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Bawn Hill Graveyard Records, Co. Laois

This page features free records for Bawn Hill Graveyard, Co. Laois, transcribed by Dr. Jane Lyons and exclusive to From-Ireland.net.

Surname Name Death Age
Be? Mary 21/09/1904
Neale (nee) Dempsey Margaret 02/1727 29
Anton Ellen 1946
Anton James 1910
Douglas (nee) Whitton Isabel 1952
EdgeMcKenna Edward C. V. 1973
EdgeMcKenna Janette 1995
Johnson Jocelyn Ottway Johnson 1919
Kemmis Oonah Frances Walsh 1937
Kemmis William Frederick Walsh 1986
Livingstone Mary Ann 1906
Purcell (nee) Pearson James 1933
Purcell (nee) Pearson Mary 1954
Ronaldson Eliza 1878
Salter Alice Infant
Salter Caroline Eleanor 1893
Salter Edward Infant
Salter Emily Frances 1963
Salter George 1880
Salter George Edward 1892
Salter George Thomas 1982
Salter Gibert Infant
Salter Isod Infant
Salter James 1944
Salter Jane 1930
Salter John L. 1946
Salter Martha Seale 1950
Salter Peter 1877
Salter Sarah Infant
Salter Thomas Richard 1950
Shaw Margaret Kate 1956
Walsh Grace 1941
Walsh Hariet Anne 1924
Walsh Hunt Henry Allen Johnson 1953
Walsh John Allen Johnson 1893
Walsh Kathleen Selina Blanche 1897
Whitton John 1945
Whitton Marjorie 1907
Whitton Marjorie 1917
Whitton Mary jane 1970
Whitton William 1909
Wilkinson Barbara 1952
Wilkinson Lily 1940
Wilkinson Mary 1908
Wilkinson Mina Gertrude 1919
Wilkinson Richard 1900
Wilkinson Richard 1919

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Bawn Hill Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Laois

Stradbally Barony; Curraclone parish; Athy Poor Law Union Registration district

Salter: In loving memory/of/THOMAS RICHARD SALTER/Blackford, Stradbally./died 28th August 1950. Aged 72 yrs. / His wife EMILY FRANCES / died 5-Oct, 1963. Aged 78 yrs. / Blessed are the pure in heart.

Salter: Erected/To the memory of Peter/the beloved child of/George and Caroline Salter/died April 20th 1877/aged 10 yrs/ also their infant children Edward Gilbert, /Isod, Sarah, & Alice/Safe in the arms of Jesus/Geo’ Salter died Aug 4 1880/Aged 44 yrs./George Edwd. Died Feb 11th 1892/Aged 19yrs./Caroline Eleanor Salter died Novr./3rd 1893 aged 56 yrs./ Jane died 30th Jan, 1930. Aged 59 years./ James died 22nd Feb, 1944. Aged 68 years./John L., died 4th Feb, 1946. Aged 72 years/Martha Seale Salter /died 15th Jan , 1950. Aged 85 yrs./

Shaw: Margaret Kate Shaw 1902-1956

Edge-McKenna: In loving memory of/Edward C. V Edge-McKenna, Inch House,/Stradbally./born October 9th 1897/died January 15th 1973/Also his wife Janette/died November 30th 1995/The Lord is my Shepherd

Salter: In loving memory/of/George Thomas Salter/Blackford/died 4th May 1982/aged 54 years/At rest.

Ronaldson: In /loving memory of/Eliza Ronaldson/who departed this life/the 1st April 1878/aged 43 years./He sent from above. He took me. /He drew me out of many waters./

Wilkinson: Sacred/ to /the memory/Richard Wilkinson/who died 18th January 1900/aged 62 years/also of his wife/Mary/who died 24th September 1908/Aged 71 years/And of their children/Richard/who died novr 10th 1919 , aged 39 years/Also his wife/Mina Gertrude/who died April 28th 1919, aged 42 years./Lily died 28th November 1940/Barbara died 18th March 1952/His giveth his beloved Sleep

Celtic Cross: Richard & Mina.

Whitton/Douglas: William Whitton/who died 16th Sept 1909/aged 85 years./Also of his wife/Marjorie Whitton/who died 5th Jany 1907/aged 79 years/Also in loving memory of /Marjorie their eldest /daughter who died /9th January 1917/And their third daughter Isabel Douglas who died 1st March 1952/Aged 95 years./”I shall be satisfied when/ I awake with thy likeness”.

Whitton: In loving memory of/John Whitton/Springfield/died April 1st 1945/aged 83 years/And his dead wife Mary Jane/died September 5th 1970/I know that my Redeemer livith./DATE FOR HER DEATH CAN’T BE RIGHT _ CHECK!!!!

Anton: In loving memory of/James Anton/Ballykilcavan/who died January 10th 1910/aged 42 years/Also his wife Ellen/who died 21st Jan 1946/Aged 81 years/”Looking unto Jesus the Author and finisher of our faith”

Livingstone: Sacred to the memory/of/Mary Ann/Livingstone/died 21st November 1906/Aged 42 yrs

Percy In loving memory of/James ?Percy who died at
Ballykilcavan/May 12th 1933 aged 62 years./And Mary his wife/died march 6th 1954 aged 77 years./

Names in capitals on the above stone

Walsh/Johnson: Family Plot in front of Church: Straight line

Jocelyn Otway Johnson/born Dec 24th 1837 died Nov 6th 1919 – base overgrown by grass.

Next stone in row : Kathleen Selina Blanche Walsh /youngest daughter of Sir John Allen Johnson Walsh Bart of Ballykilcavan born December 1872 died May 1897

John Allen Johnson Walsh/4th baronet of Ballykilcavan/Born April 24th 1829/died May 8th 1893/and / Harriet Anne his wife / born November 7th 1834 / died May 9th 1924 /

Next stone : Hunt Henry Allen / Johnson Walsh / 6th baronet / born Jan 18th 1864 /died Sept 3rd 1953 / and / Grace his wife / born Sept 15th (can’t read) died 1941

In between above and next stone is : Oonah Frances Walsh Kemmis / Born 13 June 1913 died 30 January 1997 (new stone)

Last stone in row : William Frederick Walsh Kemmis /of Shaen, Ballykilcavan /1906-1986

Shaun Tanedeasales / killed flying over (can’t read) 25th August 1962 aged 26 / Take wings thy shall (can’t read the rest)