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Aglish Parishioners, Co. Kilkenny, 1851

This article features 250 names of Aglish, Co. Kilkenny parishioners from the year 1851.

Barry Kate
Barry Margaret
Barry Michael
Barry Patrick
Barry Richard
Brennan Anty
Brennan John
Brennan Kate
Brennan Margaret
Brennan Mary
Brennan Michael
Brennan Patrick
Brennan Richard
Broders Joany
Connolly Anty
Connolly Ed.
Connolly James
Connolly Joany
Connolly Johanna
Connolly John
Connolly Nancy
Connolly Patrick
Cummins Anty
Cummins William
Delahunty Alice
Delahunty David
Delahunty Ed.
Delahunty James
Delahunty John
Delahunty Mary
Delahunty Richard
Doherty John
Doherty Kate
Doherty Mary
Doherty Richard
Doherty William
Doody Alice
Doody Anty
Doody Ed.
Doody Edmund
Doody James
Doody Johanna
Doody John
Doody Margaret
Doody Mary
Doody Margaret
Doody Nora
Doody Peter
Doody Richard
Doody Thomas
Doody William
Doolan Ann
Doolan Kate
Doolan Margaret
Doolan Mary
Doolan Nora
Doolan Patrick
Doyle Anty
Doyle Ed.
Doyle Honor
Doyle Joany
Doyle Johanna
Doyle John
Doyle Kate
Doyle Margaret
Doyle Mary
Doyle Patrick
Doyle Thomas
Doyle Walter
Doyle William
Farrell Ed.
Farrell Margaret
Farrell Patrick
Farrelly Nancy
Fennelly John
Fennelly Mary
Fennelly Patrick
Fennelly Thomas
Fewer Alice
Fewer Anty
Fewer Bridget
Fewer Ed.
Fewer James
Fewer Joany
Fewer Kate
Fewer Margaret
Fewer Mary
Fewer Richard
Fewer Thomas
Fewer Walter
Fewer William
Grant Anty
Grant Ellen
Grant John
Grant Judy
Grant Kate
Grant Margaret
Guinan Nicholas
Hanlon Anty
Hanlon Ed
Hanlon Joany
Hanlon John
Hanlon Kate
Hanlon Thomas
Irish Bridget
Irish Nicholas
Keefe Anty
Keefe Ellen
Keefe Jane
Keefe Joany
Keefe John
Keefe Judy
Keefe Kate
Keefe Margaret
Keefe Mary
Keefe Peter
Keefe Richard
Keefe Robert
Keefe Samuel
Keefe Thomas
Kelly Anty
Kelly Daniel
Kelly Ed.
Kelly James
Kelly Joany
Kelly Johanna
Kelly John
Kelly Judy
Kelly Kate
Kelly Martin
Kelly Mary
Kelly Peter
Kelly Thomas
Kelly Willaim
Maher Margaret
McDonald Bridget
McDonald Ed.
McDonald Ellen
McDonald Mary
McDonald Richard
Merry Ellen
Miller Alice
Miller James
Miller Kate
Miller Margaret
Miller Mary
Miller Robert
Miller Thomas
Miller William
Murray Ed.
Murray John
Murray Kate
Murray Margaret
Murray Mary
Neill Ann
Nolan John
Nolan Kate
Nolan Mary
Nolan Nancy
Nolan Patrick
O’Hara ??
Pender Mary
Phelan Andrew
Phelan Bridget
Phelan Ed.
Phelan Ellen
Phelan Joany
Phelan John
Phelan Judy
Phelan Kate
Phelan Margaret
Phelan Mary
Phelan Michael
Phelan Nelly
Phelan Patrick
Phelan Peter
Phelan Richard
Phelan Thomas
Phelan Walter
Phelan William
Power John
Power Kate
Quilty Ellen
Quilty Mary
Quilty Robin
Quinn Anne
Quinn Anty
Quinn Bridget
Quinn Ed.
Quinn Edmund
Quinn James
Quinn Joany
Quinn Johanna
Quinn John
Quinn Kate
Quinn Margaret
Quinn Mary
Quinn Michael
Quinn Nora
Quinn Thomas
Quinn William
Quirk Ellen
Quirk James
Quirk Mary
Quirk Thomas
Reddy Ellen
Reddy John
Reddy Mary
Reddy Samuel
Reddy William
Reilly Kate
Walsh Alice
Walsh Ally
Walsh Ambrose
Walsh Ann
Walsh Anty
Walsh Betty
Walsh Bridget
Walsh Ed.
Walsh Edmund
Walsh Ellen
Walsh James
Walsh Joany
Walsh Johanna
Walsh John
Walsh Kate
Walsh Laurence
Walsh Margaret
Walsh Maria
Walsh Mary
Walsh Mary
Walsh Michael
Walsh Nicholas
Walsh Nora
Walsh Patrick
Walsh Peter
Walsh Philip
Walsh Rebecca
Walsh Richard
Walsh Thomas
Walsh Walter
Walsh William
Walsh? Geoffrey
?Walsh Nora