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St. Michael’s (Convent of Mercy), Athy Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Kildare

The following St. Michael’s (Convent of Mercy), Athy gravestone transcriptions were compiled by the Athy Cemeteries Committee and given to From-Ireland, with permission to publish, by Michael Donovan, secretary of the Athy Cemeteries Committee.

Sr. Mary Philomena O Hara 21/3/1989

Sr. Pascal Caffrey 29/11/1988

Sr. Patricia Rice 07/3/1928

Sr. Mary Rafael Phelan 25/1/1996

Sr. Mary Josephine Ryan 20/3/1928

Sr. Mary Gonzaga Lyons 3/3/1870

Sr. Mary Martha Nevin 3/4/1876

Sr. Marion McLoughlin 6/3/1992

Sr. Mary Rose Kavanagh 16/4/1896

Sr. Mary Aidan Bourke 9/9/1994

Sr. Mary Gabriel Ryan 27/11/1867

Sr. Mary Xavier Kelly 9/9/1994

Sr. Mary Ryan (Postulant) 29/4/1866

Sr. Mary Bridget Ryan 5/8/1906

Sr. Mary Francis Crumpe 17/4/1868

Sr. Mary De Salles Crumpe 26/7/1898

Sr. Mary Stanislaus Phelan 11/8/1953

Sr. Mary Paul Healy 21/9/1872

Sr. Mary Alphonsus Kelleher 6/3/1925

Sr. Mary Dympna Dunne 3/6/1925

Sr. Mary Columba Lyons 19/1/1925

Sr. Mary Evangelist Bourke 30/10/1877

Sr. Rose Kavanagh 16/4/1896

Sr. Margaret Mary Hayden 5/2/1900

Sr. Mary Theresa Clarke 21/2/1869

Sr. Mary Ignatius O Brien 6/1/1919

Sr. Mary Patrick O Brien 13/7/1872

Sr. Mary Catherine Ryan 21/03/1928

Sr. Mary Gertrude Comerford 8/2/1833

Sr. Mary Cecilia Cullen 9/9/1936

Sr. Mary Joseph Cullen 10/11/1947

Sr. Mary Regis Ryan 12/11/1930

Sr. Mary Bernard Griffiths 6/5/1926

Sr. Mary De Pazzie Morrin 31/1/1906

Sr. Mary Xavier King 22/6/1916

Sr. Mary Ita Rochford 17/3/1940

Sr. Mary Lelia Sheridan 27/9/1930

Sr. Mary Ann Bourke 9/8/1925

Sr. Mary Agnes McDonald 31/3/1923

Sr. Mary Theresa Maher 9/4/1897

Sr. Mary Paul Slevin 30/10/1916

Sr. Mary Alocoque Merry 27/9/1909

Sr. Mary Vincent Berminham 10/8/1913

Sr. Mary Joseph Maguire 22/3/1914

Sr. Mary Aquin Bermingham 24/9/1946

Sr. Mary Gertrude Griffith 16/3/1953

Sr. Mary Agnes Doyle 18/12/1932

Sr. Mary Agtha Kelly 2/1/1933

Sr. Mary Gonzaga Ramsbottom 20/1/1949

Sr. Mary De Sales Carbery 31/3/1938

Sr. Mary Veronica Ryan 9/10/1935

Sr. Mary Patrick Kennedy 12/4/1934

Sr. Mary Scholartica Blake 29/3/1929

Sr. Mary Magdalen Kavanagh 20/12/1925

Sr. Mary Catherine Morton 27/1/1932

Sr. Mary Gabriel Blackwell 27/3/1954

Sr. Mary Bechmans Hayden 22/10/1930

Sr. Mary Theresa Kelly 29/1/1941

Sr. Mary Clare Farrell 11/7/1942

Sr. Mary Monica Fitzpatrick 17/11/1933

Sr. Mary Michael Greene 28/1/1943

Sr. Mary Angelo Devereux 31/3/1943

Sr. Mary Peter Gavin 6/4/1948

Sr. Mary Francis Gavin 1/6/1952

Sr. Mary Alberto Hogan 18/6/1956

Sr. Mary Zita Roonan 2/8/1954

Sr. Mary Vincent Lalor 15/9/1957

Sr. Mary O Riordan 15/9/1957

Sr. Mary Anthony Bolger 11/12/1968

Sr. Mary Rose Cosgrove 11/1/1969

Sr. Mary Claude Therese Hall 26/5/1970

Sr. Mary Gerrard Ennis 19/1/1971

Sr. Mary Bridget Appleby 18/6/1971

Sr. Mary Ursela Malone 10/7/1971

Sr. Mary Ignatius Fingleton 12/5/1973

Sr. Mary Laurence Malone 27/6/1974

Sr. Mary Ciaran White 14/8/1975

Sr. Mary S. H. Blanchfield 16/12/1986

Sr. Mary Martha Quirke 7/4/1976

Sr. Theresa Fingleton 22/4/1978

Sr. Mary John O Donnell 14/8/1978

Sr. Mary Imelda Dunne 7/3/1980

Sr. Mary Michael Hickey 2/2/1981

Sr. Mary Benisus McDonnell 2/11/1981

Sr. Mary Margaret Healy 6/4/1983

St. Mary’s (Pauper’s Burial Ground), Athy Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Kildare

The following St. Mary’s (Pauper’s Burial Ground), Athy gravestone transcriptions were compiled by the Athy Cemeteries Committee and given to From-Ireland, with permission to publish, by Michael Donovan, secretary of the Athy Cemeteries Committee.

Charles McArdle Late Of Tipperary Who Died 20/6/1992

Edward O Donoghue Late Of Cork Who Died 1/8/1992

Patrick Feeney Late Of Rathangan Who Died 16/9/1989 Aged 79 Years

Francis McCourt Ballyroe Churchtown Who Died 17/11/1985 Aged 80 Years

Peter Keating Who Died 7/2/1985

Peter Carolan Who Died 29/9/1972 Aged 83 Years

Pat Donohoe Of Carlow Graigue Who Died 8/7/1877 Aged 37 Years

Christina …rd Died ….

Mary Gavin Who Died 15/10/196?

James Brady Who Died 19/1/1959 Aged 65 Years

Dominic C…… Who Died 27/6/1969 Aged 70 Years

Alice Clarendon Who Died 11/1/1970 Aged 72 Years

John Clarke Who Died 24/2/19…Aged 80 Years

John Connor Who Died 21/3/1963 Aged 72 Years

John Corcoran Who Died 15/8/….. Aged 75 Years

John Dolan Who Died 11/3/1963 Aged 60 Years

Maria Doyle Who Died 5/7/1977 Aged 82 Years

Andrew D…. Who Died 1/11/1955 Aged 62 Years

Annie Dunne Who Died 11/5/1…. Aged 78 Years

Jane Fagan Who Died 26/4/1958

Michael Foley Who Died 28/8/1973 Aged 45 Years

Michael Foster Who Died 15/6/1968 Aged 77 Years

Kathleen Gorey Who Died 15/2/1872

Sarah Graham Who Died 24/2/..

William Greene Who Died 22/5/1976 Aged 76 Years

John Herne Who Died 26/11/1968 Aged 60 Years

Agnes Horan Who Died 25/5/19… Aged ….

Edward Horan 28/7/1960 Aged 86 Years

James Hourigan Who Died 11/5/1963 Aged 33 Years

Norah Keane Who Died 7/3/1959 Aged 70 Years

Bridget Kelly Who Died 26/12/1912 Aged 80 Years

Bridget Keogh Who Died 24/7/1954 Aged ..7 Years

James Meagher Who Died 5/1965 Aged 77 Years

Charles McArthur Who Died 20/3/1973 Aged 85 Years

Mary McConnell Who Died 26/10/1953 Aged 70 Years

Francis McGuire Ballyroe Churchtown Who Died 17/11/1985 Aged 80 Years. (J Nolan Ballon)

Mary Nolan Who Died 17/2/1970 Aged 70 Years

Thomas O Connor Who Died 4/6/1976

James O Dea Who Died 30/6/1958 Aged 69 Years

Michael O Grady Who Died 2/12/1963 Aged 75 Years

Mary O Rourke Who Died 26/2/1959 Aged 74 Years

Matthew Russell Who Died 23/10/1967 Aged 79 Years

Thomas Shinners Who Died 23/11/1968 aged 72 Years

Patrick Ware

St. John’s, Athy Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Kildare

The following St. John’s, Athy gravestone transcriptions were compiled by the Athy Cemeteries Committee and given to From-Ireland, with permission to publish, by Michael Donovan, secretary of the Athy Cemeteries Committee.

Here Lies The Remains Of Thomas Hipwell Who Departed This Life The 29th April 1832 Aged 37 Years. Also His Youngest Son Thomas Hipwell Who Died In Mmelick The 20th Of December 1847 Aged 27 Years.

Erected By William Pender Of Kilcrow In Loving Memory of His Wife Arabella Who Entered Her Eternal Rest On The 25th Oct 1890 Aged 67 years. Also His Daughter Elizabeth Maria Who Fell Asleep In Jesus 2nd Oct 1874 Aged 16 years. Also The Above William Pender Who Died 16th Oct 1894 Aged 82 Years.

Here Lieth The Body Of Benjamin Readshaw Who Departed This Life 17th Nov 1801 Aged 42 Year. Here Lieth The Body Of Anistianna Readshaw Of The Town Of Athy Wife Of The Above Benjamin Who Departed This Life The 12th Day Of March 1819 Aged 36 Years.

To The Sacred Memory Of John Pender Of Kilcrow who Departed This life 13th September 1846 Aged 65 Years. Also His Daughter Maria Pender Who Departed This Life 6th January 1838 Aged 19 Years And Also His Beloved Wife Elizabeth Pender ………….This Life The 25th Day Of October 1859 Aged 80 Years…….Son Francis Pender Died……8th 1903 Aged 80 Years. When Christ Who Is Our Life Shall Appear Then Shall Ye Also Appear With Him In Glory Colos. 111 Cha 4V.

This Tomb Was Erected By Henry Hannon Of Athy To The Memory Of The Undermentioned Members Of His Family Viz His His Son Henry William Hannon Who Died 17th May 1851 Aged 2 Months. An Infant Daughter Who Died 4th March 1852. His Father John Who Died 28th March 1855 Aged 95 Years. Also His Son Henry Hannon who Died 1856 Aged 1 Year 5 Months. Emily Hannon Sister Of The Above Henry Hannon Died At Ballyroe Athy 5th March 1888 Aged 63 Years.

Erected By Their Children In Loving Memory Of Henry Hannon Who Died 5th Feb 1888 Aged 82 Years And His Wife Deborah Maria Hannon Who Died 7th Aug 1885 Aged 59 Years. LooKing Unto Jesus The Author And Finisher Of Our Faith. (Front)

In Loving Memory Of Thomas James Hannon Obit 15th March 1897 Aged 42 Years. The Memory Of The Just Is Blessed. Also His Brother Henry P. Hannon Ardreigh House Athy Who Entered Into Rest 13th July 1904 Aged 42 Years. The Souls Of The Righteous Are In The Hands Of God. Also Of Henry Percy Hannon 52nd Batt. Canadian Expeditionary Force Only Son Of The Above Henry P. Hannon Killed In Action 9th June 1916 Aged 24 Years. His Body Rests In Peace His Name Liveth For Evermore I Have Fought The Good Fight I Have Finished My Course I Have Kept The Faith. (Rear)

Also In Memory Of Thomas J. Hannon 2nd Lieut. K.S.L.I. Only Son Of Thomas James Hannon Milview House Died Of Wounds At Cambrai 1st Dec 1917 Aged 20 Yrs. Also In Memory Of Kathleen Thomasina Wife Of H. P. Hannon Ardreigh House Died 18th Jan. 1918 “Underneath Are The Everlasting Arms”

In Loving Memory Of Frederick Cross Ardmore Athy Who Died On 12th September 1890 Aged 52 Years And Mary His Wife Who Died March 27th 1899 Aged 50 Years. Thy Will Be Done

Sacred To The Memory Of George Robert Cross Who Died An Infant. Charles Robert Cross Who Died An Infant. Sarah Cross Who Died March 8th 1846 Aged 4 Years. Alfred Robert Cross Who Died June 9th 1852 Aged 6 Years.This Stone Is Erected By Their Father Mark Cross Who Died On The 9th Day Of Sept 1860. Also Mary Anne Cross His Wife Who Died 21st Dec 1874. Also Their Daughter Jane E. Cross Who Died 24th May 1913 Aged 76.

In Loving Memory Of Mabel Only And Dearly Loved Daughter Of William Clayton And Annie Cross Who Entered Into Rest 18th June 1887 Aged 12 Years And Of William Clayton Cross Who Entered Into Rest 25th March 1900 Aged 60 Years And Of Annie Cross Who Entered Into Rest 28th July 1917 Aged 72 Years.

Sacred To The Memory Of Robert Molloy Of Athy Merchant Who Departed This Life 1836 Aged 56 Years. Also The Remains Of His Wife Hannah Anna Who Departed This Life 15th Sept 1836 Aged 46 Years. And Of Thomas Eldest Son Of The Above Named R. And H.A. Molloy Who Depd This Life 10th Jany 1831 Aged 24 Years And Also Of Hannah Youngest Daughter Of The Above R. And H. Molloy Who Dep This Life 1st Dec 1839 Aged 12 Years and Of George Fourth Son Of The Above R. And H. Molloy Who Departed This Life 26th Sept 1818 Aged 30 Years And Of Joseph Geale Third Son Of The Above And R. And H. Molloy Who Dep This Life 12th Sep Aged 36 Years. Clornida A. Molloy May 6th 1901.

Erected By M. Robert Molloy In Memory Of His Three Children Viz. Hannah Anne Molloy Who Departed This Life The 5th Of Sept 1824 Aged 9 Months. Also Frederick Molloy Who Departed This Life The 12th Aug 1825 Aged 3 Months. Also William Molloy Who Departed This Life 30th Sept 1826 Aged 4 Months.

Here Lies The Remains Of Rob Mottley Son To Rob & Christina Mottley Of Athy Who Died April 30th 1789 Aged 7 Months And 13 Days.

I Shall Go To Him But He Will Not Return To Me 2nd Samual 12th Chapt 23rd Verse. The Above Expresses The Anticipation Of Her Who Raises This Stone To Mark The Spot Where Lie The Mortal Remains Of Her Much Loved Husband Robert Chapman Esq. Of Castlemitchell Who LooKing Unto Jesus Departed This Life On The 24th April A.D. 1836 Aged 45 Years.

Sacred To The Memory Of Our Beloved Mother Anna Emilia Chapman Who Fell Asleep In Jesus At Kingstown XXV11 March MDCCCLXXIV Aged 73 Years — It Is Well With Her

Beneath This Stone Is Deposited All That Was Mortal Of Samual Waller Esq. 2nd Son Of The Late Sir Robert Waller Esq. Bart. He Departed This Life August 19th 1793 Aged 23 Years. Adieu Blest Shade Alas Too….Fled, None Knew Thee Living But Lament Thee Dead, A Soul So Pure So Free From Every Stain, So Tried By Sickness And Proved By Pain, His Christian Patience Against …..Strove, Till Heaven Advanced Him To The Love. Mrs Catherine Chapman Sister Of The Above And Wife Of John Chapman Of Castlemitchell Who Departed This Life The 6th Of March 17.. Aged 26 Years.

Here Lies The Body Of Joseph Higginson Esq. Of Goulyduff Mary His Wife Who Died 17.. And Also Of Joseph Higginson Of ….Offaly And His Son Who Departed This Life Aged 10 January ……

Here Lyeth Ye Body Of Mr George Harman Who Died …….1720 Aged 57 And Of His Son Henry Harman Who Died 25th Of March 1728 Aged 30 Years. Of Hannah …….. George Harman Who Dept The 31st Of March 1725.

Here Lieth Ye Body Of Mrs Elizabeth Bennett Wife To Benjn. Who Departed This Life On 10th …..Domin 1736 Aged…

In Loving Memory Of William Long Who Died 8th Dec 1891 Aged 78 Years. Also His Beloved Wife Sarah Who Died 28th Nov 1875 Aged 43 Years. Erected By Their Son Rev. T. Stuart Long 29GC Brunswick St. Dublin

Here Lieth The Body Of Catherine Holland Who Departed This Life October The 9th 1791 Aged 35 Years

Erected By John Roberts Of Athy In Memory Of His Beloved Wife Anne Roberts Who Depd This Life February 7th 1839 Aged 19 Years. Also Henry Crawley Brother To The Said Anne Roberts Who Depd This lIfe November 8th 1847 Aged 25 Years. The Above John Roberts Died Nov 1886 Aged 78.

The Body Of James Maloney Departed

………………….Ellen Connolly Of Athy

Erected To The Memory Of Mrs Abagail Glover Who Died At Athy On The 11th April 1870 Aged 72 Years. Also James Glover Who Died Died 22nd Sept 1884 Aged 84 Yrs. Eleanor Glover Died Jan 22nd 1905 Aged 72 Years.

Erected By Jane Hamilton In Memory Of Her Beloved Husband Hugh Hamilton Died 2nd May 1882 Aged 59 Yrs And Of Her Sons Frederick Robert Who Died 28th May 1873 Aged 15 Yrs. William John Who Died 8th Nov 1890 Aged 28 Yrs And In The Morn Those Little Angel Faces Smile, Which Have Loved Long Since And Lost A While. Here Also Is Interred The Above Named Jane Hamilton Who Died Sept 23rd 1895 Aged 66 Years.

Erected By Jane Higginson Of Ballylean In Memory Of Her Beloved Husband Thomas Higginson Who Departed This Life April 9th 1855 Aged 62 Years.

Erected In Memory Of John Higginson Who Dep This Life The 10th Of October 1832 Aged 72 Years. Elizabeth Higginson Who Died May 16th 1843 Aged 48 years. Also Her Husband George Higginson Who Died Nov 20th 1851 Aged 62 Years. Also Their Son William Higginson Died April 18th 1852 Aged 18 Years.

Erected By Mary Ellen In Loving Memory Of Her Husband Edward Higginson Of Athy Who Died Sept 15th 1888 Aged 64 Years. The Above Mary Helen Higginson Died 6th April 1896 Aged 46 Years. He Is Not Dead But Sleepth

In Memory Of William Beauchamp Clayton Who Died March 25th 1873 Aged 55 Years.

To The Memory Of Mrs Short Relict Of The Late William Short Esq. Of Coolville Kings Co. Who Departed This Life 16th June 1858 At Cardenton Aged 85 Years In The Faith Of Her Saviour And Redeemer Jesus Christ This Monument Is Erected By Her Daughter Mrs Telford April 15th 1859 Who Also Died At Cardenton Oct. 4th 1861. Also Isabella Telford Wife Of Capt B.L. Lefroy Royal Artillery Who Died Septr 1st 1810 Also Mary Jane Lefroy Daughter Of Capt. B.L. Lefroy Died Novr 18th 1914. Also Richard Lefroy Esq. Son Of Capt. B.L. Lefroy Died Decr 21st 1914. Isabella Easy Sarah Anne Lefroy Died March 21st 1916

In Loving Memory Of Thomas Langlois Lefroy Died Dec 27th 1912. Mary Jane Lefroy Died Dec 18th 1914. Richard Telford Lefroy Died Dec 21st 1914. Isabella (Easy) Sarah Jane Lefroy Died March 21st 1916. The Above Are Sons And Daughters Of The Late Capt. B. L. Lefroy R.A.G.P. Of Cardenton House Athy.

To The Memory Of Mrs B.L. Lefroy Of Cardenton Who Died The 12th Of June 1830 Aged 35 Years And Also To That Of B.L. Lefroy Esq. Late Captain R.A. Died Sep 1st 1869 Aged 87. Also Frances Daughter Died April 8th 1874. Also Thomas L. Lefroy Son Of Captn B.L. Lefroy Died 27th Decr 1912. Blessed Are The dead Which Die In The Lord From Hence Forth Yea Saith The Spirit That May Rest Thou Labours.

Sacred To The Memory Of Sir Anthony Crosdill Weldon Baronet Kilmorony + Rahinderry Born 16th March 1827 Taken 14th Janry 1900 Fondly Beloved His Body rests Here With His Darling Child’s Adeline Louisa Given 6th Sept 1865 Taken 21st Janry 1869. Them Also Which Sleep In Jesus Will God Bring With Him Father In Thy Gracious Keeping Leave-Now Thy Servant Sleeping.

Winifred Bruce Blakeney Fitzgerald Widow Of Sir Anthony Weldon 6th BT -1951. Terence Gordon Mackworth Weldon 1902-1970. Sir Anthony Edward Wolseley Weldon 7th BT 1902-1971. Sir Thomas Brian Weldon 8th BT 1905-1979. Nothing Can Separate Us From The Love Of God

Here Lyes The Body Of Willm Clarke Who Departed This Life 12th Of June In The 96th Year Of His Age 1734. Here Lyes The Body Of Christian Clarke Who Departed This Life 17 Of July In The 64th Year Of Her Age Anno Domo 1743.

Mrs Mary Maloney The Widow Of James Maloney Esq. Is Agreeably To Her Own Desire Interred here She Died The 7th Of June 1800 Aged 68 Years.

Brevet Colonel Sir A.A. Weldon CVO DSO Leinster Regiment 29th June 1917 Age 54 His Name Livith Forevermore

In Affectionate Rememberance Erected By James H. Crampton Athy In Memory Of His Beloved Wife Elsie Who Died 21st Dec 1892 Aged 30 Years. Also The Above James H. Crampton Died The 30th June 1898 Aged 38 Years.

Erected By Their Sons In Loving Memory Of Their Beloved Father And Mother William Crampton Who Died 7th September 1894 Aged 77 Years Also His Affectionate Wife Martha Who Died 21st September 1894 Aged 75 Years.

Erected By His Loving Wife In Memory Of Abraham Hobson M.D. 35 Years Resident In Ballylinan Entered Into Rest 19th October 1887 Until The Day Dawn. His Wife Elinor Emma (Nel) Weldon Died Easter Sunday 23 March 1913. Their Third Daughter Elinor Weldon Hobson Died 18th July 1963.

Glory To The Memory Of William Dove Of Hunderclay In The County Of Norfolk Late A Private Soldier Of Captain Bunbury’s Company Of The 80th Regiment Who Departed This Life On The 15th November 1833 Aged 33 Years. This memorial Was Placed At The Joint Expense Of The Officers, Non Commissioned Officers And Privates Of His Company To Record Their Regard For The Loss Of A Good And Honest Soldier. Such Was The Deceased.

Erected In Loving memory Of Alexander Duncan Who Died At His Residence At Fortbarrington Athy On The 30th September 1887 Aged 68 Years. Husband, Father, Counsellor. Where I Am There Shall Also My Servant Be. Also His Wife Elizabeth Duncan Aged 86 4th December 1907. Dublin Bessie Duncan October 25th 1853 Maria P. Duncan April 13th 1907 Clemintine Duncan John Duncan 1832.

John Gregg Esq. Died 26th May 1837 Aged 55 Years.

Under This Stone Interred Here Lies One Who Was ……… Ovs ivs and W…………. Joseph P………… so …………….on of Athy who Died.

Memento Mori Erected By Mrs Nathaniel Bedshaw ……..In The City Of Dublin In Memory Of Her Dearly Beloved Husband Mr Nathaniel Bedshaw Who Dep This Life 30 Nov 1778 Aged 66 Years.

In Memory Of James Faulkner Late Sergeant Of The Ancient British Light Dragoons. Native Of The City Of Chester England Who Departed This Life Febry 8th 1799 Aged 25 Years.

Erected By The Brethren Of Lodge No. 356 In The Regt Of Drags In Memory Of The Late Dearly Beloved Brother Wm. Armstrong Who Died 22nd Of March 1792 Aged 20 Years.

Erected By John Holmes Of Athy In Memory Of His Loving Wife Elizabeth Holmes Who Dept This Life March The 12th 1826 Aged 32 Years.

Erected By Thomas Plewman Of Athy In Memory Of his Beloved Wife Anne Plewman Who Departed This Life On The 16th Novbr 1856 Aged 28 Years. Also The Remains Of His Oldest Son Wm James Plewman Who Departed This life 25th Novbr 1862 Aged 29 Years. And Beneath This Is Laid Thomas Plewman Who Died Sep 12th 1888 In His 86th Year Honoured And Beloved By His Large Family . Also His Wife Eliza A Plewman Who Died In Perfect Peace March 2nd 1892 Aged 83 Years. Also Martha Booth The Loving Wife Of E.O. Plewman Kilcoo House Athy Who Departed This Life In August 4th 1898 Aged 49 Years.Deeply Regretted. Also E.G. Plewman Youngest Son Of Thos. And Elizabeth O Plewman Died April 16th 1903 Aged 51 Years.

Erected By Mary Plewman Of Athy To The Memory Of Her Beloved Husband Thos. Plewman Who Departed This Life On The 12th Day Of November 1820 Aged 49 Years. Also Comfort Plewman Second Daughter Of The Who Deptd This Life April 20th 1824 Aged 16 Years. Mary Plewman Wife Of Thos. Plewman Who Depd This LIfe Nov 7th 1860 Aged 83 Years Also William Plewman Their Son Who Depd This Life On Jan 3rd 1866 Aged 67. Erected By Thomas And G Plewman 1897

Here Lieth The Body Of Thomas Maunsell White Who Depd This Life 19th January 1835 Aged 55 Years. This Tomb Is Erected To His Beloved Memory By His Widow. Here Also Lie The Remains Of Jonathan Maunsell White Who Depd This Life 20th October 1837 Aged 30 Years. Also Thomas Maunsell White Third Son Who Died The 26th Of December 1847 Aged 34 Years. Also His WIdow Alicia Frances White Who Departed This Life Deeply Regretted On 6th Day Of February AD 1847. Samual A. White Died 9th Jany 1899 Aged 69 Years. Most Regretted And Fondly Loved.

Erected By Harry And John Clover In Loving Remembrance Of Their Father John Clover Who Died 20th Febry 1879 Aged 44 Years. Also Their Mother Bessie T. Clover Who Died 18th May 1872 Aged 33 Years.Their Brother James Died 17th Dec 1869 Aged 2 1/4 Years And Their Sister Sarah Died 3rd Oct 1871 Aged 1 1/4 Years April 1882

Here Liath The Body Of Cap John Elwood Late Of The …….. Regiment Of Foot Who Departed This Life……

Near This Stone A Tender Infant Lies Who Left This World To Live Above The Skies John Smith Depd This Life Sept: Ye 30th 1798 Aged 10 Months.

………………………jr pd Late ………………..epd This life The 22nd 1799 Aged 59 Years

Here Lieth The Body Of Eliza Allen Of Cardington Who Departed This Life June The 18th 1794 Aged 6 Years. Also Robert Allen Who Dept This Life May 24th 1796 Aged … Years.

Sacred To The Memory Of JOHN SMITH Departed This Life January 12th 1901 Aged 48 Years. Also His Beloved Wife Harriet Mary Smith Who Died June 20th 1933 Aged 73 Years.

Sacred To The Memory Of Henry St. John Of Athy Who Died 22nd March 1879 Aged 76 Years. And Of Maria Plewman Wife The Above Henry St. John Who Died 23rd Dec. 1894 Aged 80 Years. Also Richard George St. John Youngest Son Of The Above Henry And Maria St. John Who Died 29th Dec. 1898 Aged 21 Years.

Thomas And Arabella Beard To The Memory Of Five Generations Of The Beard Family Buried Here And In Rememberance Of Their Father Richard Beard Born 1796 – Died 1887

St. John’s Gravestone Records, Co. Kildare

The following St. John’s gravestone records were compiled by the Athy Cemeteries Committee and given to From-Ireland, with permission to publish, by Michael Donovan, secretary of the Athy Cemeteries Committee.

Surname First Name Age Last Residence Date of Death
Allen Eliza 6 Cardington 18/6/1794
Allen Robert 5 Cardington 24/5/1796
Armstrong William 30 22/3/1792
Bennett Benjamin 76 1/12/1736
Bennett Elizabeth 70 1/10/1736
Booth Marth 49 4/8/1898
Beadshaw Benjamin 42 Athy 17/11/1801
Beadshaw Christianna 56 Athy 12/3/1874
Chapman Anna Emilia 73 Kingstown 27/3/1874
Chapman Robert 45 Castlemitchell 24/4/1836
Clark Christian 64 1/7/1701
Clarke William 95 12/6/1754
Clayton Mabel 12 18/6/1887
Clayton William 60 25/03/1900
Clayton William Beauchamp 55 25/3/1873
Clover Bessie 33 18/5/1872
Clover James 2 17/12/1869
Clover John 44 20/2/1879
Clover Sarah 1 3/10/1871
Crampton Elsie 30 21/12/1892
Crampton James H 38 30/6/1898
Crampton Martha 75 21/9/1894
Crampton William 77 7/9/1894
Cross Alfred Robert 6 9/6/1852
Cross Annie 72 28/07/1917
Cross Charles George 18 months
Cross Frederick 52 Ardmore 12/9/1899
Cross George Robert 18 months
Cross Jane E. 76 24/05/1918
Cross Mark 9/9/1864
Cross Maryanne 50 27/3/1899
Cross Maryanne 21/12/1874
Cross Sarah 4 8/3/1846
Crawley Henry 25 8/11/1847
Dove William 33 Hunderclay, Norfolk 8/11/1847
Duncan Alexander 68 Fortbarrington 30/9/1887
Duncan Bessie 25/10/1852
Duncan Clemintina 1/1/1832
Duncan Elizabeth 88 04/12/1907
Duncan John 01/01/1932
Duncan Maria P. 13/04/1907
Faulkner James 25 Chester, England 8/2/1799
Fitzgerald Winifred Bruce 1951
Glover Abigail 72 Athy 11/4/1870
Glover Eleanor 72 22/01/1905
Glover James 84 22/9/1884
Hamilton Frederick Robert 4 27/3/1873
Hamilton Hugh 59 2/5/1882
Hamilton James 15 28/5/1873
Hamilton Jane 66 23/9/1895
Hamilton William John 28 8/11/1890
Hannon Eliza 4
Hannon Emily 2 29/12/1862
Hannon Henry 1 20/4/1856
Hannon Henry 63 Ballyroe House, Athy 5/3/1888
Hannon Henry William 17/5/1851
Hannon Henry 82 5/2/1888
Hannon Henry Edward Percy 24 08/06/1918
Hannon Henry P. 42 Ardreigh, Athy 13/07/1904
Hannon John 95 28/3/1855
Hannon Kathleen Thomisina Ardreigh, Athy 18/01/1918
Hannon Thomas J. 20 01/12/1917
Hannon Thomas James 42 15/3/1897
Hannon Unknown 4/3/1852
Hannon Deborah Maria 59 7/8/1895
Harman Henry 30 5/3/1728
Harman M. George 57 1/1/1720
Harman Unknown 31/3/1728
Higginson Edward 64 Athy 15/9/1888
Higginson Elizabeth 48 16/5/1843
Higginson George Robert 62 20/11/1851
Higginson John 72 10/10/1852
Higginson Joseph Goullyduff
Higginson Joseph Offaly 22/1/1780
Higginson Mary 1/1/1746
Higginson Mary Helen 46 6/4/1896
Higginson Thomas 62 9/4/1855
Higginson William 18 18/4/1852
Hipwell Thomas 27 Mountmellick 20/12/1847
Hipwell Thomas 57 29/4/1852
Hobson Abraham Ballinan 18/10/1887
Hobson Elinor weldon 08/07/1963
Holland Catherine 35 9/10/1791
Homes Elizabeth 52 12/3/1826
Lefroy B.L. 87 1/9/1869
Lefroy Frances 18/4/1874
Lefroy Isabella Sarah Anne 21/03/1916
Lefroy Mary Jane 18/11/1914
Lefroy Richard T. 21/12/1914
Lefroy Thomas Langlois 27/12/1912
Lefroy Mrs B.L. 35 12/6/1830
Long Sarah 43 28/11/1875
Long William 78 6/12/1891
Molloy Clorinda A. 06/05/1901
Molloy Frederick 12/8/1825
Molloy George 30 26/9/1848
Molloy Hannah 13 1/12/1839
Molloy Hannah Anna 46 15/9/1836
Molloy Hannah Anna 5/9/1824
Molloy Joseph Geale 36 12/9/1852
Molloy Robert 56 13/7/1836
Molloy Thomas 24 10/1/1834
Molloy William 20/9/1896
Molloy Mary 68 4/6/1800
Mottley Robert 30/4/1789
Pender Arabella 67 2/10/1890
Pender Elizabeth
Pender Elizabeth Maria 16 2/10/1874
Pender John 63 13/9/1846
Pender Maria 12 6/1/1838
Pender William 82 16/10/1894
Plewman Ann 28 16/11/1856
Plewman Comfort 16 20/4/1824
Plewman E.G. 51 16/04/1903
Plewman Eliza A. 83 2/3/1897
Plewman Maria 80 23/12/1884
Plewman Mary 83 7/11/1860
Plewman Thomas 86 12/8/1888
Plewman Thomas 49 12/11/1820
Plewman William 67 3/1/1866
Plewman William James 29 25/11/1862
Roberts Anne 19 7/2/1839
Roberts John 78 19/11/1886
Short Unknown 85 15/6/1858
Smith Harriet Mary 73 20/06/1933
Smith John 48 12/01/1901
Smith John 30 9/1798
St. John Henry 76 22/3/1879
St.John Richard George 21 29/12/1878
Telford Isabella 1/9/1840
Telford Unknown 4/10/1851
Weldon A.A. 54 29/06/1917
Weldon Anthony Aurthur 01/01/1951
Weldon Eliner Emma 23/03/1913
Weldon Sir Anthony Edward 69 10/01/1971
Weldon Sir Anthony Brian 74 1979
Weldon Terrance Gordon 61 01/01/1970
White Alicia Frances 6/2/1879
White Jonathan 30 20/10/1837
White Samuel A. 59 9/1/1892
White Thomas Maunsell 53 19/1/1833
White Thomas Maunsell 34 26/12/1847

Athy District Marriage Records, Co. Kildare

This page features civil Marriage Records for the district of Athy in Co. Kildare and includes full names (where possible), the year of marriage, and the quarter in which the marriage occurred. A searchable index of all available marriage records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Adam Roach 1912 3rd
Agnes Kidd 1845
Andrew Kennedy 1879 4th
Anne (Countess of) Kingston 1873
Anne Higgins 1866
Anne Murray 1866
Anne Nolan 1898 3rd
Annie Augusta Emery 1881 4th
Anthony Darcy 1875
Arthur Roberts 1845
Bernard Murray 1866
Bridget Buggy 1878 3rd
Bridget Dowling 1875
Bridget Doyle 1875
Bridget Dunne 1875
Bridget Galvin 1872
Bridget Halpin 1865
Caroline Baldwin 1845
Catherine Hardy 1845
Catherine Hendy 1845
Catherine Hogan 1868
Catherine Hurdy 1845
Catherine O’Curdy 1845
Catherine Wilson 1872
Cathrine Hogan 1868
Christopher Graham 1845
Edward Betagh 1876
Edward Doyle 1875
Edward Kennedy 1865
Eliza Hoey 1868
Eliza Hyland 1877
Elizabeth Butler 1845
Elizabeth Butler 1849
Elizabeth Daly 1875
Elizabeth Keef 1874
Elizabeth Mary Noonan 1900 2nd
Elizabeth McDaniel 1845
Elizabeth Stronge 1896 1st
Ellen Allen 1851
Ellen Bowe 1869
Ellen Galvin 1872
Ellen Hoare 1876
Ellen Hore 1876
Ellen Keefe 1870
Ellen Kenna 1865
Ellen Lyons 1880 4th
Hanna Wilson ors Roe 1855
Helena Lynch 1881 2nd
Hettie Barlow 1868
Hugh Kinehan 1865
James Dowling 1875
James Doyle 1875
James Haws 1873
James Hendly 1882 1st
James Kennedy 1864
James King 1878 1st
James Kinsella 1873
James O’Neil 1845
Jane Dick 1855
Jane Hendy 1882 3rd
Jane Wilson 1857
Jeremia Warren 1877
Johanna Doyle 1875
John Bowe 1873
John Cassidy 1873
John Clancy 1864
John Colmey 1892 2nd
John Cope 1845
John Dagg 1853
John Doody 1875
John Doran 1875
John Farrell 1875
John Heigan 1882 1st
John Kearns 1874
John Kenna 1867
John Kenny 1879 1st
John Leigh 1898 2nd
John Lyons 1855
John M’Kernan 1890 1st
John Roache 1899 1st
Joseph Daly 1865
Josephine Hoey 1921 4th
Julia Kilfoyle 1879 1st
Kate Bowe 1869
Kate Harris 1864
Lavinda Boddy 1876
Lewis Large 1855
Louis Higgins 1882 1st
Lucy Watts 1876
Margaret Bowe 1869
Margaret Cunningham 1864
Margaret Delaney 1873
Margaret Delany 1875
Margaret Doyle 1875
Margaret Kinsella 1896 2nd
Margaret Neill 1898 3rd
Margaret Ryan 1886 3rd
Margt Bowe 1871
Maria Cooke 1845
Maria Doyle 1875
Martha Bailey 1845
Martin Doyle 1875
Mary Agnes Lucas 1907 1st
Mary Anne Kenny 1845
Mary Anne Kerney 1845
Mary Delaney 1873
Mary Delany 1875
Mary Dempsey 1875
Mary Dempsey 1875
Mary Doolan 1875
Mary Dooley 1875
Mary Doolon 1875
Mary Doyle 1875
Mary Dunne 1875
Mary Dunne 1875
Mary Fox 1870
Mary Hayden 1883 3rd
Mary Heydon 1882 1st
Mary Hodert 1865
Mary Hyland 1865
Mary Kenna 1864
Mary Kilfoyle 1879 1st
Mary Lyons 1864
Mary Robinson 1845
Mary Ryan 1877
Mary Willis 1849
Michael Delaney 1873
Michael Doran 1896 1st
Michael Dowling 1875
Michael Hoey 1865
Michael Keavney 1870
Michael Keegan 1874
Michael Kelly 1879 2nd
Michel (sic) Moore 1845
Norah Kelly 1879 2nd
Pat Waters 1876
Patrick Doran 1896 1st
Patrick Dunne 1875
PAtrick Kinsela 1871
Patrick Leigh 1897 3rd
Patrick Sale 1877
Peter Dunne 1875
Peter Gannon 1873
Richard Boardman 1876
Richard Glynn 1860
Richard Hendy 1882 3rd
Robert Adamson 1861
Robert Francis Wilson 1847
Samuel Jolly 1845
Sarah Callan 1860
Sarah Dobbin 1845
Sarah Jane Craig 1876
Sarah Keeffe 1874
Sarah Roberts 1845
Sarah Ryan 1877
Susanna Wilson 1858
Terence Bowe 1870
Teresia Doyle 1875
Thomas Anderson 1866
Thomas Dempsey 1855
Thomas Drennan 1875
Thomas Dunne 1875
Thomas Gannon 1873
Thomas Kelly 1879 3rd
Thomas Wills 1845
William Cooke 1845
William Dempsy 1875
William Donagher 1875
William Donoher 1875
William Galvin 1873
William Hickey 1882 4th
William jnr. Fishbourne 1845
William Keys 1878 1st
William M’Arthur 1876
William M’Carthy 1884 3rd
William Moody 1845

Civil Registration Records

Lanigan’s Ball

In the town of Athy one Jeremy Lanigan
Battered away ’till he hadn’t a pound.
His father died and made him a man again,
Left him a farm and ten acres of ground!
He gave a grand party to friends and relations
Who hadn’t forgot him when sent to the wall;
And if you just listen, I’ll make your eyes glisten
With the rows and the ructions of Lanigan’s Ball

Six long months I spent in Dublin,
Six long months doin’ nothin’ at all,
Six long months I spent in Dublin,
Learnin’ to dance for Lanigans’ Ball.
I stepped out and I stepped in again,
I stepped out and I stepped and I stepped in again,
Learin’ to dance for Lanigan’s Ball.

Myself, of course, got free invitations
For all the nice boys and girls I’d ask,
And in less than a minute the friends and relations
Were dancing away like bees round a cask.
Miss O’Hara, the nice little milliner,
Tipped me the wink to give her a call,
And soon I arrived with Timothy Glenniher
Just in time for Lanigan’s Ball.

Six long months I spent in Dublin,
Six long months doin’ nothin’ at all,
Six long months I spent in Dublin,
Learnin’ to dance for Lanigans’ Ball.
I stepped out and I stepped in again,
I stepped out and I stepped and I stepped in again,
Learin’ to dance for Lanigan’s Ball.

There was lashins of punch, and wine for the ladies,
Potatoes and cakes and bacon and tay,
The Nolans and Doolans and all the O’Gradys,
Were courtin’ the girls and dancin’ away.
Songs there were as plenty as water
From “The Harp that once thro’ Tara’s Ould Hall”
To “Sweet Nelly Gray” and “The Ratcatcher’s Daughter”
All singing together at Lanigan’s Ball.

Six long months I spent in Dublin,
Six long months doin’ nothin’ at all,
Six long months I spent in Dublin,
Learnin’ to dance for Lanigans’ Ball.
I stepped out and I stepped in again,
I stepped out and I stepped and I stepped in again,
Learin’ to dance for Lanigan’s Ball.

They were startin’ all sorts of nonsensical dances
Turning around in a nate whirligig:
But Julia and I soon scatthered their fancies,
And tipped them the twist of a rale Irish jig.
Och mavrone! ‘Twas she that as glad o’ me,
We danced ’till we thought the ceilin’ would fall.

Six long months I spent in Dublin,
Six long months doin’ nothin’ at all,
Six long months I spent in Dublin,
Learnin’ to dance for Lanigans’ Ball.
I stepped out and I stepped in again,
I stepped out and I stepped and I stepped in again,
Learin’ to dance for Lanigan’s Ball.

The boys were all merry, the girls were all hearty
Dancin’ away in couples and groups
When an accident happened – young Terence McCarty
He put his right foot through Miss Halloran’s hoops.
The creature she fainted and cried “Millia Murther!”
She called all her friends and gathered them all.
Ned Carmody swore he’s not stir a step further
But have satisfaction at Lanigan’s Ball.

Six long months I spent in Dublin,
Six long months doin’ nothin’ at all,
Six long months I spent in Dublin,
Learnin’ to dance for Lanigans’ Ball.
I stepped out and I stepped in again,
I stepped out and I stepped and I stepped in again,
Learin’ to dance for Lanigan’s Ball.

In the midst of the row, Miss Kerrigan fainted –
Her cheeks all the while – were as red as the rose –
Some of the ladies declareed she was painted
She took a small drop of potheen I suppose.
Her lover, Ned Morgan, so pow’rful and able,
When he saw his dear colleen stretched out by the wall,
He tore the left leg from under the table
And smashed all the china at Lanigan’s Ball.

Six long months I spent in Dublin,
Six long months doin’ nothin’ at all,
Six long months I spent in Dublin,
Learnin’ to dance for Lanigans’ Ball.
I stepped out and I stepped in again,
I stepped out and I stepped and I stepped in again,
Learin’ to dance for Lanigan’s Ball.

Oh boys, there was ructions –
Myself got a lick from big Phelim McHugh,
But I soon replied to his kind introductions,
And kicked up a terrible hullabaloo.
Old Shamus, the piper, had like to be strangled.
They squeezed up his pipes, chanters, bellows and all;
The girls in their ribbons, they got all entangled,
And that put an end to Lanigan’s Ball.