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Celbridge Town, Co. Kildare Photographs

When I was a child I spent a lot of time in Celbridge with my Grandparents ‘Jerry & Jenny Murray’ who owned a pub/shop on the main street. In later years my Grandfather sold the pub and it was my father who bought it.  Dad knocked down the old building and built a new pub called Castletown Inn.  He even gave me a job serving customers one Summer.

The day I got to Celbridge I took the dogs for a walk in the grounds of Castletown house.  We went down by the river because I wanted to see the area where we used to go swimming back then.  I did ask a lady if people still go swimming in the river and was told no, mind you, looking at the area where we did swim it’s a wonder none of us got swept away!!

Once the dogs were walked, I photographed the Church of Ireland which is right beside the gates of Castletown house.

And then on through the town I went.  I never knew that Arthur Guinness was from Celbridge until that day when I was taking the photos!  The bridge is at the other end of the town.

The Roman Catholic Church is located in the middle of the town

and over the bridge we have a ‘funeral home’

Now - a funeral home

Now – a funeral home

A few years ago, I was in the graveyard and I walked around reading the stones and ‘talking’ to the men I used to know from the pub that long time ago.  My Grandparents were not from Celbridge, they had moved down from Northern Ireland and my Grandmothers family moved down to Straffan. The Gallivan’s (my great Grandparents) and my Murray Grandparents are all buried in Celbridge. I have included photographs of their graves here.

The Celbridge public graveyard is out the Dublin road, maybe a mile from the town itself.

Celbridge District Marriage Records, Co. Kildare

This page features civil Marriage Records for the district of Celbridge in Co. Kildare and includes full names (where possible), the year of marriage, and the quarter in which the marriage occurred. A searchable index of all available marriage records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Anne Cleary 1864
Anne Cleary 1864
Anne Deegan 1897 1st
Anne Doyle 1897 1st
Anne Kenny 1865
Bernard Killien 1865
Catherine Bowen 1869
Catherine Christian 1866
Catherine Conolly 1866
Catherine Murray 1866
Catherine Reid 1864
Daniel Gillis 1889 4th
Duncan McArthur 1871
Eliza Kinsella 1873
Eliza Whately 1867
Elizabeth Healy 1882 4th
Elizabeth Kenny 1865
Elizabeth R. Johnston 1866
Fanny Whitelaw 1865
Hariett Needham 1846
Honoria Kenny 1873
Isabella Lynch 1880 4th
James Keogh 1873
James King 1879 3rd
James Rafter 1915 3rd
James Toole 1864
James Walders 1868
Jane Isabella Hobart 1845
Jane Toole 1864
John Colgan 1865
John Cooke 1845
John Daly 1869
John Kenny 1866
John Kingston 1873
John McCarthy 1884 4th
John Neil 1898 3rd
Kate Fox 1870
Kate Hyland 1864
Margaret Broe 1871
Margaret Gannon 1872
Margaret Higgins 1870
Margaret Lynch 1898 3rd
Margret Hemingway 1883 1st
Maria Hegarty 1883 1st
Mary Gannon 1873
Mary Keefe 1870
Mary Maher 1876
Mary McGarry 1900 2nd
Mary Roche 1911 2nd
Mary Ryan 1886 3rd
Mathew Connolly 1866
Mathew Hester 1867
Patrick Fox 1870
Patrick Hickey 1882 1st
Patrick Higgins 1867
Patrick Kinsella 1879 1st
Richard Keegan 1874
Sarah Healy 1883 4th
Teresa Howe 1915 2nd
Thomas Daly 1897 2nd
Thomas Lynch 1884 1st
William Appleby 1894 4th
William Kilduff 1871
Willm. Gallagher 1873

Civil Registration Records