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Boula Church Photographs, Co. Galway

Roman Catholic Church,
Co. Galway,

These photographs were taken in August 2013.

The gravestones have been photographed but are not indexed yet.

Boula Church, Co. Galway

There I was – lost! – in Co. Galway :(  I’d set off to go from Portlaoise over to Loughrea and I did not have an actual map to show me the road but I did have the OS map I needed for that area of Galway.  I was after gravestones wasn’t I and my family are from over that way….

So, I asked trusty old Google maps on my phone to direct me and even though I was not expecting it the maps told me I had to go to Birr to get to Loughrea and that was all right except for when I got to Birr, Mr. Phone died and left me on my own and that was how I got lost!  I drove into Eyrecourt thinking ok, I can take photos here, *but* no, no good thinking that, I’ve already been in Eyrecourt and have already taken photos!  No signposts telling me where Loughrea is in relation to Eyrecourt so I set out for Portumna knowing that Loughrea was right of that…….

En route to Portumna, I spotted a church.  I would have sworn it was a Protestant church except for the grotto in the garden.  No gravestones.