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Marriage Index, Baltinglass, Co. Kildare and Co. Wicklow, 1813-14

Baltinglass, Counties Wicklow & Kildare

  Baltinglass, Marriage Index 1813-14

This is an index of the names of the people who were married in the Roman Catholic parish of Baltinglass which covers areas in counties Kildare and Wicklow, during the  years 1813-14.   The following table of marriages is transcribed from Microfilm No. 4192 held online by the National Library of Ireland accessible through their Roman Catholic Parish Register Search page.   All names and surnames given here are as I read them.  This section of the register is in English with first names shortened at times to only 1 letter.

My list is sorted by the surname of the groom.  Question marks indicate letters or words I had a problem reading.  The letters ‘sic’ indicate that is how I read the letters I have typed.
[ ] indicates that the letters within the brackets are my best guess at what the letters might be.

Townlands are not given.

The 1814 marriages of Michael Headon and Peter Byrne were crossed out in the register.  The surname spelled Ka for a lady is probably Kinsella as the capital letter K was used with an ‘a’ superscript.

Nicknames, Shortened names used in Irish records

If you go to the page i have linked to below and are sitting at a PC and want to search the records for a surname that you are interested in then press Ctrl and F together.  A box will pop up for you to enter the characters you’d like to find on the page you are on. Pressing enter will bring you to the next entry for that name and so on.  My thanks to Clare Lawler Kilgallen who posted this information on a Facebook page.

If you are working with a Mac then press ⌘ & F and continue as above.

Page 6 Marriage Records Baltinglass Roman Catholic Parish : Transcription begins on this page of microfilm


NameSurnameBride NameBride SurnameDateYear
NedBalfMaryValentine21 ??Oct1814
A.BellonM.Dunn26 ??Oct1814
PeterByrneEllenWard10 ??Nov1814
??CooganAnneColeman12 ??Oct1814
PatKeeganAnneDunn19 ??Oct1814
JohnKellyA.Kenedy26 ??Oct1814
ChristyKellyMaryHarrington18 ??Oct1814
JsKellyA.Kehoe19 ??Oct1814
HenryWardKittyKelly??22 Feb1814

Baltinglass District Death Records, Co. Carlow

This page features civil death records for the district of Baltinglass in Co. Carlow and includes (where possible) full names, the year of death, and the quarter in which the death occurred, and an age. A searchable index of all available death records is available here.

Name Year Quarter Age
Abbott Sarah 1870 85
Doody Catherine 1868 75
Doody John 1866 60
Doody John 1868 0
Doody Mary 1866 82
Doody Mathew 1864 0
Early Maria 1868 40
Gainor Kate 1885 3rd 0
Halpin Rose 1871 5
Hennissey James 1865 9
Kavanagh Anne 1878 4th 31
Kavanagh Ellen 1878 1st 89
Kavanagh George 1878 3rd 70
Kavanagh Henry 1878 4th 23
Kavanagh Mary 1878 3rd 40
Kavanagh Patrick 1878 4th 77
Kavanagh Thomas 1878 4th 8
Kearns Anne 1866 76
Keary Mary 1864 64
Keating William 1866 63
Keatley Edward 1865 1
Keatly William 1878 1st 86
Keegan Cornelius 1878 1st 60
Keegan Cornelius 1878 1st 60
Keegan Cornelius 1878 1st 66
Kelly Silvester 1878 1st 64
Loftus Thomas 1881 4th 66
Molyneaux Rosanna 1867 0
Ryan Timothy 1870 66
Walsh Andrew 1868
York Bess 1865 40
York Mary 1865 50

Civil Registration Records

Baltinglass District Marriage Records, Co. Carlow

This page features civil Marriage Records for the district of Baltinglass in Co. Carlow and includes full names (where possible), the year of marriage, and the quarter in which the marriage occurred. A searchable index of all available marriage records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Allen Margaret 1851
Cahill Anne 1895 2nd
Callaghan Arthur 1869
Callaghan Margaret 1867
Clarke Patrick 1864
Conolly Cornelius 1864
Daly William 1864
Daly William 1864
Deering Margret 1864
Delaney David 1897 1st
Delany Edward 1873
Dowling Margaret 1849
England Reuben 1869
Fitzgerald Mary 1864
Haloran John 1864
Halpin Denis 1865
Haskins Sarah 1852
Hawkins Margaret 1884 1st
Hawkins Richard 1855
Hawkins Thomas 1855
Hayden James 1883 3rd
Hayden Margaret 1883 3rd
Haydon Mary 1882 3rd
Healy Catherine 1882 4th
Higgins Mary 1870
Higgins Sarah 1866
Hinch John 1868
Hobson John 1883 2nd
Hobson Martha 1883 2nd
Hore James 1848
Hore John 1873
Hore Patrick 1869
Hoskins Sarah 1852
Johnson Joseph 1866
Keating Mary 1874
Keay Charlotte Anne 1874
Kelly Mary 1879 3rd
Kelly Patrick 1879 2nd
Kelly Thomas 1879 3rd
Kennedy Alice Mary 1864
Kennedy Anne 1865
Kennedy Christopher 1867
Kennedy John 1865
Kennedy Julia 1865
Kennedy Margaret 1865
Kenny Anne 1864
Kenny John 1865
Kenny Mary 1873
Kenny Paul 1867
Keogh Catherine 1878 1st
Keogh John 1873
Keogh Michael 1879 1st
Keogh Patrick 1873
Keough Andrew 1873
Keough Margaret 1873
Keppel John 1873
Kerwan Thomas 1879 4th
Kirivan Mary 1879 1st
Leigh Mary 1898 4th
Leigh Michael 1898 1st
Lucas Patrick 1906 2nd
Lucus Patrick 1906 2nd
Lynch Jane 1882 1st
Murray Anne 1865
Murray John 1865
Norton Patrick 1864
Spain Anne 1864
Wheatly Kezia 1867
Wilson Anthony 1851
Wilson Catherine 1851
Wilson Harriet 1849
Wilson William 1855

Civil Registration Records