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Bunratty Castle Theme Park, Co. Clare, Part I

These photographs were taken in the theme park at Bunratty Castle the day I was there with Cassie and Liz back in the summer of 2013.

I have too many photographs from the theme park so I am breaking them up into a few smaller sets and posting them over the next few weeks

This is the first cottage we went into. The different cottages had different styles in a manner of speaking, belonging to people of different ‘standards’ of life so to say.  This cottage would have belonged to people who were reasonably well off.  They had a dining room, bedrooms upstairs and downstairs.

The thatch with which the cottage was covered was lying outside to let people see what it looks like.

The lady coming out of the ‘dining room’ is Cassie.  I did try to make sure I wasn’t including her in any of the photos but I’m afraid I only had the one photo of the fireplace.

Durty Nellies Photographs, Bunratty, Co. Clare

And so Penelope Pig has her first official outing.  She’s managed to break a wing but it got held on for the photo. Durty Nellies – what can I say.  A nice little pub right beside Bunratty – great location.  Food was good, company was great and I figured you’d all like to get a look at the interior.  I seem to have lost one photo which was a shot of the front of the pub.