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Attanagh Church Photographs, Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.) & Co. Kilkenny

Co’s Laois (Queen’s Co.) & Kilkenny,

The Lewis Topographical Dictionary (1837) tells us : ATTANAGH, a parish, partly in the barony of UPPER OSSORY, QUEEN’S county, but chiefly in that of FASSADINING, county of KILKENNY, and province of LEINSTER, 1 ¾ mile (E. S. E.) from Durrow; containing 750 inhabitants. This parish, formerly calledRathanna and Attier, is situated on the river Nore, and comprises 2445 statute acres, as applotted under the tithe act.”

In the Roman Catholic divisions, this parish is one of nine which formed the Union of Ballyragget.

It’s actually an interesting little place, one minute you are in Laois and then you cross over the bridge and you are in Kilkenny.  The Church is on the Laois (Queen’s Co.) side of the border.

These photographs were taken Jan, 2006.

Attanagh Gravestone Name Index

Attanagh Village, Co. Laois Photographs

There I was sure that all my older gravestone photographs are online and a few minutes ago I saw some photographs of the church in Attanagh posted to the The Country Church page on Facebook, so off I go to link that page in to my Attanagh Church photographs AND no photographs online!!  My index to the names that I could read out in Attanagh is online, but not the photographs :(

My apologies to anyone with an interest in Attanagh and here are photographs of the village but not the gravestones.  They’re going to take little while to get online as very few could actually be read and I want to check through them again.

Before I post these, the thing about Attanagh is that it is on the very very edge of Co. Laois as you travel from Durrow to Ballyouskill.  It’s probably only 3 or 4 kilometres from Durrow, 5 mins drive away.