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Castlereagh (Castlerea) Church of Ireland Gravestone Photographs, Co. Roscommon

As I wandered around Castlereagh (very lost) the way I do. I came across a signpost which showed me where the Church of Ireland graveyard was in Castlereagh.  Walked up the road and I spotted the wall immediately – then – the gate was locked!! :(

But, we won’t mind that, a stroll around found me a gap in the fence and off I went in.

I’d read that Dr. Wilde was born in Castlereagh – and – I think he was fantastic, so I was delighted to see that people in Castlereagh were talking about him.  I was delighted to find that family ‘grave’/tomb marker.

I did NOT photograph all stones in this plot.  I just took a few.  I wanted to get to the Catholic graveyard to see if I could find any Flanagan stones for Pat.