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Bourney gravestones, Tipperary, Ireland.

Bourney, Tipperary

Bourney Church of Ireland Graveyard. Name Index

You will find an index to the names of people from memorial stones which are in the Church of Ireland graveyard in Bourney, Co. Tipperary.  Roman Catholics have in the past been buried in Church of Ireland graveyards as was the law.  Please don’t forget that.

An index to the names of people which appear in stones in the Church of Ireland graveyard at Bourney, Co. Tipperary.  Some of the stones were illegible at the time I was there but these stones will be re-visited in the Summer of 2016.  My index has question marks for those details that could not be read on the stones, these will also be checked during the Summer of 2016.  The table will then be changed if needs be.
e.s.= erected stone ; n.g.=not given

The table headings are as follows: Name : Surname : Date of Death : Year : Age at death : From : Stone name.

When I load the photographs to go with this index the photographs will not be linked to the index.  The photographs unlike earlier photographs on this web site will carry the surnames that are on the stone, these are the ‘stone name’.  Every time a surname occurs then the stone receives a different number, e.g. here in Bourney there are 3 stones with the surname Benn.  The first stone I read with the surname is Benn 1 , the next stone I read with that surname is Benn 2 and the third stone with the surname Benn on it had a second surname, Hoffler.   That stone became Benn 3 Hoffler.

NameSurnameDateYearAgeFromStone name
Anna G.Benn01-Nov1967England 1 Bennnee England
GeorgeBenn07-Oct199390Ballygurteen, RoscreaBenn 3 Hoffler
John FrancisBenn22-Oct198964Ballygurteen HouseBenn 1
John KingsleyBenn10-Aug194764Benn 2
Kingsley F.Benn09-Feb191567BallygurteenBenn 2
Mary AnneBenn18-Apr195761Benn 2
Richard F.Benne.s.Rosemary Square, RoscreaBenn 2
Sarah ElizabethBenn14-Apr193268Benn 3 Hoffler
Sarah ElizabethBenn07-Dec197267Benn 3 Hoffler
ThomasBenn13-Sep19?34England 1 Benn
ElizabethBennett16-May192874Bennett 1
FrederickBennett10-Dec192024Interred in RoscreaBennett 1
JaneBennett28-Feb1960Bennett 1
MargaretBennett05-Apr1962Bennett 1
SarahBennett19-Jan193232Bennett 1
WilliamBennett04-Apr193076Bennett 1
WilliamBradish26-Apr1976Gurteen, TemplemoreBradish 1
HenryBrereton04-Apr1939Pratt 2 Brereton
JohnCantwell26-Nov177729Cantwell 1
CatherineCodyn.g.195983Cody 1 Egannee Egan
DenisCodyn.g.193575Cody 1 Egan
M?ireCodyMay19549 weeksCody 1 Egan
PatrickCody28-Feb194981DerrylahanCody 2 O'Grady
GrandchildCramptonn.g.stillbornCrampton 1 Draper Fewtrell
MatildaCrampton07-Oct194475Crampton 1 Draper Fewtrellnee Draper
MichaelCrampton30-Sep194075DanganCrampton 1 Draper Fewtrell
ThomasCrampton04-Oct194329Crampton 1 Draper Fewtrell
OlgaDavis04-Mar2009Derrymore, RoscreaDavis 1 Hewsonnee Hewson
BenjaminDonovan03-Feb19242Donovan 1
Elizabeth (May)Donovan08-Apr199978Donovan 1
GeorgeDonovan18-Dec19033Donovan 1
Susan DoraDonovan19-Aug191540BallygurteenDonovan 1
ThomasDonovan15-Apr193376Donovan 1
ThomasDonovan21-May196759Donovan 1
WilliamDonovan29-Jun199182Donovan 1
Susan Elizabeth (Betty)Dudley10-Sep199459Gurteen, TemplemoreDudley 1
ElizabethEngland26-Feb1928England 1 Benn
JosephEngland23-Jul1918Corri[g]aEngland 1 Benn
familyFanningn.g.Corriga, ClonakennyFanning 1
MatildaFewtrell12-Feb198886Crampton 1 Draper Fewtrellnee Crampton
James E.Giles11-Dec198387BoulebaneGiles 1
Margaret EllenGiles16-May198878Giles 1
CeciliaGriffith08-Jun1933Griffith 1 Robinson side 3
ElizaGriffithGriffith 1 Robinson side 3nee ???
JosephGriffith04-Aug1899Aghsmear, TippearyGriffith 1 Robinson side 1B.A.
Joseph GeorgeGriffith07-Nov1901Griffith 1 Robinson side 1Lieut. Col. Donegal artillery
Joseph PhillipsGriffithn.g.Incumbent St. Werburghs, DublinGriffith 1 Robinson side 1Revd.
JudyGummins?????10Gummins 1?
MichaelGummins???Gummins 1?
familyGunnellRoscrea & ShinroneGunnell 1 Harnan
John JosephGunnell1922babyGunnell 1 Harnan
T. F.GunnellGunnell 1 Harnan
NickyHarnanGunnell 1 HarnanFr.
can't readHewsonHewson 2b
RobertHewson24-Dec1902Hewson 1
RobtHewsone.s.Hewson 2a
SarahHewson07-Mar19?2086Hewson 2a
ThomasHewson18-Apr190880Hewson 2a
WmHewsone.s.Hewson 2a
??Hobbs19??Hobbs 1
John HenryHobbs24-Sep1947Hobbs 1
HenryHodgins23-Apr19?86?75Hodgins 3
John HenryHodgins07-Jul191075Hodgins 2a
John M.Hodgins22-May1913??48Hodgins 3
John MartinHodgins20-Nov1990DanganHodgins 1
MaryHodgins08-Jan1911?71Hodgins 2a
SarahHodgins2?3 Oct1954??Hodgins 3
SarahHodgins13-Oct195890Hodgins 2a
Thomas J.Hodginse.s.Hodgins 2a
William HenryHodgins29-May188415 monthsHodgins 2a
Andrew LukeHoffler09-Aug19914 weeksBenn 3 Hoffler
familyKealyn.g.Grove St., Roscrea & BallyhenryKealy 1
MaureenKealye.sKealy 1
BridgetLaheyn.g.Lahey 1
ThomasLahey17-Nov178975Lahey 1
Albert T.Lewis23-Jul19122.5Lewis 1b
HarrietLewis24-Oct195990Lewis 1b
Harriet E.Lewis24-Dec195238Lewis 1b
Monica E.Lewis01-Dec198363The Glen, RoscreaLewis 1a
RobertLewis11-Jul194172The Glen, RoscreaLewis 1b
Robert A.Lewis23-Jun199588Lewis 1a
DanielMahere.s.Maher 1 Saunders
JamesMaher24-Mar1833??67Maher 1 Saunders
JeremiahMaher17??Aug19??Maher 1 Saunders
MargaretMaher10-Aug19?56Maher 1 Saunders
MaryMaher??10 June1933Maher 1 Saunders
SerahMaher21-Jun1823..4???Maher 1 Saunders
AnnMollalley29-Sep182530Sheedy 2 Mollalleynee Sheedy
GeorgeOgle12-Oct194174Curtaderrybeg, RoscreaOgle 1
HarryOgle20-Jan1988Ogle 1
Maria JaneOgle31-May196684Ogle 1
Mary AnneO'Grady06-Aug1999Cody 2 O'Gradynee Cody
can't readParrParr maybe 4
FlorenceParr02-Jan199983Parr 3 Hewson
FrancesParr24-Aug199173Parr 1
HenryParr08-Jan198482Parr 3 Hewson
Henry Parre.s.Parr 3 Hewson
Henry JohnParr23-Apr1943Parr 3 Hewson
Henry P.Parr20-Jul199874Parr 2
JohnParr29-Jan189472Parr 3 Hewson
JohnParr22-May194253The Orkneys, TemplemoreParr 2
Margaret EvelynParr20-Nov198187Parr 2
Mary E.Parr22-Feb1929Parr 3 Hewson
Mary EvelynParr09-Jan198765Parr 2
Mary JaneParr10-Dec1943Parr 3 Hewsonnee Hewson
Thomas HewsonParr21-Mar197276Parr 1
JohnParsons27-Dec187?989Kylan[na]Parsons 1Parish Clerk & Schoolmaster
JohnParsonse.s.Parsons 1
Frances JanePercy23-May195788Percy 1
Ivan JamesPercy07-Dec196717Percy 1
James AlfredPercy10-Oct194170Percy 1
James RobertPercy16-Apr196462Percy 1
Mildred FlorencePercy15-May198468Percy 1
ElizabethPratt22-Dec1920Aghsmear, RoscreaPratt 2 Brereton
FrancesPratt02-Jul1942Pratt 2 Brereton
GeorgePratt23-Oct1966BallyhenryPratt 1
HenryPratt16-Mar1956Pratt 2 Brereton
JohnPratt09-Jul1925Pratt 2 Brereton
JohnPratt07-Jun2007Pratt 2 Brereton
JohnPratte.s.Pratt 2 Brereton
RobertPratt03-Jun1944Pratt 2 Brereton
Eliza FrancesRobinsonFairy Hill, Knocksheco[w]naGriffith 1 Robinson side 2
FrancesRobinson??Griffith 1 Robinson side 2
George WhalleyRobinsonn.g.Griffith 1 Robinson side 2Capt.,3rd Reserve : Prince of Wales Leinster Regt.
RobertRobinsonGriffith 1 Robinson side 2
TheboldRussel15-Sep178631Russel 1
ElizaRyanMarch190430ShanakillRyan 1aSr.
ElizaRyan01-Jan195614Ryan 1a
ElizabethRyan20-Jan196397ShanakillRyan 1a
FrancesRyan14-Oct201091Ryan 1b
JamesRyan27-Mar1955Laughawn House, DunkerrinRyan 1a
JamesRyane.s.ShanakillRyan 1c
JohannaRyan06-Dec186860Ryan 1a
JohnRyanFeb192250Ryan 1a
JosephRyanMay191172Ryan 1a
JosephRyan18-May197456Ryan 1a
MargaretRyanJune191368Ryan 1a
MichaelRyan05-Sep186051Ryan 1b
PatrickRyan28-Aug184380Ryan 1c
PatrickRyane.s.ShanahilRyan 1b
SarahRyan19-Apr195165Camblin or gamblinRyan 1bnee Ryan
ThomasRyanMay190560Ryan 1a
ThomasRyan08-Oct193763Camblin or gamblinRyan 1a
ThomasRyane.s.DromardRyan 1a
WilliamRyan13-Aug18432?8Ryan 1c
AnneSaunders??7 Mar19??74Maher 1 Saunders
AbrahamShackleton20-Jan1904?14 or 74Shackleton 1
CatherineSheedy01-Aug184873Sheedy 1
DanielSheedy07-Dec183672Sheedy 1
JuliaSheedy09-Sep184028Sheedy 1
MargaretSheedy27-Nov1893Sheedy 2 Mollalley
MichaelSheedy18-Jun186660Sheedy 1
MichaelSheedy25-Jun1874CullahillSheedy 2 Mollalley
MichlSheedy1870Sheedy 2 Mollalley
PatrickSheedye.s.M'HeatonSheedy 1
RoadySheedy05-Jan1883Sheedy 2 Mollalley
RodgerSheedye.s.Sheedy 2 Mollalley
WmSheedy01-Mar1887Sheedy 2 Mollalley
R. StanleyThompson19-Mar198683Thompson 1
BridgetTracy25-Oct177260Tracy 1 Quinnee Quin
MichaelTracy01-Sep177958Tracy 2M.D.
AnnaTreacy03-May1966Treacy 1
can't readTreacyTreacy 2
JohnTreacy20-Aug1984Treacy 1
MaryTynan??5 Nov1924Tynan 1
ThomasTynane.s.RoscreaTynan 1
ThomasTynann.g.Tynan 1
WilliamTynann.g.Tynan 1

Bourney (Couraguneen, Corbally), Tipperary & Offaly. Marriage 1836-37

Bourney (Couraguneen, Corbally), Tipperary & Offaly

Marriage Index 1836-37

The following table of Bourney (Bournea, Couraguneen, Corbally) marriages is transcribed from Microfilm No. 2478.   Please see farther below for placenames given by P.P. on this register.  This microfilm is kept online by the National Library of Ireland accessible through their Roman Catholic Parish Register Search page.  This is an index of the names of the people who were married in this Roman Catholic parish during the years 1836 and 1837.  This section of the register is in English.  Unfortunately some entries on each new page were almost impossible to read.

My list is sorted by the surname of the groom.  Question marks indicate letters or words I had a problem reading. Spellings are exactly as I read them, no corrections have been made, the letters in brackets ‘sic’ means that whatever spelling I have given it is as I read it. Square brackets [ ] hold letters that I am guessing at.

Place names are given in this section of the register.   This register is confusing in some ways.  The Roman Catholic parish of Roscrea & Kyle is listed as covering parts of Co. Laois because Kyle is only a wee bit from Borris in Ossory.  People in the parish records of Bourney (Bournea, Cuoraguneen) are generally listed as being from Roscrea.  Does this mean Roscrea town, Roscrea parish?  If Roscrea Roman Catholic parish is it possible that some of them were actually from Co. Laois?  This register is not listed as being associated with Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.)

On the register itself are written the following by a P.P. :
Cooraganeen : St Thomas
Clonoken[r]y : St. Mary of the Assumption
Camline: St. John the Baptist
Knock : St. Patrick

Then on the register when the P.P. was speaking of the different Parish Priests who had been associated with the parish “Roscrea & Bourney” ; “Bournay & Corbally”

Nicknames, Shortened names used in Irish records


NameSurnameName BrideSurname BridePlacenameDateYear
JamesCassinBridgtSullivanBa[w]li[ha]??17 Feb1837
DanielHindyCatharine[M]eaherOld Park01-Oct1837
Edmd or EdwdMaddenEllenDoherty??Coy?eur31-Jan1837
MichlMaherBridgtBuerly or BrierlyRoscrea26-Jan1837

Clonakenny Roman Catholic Church, Co. Tipperary

Roman Catholic Church,
Co. Tipperary,

Lewis Topographical Dictionary (1837) tells us that Clonakenny is in the civil parish of “BOURNEY, or BOURCHIN, a parish, in the barony of IKERRIN, county of TIPPERARY, and province of MUNSTER, 4 ½ miles (S. E.) from Roscrea; containing 4061 inhabitants This parish is situated between the mail coach road from Dublin to Limerick, and the public road from Roscrea to Templemore; and comprises more than 9700 statute acres. “

and “In the Roman  Catholic divisions the parish is the head of a union or district, which comprises also the parishes of Burrisnefarney and Corbally, and contains four chapels, all neat buildings, of which the principal is situated at Clonakenny, in this parish. “

These photographs were taken May 2013

Bourney Church of Ireland, Co. Tipperary

Church of Ireland,
Co. Tipperary,

Lewis Topographical Dictionary (1837) tells us “BOURNEY, or BOURCHIN, a parish, in the barony of IKERRIN, county of TIPPERARY, and province of MUNSTER, 4 ½ miles (S. E.) from Roscrea; containing 4061 inhabitants This parish is situated between the mail coach road from Dublin to Limerick, and the public road from Roscrea to Templemore; and comprises more than 9700 statute acres. “

Also “The church is a plain building, for the repairs of which the Ecclesiastical Commissioners have recently granted £246. 8. 9.”

These photographs were taken in May 2013.