-Aug 1879
Johanna Walsh Martin Debrah Donelly 25-Aug 1879
Margaret Brennan James Margaret Brien 10-Jul 1879
Elizabeth Murphy Sylvester Kate Kinsella 14-Jul 1879
M??ary or Margaret Walsh James Catherine ??Redmond 15-Jul 1879
John Joseph ??Underwood John Bridget Murphy 18-Jul 1879
Mary Anne Walsh James Mary Connor 18-Jul 1879
Patrick Murphy Patrick Bridget Connor 28-Jun 1879
Elizabeth Pauline ??Willis Edward Margaret Murphy 29-Jun 1879
Catherine Dempsey Edward Catherine Kehoe 30-Jun 1879
Patrick Murphy Patrick Anne Cogley 4-Jul 1879
Mary Jane Kehoe Patrick Jane Duff 3-Jun 1879
Frances Murphy Pattrick Eliza Redmond 5-Jun 1879
Bridget Brien John Ellen Murphy 9-Jun 1879
Mary Kate Reed Maurice Mary Walsh 14-Jun 1879
Anna Maria Murphy William Emily Stitchingham 20-Jun 1879
Ellen Murphy James Johanna Murphy 21-Jun 1879
Margaret Mar Kehoe John Mary Anne Saunders 11-May 1879
Margaret Mary Murphy Robert Elizabeth ??Hingles 12-May 1879
Mary Anne Murphy John Mary Holey 14-May 1879
Mary Anne Murphy Thomas Anastasia Doyle 15-May 1879
Mary Murphy Edmund Mary Rossiter 17-May 1879
Catherine Walsh Peter Ellen Cogley 20-Apr 1879
Margaret Brown John Mary Murphy 24-Apr 1879
James Murphy Stephen Catherine Clancy 27-Apr 1879
Margaret Anne Walsh Timothy Margaret Murphy 3-Apr 1879
Matthew Whelan Martin Eliza Walsh 5-Apr 1879
Margaret Leary Patrick Eliza Murphy 14-Apr 1879
Ellen Murphy Nicholas Eliza Duff 16-Apr 1879
Mary Duggan James Catherine Murphy 16-Apr 1879
Thomas Parle Patrick Ellen Murphy 1-Mar 1879
Mary Anne Dunroche James Kate Murphy 1-Mar 1879
Christopher Joseph Walsh Thomas Catherine Hogan 4-Mar 1879
Patrick Murphy James Anne Carty 18-Apr 1879
William Joseph Murphy William Margaret Lam(?bert) 26-Apr 1879
Patrick Joseph Keegan Patrick Mary ….hin 25-Apr 1879
James Walsh James Margaret Whelan 9-Feb 1879
Andrew Doyle Thomas Johanna Brennan ?14/2 1879
john James Murphy Nicholas Sarah Hanly ?15/2 1879
James ???Reif? John Kate Keogh ?16/2 1879
John McGuire John Elizabeth Murphy ?Feb 1879
Margaret Furlong John Anne Kehoe 27-Jan 1879
James Lacy Philip Ellen Murphy 2-Feb 1879


Irish National League: City and Cappamore Branches, 1887

Irish National League
Branch Meetings
City branch
Mr. Henry O’Shea, V.P., presided at the City Branch on Thursday night. The Chairman condemned the Coercion Bill proposed by the Government. Mr. Keating proposed and Mr. Anglim T.C., seconded – that Mr. T. Mason Stewart be elected member. Mr. Stewart returned thanks, and said he was indured to enter the National League because of Mr. Balfour’s unbelief in the existence of Protestant Home Rulers outside Parliament. Mr. O’H. Lawlor proposed the following resolution : “That we heartily condemn the action of Judge Boyd in committing the Rev. Father Ryan, C.C., Herbertstown to Kilmainham Gaol for refusing to disclose matters confided to him in his capacity as a Priest of the Catholic Church ; that we look on this conduct as the grossed and most contemptible tyranny, and we believe such a power was never contemplated by the Bankruptcy Laws, and it tends to bring that court into the greatest contempt ; and that we convey to Father Ryan our deepest sympathy in his prison cell, and feel sure that he will be comforted in his suffering by the knowledge that he has earned the gratitude and esteem of the Irish race at home and abroad in his noble and patriotic endeavour to shield the oppressed and rack rented people of his parish.”
Mr. David Begley, TC., seconded the resolution and it was adopted unanimously.
Mr. Keating proposed “That we in future give no work to priest hunting Carmen who drove police to Hospital for the purpose of arresting Father Ryan, and that we call on other branches of the League to expel persons who have been guilty of such misconduct.” He subsequently deferred its consideration to next meeting, at the insistence of the Chairman.

Irish National League.
Cappamore Branch
Rev. E. Hogan, C.C., presiding. The Rev. President and members of he Committee met to consider the sale of Mr. martin Ryan’s farm at Towerhill, but owing to the death of the lamented pastor, Rev. P. Cleary, the committee adjourned the meeting till next Sunday. Proposed by Mr. P. Walsh, P.L.G., and seconded by Mr. Thomas Meagher: “That we hereby offer our heartfelt condolence to the friends and relations of Father Cleary, P.P., who was a truly pious Priest, and a wise counselor to his flock, and was dearly beloved by them.” The large congregation that assembled in the church on the day of his internment was a full testimony of this. The Secretary was directed to send copies of the resoltion to his friends.
Taken from “The Munster News and Limerick and Clare Advocate”,
April 2, 1887

Irish National League.
Shanagolden Branch
Meeting for electing officers and committee. Mr. D. J. Hishon, Central Branch, conducted the election by ballot. The result was as follows:
Very Rev. J. Mulqueen, P.P., VF., President
Rev. T. O. Kelly, C.C., Treasurer
E.J. O’Sullivan, Hon Sec.
Messrs. William O’rien, PLG
L’ OBrien PLG
P. Madigan, PLG
William Hishon, junr.
J. Creaghan
W. Larner
M. Gearon
M. O’Connor
E. Eyre
M. Creaghan
T. ENright
T. Cahill
P. Murray
M. Leahy
J. O’Reilly
Taken from “The Munster News and Limerick and Clare Advocate”,
April 2, 1887

Irish National League: Carrickerry and Shanagolden Branches, 1887

Irish National League.
Shanagolden Branch

Meeting for electing officers and committee. Mr. D. J. Hishon, Central Branch, conducted the election by ballot. The result was as follows:
Very Rev. J. Mulqueen, P.P., VF., President
Rev. T. O. Kelly, C.C., Treasurer
E.J. O’Sullivan, Hon Sec.
Messrs. William O’rien, PLG
L’ OBrien PLG
P. Madigan, PLG
William Hishon, junr.
J. Creaghan
W. Larner
M. Gearon
M. O’Connor
E. Eyre
M. Creaghan
T. Enright
T. Cahill
P. Murray
M. Leahy
J. O’Reilly

Irish National League.
Carrickerry Branch
The Rev. J. Ambrose presided. The case of Maurice Culhane whose cattle were seized on by his landlord, was considered, when it was proposed by Denis Lynch and seconded by Denis Liston ; “That having considered the case of Mrs. Widow T. Culhane and her treatment at the hands of her landlords, Mr. Alexander Tallis Yielding and Mrs. Hugh Yielding (the wife of Mr. Hugh E. Yielding of Newpark, Croagh, in the county of Limerick), we respectfully ask the committee of the Kilcoman branch of the League to afford us an opportunity for a consultation with a view to bringing public opinion to bear upon the landlords for their action in accumulating costs to the amount of £18 upon a rent of £25, in seizing only £50 or £60 worth of cattle to satisfy same.”
“That the Rev. Chairman be deputed to communicate with the Kilcolman branch to arrange time and place of proposed conference which he very kindly consented to do”
Taken from “The Munster News and Limerick and Clare Advocate”,
April 2, 1887

Gaelic Athletic Association, Football, 1887

Thomas Davis Football Club, Ennis V. Cratloe, Newmarket on Fergus Football Club, a bye at Ennis on Sunday, May 1st.

Second Ties:
East Clare at Tulla, on Sunday 8th
West Clare at Ruan, on Sunday May 15th
Ennis at Crusheen, on Sunday May 22nd
Final Ties at Ennis, on Sunday June 5th.

The following resolutions were put from the chair and unanimously adopted :
“1st – that we the members of the County Committee G.A.A., recommend the several branches of the Association in the county, to arrange as far as possible amongst themselves branches of Temperance Associations, as we believe that habits of intemperance are fatal to the development of the athletic powers of the people. And also that the revenue derived by the Government from the sale of intoxicating drink would be better spent in developing the resources of the country, a consummation of which the G.A.A. in the county, to arrange as far as possible amongst themselves branches of Temperance Associations, as we believe that habits of intemperance are fatal to the development of the athletic powers of the people. And also that the revenue derived by the Government from the sale of intoxicating drink would be better spent in developing the resources of the country, a consummation of which the G.A.A., have in view. “
“2nd – That we request that these clubs throughout the country who have not yet been affililated to lose no time in doing so as the time for entering the County Championships has been extended to the 15th April, in order to give those clubs an opportunity of affiliating and competing.”
3rd “That we call upon the affiliated clubs of the country to decline in competing with non affiliated ones after the 15th of April next, under pain of expulsion from the G.A.A.”

Taken from “The Munster News and Limerick and Clare Advocate”,
April 2, 1887

Gaelic Athletic Association, April 1887

Gaelic Athletic Association
A meeting of the Clare Co. Committee was held at the Town Hall, Ennis, on Sunday, March 27th, Mr. Edward Bennett in the chair. Also present – The O’Donnellon Blake Foster, Mr. J. Moran, Mr. P. McInerney and Mr. P. Ahern, Hon Sec. At the suggestion of the Chairman it was decided to divide the clubs entered for the County Championship in divisions, in order not to bring two teams too great a distance to meet each other. There were 25 entries, 22 for hurling and 3 for football, which were drawn as follows:
East Clare” :
O’Gonneloe 1st team, v. Scariff Independent H.C.
O’Gonnelloe 2nd team v. Robert Emmet Branch (Tulla)
Smith O’Brien Branch (Killaloe) v. Daniel O’Connell Branch (Feakle)
Wolfe Tone Branch (Bodyke) v. Glenoniera
To hurl at Scariff on Sunday April 17th.

West Clare
Kilkeedy v. Ruan
William O’Brien Branch (Killamona) v. Fionn mac Cumhaille Branch (Kilfenora)
Rath and Kilnaboy v. Canon
To hurl at Corofin April 24th.

Ennis District:
Crusheen v. Davitt Branch, Inch
A. M. Sullivan’s Branch, Ennis v. Barefield
B. Thomas Davis branch, Ennis v. Wolfe Tone branch, Kilmaley
C. Leamb Deargaboo branch, Dysart v. Drumquin
D. To hurl at Ennis, on Sunday May 1st.

Taken from “The Munster News and Limerick and Clare Advocate”,
April 2, 1887

Limerick Amateur, Athletic and Bicycle Club, 1887

Limerick Amateur, Athletic and Bicycle Club
The annual general meeting was held on Monday evening, March 28th, at the Fire Station. The meeting was very large and influential. The annual report read showed the club to be in a sound position, and their sports justly popular. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year:
President: Alexander W. Shaw, J.P. ;
Vice-Presidents : R. De Ros Rose, J.P. ; Wyndham Gabbett, J.P. ; A. Murray, C. B. Barrington, J.P. ; M. E. Conway, J. Matterson, J.P. ; R. Fry.
Hon Treasurer : W. L. Stokes.
Capt Bicycle Club C. O’Connell
Hon Secretary: W. E. Frost.
Committee: Messrs. C. H. Gubbins, McNamara, Meade, Sterling, McAdam, B. Murray, Rowland, King, T. Ewart, Tidmarsh.
The annual ports were fixed to take place on or about June 6th.

The Star and Shannon Rugby Football Clubs have played off for premiership in a field off Farranshone. The match when decided – as a dispute arose during its progress, will finish the Rugby junior club contests, which went on weekly during the past four or five weeks. The two clubs named have had drawn matches on two occasions, and the result was looked forward to with much interest on Sunday last. The Star were evidently in best form, and played finely throughout, but the spirited opposition of the Shannonites did not permit of any marked play. A try was gained for the Star by O’Shea, but it was disputed owing to his having touched a spectator when passing in to ground the ball. For the Shannon club, Fitzgibbon subsequently gained a try very cleverly, off which a goal was kicked just as time was called. The dispute was referred to the committee of management.

Taken from “The Munster News and Limerick and Clare Advocate”,
April 2, 1887