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Castlecomer, Kilkenny. St. Mary’s. Gravestone photos

Castlecomer, Kilkenny.  St. Mary’s.  Gravestone photos

Castlecomer, Kilkenny.  St. Mary’s.  Gravestone photos surnames A-H

St. Mary’s Church of Ireland,

Castlecomer, St. Mary’s Gravestone photos.  Surnames A-H
Castlecomer, St. Mary’s Gravestone photos.  Surnames K-W

These 76 photographs of gravestones in St. Mary’s, Castlecomer, Kilkenny were taken in 2007.  All gravestones in St. Mary’s, Castlecomer were photographed but many were illegible.

The surnames which are on the gravestones in Castlecomer are given as the names of the gravestones. Each stone will have a number on it indicating the number of times that the first surname has been found on any gravestone in this graveyard in Castlecomer, e.g. if a stone had the surname Lyons as the first surname on the stone then the stone becomes Lyons 1.  If another stone with the surname Lyons on it is found in a different plot then this becomes Lyons 2.  If there are other surnames on the stone then these surnames come after the number.
The letters a, b or others after a number indicate that there were a number of gravestones on one plot and these all belong together

We are giving you close up images of the gravestones in some instances.  All gravestone photographs are reduced in size in order to allow us have copies of all photographs on this site.  We have a full photograph of each stone as well as the close ups.  From-Ireland.net charge 3 Euro to email you a copy of a photograph or set of photographs.

Contact From-Ireland.net to purchase a High Quality JPG of any gravestone for €3.00.

Contact From-Ireland.net to purchase a High Quality JPG of any gravestone for €3.00.


Contact From-Ireland.net to purchase a High Quality JPG of any gravestone for €3.00

Castlecomer Roman Catholic Church, Co. Kilkenny

Roman Catholic Church,
Co. Kilkenny,

Lewis Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, (1837) tells us “CASTLECOMER, a market and post-town, and a parish, in the barony of FASSADINING, county of KILKENNY, and province of LEINSTER, 9 ½ miles (N.) from Kilkenny, and 46 (S. W.) from Dublin; containing 13,242 inhabitants, of which number, 2436 are in the town. ”

Also, “In the R. C. divisions the parish forms part of the three several unions or districts of Castlecomer, Clough, and Muckalee, the first of which comprises about one-half of it: there are four chapels belonging to these unions, one of which is in the town.”

These photographs were taken June 2014.

Castlecomer District Marriage Records, Co. Kilkenny

This page features civil Marriage Records for the district of Castlecomer in Co. Kilkenny and includes full names (where possible), the year of marriage, and the quarter in which the marriage occurred. A searchable index of all available marriage records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Andrew Keating 1870
Anne Hennessy 1864
Anne Kenna 1865
Anne Maher 1876
Bridget Delaney 1897 1st
Bridget Foley 1864
Bridget Hetherington 1884 4th
Bridget Kennedy 1872
Bridget Kenny 1867
Catherine Downey 1897 1st
Catherine Hennessy 1882 3rd
Catherine Kenny 1873
Daniel Murray 1865
Denis Maher 1864
Edward (2 refs) Hendricken 1864
Edward Bowe 1871
Edward Downey 1897 1st
Edward Hennessy 1888 1st
Edward Keating 1870
Edward Nolan 1898 3rd
Eliza Heatherington 1882 3rd
Eliza Nolan 1898 3rd
Elizabeth Shea 1916 1st
Ellen Hartford 1887 4th
Ellen Hennessy 1882 1st
James Campion 1895 4th
James Daly 1884 4th
James Delaney 1897 1st
James Dooly 1896 1st
James Kenny 1865
James Phelan 1890
Johanna Keys 1879 1st
John Campion 1895 4th
John Delany 1873
John Keating 1874
John Kennedy 1865
John Maher 1864
Judith Keating 1874
Judith Kenna 1873
Julia Cahill 1895 1st
Julia Downey 1897 1st
Margaret Kearny 1874
Margaret Kennedy 1873
Margaret Kennedy 1879 3rd
Margaret Ryan 1890 3rd
Margaret Ryan 1886 4th
Mark Heffernan 1883 3rd
Martin Shea 1916 3rd
Mary Kenna 1867
Michael Dealy 1897 1st
Michael Hennessy 1882 3rd
Michael Keating 1870
Michael Keating 1874
Michael Keays 1864
Michael Kennedy 1879 1st
Michael Shea 1916 2nd
Michael Toole 1866
Patrick C. Campion 1895 1st
Patrick Campion 1895 4th
Patrick Delany 1873
Patrick Keating 1865
Patrick Keating 1865
Patrick Kennedy 1866
Patrick Kenny 1871
Patrick Keoughan 1873
Patrick Shea 1915 1st
Patrick Shea 1916 1st
Richard Kennedy 1866
Robert Higgins 1867
Thomas Brennan 1876
Thomas Cassidy 1873
Timothy Kenna 1867
William Hennessy 1864
William Kelly 1879 3rd
William Murphy 1900 4th
Winifred Hennessy 1882 3rd

Civil Registration Records