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Camross Friary, Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.)

Laois (Queen’s Co.)

These photographs were taken Nov 2006.

Camross Gravestone Photographs – I am not going to link to these for the minute as I have them incorrectly labelled as Church of Ireland photographs and I will have to change that before linking.

Baptism Records, Camross, Co. Laois, 1820-21

I have indexed the names of the children and their parents from the Roman Catholic parish records of Camross, Co. Laois (Queen’s Co) for the years 1820-21. The names are spelled as I read them.  Place names are given in these records.  Betty = Elizabeth ; Cathr = Catherine ; Dan/Danl = Daniel ; Edwd = Edward ; Jno = John ; Margt = Margaret ; Mat = Matthew ; Michl = Michael ; Sophy = Sophie/ Sophia ; Thoms/Thos = Thomas ; Chas = Charles ; Fantan/ Fantin = Fintin ; Jer = Jermiah ; Ned = Edward ; wm = William

May 12th, 1816 _ Sept 1st, 1829
March 12th, 1821 – Dec 27th, 1829
May 1818 – Oct 6th, 1820
July 12th, 1823 – March 18th, 1830
Oct 14th, 1838 – Sept 11th, 1865
(many pages missing 1838-1850)
Oct 8th, 1865 – Dec 26th 1880
Jan 21st, 1820 – March 1830
Aug 18th, 1839 – Feb 8th, 1842
Aug 30th, 1846 – 1851
Aug 9th, 1855 – Sept 17th, 1865
Oct 26th, 1865 – Nov 25th, 1880

NLI Pos. 5014
According to my notes the LDS do NOT have a copy of this film


Name Surname Father Name Baptised Year Name Mother S From
John ? Michl 08-Mar 1820 Cathr Burke Cloonmin?
Mathew Acton? James 16-Dec 1821 Betty Delany Campclone
Mary Baldwin Wm 07-May 1820 Cathr Brenan Old Borris
Dorothy Bannan Jno 19-Jan 1821 Biddy Maguire Tintore
Mary Bannan Andrew 15-Aug 1821 Ann Delany Castletown
Margt Beaghan Michl 12-Feb 1821 Betty Delany Rushin
Thos Bennet Jno 09-Jul 1821 Mary Delany ?Roundwood
Tom Bennet Tom 25-Sep 1821 Betty Drenan Carrowleigh
Elizabeth Bergin Michl 06-Feb 1820 Sarah Cahill Coole
Mary Bergin Mat 19-Aug 1821 Ann Hanan? Ballycleary
Cathr Bergin? Dan 29-Jul 1821 Cathr Lalor Coole
Ellen Brenan John 25-Oct 1820 Anty Lynch Drim
Patrick Brennan Pat 23-Nov 1820 Mary Conroy Rushall
Sarah Brooks John 08-Oct 1820 Dorothea Redmond Clonmin
Cathr Brophy Joseph 17-Nov 1821 n.g. Burn or Brien? Rushin
Cathr Brophy Rodger 20-Aug 1820 Biddy Clear Castletown
Cathr Burke Ned 02-Jul 1820 Honnora ?? Castletown
Edwd Butler Jno 16-Apr 1820 Mary Mac Coole
Elloisa Butler Robt 28-Jan 1820 Ann B?rien Dangi…
Judith Ca?rvin Pat 17-Jun 1820 Betty Phelan? Kilbricken
Catherine Cahill Patrick 16-Nov 1820 Judith Phelan Deerpark
Denis Cahill Tom 26-Dec 1820 Margt Bowes Deerpark
Pat Cahill Wm 24-Jun 1821 Cathr Tik? Deerpark
Honner Campian Denis 04-Jun 1820 Cathr Hegarty? Clonmin
Judith Campian James 02-May 1820 Nelly Doyle Campwell
Timothy Campian Jeremiah 05-Apr 1821 Margt Phelan Clonin
Thoms Campion James 24-Dec 1821 MArgt Bennet? PAddock
James Carol John 30-Dec 1821 Ellen Savage? Aughafan
John Cassin Anthony 11-Jan 1821 Cathr Delany West?feelor
Margaret Cassin Brian 05-Nov 1820 Margaret Brophy Castletown
Mary Collier Joe 29-Dec 1821 Mary Bocop? Anatrim
Thom Condon Thom 16-Sep 1821 Mary Phelan Coole
Judith Condren Dick 16-Jul 1820 Mary Delany Derryduff
n.g Conly Michl 16-Dec 1821 Sally Neale Coole
Dennis Conrahy Dennis 19-Nov 1820 Mary Fitzpatrick Derry?cantin
Ann Coogan James 08-Oct 1820 Shusan Ban… Castletown
Denis Corkeran Edwd 22-Jul 1820 Ann Ryan Castletown
James Corkeran James 22-Oct 1820 Margaret Alderly Gash
Margt Costigan Joseph 14-May 1821 Jude? Condren? Cranna
Patrick Cuddy Pat 13-Mar 1821 Margt Fitzpatrick Knockacollar
Eleanor Darcy or Daney? Jno 22-Jul 1821 Ann Savage Ragh
Ellen Darcy or Daney? Jno 06-Mar 1820 Ann Savage Coole
John Day Pat 19-Apr 1821 Mary Meagher Mannin
Mary Day John 06-Feb 1820 Ann Dooly Knockalollan
John Delaney Pat 05-Jun 1820 Mary Ryan? Ballyhoraghan
Bridget Delany Michl** 03-Feb 1820 Margt Whelan Ballinrally
Cathr Delany Thomas 20-Jul 1820 Betty Breen Danginrow
Edwd Delany Wm 11-Feb 1821 Ann Delany Old Borris
Honner Delany John 08-Oct 1820 Catherine Walsh Clonmin
John Delany Pat 23-Dec 1821 Mary Gash
Mary Delany Jno 18-Feb 1821 Margt Shelly? Kilbricken
Mary Delany Michl* 08-May 1821 n.g. n.g Castle..?
Ann Dermody Mal 04-Mar 1821 Ann Rigney Carrigeen
Jer Dermody ?Pierce 20-Apr 1821 Mary Delany Cumber
Anthony Sharp Dillon Dan 02-Mar 1821 Frances White Castletown
Jahiels? Don(?cey) or Downey? William 29-Oct 1820 Catherine Neale Coole
Michl Dooly Patk 12-Sep 1821 Mary Phelan Shrahana
Pat Dooly Jno 25-May 1821 Ann Cahill Co?mmeragh
Thomas Dowly Denis 11-Apr 1821 Honner Carrol Buttersland
Ellen Doyle Bill 24-Jun 1820 Mary Dunn Danginrow
Patrick Doyle John 18-Mar 1821 Ann Danginrow
Elizabeth Duffy Richd 20-May 1821 Betty Dolan? Castletown
Ann Dunn Richd 14-May 1820 Mary Fitzpatrick Rushin
George Dunn Jo 17-Dec 1821 Cathr Phelan Rushin
John Dunphy Edwd 23-Aug 1820 Biddy Rigny ?Rah
Henrietta Eagan Mich 09-Mar 1821 Cathr Dunn Derrynaseera
Cathr Farrel Thomas 03-Nov 1820 Ann Bowes Derrylahen
Edwd Finly Jno 04-Mar 1821 Margt Malone Carrigeen
Margt Finly Ned 31-Jan 1820 Margt Delany Knockimullir?
Patrick Fitzgerald Pat 20-May 1821 Mary Phelan Glenbour?
Ann Fitzpatrick Danl 07-Oct 1821 Mary Savage Gash
Ann Fitzpatrick Jno 08-Aug 1821 Biddy Duff Castletown
Ann Fitzpatrick Pat 04-Aug 1820 Betty Cuddy Lackey
John Fitzpatrick Martin 27-Nov 1820 Mary Cahill Danginrow
Marg Fitzpatrick Wm 23-Mar 1820 Mary ?? Deerpark
Pat? Flinn Jno 22-May 1820 Nelly Delaney Ballyhoraghan
Wm Despard Flood Wm 24-Jan 1821 Mary Despard Francislane
Mary Gleeson Peter 17-May 1821 Ann Quily Cudda
Thos Glenny T. 05-Apr 1821 Cathr Whelan Crabhill
Dennis Gorman Dennis 19-Nov 1820 Catherine Lalor Derry?cantin
Aley Higgins Pat 02-Dec 1821 Betty Bradly Dangin?loc
Elizabeth Holland Edwd 14-Mar 1821 Betty Walsh Clonin
Michl Horan James 24-Apr 1821 Ann Brophy Castlehinch
Murty Horan Murty 06-Dec 1821 Alicia? Quigly Gash
Cathr Kelly Edwd 16-Aug 1820 Cathr Rourke Rushin
Dan Kelly ?? 24-Apr 1821 Mary Tennakilly
Edwd Kennedy Jno 13-Aug 1821 Mary Phelan Castletown
Mary Kevona Denis 28-Mar 1820 Biddy Condren Coole
Wm Lahy Thomas 15-Apr 1821 Judith Phelan Woodenbridge
Margt Lalor Hugh 22-Aug 1821 Betty Mulhall Carrigeen
Margaret Lawlor Lalor Patk 19-Dec 1820 Mary Hopkins? Rushin
Martin Leaghy Jno 18-Nov 1821 Mary Quigly Cudda
Joseph Loughlin Wm 17-Jul 1821 Dolly Bannin Glebe
Elizabeth Lyons Ned 28-Mar 1820 Mary Brophy Gash
Margt Lyons? Pat 22-Jul 1821 Mary S…. Carrigeen
Judith Magee Fanton 07-Nov 1821 Mary Dooley Deerpark
Peter Magee Thos 17-May 1821 Margt Bergin Deerpark
Edwd Marnell Rodger 03-Aug 1821 Aley Delany Cranna
Margt McLoughlin Tim 03-Sep 1821 Mary Flinn ?Alana or Asana
Catherine McQui?n Joseph 08-Dec 1820 Ann Byrne Holycross
Wm Meagher Wm 14-Oct 1821 Fanny Cunningham Castletown
Cathr Moore Richard 28-Jan 1820 Mary Dun Castletown
John Moore Pat 12-Oct 1821 Mary Collier Whitesfields
Mary Ann Moore Richd 04-Aug 1821 Mary Dunn Castletown
Judith Mullony Danl 28-Oct 1821 Mary Dunn n.g.
Esther Murphy Denis 28-May 1821 Annabel Cal(?weck) Coale
Sarah Murphy Tom 03-May 1820 Honney Peters Cudda
Hugh Nowlan F?liney 03-Jun 1821 Sarah Casey? ?Meadow town?lawn
Martin Perkinson William 06-Nov 1820 Mary Doncey or Dorcey Campclone
Jno Peters Danl 03-Apr 1821 Mary Ann Kevina Donore
Biddy Phelan Denis 01-Feb 1821 Cathr Bergin Clonmin
Bridget Phelan Alexander 11-Feb 1821 Cathr Kivena Cudda
Edwd Phelan James 28-Jul 1821 Mary ?? Cudda
James Phelan Pat 22-Nov 1821 Mary Malrony or Mulrony Ballycleary
Jno Phelan John 29-Jul 1821 Ann Baldwin? Kilbricken
John Phelan Thoms 30-Sep 1821 Mary Larkin n.g.
Pat Phelan Thos 03-Sep 1820 Ann Lar?kin Clash
Wm Phelan William* 31-Dec 1820 Cathr Dowling Ba?wnshill
Wm Phelan Wm** 16-Sep 1820 Hony Delany Danginrow
James Pound Patrick 25-Mar 1821 Margt Farrel Gash
Jno Quigly Mat 19-Apr 1821 Mary Horan Gash
Mary Quigly Thoms 17-Jun 1820 Ann May Kilbricken
Alice Redmond Jno 18-Jul 1821 Peggy Lalor Badgerhill
Elizabeth Redmond Thos 11-Jun 1821 Judith Go?rman Clomin
Jno Redmond Rodger 30-Apr 1820 Ann Forrestal? Curragh
Margaret Redmond John 05-Nov 1820 Margaret Dougherty Clonmin
Robert Redmond Roger 20-Nov 1821 Ann Forestal? Curagh or Cunagh
Elizabeth Redmond? James 27-Aug 1820 Mary Dowling Castletown
Eliza Scully Wm 28-Jun 1821 Jane Watson Derrynaseera
Martin Shra William 10-Nov 1820 Mary Dunphy Clonneglass?
Fintan Thompson Jno 28-Feb 1821 Margt Delany Rushin
Elizabeth Tisdell James ?24 April 1821 Judith Campian Glenbour?
Jno Wallace ?Fantin 11-Jun 1821 Margt Perkinson Derrycantin
Cathr Walsh James 18-Sep 1821 Cathr Kennedy Ballatarsna
Mary Whelan Sylvester 16-Jan 1820 Judith Breen Cormpioille
Mary Wo?rko Pat 06-Oct 1821 Jude Mooney Crana




Baptism Records, Camross, Co. Laois, 1818-19

I have indexed the names of the children and their parents from the Roman Catholic parish records of Camross, Co. Laois (Queen’s Co).  The names are spelled as I read them.  Place names are given in these records.  Betty = Elizabeth ; Cathr = Catherine ; Dan/Danl = Daniel ; Edwd = Edward ; Jno = John ; Margt = Margaret ; Mat = Matthew ; Michl = Michael ; Sophy = Sophie/ Sophia ; Thoms/Thos = Thomas ; Chas = Charles ; Fantan/ Fantin = Fintin ; Jer = Jermiah ; Ned = Edward ; wm = William

May 12th, 1816 _ Sept 1st, 1829
March 12th, 1821 – Dec 27th, 1829
May 1818 – Oct 6th, 1820
July 12th, 1823 – March 18th, 1830
Oct 14th, 1838 – Sept 11th, 1865
(many pages missing 1838-1850)
Oct 8th, 1865 – Dec 26th 1880
Jan 21st, 1820 – March 1830
Aug 18th, 1839 – Feb 8th, 1842
Aug 30th, 1846 – 1851
Aug 9th, 1855 – Sept 17th, 1865
Oct 26th, 1865 – Nov 25th, 1880

NLI Pos. 5014
According to my notes the LDS do NOT have a copy of this film

Name Surname Father Name Baptised Year Name Mother S From
Patrick Brophy Andrew 29-Mar 1818 Judith Fitzpatrick Loran
Mary Ann Dunn Chas 24-May 1818 Ann Dunn Castletown
Cathr Fitzpatrick? (Twin) Chas? 25-Aug 1818 ?Chilie Butler? Knockacollar
Chilie? Fitzpatrick? (Twin) Chas? 25-Aug 1818 ?Chilie Butler? Knockacollar
Mary Campian Dan 07-Mar 1818 Catherine Hegarty Glenbour?
Mary Co?nnell Dan 08-Feb 1819 Margaret Fogarty Gash
Sarah Bergin Dan 28-Jul 1819 Cathr Dowling Coolahill
Daniel Fitzpatrick Daniel 22-Jan 1818 Margaret Savage Castletown
Ja?ne or Jams Dillon Danl 27-Jan 1819 Frances White Castletown
James Byrne Danl 03-Dec 1819 Ann Kelly Hoseyroad?
Timothy Delany Danl* 26-Mar 1819 Bridget Campian Ballyhoraghan
Martin Delany Danl** 06-Nov 1818 Ann Morris Kileague
Ann Phelan Denis 23-Oct 1818 Cathr Bergin Currah
James Kevena or Kenna! Denis 23-Mar 1818 Bridget Conden Co?aole
Michl Fitzpatrick Denis 18-Aug 1819 Judy Brophy Ballatarsna
Sarah Kelly Edward 16-Apr 1818 Catherine Burke or Rurke? Rushin
Mary Corkeran Edwd 17-Nov 1818 Ann Ryan C.town
Cathr McAvoy Fantin 05-Dec 1819 Nancy Phelan n.g.
Cathr Wallace Fintan 28-Nov 1819 Margt Perkinson Derry?canton
Ellen Dunn George 28-Jun 1819 Nelly Sweeny Stony?road
Henry Vanston Henry 27-Mar 1818 Ann Dowling Northgrove
Ann Peters James ?11 June 1819 Betty Delany C?otten
Betty Loughlin James 04-Oct 1819 Cathr Dowly Holycross
Bridget Bergin James 07-Jun 1818 Mary Kevina? Aughafan
Bridget Fitzpatrick James 21-Jan 1818 Mary ?? Windsor
Catherine Kerragan James 17-Jan 1819 Bridget Keone Castletown
James Conrahy James 23-Apr 1818 Mary ?.nie? Drim
Margaret Mackey James 29-Jan 1818 Margt Byrne Mannin
Mary Clerk James 29-Dec 1818 Ellen Galvin Whitesfields
Mary Corkeran James 05-Aug 1818 Margaret Alderly Gash
Pat Redmond James 15-Mar 1819 Mary Dowling Castletown
Sophy Coogan James 16-Jul 1818 Shuvan Bannon Castletown
Danl Bergin Jer 19-Aug 1818 Cathr Phelan Glen?borna
Ellen Delany Jer 28-Jun 1819 Nelly Burn Loran
?? Bergin Jno 19-Dec 1819 Mary Lalor ??
Lawr ?? Jno 04-Aug 1819 Biddy Dougherty Ballotarsna
Mary Holland Jno 19-Nov 1819 Mary Gowan B. Hill
Thomas? Bonam Jno 14-Nov 1819 Biddy Fahy Donore
Thos Fitzpatrick Jno* 02-Dec 1819 Margt Bowes Derrynaseera
Ann Loughlin John 13-Sep 1818 Elizabeth Delany Sprucehill
Bridget Burke John 23-Mar 1818 Mary Campian Clonnen
Edmund Ryan John 21-Mar 1818 Ann Byrne Sallybrook
Elizabeth Cas?pin John 06-Mar 1818 Mary Heeling Furlane
Jno Brophy John 17-Aug 1819 Betty Phelan Moores?town
John Phelan John 07-Nov 1819 Mary Finly? Cudda
Martin Keelaghan John 17-Nov 1819 Ann Talin Windsor
Mary Redmond John 06-Jul 1818 Mary Lawlor Badgerhill
Patrick Breen John 22-Oct 1818 Mary Phelan Coldharbour
Ellenor Delany John* 27-May 1818 Catherine Delany Knockbrack
Cathr Fitzpatrick John** 15-May 1819 Bridget Duff Castletown
Timothy Delany John** 12-Oct 1818 Cathr Walsh Clonnen
Ann Collear Joseph 10-Aug 1819 Mary Bowes Annotrim
Danl Lawlor Joseph 07-Feb 1819 Elizabeth Mulhall Cudda
Margt Wheeler Joseph? ?20 Dec 1819 ?Mary Delany Knocklands
John Phelan Lawrence 07-Dec 1818 Mary Perkinson Balatarsna
Martin Fitzpatrick Martin 25-Mar 1818 Mary Cahill Dangin?oran
Mat Quigly Mat 09-Aug 1818 Mary Horan Gash
Martin Phelan Michael 09-May 1819 Mary McDonald Old Borris
Jeremiah Condren Michl 03-Oct 1819 Jude Collins Coolihill
Martin Carrol Michl 08-Nov 1818 Betty Fitzpatrick A?fan
Mary Walsh Michl 24-Oct 1819 Betty Carrol Carrigeen
Michl Costigan Michl 26-Sep 1819 Cathr Kennedy Castletown
Sarah Conly Michl 07-Nov 1819 Saly Neal? Coolhill
Thomas Patrick Devine Michl 24-Oct 1818 Elizabeth Meara Lackey
Mary Horan Murt 15-Mar 1818 Judith Quigly Gash
Judith Han?rey Ned? 19-Apr 1818 Mary Delany Danginrow
Judith Doran P 05-Apr 1819 Ann Moore Ballycleary
Honner Dowling Pat 04-Apr 1819 Catherine McQue Stony?road
Honner Glenny Pat 05-Dec 1819 Mary Phelan Rushin
Mary Brophy Pat 17-Oct 1819 Biddy Whelan ?Der…
Mary Conn?en Pat 07-Mar 1819 Margaret Dunphy Carrigeen
Pat Phelan Pat* 21-Aug 1819 Margt Howly Cahir
Cathr Phelan Pat** 15-Apr 1819 Mary McAvoy Kilbricken
Bridget Moore Patrick 16-Jan 1818 Mary Collier Whitesfields
Mary Mara Patrick 31-May 1818 Judith Meagher Castletown
Thoms Gleeson Peter 28-Mar 1819 Margaret Quigly Cudda
Denis Buggy Richard 12-May 1818 Mary Corbet Cudda
Rebecca Rooney Richard 17-Nov 1818 Mary Gardiner Holycross
Danl Marnel Rodger 17-Jul 1819 Aley Delany Crana
Mary Marnell Rodger 02-Mar 1818 Aley Delany Cranna
Mary Brophy Rodger 01-Nov 1818 Jude Clear Castletown
Martin Phelan Silvester 18-Aug 1818 Judith Brien or Breen Camp?coell
Elizabeth Delany Thomas 08-Mar 1818 Elizabeth Breen Danginrew
Elizabeth Phelan Thomas 21-Feb 1819 Mary Keegan Rushall
Mary Morris Thomas 03-Jan 1819 Elizabeth Peirce? Newtown
Richard Burke Thomas 16-Feb 1819 Judith Duane Clo?oncor
Thomas Peters Thomas 22-Jan 1819 Margaret Horan Campclone
Cathr Redmond Thoms 06-May 1818 Judith Gorman Clonan
Frances Mager Thoms 19-May 1818 Margaret Bergin Deerpark
Michl Murphy Thoms 15-Nov 1818 Honner Peters Cudda
Catherine Fitzpatrick Timothy 30-Sep 1818 n.g. Cudihy Island
Richard Fenly? Tom 20-Aug 1819 Mary Costigan Carrigeen
Daniel Bennet William 19-Nov 1818 Judith Phelan Ballyarahan
Denis D?enery William 01-Sep 1818 Cathr Neal Coolihill
Elizabeth Day William 22-Feb 1818 Margaret Bennet Cudda
Edwd Meagher Wm 25-Jul 1819 Fany Cunningham Castletown
James Coss Wm 09-Feb 1819 Elizabeth Brophy Windsor
Pat Qosey? Wm 05-Dec 1819 Mary Goss Kilbricken

Baptism Records, Camross, Co. Laois, 1816-17

Diocese of Ossory, Roman Catholic Parish of Camross Baptisms, 1816-1817.

The parish records for Camross Roman Catholic Parish begin on 12th May, 1816 and go to 1st Sept 1829.  This particular part of these parish records was reasonably easy to read as can be seen by the relatively small number of question marks I have in this index.  All surnames are as I read them, I have not tried to change any spelling to the form it may take today.  The records are in English and first names are shortened in many instances, e.g. Michl=Michael, Pat=Patrick, Anty=Anastasia/Anastatia, Margt=Margaret, Jno=John, Fantan=Fintan.  You will find a document on this website which lists pet names or the real names for shortened names if you need to.  These are all the names listed in this part of these parish records.  Placenames are given and as with first names and surnames, the spellings are given as I read them.

A second set of parish records for the same parish begin on March 12th, 1821.

The surname Delaney/Delany is a very strong name for this parish and in my gravestone records for Camross I have noted 32 gravestones with either version of this surname.

The National Library of Ireland film reference is Pos. 5014.  The LDS do not have a copy of this microfilm according to my notes, this may have changed so it would be best if you check with them.

Name Surname Father Name Name Mother S From Baptised Year
Michl ?..nty Thomas Mary Conroy Carrigan 10-Apr 1817
Judith Banan John Bridget ?Osaghy Donore 24-Dec 1817
Patrick Barret Wm Judith Phelan Ballyhorahan 19-Mar 1817
William Bennet? William Margaret Fitzpatrick Cudda 12-Apr 1817
Judith Bergin Wm Margaret Phelan Cudda 03-Jul 1816
Daniel Bergin Martin Margt Phelan 06-Nov 1816
Elizabeth Bergin Jno Mary Lalor Castletown 19-Feb 1817
Judith Bergin Michael Sarah Cahill Coolhill 19-Feb 1817
John Bergin Laurence Rebecca Carrigeen 12-Jun 1817
Michl Bodin Michl Cathrn Shinger Closnmuck 10-Nov 1816
Bridget Br?een ?Tom ?Rosanna Gamble Rushall 30-Mar 1817
John Breen Phelan Mar… Colahar?hork May-June? 1816
Ann Brenan Pat Margt Beale Chapel 10-Jan 1817
Anty Brophy Rodger Mary Clear Castletown 26-Jan 1817
Mary Byrne Fintan Margaret Fitzpatrick Rushall 28-Aug 1817
?Wor? Cahil Bernd Margt Fitzpatrick ?Kildrynan 15-Nov 1816
Thomas Campion Con Mary Conroy Crana 22-Mar 1817
John Campion Jno Cath Carrol Clonin 30-May 1817
Michl Carrol James Mary Mahon Clonamuck 25-Aug 1816
Judith Carrol John Mary Farrel Aughafan May-June? 1816
Mary Carrol Michl Honner ?Collier Knockacollar 24-May 1817
Mary Carrol Richd Mary Dunfy Cudda 03-Dec 1817
Margaret Cluney Danl Margt Wheeler Carrigeen 18-Dec 1817
Judith Colleen Joseph Mary Bows ?annatrim 01-Jan 1817
Margaret Collier Daniel Mary Walsh Derry 30-Aug 1817
Denis Costigan Michl Catherine Kennedy Castletown 23-Jun 1816
Pat Cragh Fantin Betty ?Kerry Derry?huah 12-Mar 1817
Wm Da?rby Wm Janey Philon Coldharbour 17-Sep 1816
William Delaney ?Henry Cath Shelly Derry 28-May 1817
Margt Delany Jer Kitty Byrne Loran 08-Jul 1816
John Delany Pat Ann Delany n.g. 27-Nov 1816
Mary Delany Michl Mary ?Brennan Shrohane 10-Dec 1816
Sarah Delany Pat Ann ?huldham n.g. 13-Dec 1816
Mary Delany Henry Catherine Shelly Shanahan May-June? 1816
Denis Delany James Mary Delany Glebe 23-Jan 1817
Mary Delany P Margt Quigley n.g. 13-Mar 1817
Mary Delany Michael Mary Wilkinson ?Rah 06-Aug 1817
Michl Delany John Mary Fitzpatrick Cudda 18-Sep 1817
Mary Dillon John Cathr Fitzgerald Rushall 25-Aug 1816
Mary Done y or Dourcy Jno Ann Savage Ragh 14-Sep 1817
Margaret Doney Patrick Cath ?Osynan Campclone 04-Sep 1817
Ellenor Dooley Michl Elizabeth Cassin Shanagoona 25-Jun 1816
Margaret Dooly Michael Judith Meagher Killanure 26-Dec 1817
Michl Doran Pat Ann Moore B. Cleary 28-Jul 1816
Mary Doran Charles Honora keenan Balatarsna 09-Sep 1817
Margt Dougherty Andrew ?A ?Wakely Anatrim 12-Jul 1816
Margt Dowly John Mary Costigan Derrylohan 10-Jul 1816
Elizabeth Du…ly Michael Judith Howley Derry 31-Jul 1817
Mary Dunn George Ellen Sweeny ?Stonglead 14-Jul 1816
Michl Dunn Jno Margt Mooney Holy Cross 01-Aug 1816
Peter Dunn Peter Kitty Delany ?Fintona 01-Oct 1816
Ann Dunn Michl Margaret Delany Rushin 27-May 1817
Patrick Dunn Mathias Margaret Lamb Manning 26-Oct 1817
?Thos Eagan Wm Margt Keravan Cloncully 22-Jul 1816
Jane Finley? Edward Margaret Delany Knockamullan 14-Apr 1817
William Finly John Margaret Molone Carrigeen 11-Dec 1817
Winifred Fitzpatrick Jno Biddy Dougherty Manning 07-Jul 1816
Mary Fitzpatrick ?Tim Ann Moore Loran 29-Jul 1816
Thoms Fitzpatrick Jno Cathr Tynan Clonin 09-Oct 1816
Mary Fitzpatrick John Mary Duff Castletown May 1816
John Fitzpatrick Timothy Cath Clear Rushall 15-Feb 1817
Judith Fitzpatrick Jeremiah Elizabeth Loughman Loran 28-Jul 1817
Mary Fitzpatrick Bernard Al.. ?Mallowny Ballatarsna 12-Oct 1817
William Glenny? Thomas Cath Phelan Rushion 31-Apr 1817
Denis Gorman John Mary Phelan Balatarsna 09-Dec 1817
Anty Hen?ry Pat Ann Kelly Pike 01-Apr 1817
Thomas Holland Jno Mary Gowan Badgerhill 05-Oct 1817
John Kelly Luke Margaret Fitzpatrick Malalarsna 24-Jun 1816
Denis Kelly Jno Margt Henzy Pike 21-Jul 1816
Martin Kelly John Judith Fitzpatrick Clon?mian 11-Oct 1816
Judith Kenna? Michl Sarah ?Mackey Ballatarsna 17-Apr 1817
Timothy Kilmartin James Eliza Baron Derries 21-Jan 1817
Aley Kulagha? John Ann ?Dalton Windsor 03-Dec 1816
Margt Lamb Jno Hony Moylan Manning 04-Jul 1816
Margt Landy John Ann McKenna Coshil 09-Sep 1817
Ann Loughlin John Betty Delany Derrynaseera 14-Dec 1816
William Lyons Edward Mary Brophy Gash 16-Sep 1817
Margt Ma(?g)er Tom Margt Delany Deerpark 02-Dec 1816
Mary Mackey William Judith Fitzpatrick Manning 12-Oct 1817
Sally Maguire Phill Mary Delany Derrys 24-Dec 1816
Thomas Malone William Catherine Ward ?Tentone 07-Sep 1817
Michl Mar John Mary Kelly Tarsna 13-Oct 1816
John Marky? Wm Biddy Fitzpatrick B.tarnsa 11-Aug 1816
Bridget Marnell Michael Honora Drenan Castletown 12-May 1816
Mary McHugh Joe Mary ?Heenan Holycross 24-Dec 1816
James Meagher William Frances Cunningham Castletown 15-Aug 1817
Michl Michl Meaghan Elizabeth Delany Rushin 28-Sep 1817
John Moore Jerm Ann Hogan Closonamuck 13-Oct 1816
Ann Moore Peter Mary Phelan Ballytarsna 12-Feb 1817
Thomas Morris Thoms Mary Delany Cudda 22-May 1816
Anty Mullaly Patrick Bridget ?Whelan Coolerain 07-Apr 1817
Elizabeth Murphy Thoms Honer ?peters ?Cuddee 15-Oct 1817
Jno Parkinson Jno Mary Do?ncey ?campdon 27-Jan 1817
Judith Phelan Denis Ann Delany Aughafan 14-May 1816
Lawrence Phelan Thomas Mary Carrol Knockacollar 14-May 1816
William Phelan Pat Margaret Howly Caher 22-May 1816
Jer Phelan Wm Hony Delany Danginrow 11-Jul 1816
Danl Phelan D?anl Mary Phelan Clonin 31-Jul 1816
Thomas Phelan John Ann Delaney Ballytarsna 29-Jan 1817
Mary Phelan John Margt Quigley Kilbricken 03-Aug 1817
Andrew Phelan John Judith Ballycleary 19-Oct 1817
Aley Phelan John Mary ?Finley Cudda 18-Dec 1817
Bridget Phelan Wm Mary Kennedy Newton 28-Dec 1817
a brat Purcell James Mary ?? B.Jude 08-Oct 1816
Ann Quigly Michl Betty ?Gleeson Cudda 01-Sep 1816
Margt Ryan Michl Winy Conroy Paddock 09-Aug 1816
Richard Savage John Mary Ringwood Clonamuck 12-May 1816
Michl Savage Michl Bridget Leahy Clonamuck 22-Nov 1817
Pat Steel ?Tom Margt Feighan Glebe 26-Jan 1817
Danl Tierny Dan Mary Gorman Cudda 15-Sep 1816
Peter Varsdel? James Betty Delany Danginreev 26-Jan 1817
Thos Wall Thomas Honner Delany Derarrow 03-Sep 1817
John Walsh Michl Ellen Carrol Cudda 20-Jun 1817
Pat Whelan P Mary Guider Loran 08-Sep 1816
Cathr Whelan Lourence Mary Fitzpatrick Ballatarsna 17-Mar 1817