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Marriage Index, Arklow, Co. Wicklow, 1857

Arklow, Co’s Wicklow & Wexford

  Arklow, Marriage Index 1857

This is an index of the names of the people who were married in the Roman Catholic parish of Arklow (which spreads over Counties Wicklow and Wexford) during the  year 1857.   The following table of marriages is transcribed from Microfilm No. 6474 held online by the National Library of Ireland accessible through their Roman Catholic Parish Register Search page.   All names and surnames given here are as I read them.  This section of the register has some first names in Latin and some in English.

If any of you have a problem with the Latin names, then I have a document online which may be of some help.

Latin Names in English

My list is sorted by the surname of the groom.  Question marks indicate letters or words I had a problem reading.  The letters ‘sic’ indicate that is how I read the letters I have typed.
[ ] indicates that the letters within the brackets are my best guess at what the letters might be. In some instances when the Priest gave a shortened version of the first name in Latin he super scripted the last letter.  Sometimes he gave an a as that letter and other times an e

Townlands are given for both the man and the woman.

Nicknames, Shortened names used in Irish records

If you go to the page i have linked to below and are sitting at a PC and want to search the records for a surname that you are interested in then press Ctrl and F together.  A box will pop up for you to enter the characters you’d like to find on the page you are on. Pressing enter will bring you to the next entry for that name and so on.  My thanks to Clare Lawler Kilgallen who posted this information on a Facebook page.

If you are working with a Mac then press ⌘ & F and continue as above.

Page 4 Marriage Records Arklow Roman Catholic Parish : Transcription begins on this page of microfilm

NameSurnamePlacenameBride NameBride SurnamePlacenameDateYear
JosephusKearnCloneSarahBrienClone (sic)26-Oct1857
MichaelLoughlinKillabeggsMariaKeoghSheep House20-Feb1857
JacobusSullivanBallymoyleMary AnneByrneClugga23-Feb1857
GulielimusWaddenArklowMaria AnneSheehanArklow12-Sep1857
Matthous (sic)WadockArklowCatherinaCanterberryArklow28-Oct1857
ThomasWolaghanArklowElleonoraMurray alias DavinArklow19-Oct1857

Arklow Hearth Money Rolls, Co. Wicklow, 1669

This list was donated to the From Ireland web site by Peggy Leonard.

The index is alphabetical, each link brings you to all names beginning with those of the link and names beginning with other letters up to those of the next link. For example ‘Be’ brings you to all names beginning with Be, Bi and Bl. Links back to the Co. Armagh page and the Index page for this web site have been provided at the end of each alphabetical grouping. You are advised to read through any grouping for the letter beginning with any surname you are interested in (at least) as there are phonetic variations on surnames in these tables.

Surname Name Location
Abraham Joseph Arckloe
Adams Thomas Owghell
Annesley Tho. (Thomas) Ballycappell
Applebury Wm. (William) Ballydonnell
Arthur John The Knocke
Ash Wm. (William) Arckloe
Baky Morgan Carrigcoyle
Bane Darby Coolegarrae
Banfield John Ballnisky
Barley Wm. (William) Arckloe
Barrington Tho. (Thomas) Ballywoegge
Bawne Art. (Arthur) Ballymoyle
Bayly Joseph Arckloe
Bedford Henry Arckloe
Begg (see Murphy) ? ?
Begge John Coolegarrae
Bessick Robt. (Robert) Kilcashell
Bibby Wm. (William) Ballydonnell
Bland Richd. (Richard) Ballyrane
Blank Cornelius Arckloe
Blank Dorothy (widow) Glantiege
Blank Honora (widow) Coole ahullen
Blank Jo. Ardenary
Bolgor Garret Barnelugh
Bolgor Teige Barnelugh
Bonyet Jo. Bally Rise
Boodle Tho. Ballynegilloge
Booth Thomas Ballymortagh
Borne Bryan Ballywoegge
Borne Morgan Killeaghbegg
Borne Tady Ballywoegge
Borne Tady Rockslowne
Bottle Wm. Arckloe
Boyce Mathew Castle McAdam
Boyle Patr. Ballyduffe
Brabason Edward Ballyarthur
Branae Rowland The Knocke
Brogan Edmund Killahurler
Bromley Capt. Nich. Carringolan
Browne John The Sheep Houses
Browne Richard Johnstowne
Bryan Darby Johnstowne
Bryan Jo. Rockslowne
Bryan Tady Ballyharra
Bucknall John Knockanode
Bulger Garrett Ballynekill
Bulger John Arckloe
Burne Art Ballydonnell
Burne Bryan Ballymoneene
Burne Charles Ballyhurry
Burne Dan. Temple Lusky
Burne Daniel Coole ahullin
Burne Darby Temple Lusky
Burne Dennis Ballindale
Burne Derby Ballygahan
Burne Dorothy Coole ahullin
Burne Edm. Kilpatrick
Burne Garret Ballinavalla
Burne Garret Glanteige
Burne James Tymullin
Burne Jo. Ballymoneene
Burne John Ballinclea
Burne Margaret Glanteige
Burne Morgan Cooleballyhugh
Burne Owen Ballinavalla
Burne Owen Knockanree
Burne Patr. Ballynattin
Burne Patr. Moneyteig
Burne Patr. Rustigath
Burne Patr. The Money
Burne Phelim Templedreyny
Burne Symon Ballygyllyger
Burne Tady Ballymoneene
Burne Teig Ballinavalla
Burne Teig Coole ahullin
Burne Teig Thomastowne
Burne Tyrlagh Ballygyllyger
Burne Tyrlogh Ballynebarne
Burne Walter Ballygahan
Burne Walter Johnstowne
Bury Wm. Cooleboy
Butler Garret Killeaghbegg
Butler James Arckloe
Buttler James Arckloe
Byrekett John The Knocke
Byrne Morgan Ballinvallagh
Cardy Wm. Tyrane
Carefoot Wm. Ballymoyle
Carney Robt. Arckloe
Carny John Thomastowne
Carroll Art. Moneyteig
Carry Patr. Ballindale
Cavanagh Bryan Killahurler
Cavanagh Tady Ballynagee
Cavanah Art. Ballinvallagh
Cavenagh Edm. Ballyarthur
Cavenagh Peter Rustigath
Cavenagh Phelim Ballynasilloge
Cavenagh Phelim Clunwilliam
Cavenah Art. Tyrane
Cavenah Edward Ballynattin
Cavinah Phelina Johnstowne
Cawsey Tho. Bally Rise
Charneley Wm. Arckloe
Claborne Peter Ballyrane
Clarke Francis Ballyandrahan
Clarkson Geo. Killyneskyduffe
Clerke Arthur Ballydonnell
Clerke Roger Ballymortagh
Comiston Stephen Arckloe
Conman Dennis Ballinvallagh
Conner Tyrlogh Kilpatrick
Conniam Phillip Kilmacra
Cooleston Phillip Moneyteig
Coveney John Kilbryde
Coventrey Robt. Bally Rise
Cranill Murtah Coolegarrae
Cromwell Thomas Arckloe
Crowbrow Jo. Arckloe
Crumpton Tho. Ballyandrahan
Cruse Geo. The Sheep Houses
Crutcheley Henry Ballyandrahan
Crutchley Daniel Mungone
Cullen Daniel Temple Lusky
Cullen Garrett Ballynekill
Cullen Jo. Temple Lusky
Cullen Owen Killahurler
Cullin Edmund Ballycooge
Currall Abr. Ballyrane
Currall Jo. Ballyrane
Currall Tho. Ballyrane
Curry Michael Ballynagee
Daniel Edward Arckloe
Daniel John Arckloe
Daniel Monas Arckloe
Darlington Randal Ballygilroe
Davis Giles Ballyneskin
Davis John p. Ballyrohane
Dempsey Anth. Ballinavalla
Dempsey Patr. The Money
Dillon Franc. Ballynagee
Dillon Nich. Kilmacra
Donnagh James Owghell
Dowdell John Killahurler
Dowlan Hugh Arckloe
Doyle Ann Thomastowne
Doyle Barnabus Ballycooge
Doyle Bryan Knockananoghill
Doyle Dan, jnr. Knockmiller
Doyle Dan, snr. Knockmiller
Doyle Daniel Arckloe
Doyle Daniel Ballynagee
Doyle Dennis Ballyduffe
Doyle Dennis Temple Lusky
Doyle Edmund Ballyhurry
Doyle Eliz. Wid. Chappel
Doyle Garret Rustigath
Doyle Garrett Arckloe
Doyle Hugh Arckloe
Doyle James Ballynepark
Doyle James The Rock
Doyle Jo. Glanteige
Doyle Lewis Chappel
Doyle Lewis Johnstowne
Doyle Morgan Arckloe
Doyle Morgan Ballintemple
Doyle Morgan Johnstowne
Doyle Morris Arckloe
Doyle Nich. Ballydonnell
Doyle Nichas. Ballycooge
Doyle Nichos. Arckloe
Doyle Patr. Chappel
Doyle Phelim Ballycooge
Doyle Phelim Ballynagee
Doyle Tady Knockmiller
Doyle Wm. Ballyhurry
Duckat John Arckloe
Dunn Dennis Ballynesken
Eddin Murtagh Killahurler
Edwards Geo. Arckloe
Edwards John Arckloe
Edwards John Clunwilliam
Edwards Nich. Arckloe
Edwards Patr. Arckloe
Evans Leslie Arckloe
Farrar Garret Templedreyny
Farrell John Ballygyllyger
Farrell Morgan Rockslowne
Farrell Patr. Moneyteig
Finghan Nich ye Ballydonnell
Fitz Harris Edm. Ballygahan
Fitz Wm. Garret Killyluske
Fleming Barthol. Arckloe
Fleming Garret Tymullin
Floyd Jo. Arckloe
Fogott Daniel Ballynegilloge
Foster Richard Arckloe
Gardner Alex. Killmurray
Gill Thos. Arckloe
Glerby Geo. Ballyrahin
Goetobed Henry Askanteny
Gormeley Jo. Ballyandrahan
Grange Edm. Ballymoyle
Griffin Jo. Kill Mc Cow
Haley Morris Arckloe
Haley Wm. Ballyneshra
Hall John Ballyandrahan
Haminan Robt. Johnstowne
Hampson Tho. Ballynecurra
Hara Edm. Knockmiller
Harman Geo. Knockananoghill
Harry Wm. Ballygriffin
Harrys Henry Ballynagee
Hassells Robt, Esq Shelton
Hathernet Robt. Moneylane
Hatton Christo. The Knocke
Hatton Richard Temple Mitchell
Hawett Anth. Ballyrane
Hedyn Dennis Tyrane
Helean Dennis Knockanree
Hely John Templedreyny
Henley Wm. Arckloe
Hethernet Gilbert Monaglogh
Hickie Wm. The Rock
Hicky David Kilpatrick
Hill Thos. Mungone
Holloway Wm. Cooleanvarle
Hore Jo. Kill Mc Cow
Hownes Wm. Knockanode
Howson Jo. Ballyrane
Hoyle John Ballyrichard
Hudson Edm. Kilbryde
Hughes Lewis Ballyrush
Hunter Jo. Kilmurray
Hylan Wm. Ballynononago
Ireland Wm. Arckloe
Jelly Robert Ballyandrahan
Johnson Willm. Arckloe
Johnson Wm. Ballynagee
Jones Tho. Ballynekill
Juke (see Tuke) ? ?
Kehan Jo. Knockmiller
Kehoe Derby Blynewood
Kelly Daniel Killahurler
Kelly Derby Carrigcoyle
Kelly Edm. Killahurler
Kelly Laughlin Carrigcoyle
Kelly Morris Barnelugh
Kelly Patr. Ballinvallagh
Kelly Patr. Kilcashell
Kelly Patr. Killahurler
Kennedy Joane, wid. Ballindale
Kennedy Mary, wid. Ballindale
Kilbride Jo. Ballindale
King Mr. Arckloe
Kinseloe Teig Thomastowne
Kinselogh Art. Ballyduffe
Kinselogh Dennis The Rock
Kinsh Edward Corranstowne
Lancaster Robt. Corranstowne
Large John The Money
Larkin John Caringolan
Lay Tho. Arckloe
Leadbeater Jo. Arckloe
Loughlin Bryan Knockananoghill
Lyon Thomas Kilbryde
Maddin Derby Ballyrichard
Magilligan Corn. Ballynebarne
Malone John Thomastowne
Manyfold John Ballymoney
Marshall Thomas Killyneskyduffe
Mathews James Arckloe
McArt Donnogh The Sheep Houses
McArt Owen Ballynattin
McArthur Dan. Rockslowne
McCallistring Daniel Killahurler
McDaniel John Tynnyhaske
McDaniel Tirlagh Killahurler
McDermot John Knockananoghill
McGarrell Morgan Ballygyllyger
McJemmis Edm. Tymullin
McJone Walter The Sheep Houses
McLeere Wm. Ballydonnell
McLunan Dennis Ballintemple
McMorris Teig Tynnyhaske
McMurta Patr. Ballycooge
McMurtagh Wm. Ballygyllyger
McOny Tyrlogh Killahurler
McOwen Daniel Coolegarae
McRory Patr. Ballynagore
McRory Teig Ballynagore
McShaw Laughlin Coole ahullin
McShaw Morgan Ballycooge
Menan Bryan Ballynagore
Menan Daniell Ballynagore
Meneene Wm. Killahurler
Menlow Rich. Bally Rise
Menlow Tho. Bally Rise
Meredith Rice Owghell
Miller John Ballyduffe
Modesby Wm. Arckloe
Morris Chr. Arckloe
Morris Oliver Arckloe
Morris Wm. Eneriley
Mortimer Hen. Blynewood
Moynagh Roger Killahurler
Murphy Darby Moneyteig
Murphy Dennis Ballynattin
Murphy Henry Arckloe
Murphy Morgan Ballynesken
Murphy Owen Arckloe
Murphy als. Begg Wm. Ballymoyle
Murry Morgan Clunwilliam
Neile Michael Ballynasilloge
Newsom Jo. Kill Mc Cow
Neyle Izabell Ballindale
Neyle James Arckloe
Neyle Murtah Arckloe
Neyle Wid. Knockanree
Neyle Wm. Arckloe
Nowlan Daniel Coole ahullin
Nowlan Morris Kilpatrick
OöHugh John Ballynattin
OöNeyle Jo. Ballydonnell
Oates Mathe Parke
Obehagan Teig Killahurler
Oggan Elitha, wid Ballynattin
One house untenanted ? Killyluske
Owre Daniel Ballygyllyger
Page Jo. Teigronin
Penrose Richd. Ballyrane
Penrose Robt. Ballyrane
Pepoe Patr. Killahurler
Pevis Tho. Cronelusk
Phelps John Arckloe
Pointon John Ballynononogo
Porter John Killyneskyduffe
Proud Francis Arckloe
Pue Lancelot Ardenary
Quash Richd. Ballynattin
Quin James Ballymoneene
Quin Tho. Castle McAdam
Randle Joseph Kilbryde
Readnagh Jo. Knockananoghill
Reane Daniell Ballynattin
Reane Marcus Ballynattin
Redding Wm. Clogoe
Redman Wm. Ballinclea
Redshaw Cuthbert Ardenary
Revell Fr. Ballydonnell
Revell Fr. Kill Mc Cow
Reyman John Arckloe
Rhony Pat. Ballymoneene
Richardson Geo. Arckloe
Roe Edm. Ballygyllyger
Roe Garrett Knockanree
Roe John Ballynecurra
Roe Tyrlogh Ballynekill
Roman Wm. Ballywoegge
Rumley Jo. Ballyrane
Ruscad Robert Ballynebranna
Russell Peter Barnelugh
Sadler Valentine Kill Mc Cow
Sansom Wm. Ballynasilloge
Saunder Edward Arckloe
Savage John Ballynekill
Scorer Tho. Kilcashell
Sharpe Daniel Ballynekill
Shelton Jo. Carrigcoyle
Sheppard George Arckloe
Sly John Ballygriffin
Smith Glasney Coolegarrae
Smith Hen. Kill Mc Cow
Smith Tho. Ballyrane
Smode Arthur Arckloe
Stephens Wm. Arckloe
Sutton Anthony Ardenary
Sutton Tim Kilmurray
Swinfield Law. Ballynegilloge
Tacabray John Ballygriffin
Tayler Giles Mungone
Tayler Robert Arckloe
Tayler Roger Ballyandrahan
Tenements untenanted ? Ballygahan
Tenements untenanted ? Kilmagigge
The Kill of Killmc Cow ? Kill Mc Cow
Thomas Henry Ballywoegge
Thomas Peter Arckloe
Thorneton James Ballygilroe
Tichbourne Sir Wm. Ballynegilloge
Tindall Nicholas Ballymoyle
Tomlinson James Scratena
Tonnell Patr. Moneyteig
Tracy John Chappel
Tracy Tady Ballynesken
Tuke Mr. Castle McAdam
Turner Joe Rockslowne
Turny James Ballyneskin
Turny Wm. Johnstowne
Two houses untenanted ? Ballydufe
Two houses untenanted ? Coolegangan
Two tenements ? Arckloe
Vaughan Roger Arckloe
Vicars Richard Ardenary
Wadick Morgan Moneyteig
Wafer Rowland Arckloe
Walkinson Robt. Arckloe
Walsh Walter Ballydonnell
Ward John Ballyrahin
Ware Ralph Ballinavalla
Waterton Catherine Scratena
Wattom Symon Arckloe
Weaver Wm. Ye Ballygriffin
Welsh Murtagh Cooleganagan
Welsh Teig Coolegangan
West Major The Rock
White Lau. Arckloe
White Mathew Glanteige
Wickham John Arckloe
Wickham John Kilmurry
Williams Richard Ballyrahin
Witty Phillip Ballyarthur
Woods Tho. Ardenary
Woods Tho. Kilmagigge
Worrell Francis Ballyandrahan
Young Julyan Carringolan