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Athyboy Graveyard Records, Co. Meath

This page features free records for Athyboy Graveyard, Co. Meath, transcribed by Dr. Beryl Moore and Michael Kenny and exclusive to From-Ireland.net.

Surname Name Address
Byrne Anne
Cullen Julia
Cullen Laurence
Cunniam K. Augustine, Rev.
Doyle Bridget
Doyle James
Doyle William
Adams Louisa Jane
Adams Wm… O. B.
Alexander Adelaide
Alexander David
Alley Geo. William
Alley George
Alley Rachel
Alley Tottenham
Andrews John
Andrews Kate
Andrews Margaret
Atkinson Henry
Atkinson Henry
Atkinson Henry Wray
Atkinson Wm… B. S.
Atkinson Wm… H.
Baldwin David
Barry Catherine
Barry Elizabeth
Barry Joseph
Barry Thomas
Baxter Jane
Baxter John
Baxter John P.
Baxter Patrick
Begg Mark
Begg Mathias
Begg (nee) Dowdale Mary
Begg (nee) Reilly Martha
Blake Edward H.
Blake Robert
Brown Bridget
Brown Bridget
Brunton Deborah
Brunton Hennery
Burrowes Catherine
Burrowes Rev. James
Byrne Fanny
Byrne John
Byrne Silvester
Byrne (nee) Moore Mary
Campbell Fanny
Carberry Alfred Cormac
Carberry Gerturde Irene
Carberry Hugh Cormac
Carberry Josephine Helen
Cassidy Bridget
Cassidy Denis
Cassidy Laurence
Castles Elizabeth
Castles William
Cleary Christopher
Cleary James
Cleary Mary
Colles Abraham
Colles Countess Anna
Colles Isabella
Colles Mary
Colles Sophia
Comiskey Bridget
Comiskey James
Comiskey Thomas
Comons David
Connoly Bryan
Connoly James
Connoly Toll
Connoly (nee) Quinn Mary
Connor George
Cunneen Christr
Cunneen (nee) Malone Ann
Cunningham John
Curran Cathr
Curran John
Cusack Athanasius
Cusack Edward
Cusack Eliza Amelia
Cusack Jas
Devine Mrs. Thomas
Doherty Martin
Doherty Mollie
Doherty Rita
Donovan John
Donovan Mary
Donovan Michael
Donovan Peter
Donovan Peter William
Dowdall Anthony
Dowdall Christopher
Dowdall George
Dowdall Hamilton
Dowdall James
Dowdall Walter
Dunn Daniel
Dunn Nicholas
Eustace Jane
Eustace Margaret
Eustace Patrick
Eustace Peter
Fetherston Thomas
Field John
Field (nee) Stanley Mary
Fitzgerald Isabella
Fitzgerald Isabella E.
Fitzgerald James
Fitzgerald John
Fitzgerald John
Fitzgerald Mary
Fitzgerald Mary
Fitzgerald Matthew
Fitzgerald Walter
Fitzgerald William
Flyn Patric
Fox Matthew
Fox Thomas
Gilsenan Ellen
Gilsenan James
Gilsenan Jane
Gilsenan Michael
Gilsenan Patrick
Gilsenan Rose Ann
Gilsenan Thomas
Gore Charlotte Isabella
Gore Isabella
Gore Ralph T.
Gore Ralph Thomas
Gould Bridget
Gugerty Laurence
Hart Patrick
Hart Rose
Havlin Christ…
Havlin Patrick
Havlin Thos
Havlin (nee) Moore Elizabeth
Heavy Edward
Heavy Elizabeth
Higgins Agnes
Higgins Charlie
Higgins Joseph
Higgins Laurence
Higgins Mary
Higgins Mary
Higgins Michael
Higgins William
Hoey (nee) Eustace Mary
Hopkins Francis
Irwin Emily
Irwin Harloe
Keating Walter
Keernan James
Keernan Maria
Kellett Alice
Kellett Fanny Mary
Kellett Mary
Kellett Richard
King Margaret
Larrissy Bridget
Larrissy James
Larrissy James J.
Larrissy Julia
Larrissy Mary
Larrissy Rose
Ledwith Bridget
Ledwith Bridget Josephine
Ledwith Catherine
Ledwith Family
Ledwith Mary
Ledwith Peter
Ledwith Peter Joe
Levey Mathew
Lipscom Tinkler Dora
Ludwidge John
Ludwidge Richard
Ludwidge Robert
Ludwidge Walter
Mackey James
Mackey Margaret
Maher Jeremiah
Maher Kate
Maken James
Maken Mary
Marlow Batty
Marlow Edwd
Martley Clemena
Martley Cusack
Martley Francis Blackburne
Martley Hopkins
Martley James Frederick
Martley Jane
Martley John
Martley John
Martley John
Martley Kate Isabella
McCormick Patrick
McDermott Catherine
McDermott Lizzie
McDermott Margaret
McDermott Mary
McDermott Patrick
McElroy Robert
McLoghlen George
McMahon Owen
McMahon Paterk
McMahon (nee) Fourden Honora
McVeagh Family
McVeagh Ferdinand
McVeagh Margery
McVeagh Maria
Monaghan Christopher
Monaghan James
Monaghan Jane
Monaghan John
Monaghan Laurence
Monaghan Marcella
Monaghan Margaret
Monaghan Mary
Monaghan Patk
Monaghan Richard
Monaghan William
Moore Bridget
Moore Catherine
Moore Catherine
Moore Elinor
Moore Elizabeth
Moore John
Moore John
Moore John
Moore John
Moore Laurence
Moore Martin
Moore Patrick
Moore Roger
Moore Thomas
Moore Thomas Aloysius
Mullen Margaret
Mullen Sarah
Mullen William
Murray John
Murray Marcella
Murtagh Anna
Nealon Dominick
Nealon J. Barnwall
Nealon James
Newman Catherine
Newman Christopher
Noble Arthur Annesley Burrowes
Noble Catherine
Noble Catherine
Noble Ernest Newcome
Noble James Burrowes
Noble Rev. Robert
Noble Rev. Robert
Noble Shirley Waller
Nolan Frances Elizabeth
Nolan John
Norris Anne
Norris Catherine
Norris Edward
Norris Elizabeth
Nugent Christopher
Nugent Edward
Nugent (nee) Moore Mary
O’Callaghan Mary
O’Callaghan Patrick
O’Connor Edward
O’Connor James
O’Connor John
O’Connor Judith
O’Doherty Anne
O’Doherty Jane
O’Doherty Patrick
O’Doherty Simon
O’Keefe Ellen Catherine
O’Keefe Joseph M.
O’Keefe Mary
O’Molloy Mrs.
O’Neill Francis
O’Reilly Charles
O’Reilly Elizabeth
O’Reilly Richard Esmay Frances
O’Reilly Richard Tyrrell
Pentland George
Pentland John
Pentland Rebecca
Piers Joseph
Piers Margaret
Piers Thomas
Pigott Charles
Pigott Elizabeth
Pigott Margaret
Pigott William
Pillsworth John
Pillsworth John
Pillsworth Thomas
Plunkett Elienor
Plunkett John
Plunkett Mathw
Plunkett Patrick
Plunkett William
Plunkett (nee) Smith Cath…
Potterton Arthur
Potterton Eleanor
Potterton Eleanor Anne
Potterton Eleanor Emma
Potterton Elizabeth
Potterton Frances
Potterton Henry
Potterton Hubert Waldron
Potterton Lena
Potterton Mary
Potterton Matilda
Potterton Robert Alexander
Potterton Sarah Mainwaring
Potterton Thomas
Potterton Thomas Elliott
Potterton Thomas Henry
Potterton William
Reade John
Reade Rev. Philip
Reade (nee) Featherston Margaret
Reade (nee) Hopkins Martha
Reilly Allice
Reilly Ann
Reilly Owen
Reilly Philip
Reilly Terence
Reilly Thos
Reilly (nee) Coyle Anne
Rork Catherine
Rork John
Rork Patrick
Rork (nee) Carney Margt
Shaughnessy Jane
Shaughnessy John
Sheehy Patrick
Sherrock Anna
Sherrock Bridget
Sherrock Henery
Sherrock Mary
Simpson Robert
Simpson William
Smith Anna
Smith Annie
Smith Jane
Smith Julia
Smith Mary Josephine
Smith Patrick C.
Smith Thomas
Smith Thomas
Smyth John
Stanley Mary
Staplyton M.
Surname Elizabeth
Synott Mary Jane
Talbot James
Thornton Elizabeth
Thornton Patrick
Traynor John
Tuite Catherine
Tuite Edward
Tuite Thomas
Tyrrell Mary
Tyrrell Richard
Vaughan James
Vaughan John
Vaughan Maria
Walker Andrew
Walsh Annie
Walsh Francis
Walsh James
Walsh Maria
Walsh Michael, Jr.
Walsh Mrs.
Walsh Thos
Walsh (nee) Little Ann
White Francis
Whyte Rev. Henry E.
Yorke Bridget
Yorke Elizabeth

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