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Ardreigh Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Kildare

The following Ardreigh gravestone transcriptions were compiled by the Athy Cemeteries Committee and given to From-Ireland, with permission to publish, by Michael Donovan, secretary of the Athy Cemeteries Committee.

In Loving Memory Of Eliza Hyland Grangemellon Who Died January 1929 Aged 84 Years Also Her Husband Martin.

Erected By Ann Fenlon In Memory Of Her Loving Mother Who Died March 18 1902 Aged 59. Also Her Father Who Died March 10 1920 Aged 81.

Erected By Mathew Kelly In Memory Of His Beloved Wife Bridget Kelly Who Departed This Life The 15th October 1851 Aged 56 Years.

In Loving Memory Of John Nolan Ardreigh Died 15th May 1920 Aged 74. His Wife Mary Died 28th August 1921 Aged 65. Her Sister Margaret Howard Died 1st September 1930. Also My Beloved Wife Rose Mary Died 17th December 1956. Leo Died 11 Nov 1971.

In Loving Memory Of Michael Wall Ardreigh Died 20th February 1949 Aged 68 Years. His Father Patrick Wall Died 23rd March 1915 Aged 82. His Mother Sarah Wall Died 9th July 1927 Aged 85 Years.

Sacred To The Memory Of Hugh Blakey Ardree Who Died 10th May 1850 Aged 58 Years. Also His Wife Catherine Blakey Who Died 14th March 1876 Aged 83 Years. And Also His Son Michael Who Died 16th Dec 1850 Aged 28 Years.

Erected By Catherine Ging Ardreigh In Memory Of Her Beloved Husband Michael Ging Who Died 25 Decr 1867 Aged 54 years. Also Their Three Daughters Mary Anne Died 27 April 1862 Aged 21. Elizabeth Died 8 May 1872 Aged 25. Catherine Died 1 Febry 1874 Aged 20 And Also Their Son Patrick Died 18 July 1872 Aged 21.

Erected By Elizabeth Cawley Moone In Memory Of Her Husband Patrick Cawley Died 18 January 1929 Aged 73 Years. Also Her Parents John & Anne Ging Who Are Interred Here. The Above Elizabeth Cawley Died 13th August 1945.

In Loving Memory Of Jimmy Loughman Grangemellon And Ardreigh Died 9 October 1999 Aged 80 Years

In Loving Memory Of Patrick Loughman Ardreigh Died 11th March 1941 Aged 93 Years . His Wife Mary Anne Died 25th May 1951 Aged 72 Years. Paddy Loughman Died 9th August 1992 Aged 78 Years. Jimmy Loughman Died 9th October 1999 Aged 80 Years.

In Loving Memory Of Paddy Loughman Ardreigh Died 9th August 1993 Aged 78.

Erected By James McNamara In Loving Memory Of My Mother Anne Died July 1882 Aged 56. My Father James Died September 1888 Aged 60. My Brother Laurence Died January 1916 Aged 30. My Wife Catherine Died February 1946 Aged 70. Also The Above James McNamara Died March 1952.

Erected By Ellen Brennan In Memory Of Her Loving And Beloved Husband James Brennan. He Died 3rd February 1903 Aged 50 Years. Also Their Five Children Who Died Young. The Above Ellen Brennan Died 20th December 1938 Aged 80 Years.

Erected By John Nolan of Ardreigh In Memory Of His Mother Mary Nolan Who Died The 13th Of August 1849 Aged 62 Years. Also In Memory Of His Father Michael Nolan Who Died 26th Of Octbr 1854 Aged 71 Years. Also His Three Children Who Died Young. John Nolan Senior Died November 1918. Rose Nolan Died December 1921. Mary Nolan Died October 1920. Margaret Nolan Died March 1950. Thomas Nolan Died 1st July 1958 . John Nolan Died 27th January 1982.

In loving Memory Of John Mulhall Died 14th August 1949 Aged 60 Years. Loving Father Of Henry Dearly Missed. RIP

In Loving Memory Of My Dear Mother Esther Power Late of 2 Plewman’s Terrace. Died 7th February 1950. Also My Brother Andy Died 18th December 1981. Safe In The Arms Of Jesus Always Remembered By Her Daughter Kitty And Grand Daughter Eithna.

In Loving Memory Of My Grandparents Thomas Moran Died 3rd April 1917 Aged 68 Years. Also His wife Elizabeth Moran Died 17th march 1929 Aged 77 Years. And Their Children Michael And Thomas Who Died Young. Also Their Grandchildren Mona, May Bridget And James Who Died Young. Erected By Their Grandson (Patrick Moran) RIP

In Memory Of Millicent McDonnell.

Erected By Elizabeth Hyland Ardreigh In Memory Of Her Husband Hugh Hyland Died 24th January 1904 Aged 79 Years. Also His Daughter Ellen Died August 19th 1894 Aged 20 Years. Also His Daughter Bridget Died December December 25th 1898 Aged 7 Years. The Above Named Elizabeth Hyland Died September 2nd 1930 Aged 75 Years.

Erected By Elizabeth Coughlan Of Athy In Memory Of Her Beloved Brother Terence Coughlan Who Depd This Life May The 4th 1842 Aged 48 Years.

Erected By Kate McHugh To Her Belv Father Thos McHugh Of Athy Who Died November 16th 1875 Aged 80 Years. Also His Son John Bernard Who Died August 13th 1868

Erected By Patrick Whealan In Memory Of His Father John Whealan Who Departed This Life September The 7th 1795 Aged 69 Years. The Lord Have Mercy On His Soul.

Here Lieth The Body Of Patrick Whelan Who Depd This Life May The 20 1758 Aged 24 Years. Also The Body Of Elizabeth Whelan Who Depd This Life Nodr Ye 7th 1760 Aged 50 Years. Also The Body Of Andrew Whelan Father To The Above. Patrick Ye Husband To The Above Elizabeth Who Depd This Life May Ye 31st 1779 Aged 75 Yrs.

Ardreigh Gravestone Records, Co. Kildare

The following Ardreigh gravestone records were compiled by the Athy Cemeteries Committee and given to From-Ireland, with permission to publish, by Michael Donovan, secretary of the Athy Cemeteries Committee.

Surname First Name Age Occupation Last Residence Date of Death
Bleakany Catherine 83 Pauper Preston’s Gate 21/9/1876
Bryan Bridget 72 Servant Mount Hawkins, Athy 10/12/1877
Cahill Charlotte 82 Labourer Wife Garden Lane, Athy 25/10/1894
Cahill Charlotte 82 Labourer’s Wife Garden Lane Athy 25/10/1894
Campion Ester 50 Wife of Labourer Canal Side, Athy 20/01/1892
Campion Margaret 12 None Canal Side, Athy 23/02/1892
Campion Harriet 7 Child Canal Side, Athy 21/04/1892
Campion Pat 22 Labourer Athy Union 21/12/1896
Campion Patrick 50 Labourer Canal Side 23/7/1897
Dunne Patrick 75 Miller Ardreigh 12/3/1888
Farrell Thomas 6 days Ardreigh 6/2/1882
Fendlin Julia 50 Servant Grangemellon Athy 2/9/1882
Finlay W.M.
Fitzgerald Mary 66 Broker Leinster Street 9/12/1876
Fitzgerald Bryan 5 Child Of Widower Russelstown Athy 1/9/1878
Fitzgerald John 40 Pensioner Maryborough 13/4/1887
Foran Darby 60 Labourer Ardreigh 2/12/1877
Foran Patrick 65 Labourer Ardreigh 25/12/1883
Foran James 86 Labourer Ardreigh 27/3/1892
Ginge John 70 Labourer Ardreigh 12/1/1892
Ginge Anne 70 Wife Of John Ginge Ardreigh 12/1/1892
Ginge Catherine 75 None Ardreigh 24/1/1892
Gleeson Anne 5 Child of Labourer Ardreigh 9/10/1891
Gorman Catherine 60 None Grangemellon Athy 15/3/1890
Gray James 80 Labourer Preston’s Gate 4/3/1892
Hickey Myles 20 Labourer Ardreigh 29/12/1878
Hickey John 22 Labourer Ardreigh 2/4/1884
Hickey William 70 Labourer Ardreigh 19/9/1887
Hickey Eliza 70 Servant Ardreigh 27/1/1892
Howard John 6 months Child Barrack Street 15/7/1897
Hyland Ellen 19 None Ardreigh 10/8/1894
Hyland Bridget 7 Small Farmer’s Child Athy Union 25/12/1896
Keenan Michael 2 Barrack Street 25/1/1882
Keenan William 60 Labourer Barrack Street 6/2/1884
Laurence William 64 Smith St. John’s Lane 19/12/1881
Lawler Mary 70 None Canal Side, Athy 16/10/1883
Lawler Peter 74 Labourer Canal Side, Athy 18/11/1886
Lawler Mary 70 None Canal Side Athy 16/10/1883
Lawler Peter 74 Labourer Canal Side Athy 18/11/1886
Leonard John 80 Labourer Turnpike 26/12/1886
Lewis James 75 Army Pensioner Turnpike Athy 14/02/1890
Lewis Eliza 70 None Ardree Athy 07/05/1895
Lewis James 75 Pensioner Turnpike 14/2/1890
Lewis Eliza 70 None Ardreigh 7/5/1895
Loughman Ann 60 None Ardreigh Athy 26/12/1881
Loughman Patrick 65 Farmer Spring Lodge Athy 22/06/1881
Loughman Edward 70 Farmer Spring Lodge Athy 03/08/1881
McDonnell F.M. 5 Farmhill, Athy 18/10/1887
McDonnell Mary 64 Wife Of Labourer Ardreigh 23/3/1891
McGovern Matthew 23 Labourer Ardreigh 11/8/1888
McGovern June 70 None Ardreigh 9/4/1888
McHugh Thomas 65 Sawyer Preston’s Gate 16/11/1875
McNamara Anne 48 Wife Of Labourer Springlodge 18/1/1887
Meakins William 67 Labourer Ardreigh 1877
Moore Anne 24 Wife Of Labourer Turnpike 20/12/1881
Moore Thomas 35 Labourer The Union 11/1/1887
Moran Michael 4 Child Of Tailor Preston’s Gate 23/7/1892
Moran Thomas 10 Child Of Tailor Preston’s Gate 11/10/1892
Myles Laurence 65 Labourer Rathsteward 29/10/1885
Nolan Bridget 81 Wife Of Labourer Springlodge 23/2/1877
Nolan Patrick 12 None Ardreigh 10/3/1883
Nolan Eliza 84 None Ardreigh 18/2/1890
Nolan Edward 23 None Ardreigh 16/12/1890
O Connor James 2 months Child Of Barbers Duke Street Athy 30/1/1876
O Connor Margaret 6 months Child Of Barbers Dukes Street Athy 4/3/1877
O Connor Patrick 5 Dukes Street Athy 22/3/1883
O Connor Vincent 18 months Leinster Street 3/8/1885
Peirt Catherine 68 None Ardreigh 28/3/1893
Rodgers Mary 80 None Ardreigh 16/9/1881
Sheridan Bridget 62 None St. John’s Lane 7/12/1882
Slevin Ellen 64 None Ballyroe 24/11/1884
Talent Margaret 65 Labourer Ardreigh 21/10/1875
Talent John 90 Farmer Ardreigh 8/3/1898
Wall Patrick 9 months Ardreigh 8/1/1888
Whelan Patrick 70 Shopkeeper Duke Street Athy 5/7/1888
Wright Kate 10 None Wright’s Cross 16/8/1894