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Castlereagh (Castlerea) Old Roman Catholic Gravestone Photographs, Co. Roscommon

Once I got to Castlereagh then I had to find the old Roman Catholic graveyard didn’t I?

It’s on a hill and I have to say it was very difficult to walk around even though the grass had been recently cut.  When I went in I did intend to photograph as many stones as I could *but* the layout, the difficulty of walking around cancelled out that idea.

I photographed as many Flanagan stones as I could see and then a few that stood out.  There is one stone with some wonderful work and I personally have not seen one like this before over in Laois.

This is a big graveyard and the remains of the old Catholic Church stand in the middle of it.  Really just the tower and bits of the walls

Castlereagh (Castlerea) Photographs, Co. Roscommon

I was off in Roscommon on Saturday because I am taking part in a photogrammetry course up there.  Mr. Gary Dempsey is the course instructor.  You can read a bit about this course if you go to Roscommon Cross Slab Priject – Photogrammetry Training (I’m hoping I have that link put in correctly and will be ever so appreciative if any of you who look at it find it faulty and let me know – thank you.

Of course I took photos all over, but not of the room we were in or our instructor Gary.  Given that I had driven almost two hours to get to Roscommon town I figured I’d stay and do a bit of photography before I headed back down to Laois.  I’d said on my Facebook page that I was off in Roscommon and Pat, one of my net friends told me she had family from Castlereagh.  So – Castlereagh was 29 kilometers and 26 mins from Roscommon town and off I went there for a wee visit.  I was just back from Rome where my friend had ‘walked’ me everywhere and the arthritis in my feet was not good so I wasn’t as patient as I normally am.  I can tell you all *don’t* go to the old graveyard in Castlereagh if you have arthritis, are in a wheelchair or are any such way impaired.  To walk around, it was probably the worst graveyard I have ever been in over all the years I’ve looked at stones.  When I was in the old Catholic graveyard, I took one or two photos to begin with, then I moved off to only taking photographs of stones with the surname Flanagan or the few that stood out as being unusual.

I’m breaking up my photos into three groups.

1. Castlereagh town

2. The Church of Ireland graveyard

3. The old Roman Catholic graveyard

Castlereagh town – I’ve given names to some of these photos and then others they’re just general and I’ve not named them.

Castlereagh District Marriage Records, Co. Roscommon

This page features civil Marriage Records for the district of Castlereagh in Co. Roscommon and includes full names (where possible), the year of marriage, and the quarter in which the marriage occurred. A searchable index of all available marriage records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Ann Kenny 1865
Ann Merriman 1888 2nd
Anne Dillon 1865
Anne Dillon 1865
Anne Finn 1864
Anne Kenney 1864
Anne Kenny 1873
Anne Miskell 1927 1st
Bartly Kenney 1864
Bartly Kenny 1864
Bernard M’Garry 1895 1st
Bridget Finan 1876
Bridget Finn 1868
Bridget Frain 1917 1st
Bridget Hussey 1890 1st
Bridget Jane Duffy 1897 1st
Bridget Kenny 1865
Bridget Kenny 1867
Bridget Kenny 1871
Bridget Kilcourse 1879 1st
Bridget Lynch 1847
Bridget Lyons 1894 1st
Bridget M’Garry 1893 3rd
Bryan Kenny 1873
Cath Kilbride 1878 1st
Catharine Kenny 1873
Catherine Finan 1876
Catherine Hester 1867
Catherine Kearns 1874
Catherine Kenny 1869
Catherine Merriman 1889 1st
Edward Kilgariff 1865
Edward Kilgariff 1865
Ellen Finan 1876
Ellen Keeffe 1874
Ellen Kirrane 1869
Ellen Nolan 1898 3rd
Ellenor King 1879 1st
George Forbes 1852
Honor Kilrain 1869
Honoria Finn 1868
Honoria Kenny 1865
Honoria Kenny 1865
James Deery 1897 1st
James Delany 1873
James Hestor 1865
James Keavany 1874
James Kenny 1871
James Kenny 1879 1st
Jane Higgins 1884 1st
John Finn 1865
John Finn 1867
John Finn 1867
John Hester 1864
John Hester 1866
John Hester 1881 3rd
John Higgins 1866
John Hore 1876
John Keane 1922 3rd
John Keaveny 1874
John Kilfoyle 1865
John Kilroe 1869
John Lyons 1894 1st
Kate Kelly* 1849
Laurence Frehil 1893 1st
Maggie Jane Duffy 1897 1st
Margaret Hester 1883 3rd
Margaret Higgins 1867
Margaret Kenny 1866
Margaret Kilgariff 1864
Margret Kilgariff 1864
Maria Finan 1876
Maria Finan 1876
Maria Finn 1864
Maria Higgins 1866
Martin Corr 1866
Mary A. Lyons 1894 2nd
Mary Anne Daly 1897 2nd
Mary Anne Higgins 1881 4th
Mary Anne M’Quade 1894 1st
Mary Barly 1866
Mary Dalby 1864
Mary Ellen Cahill 1895 2nd
Mary Ellen Duffy 1897 1st
Mary Higgins 1866
Mary Hines 1864
Mary Hoban 1884 4th
Mary Kenney 1864
Mary Kenny 1879 1st
Mary Kerans 1879 1st
Mary Kerrins 1879 4th
Mary Kilkenny 1865
Mary Kilroy 1865
Mary Kilroy 1865
Mary Merriman 1888 2nd
Mary M’Garry 1893 1st
Mary Walder 1867
Michael Barlow 1868
Michael Cooke 1845
Michael Duffy 1897 1st
Michael Finn 1865
Michael Higgins 1867
Michael Higgins 1884 4th
Michael Kelly 1879 3rd
Michael Kenny 1866
Michael Kilkenny 1879 1st
Onny Kenny 1866
Owen Kilfoyle 1865
Pat Finn 1868
Pat Higgins 1866
Patrick Callaghan 1869
Patrick Finn 1865
Patrick Finn 1868
Patrick Frain 1916 2nd
Patrick Higgins 1870
Patrick Kine 1865
Patrick Merriman 1890 1st
Patrick Merriman 1889 3rd
Patrick Noone 1894 1st
Patt Kine 1864
Peter Finn 1867
Peter Kenny 1879 1st
Peter M’Garry 1895 1st
Robert Blackburn 1851
Rodger Kine 1864
Rose M’Garry 1893 1st
Thadeus Kenny 1866
Thomas Clarke 1848
Thomas Frain 1916 1st
Thomas Higgins 1882 1st
Thomas Hoban 1878 1st
Thomas Kearns 1874
Thomas Kennedy 1867
Thomas Kilkenny 1879 1st
Thomas McGarry 1894 3rd
Thomas M’Garry 1894 3rd
Thomas Silk 1865
William Kenny 1873
Winifred Frain 1893 3rd
Winifred Freyne 1893 3rd
Winifred Kenny 1873

Civil Registration Records