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Cloyne (Churchtown, Kilteskin), Cork. Marriages 1791-92

Cloyne (Churchtown, Kilteskin) , Cork

Marriage Index 1791-92

This is an index of the names of the people who were married in the Roman Catholic parish of Cloyne (Churchtown, Kilteskin) Cork during the years 1791-92.

The following table of marriages is transcribed from Cloyne (Churchtown, Kilteskin), Cork, Microfilm No. 4990 held online by the National Library of Ireland accessible through their Roman Catholic Parish Register Search page.   All names given here are as I read them.

My list is sorted by the surname of the groom.  Question marks indicate letters or words I had a problem reading.  The letters ‘sic’ indicate that is how I read the letters I have typed.
[ ] indicates that the letters within the brackets are my best guess at what the letters might be
n.g. means the name or placename was not given
Place names are  given for some women and some men in this section of the register but they are confusing when placed in the index.  I have opted not to include them

Names that I have a question about the first letter of the surname lie at top of this list.

Nicknames, Shortened names used in Irish records


NameSurnameName BrideSurname BrideDateYear
PatBrienJoly Barry24-Jul1791
JamesHaynesEllen[O] Neil16-Apr1792
BillLewisCath?Snaveen 22-Jan1792
ThosMorrisyEllenPower??28 Oct1792
JohnSpillaneMary??Coht or Boh03-Sep1792
Michl[St]ack or [H]ackEllenKenefeck29-Nov1792
RichardWalshAbigail[O] Neil11-Oct1792

Ballymacoda (Ladysbridge), Cork. Marriage 1840

Ballymacoda (Ladysbridge, Liscarroll, Churchtown), Cork

Marriage Index 1840

This extract from the parish register of Ballymacoda (Ladysbridge, Liscarroll, Churchtown) is a bit confusing because while it begins with the first names being given in English this changes to them being given in Latin.

The following table of marriages is transcribed from Microfilm No. 4991 held online by the National Library of Ireland accessible through their Roman Catholic Parish Register Search page.  This is an index of the names of the people who were married in the Roman Catholic parish of Ballymacoda (Ladysbridge, Liscarroll, Churchtown) during the year 1840. When a register is in Latin, this means that generally speaking first names are given in Latin, surnames are in English.  All names given here are as I read them.  When registers are in Latin many times we see names spelled incorrectly.  I do have a page online which gives Latin names in English so you may consider looking at that if you have any problems here.

My list is sorted by the surname of the groom.  Question marks indicate letters or words I had a problem reading.  The letters ‘sic’ indicate that is how I read the letters I have typed.
[ ] indicates that the letters within the brackets are my best guess at what the letters might be
n.g. means the name or placename was not given
Place names are not given in this section of the register

Names that I have a question about the first letter of the surname lie at top of this list

Nicknames, Shortened names used in Irish records

The surname Fitzgerald is written FGerald in these records.  Some first names are shortened in the extreme, e.g. Js=James.

NameSurnameName BrideSurname BrideDateYear
JohnCarrElizaDruight11 ?? Jan1840
MauriceGeary or GeanyMaryCashman08-Feb1840
JnoGeary or GeanyMaryBarry18-Feb1840

Churchtown Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Kildare

The following Churchtown gravestone transcriptions were compiled by the Athy Cemeteries Committee and given to From-Ireland, with permission to publish, by Michael Donovan, secretary of the Athy Cemeteries Committee.


Betty Moran (Nee Tyrrell)

Kate Mary Dunne Daughter Of John & Dymphna Dunne Of Raheenahown Queen’s County Died 13/09/1896. Also Her Sister Alice Mary Dunne Who Died Oct. 1904 Aged 66.

Mary Kane Who Died 1933 Aged 50 Years. Her Husband Patrick Kane Who Died 1965 Aged 84 Years.

John Dickson Of Bann Who Died 23/6/1880 Aged 87 Years.

Mary Ann Robinson Who Died 8/1/1906 & William Robinson Died 15/1/1941. Also Their 3 Children James, Michael & Julian Robinson Who Died Young. William Robinson Died 9/1/1989 Aged 84 And His Wife Lena Robinson Who Died 8/12/1993 Aged 72 Years. Erected By William Robinson.

Christopher Byrne 820 Brackna, Athy Who Died 16/3/1986 Aged 75 Years. Also His Wife Elizabeth (Lil) Byrne Who Died 25/6/2011 Aged 91 Years.

William Kelly Milltown Ballylinan Who Died 23/12/1955 Aged 55 Years.

John (Jacob) Kelly Brownstown Athy Who Died 19/6/1954 Aged 55 Years.

Dan Moran Castlemitchell Who Died 13/2/1984 Aged 66 Years. His Wife Molloy Moran Who Died 12/12/1985 Aged 62 Years.

Baby Pauric Kelly Who Died 5/7/1985.

John Tadgh Moran Who Died 19/10/1985

Paddy Joe Byrne (Bogman) Kilberry Who Died 28/3/2006 Aged 53. His Daughter Christina Byrne Who Died 1/12/2006 Aged 30 Years.

Catherine Prendergast Quarry Farm Who Died 20/10/1967 Aged 64 Years. Her Husband Michael Prendergast Who Died 9/5/1969 Aged 67 Years. Their Sons Patrick Prendergast & Louie Prendergast Who Died Their Son Larry Prendergast Who Died 1/1/1990 Aged 48 Years. Their Son Michael Prendergast Who Died 20/11/1998 Aged 74 Years. John Prendergast Who Died 7/4/2006 Aged 78 Years.

Patrick Carbery Who Died 17/3/1946. His Wife Annie Carbery Who Died 15/2/1950. Lizzie Blake Who Died 30/11/1985. Her Husband Bill Blake Who Died 26/4/1997 Aged 75 Years. Jack Carbery Died 14/2/1994 Aged 65 Years.

Patrick ‘Barry’ Carbery Who Died 10/4/1992 Aged 71 Years. His Brother Mattie Carbery Who Died 10/4/1962 Aged 37 Years.

Thomas Keenan Who Died 18/9/1924 Aged 63 Years. His Wife Mary Keenan Who Died 6/5/1948 Aged 85 Years. His Son Michael Keenan Who Died 3/10/1963 Aged 75 Years. John Keenan Who Died 3/6/1968 Aged 72. Elizabeth Keenan Who Died 26/8/1973 Aged 80 Years. Thomas Keenan Who Died 23/3/1977 Aged 72 Years. Patrick Keenan Who Died 9/5/1979 Aged 87 Years.

Shiela Wright (Nee Doogue) 819 Brackna Athy Who Died 22/11/2000 Aged 64 Years. Her Husband Thomas Wright Who Died 12/10/2001 Aged 64 Years. The Kelly Children Mary, David & Padraig.

James Sullivan Who Died 16/3/1942 Aged 89 Years. His Wife Kate Sullivan Who Died 6/1/1938 Aged 77 Years. His Sons Michael Sullivan Who Died 13/8/1968 Aged 75 years. Jeremiah Sullivan Who Died 23/10/1971 Aged 69 Years His Wife Mary Sullivan Who Died 12/6/1989 Aged 78 Years.


Dan Chambers Who Died 1941. His Wife Catherine Chambers Who Died 1972. His Son William Chambers Who Died 1947. His Son Joseph Chambers Who Died 1957. His Daughter Kathleen Chambers Who Died 2004.

John Dempsey Castlemitchell Who Died 29/7/1992 And His Wife Mary Dempsey Who Died 30/8/2005 Aged 83 Years.

Amanda Fennelly Who Died 3/9/1982 Aged 5 Years.

Erected By Patrick Fennelly Of Brownstown Athy who Died 15/7/1953 In Memory Of His Wife Kathleen Fennelly Who Died 23/9/1950. Josephine & Margaret Fennelly Two Of His Children Who Died Young. His Son Joseph Fennelly Who Died 18/4/1964 Aged 45 Years. His Wife Sheelah Fennelly Who Died 14/12/1984 Aged 61 Years. Also Their Grandaughter Amanda Fennelly Who Died 3/9/1982 Aged 5 Years.

Carmel Haughton Who Died 29/6/1979 Aged 25 Years. Her Father-In-Law James Haughton Who Died 11/12/1986 Aged 76 Years. His Wife Mary Haughton Who Died 4/10/1994 Aged 80 Years.

James & Christina Scully Kilmead Athy And Deceased Members Of Their Family.

Kathleen Byrne Newtownbert Who Died 30/11/1975 Aged 39 Years. Her Husband James (Jim) Byrne Who Died 6/10/1999 Aged 78 Years.

John Wrafter Who Died 30/4/1930 Aged 80 Years. His Wife Ellen Wrafter Who Died 26/1/1950 Aged 96 Years. Their Son Christopher Wrafter Who Died 8/6/1954 Aged 74 Years. Also Their Daughters Elizabeth Morris Who Died 18/11/1964 Aged 80 Years And Mary Murphy Who Died 1/8/1969 Aged 88 Years. Katie Dillon Who Died 4/5/1981 Aged 93 Years. Richard Wrafter Who Died 12/6/1981 Aged 87 Years.

Patrick Predergast Who Died 3/5/1984 Aged 39 Years.

In Excelsis Deo This Stone Erected By ……..Lalor In memory Of His Father Timothy Lalor Of BallyKilcavan Who Dep. This Life The 9th Decm 1890 Aged 84 Years.

GLORY IN EXCELSIS DEO Of Your Charity Pray For The Souls Of Those Named Underneath Dan Carbery Who Died 27th March1860 Aged 76 years. Sarah His Wife Who Died 28th August 1864 Aged 67 Years. Their Daughter Sarah Who Died April 1865 Aged 56 YearsAnd Two Children Tommy & Fanny Who Died Young. Also His Nephew John Carbery Died 12th April 1874 Aged 11 Yrs And His Brother Thomas Carbery Died 24th January 1917 Aged 84 Yrs.

Erected By Anna Carbery Athy In Loving Memory Of Her Husband William (Bill) Carbery Died As A Result Of Accident At Poulapouca 14/6/1941 Aged 40. His Sister Delia Carbery Died 31/8/1926 Aged 24. And Deceased Members Of Their Family Brigid Carbery Died 22/3/1948 Aged 83. Anna O Donohoe Carbery Died NewYork 22/3/1985 Aged 84 Years.

Erected By Patrick Dooley In Memory Of His Mother Mary Dooley Who Died 12/7/1890. Also His Father John Dooley Who Died 25/4/1900 Aged 55 Years. Also His Brother Michael Dooley Who Died 14/4/1894 Aged 21 Years.

Margaret Day Who Died 3/9/1911 Also Her Husband Thomas Day Who Died 1310/1913. Her Son Michael Day Who Died 8/3/1914 Also Patrick & William Day Who Died Young.

Patrick Dunphy Castlemitchell Athy Who Died 18/1/1970 Aged 69 Years. His Wife Christina Dunphy Who Died 22/4/1976. Their Son Edward Dunphy Who Died 3/10/1954 Aged 26 Years.

James Hutchinson Tyrellstown Bert Who Died 13/8/1964. His Parents John & Julia Hutchinson And His Brother Patrick Elizabeth Hutchinson Who Died 13/9/1999

Jane Flynn Ballyroe Churchtown Died 14/4/1959 And May Harris Who Died 16/6/1994 Aged 88 Years.

John Connor Castlemitchell Who Died 22/10/1960 Aged 82 Years. His Wife Mary Connor Who Died 13/12/1957 Aged 62 Years. His Mother Ellen Died 2/10/1939 Aged 84 Years. His Brother Hugh Connor Who Died 24/4/1930 Aged 45 Years. Eileen Connor Died 19/3/1985 Aged 62 Years.

Joe Bermingham Castlemitchell Who Died 11/8/1995 Aged 76 Years. Member Kildare Co. Co. 1967-1995. Labour T.D. For Kildare 1973-1987. Minister Of State Office Of Public Works. Founder Member Castlemitchell G.A.A. And Welfare Clubs.

William (Billy) Wright Castlemitchell Athy Who Died 7/12/2005 Aged 86 Years.

Kathleen Fennin Blackford Who Died 2/2/1985 Aged 55

Jane Doyle Beloved Wife of Patrick Doyle Of Castlemitchell Died 6/1/1886 Aged 41 years. Also The Above Patrick Doyle Died March 1898. Also His Sons John Died 1/8/1926 George Died 3/5/1920 His Wife Julia Ann Died 8/9/1915 And Their Children Patrick Died 11/11/1931 Jane died 3/11/1936 Thomas Doyle Blackford Athy Died 31/12/1950 Aged 72 Years. Their Children Eliza & John Died Young.

Patrick Kelly Coursetown Athy Who Died 3/3/1968 Aged 46 Years. His Wife Carmel Kelly Who Died 14/11/2002 Aged 69 Years.

Ann Kelly Coursetown Who Died 18/3/1958 Aged 78 Years. Mary McNally Farmerstown Who Died 15/6/1964 Aged 49 Years. David McNally Died At His Home In London 9/3/1974 Aged 59 Years.

Noelle Harris Rheban Who Died 2/2/1978 Aged 6 Weeks. Her Grandmother Bridget Harris Who Died 13/5/1990 Aged 86 Years

John (Jack) Keogh Cardenton Athy Who Died 9/1/1994 Aged 78 Years. Also His Wife Mary Keogh Nee Byrne Who Died 9/9/2004 Aged 87 Years.

Erected By Christopher Flood Kilcrow In Memory Of His Mother Kate Flood Who Died 12/8/1874 Aged 72 Years. Also His Father Simon Flood Who Died 25/9/1885 Aged 87 Years And His Son Hugh Flood Who Died 14/12/1913 Aged 36 Years.

Here Lieth The Body Of Brid Lawler…..

Erected By Patrick Dunne Of Rathmore In Memory Of His Disceased (Sic) Parents

Gloria In Excelsis Deo Erected By Pak Doyle Of Brackney In Memory Of His Daughter Catherine Doyle Who Dept This Life Nov. 6 – 1827 Aged 19 Years. Also His Son Murth Doyle Died 3/1/1835 Aged 20 Years & Also The Above Patrick Doyle Who Died 2/5/1837 Aged 56 Years. Also His Beloved WIfe Mary Died 7/8/1861 Aged 79 Years. Mortimer Doyle Died 8/6/1913 Aged 79 Years. Mary Ann Doyle died 11/4/1916 Aged 70 Years. Mary C. Kinsella Died 25/5/1931 Aged 45 Years RIP

Erected By Ellen Doyle Of Brackna In Memory Of Her Beloved Husband Patrick Doyle Died 13/2/1894 Aged 67 Years. Also Her Daughter Maggie Died 13/5/1897 Aged 23 Years. Also Her Only Son Patrick Died 13/5/1896.Her Daughter Minnie Died 11/8/1899 Aged 28 Years.In Memory Of Ellen Doyle Died 24/9/1903 Aged 70 Years. (Side) In Memory Of John e Doyle Died 7/8/1905 Aged 26 Years. Also His Father Peter ByrneWho Died 7/8/1905 Aged 75 Years. Also Mary Wife Of James Byrne Died 17/1/1915 Aged 44 Yrs And Her Daughter Julia Emily Died 5/4/1922 Aged 16 Years.

William Kelly Brackney Athy Who Died 27/3/1975. His Son Patrick Kelly Who Died Young. His Wife Ellen Kelly Who Died 11/3/1989. His Brother Jack kelly Who Died 6/1/1980. His Son Michael Kelly Who Died 31/7/2004.

In Fond Remembrance Of Mary Wife Of Michael Kelly Late Of 56 Synge St Dublin And Son Of The Late John & Elizabeth Kelly Of Brackna. She Departed This Life 16/2/1895 Aged 45 Years. Her Son Patrick Kelly Of Brackna Died 9/10/1909 Aged 56 Years.

Erected By Michael Kelly Of Dublin In Memory Of His Mother Elizabeth Kelly Of Brackna Died 15/5/1879 Aged 79 Years. Also his Father John kelly Died 1/4/1891 Aged 95 Years. Also His Sister Catherine Kelly Died 18/9/1894 Aged 54 Years.

Gloria In Excelsis Deo Erected To The Memory Of Michael Kelly Of Brackna Died 27/5/1838 Aged 67 Years. His Wife Catherine Kelly Died 29/12/1832 Aged 80 Years. His Daughter Mary Kelly Died 23/5/1865 Aged 65 Years. Also His Son Patrick Kelly Died 21/12/1873 Aged 75 Years.

Erected By William Murphy Kilcrow Who Died 19/1/1931 In Memory Of His Father Michael Murphy Died 1/7/1900. Also Eliza Murphy Who Died 7/2/1864. His Daughter Mrs Nellie Johnson Who Died 12/4/1931 Aged 26 Years.

Gloria In Excelsis Deo Erected By William Coughlin Of Curraghclone Who Died 14/2/1935 Aged 63 Years In Memory Of His Mother Margaret Coughlan Died 1/12/1824 Aged 68 Years. Her Husband Michael Coughlan Died 19/11/1852 Aged 87 Years. Also His Son Henry Coughlan Died 17/12/1839 Aged 5 Years.

Erected By Michael Coughlan Curraghclone In Memory Of His Father Michael Coughlan Who Died 1/6/1891 Aged 62 Years. His Mother Kate Coughlan Who Died 12/2/1910 Aged 69 Years. His brother Patrick Coughlan Who Died 1/7/1950. His Wife Catherine Coughlan Who Died 10/5/1971. His Grandson Liam Coughlan Who Died Young, Son Of William And Mai Coughlan. His Son Daniel Who Died 6/4/2002 Aged 88 Years. Also Daniels Wife Mary Coughlan Nee McHugh Who Died 7/7/2009 Aged 92 Years.

This Stone Is Erected By The Sons Of The Late Henry & Hanna McDonald The Remains Of Mrs Hanna McDonald Who Departed This Life August The 7th 1801 Aged 38 Years. Also The Remains Of Miss Mary McDonald Who Departed This Life June The 3rd 1809 Aged 24 Years. Also The Remains Of Mr Henry McDonald Who Departed This Lie October 17th 1818 Aged 68 Years.

Erectd By Henry McDonnell In Memory Of His Wife Hanna McDonnell Who Depd August 7th 1801 Aged 40 Years.

Erected By Daniel Kehoe Who Died 21/3/1961 Aged 63 Years In Memory Of His Daughter Mary Ann Who Died 18/11/1944 Aged 19 Years. His Mother Julia Kehoe Who Died 16/10/1944 Aged 67 Years. His Brother Michael Kehoe Who Died 14/3/1924 Aged 16 Years. His Father Patrick Kehoe 18/12/1946 Aged 77 Years. Also His Wife Mary Who Died 29/6/1975 Aged 87 Years. Pat (Roach) Kehoe Who Died 8/1/1991 Aged 90 Years

Here Lieth Ye Body Of Denis Kihoe Depr February 20th 1788 Aged 23 Yrs. Also …………Kihoe Dept August 24 1795 Aged 29 Yrs. Also Winephere Kihoe Dep April 29th 1799 Aged 68 Yrs.Lord Have Mercy On Their Souls Amen.

Here Lieth Ye Body Of Patrick Keogh Dept February Ye 26th 1758 Aged 39 Years. Also His Daughter Eliz Bryan Alis Keogh Dept July Ye 22 1756 (Remainder Of Headstone Buried)

Bridget Horgan Died March 1924 Aged 24 Years.

Julia Higgins Who Died 4/9/1956

Mary Elizabeth Keegan Who Died 9/6/1959. Also Her Sister Rose Ann Keegan Who Died 13/4/1976 And Her Sister Sarah K. Doyle Widow Of Martin Doyle Of Cardinton House And Hillview House Athy Who Died 28/1/1973.

Erected By Elizabeth Keegan In Memory Of Her Husband Martin Keegan Who Died 31/3/1965 Aged 63 Years. Also His Two Children Martin Keegan And Julia Keegan Who Died Young.

Gloria In Excelsis Deo Erected By James Morrin Of Ballyroe In Memory Of His Beloved Wife Mary Morrin Who Died July 12th 1855 Aged 65 YearsAlso His Son William Who Died July 20th 1852 Aged 19 Years.

Erected By Michael Commins Of Athy In Memory Of His Father Stephen Commins Who Departed This Life 1st August 1797 Aged 61 Years. Also His Son John Commins Who Depd This Life 3rd April 1818 Aged 70 Years. Here Also Lieth The Body Of Honor Commins Who Departed This 23 December 1820 Aged 76 Years.

Erected By Patrick Commins Athy To The Memory Of His Mother Mary Commins Who Departed This Life 10th February 18… Aged .. Years. Also His Brother John Commins Who Dept This Life 15 Sepember 1… Aged 13 Years. Also His Brother Stephen Commins Who Departed This LIfe In …th Oct 18… Aged 25 Years. Also His Father Michael Commins Who Departed This Life 26th November 1858 Aged 68 Years. The Above Mr Patrick Commins Who Departed This Life ………….Also His Son Paul Commins Who Died Sept 7th 1869 Aged 18 Years.

Elizabeth Wright Castlemitchell Who Died 16/11/1926 Aged 68 Years Aged 68 Years. Her Father William Kearney Died 18/1/1926 Aged 68 Years. Her Grandson Eddie Maher Died 12/12/1950 Aged 9 Years. Her Husband Joseph Wright Died 28/11/1962 Aged 86 Years.

Edward (Ned) Maher Castlemitchell Died 7/7/1989 Aged 78 Years. His Wife Elizabeth (Babs) Maher Died 4/5/1997 Aged 86 Years.

John Wright 57 Prussia Street Dublin Who Died 24/9/1949 Aged 76 Years. His Son John Wright Died 28/1/1990 Aged 77 Years.

Joseph Wright Who Died 14/10/1937 Aged 19 Years

Erected By Margaret Heydon Shaw Churchtown House Athy Who Died 29/9/1972 In Memory Of Her Husband William P. Shaw Who Died 1/7/1951. Also Her Niece Catherine Hynes Who Died 3/11/1953 . Her Sister Mary C. Kinsella Who Died 25/5/1931.

Erected By James Behan Of Kilcoo Who Died 28/10/1878 Aged 60 Years In Memory Of His Brother Richard Behan Who Died 9/4/1872 Aged 47 Years. Anne Behan Of Kilcoo Lodge Who Died 11/4/1900

Erected In Loving Memory Of James Kehoe Of Kilcoo Lodge Who Died July 30th 1844 Aged 86 Year. Also James Kehoe Who Died Young. Patrick Kehoe Died 25th August 1871 Aged 55 Years. Ellen Kehoe Died 4/9/1898 Aged 78 Years. Mary Kehoe Died 4/7/1906 Aged 50 Years. Richard J Kehoe Died 9/6/1916 Aged 50 Years. Anne Kehoe Died 10/12/1926 Aged 24 Years.

James Lawler Churchtown Who Died 28/2/1900 Aged 65 Years. His Brother Henry Lawler Who Died 16/8/1994 Aged 85 Years And His Daughter Bridie Lawler Who Died 24/3/1911 Aged 15 Years. Mr Frances Phelan Who Died 16/1/1929. His Wife Alicia Phelan Who Died 11/2/1936. His Son Stephen Phelan Who Died 1/8/1938. Michael Lawler Died 7/1952. Patrick Lawler Who Died 16/9/1959. James Lawler 5/3/1968. Bridget Lawler Wife Of THe Above Patrick Who Died 10/5/1998.

Erected By Michael Lawler Of Churchtown In Memory Of His Father William Lawler Who Depd This Life 20th July 1877 Aged 58 Years. Also His Brother Barbara Lawler Who Departed This Life 5th May 1818 Aged 55 Years With Four Of His Children. The Above Michael Lawler Who Depd This Life 26 Sept 1849 Aged 56 Years.

William Hyland Popefield Who Died 14/11/1929. His Brother Edward Hyland Who Died 12/3/1940. Julia Hyland Who Died 19/3/1958. Mary Hyland Who Died 31/1/1961. John Hyland Rosebran Who Died 30/1/1989 Aged 81 Years. Also His Wife Juliann Hyland Who Died 6/12/1994 Aged 79 Years.

Patrick Wright Brackna Athy Who Died 28/7/1980 Aged 72 Years. His Wife Clare Wright Who Died 13/1/1993 Aged 87 Years.

Patrick Kelly Ballymanus Who Died 1/2/1944 Aged 84 Years. His Wife Elizabeth Kelly Who Died 8/11/1953 Aged 59 Years. Her Daughter Mary Kelly Who Died 18/6/1989 Aged 82 Years. His Son William Kelly Who Died 18/7/1990 Aged 83 Years.

Sacred To The Memory Of Dymphna Beloved Wife Of John Dussell Of Rahanahowle Queens County Who Died February 2nd 1865 Aged 63 Years. Also His Daughter Ellen Mary Who Died August 12 1852 (Side) John Dunne Of Rahanhowle Died August 1st 1867 Aged 90 Years.

Gloria In Excelsis Deo Erected By Judith Lawler Of Shean In Memory Of Michael Lawler Who Depd This Life 10th March 1796 Aged 94 Years Also …….er lawler Died April 24th 1837 Aged 88……..Lawler Died 30th March 1832 …..Aged 80 Years.

Here Lieth The Remains Of …n Da… of….. Departed This Life …… Years Of Age ….. His Wife Honora Dunne Daughter Of Nicholas Warren & Mary Fitzgerald His Wife Of Killeen Queens County Died 1818

Erected To The Memory Of Patrick Lawler Who Dept This Life April 29th 1856 Agd 46 Years Also Catherine Lawler Died 10 January 1856 Aged 36 Years.

Catherine Crawley William Street Athy Who Died 2/2/1924 Aged 78 Years. Her Daughter Mrs Mary Meehan Who Died 14/11/1925 Aged 57 Years. Her Son William Crawley Who Died 24/7/1946 Aged 76 Years. Mrs Catherine Conlon Who Died 6/4/1945 Aged 69 Years

Erected By Henrietta Dympna Dunne In Memory Of Her Uncle James Dunne Youngest Son Of Darby Dunne Of Raheenahown Who Died 10/6/1870 Aged 18 Years.

Erected By John Walsh Of Castlemitchell In Memory Of His Parents William Walsh Who Died 22/8/1842 Aged 96 Years. Judith Walsh Who Died 6/1/1860 Aged 90 Years. Also William Flanagan Connolly Who Died 14/5/1830 Aged 92 Years.

Mick Scally Castlemitchell Who Died 9/4/1992 Aged 63 Years. His Wife Mary Scally (Nee Wright) Who Died 30/10/2004 Aged 78 Years.

Erected By Nicholas Keating Of Athy In Memory Of His Beloved Father Thomas Keating Who Died 10 April 1843 Aged 56 Years. His Mother Lucy Died 15/2/1873 Aged 76 Years. His Sister Mary Watts Died 22/12/1889 Aged 69 Years And His Nephew William Watts Died 14/4/1890 Aged 33 Year. Also His Brother John Keating Died 6/6/1894 Aged 72 Years. Above Michael Keating Died 23/8/1918 Aged 86 Years.

Here Lieth The Body Of Pat Dalton Who Departed This Life The 22nd Day Of December 1813 Aged 19 Years. May They Rest In Peace Amen. Also His Sister Lucy Coogan Died 9th Jan 1933 RIP.

William Walsh Of Rheban Who Died 7/2/1926. His Wife Christina Walsh Who Died 28/9/1955. Their Daughter Judith Walsh Who Died 17/11/1939. Mary Ann Cullen Who Died 30/6/1939. Their Son James Walsh Who Died 9/1/1980. Their Daughter Mary Walsh Who Died 7/2/1987. William Walsh Who Died 10/2/1989. Maurice Walsh Who Died 25/7/200….

Erected By Bridget Flynn In Memory Of Her Parents Michael McEvoy Who Died 10/5/1908 Aged 86 Years. His Wife Barbara Flynn Who Died 12/8/1910. Also Her Sons James Flynn Who Died Aged 19 Years.

James Davis Kilberry Who Died 21/12/1973 Aged 50 Years. Also His Mother Mary Davis Who Died 7/9/1967 Aged 78 Years.

Thomas (Theo) Davis Correel Stradbally Who Was Born 20/11/1950 – Died 27/11/1998 Also His Son Adam Who Was Born 15/4/1990 – Died 5/9/2001 As A Result Of An Accident


Baby William Nolan Who Died 16/4/1965 Aged 3 Weeks

Erected In Memory Of Bridget Quinn Foxhill Who Died 12/12/1969 Aged 72 Years.

Edward Lacey Rheban Who Died 14/12/1939 Aged 87 Years. His Wife Mary Lacey Who Died 9/7/1950.

Michael (Mick) Keogh Cardenton Athy Who Died 21/1/2009 Aged 63 Yers

Sacred To The Memory Of Julia Crawley Died 16/7/1862 Aged 19 Years . Also Honor Crawley Died 26/12/1876 Aged 74 Years . Also James Crawley Died 6/2/1886 Aged 85 Years.

Michael Myles Brownstown Athy Who Died 18/7/1938 Aged 67 Years. Also His Daughter Bridie Myles Who Died 8/3/1946 Aged 41 Years. His Wife Bridget Myles Who Died 20/1/1964 Aged 84 Years. His Son Christopher Myles Who Died 27/12/1964 Aged 56 Years. His Daughter In Law Bridget Myles Who Died 26/8/1948 Aged 37 Years. Patrick Myles Died 23/3/1976 Aged 65 Years. Micheal Myles Son Of Christopher And Bridget Myles Who Died 12/5/2009 Aged 64 Years.

Mary Moran Who Died 13/1/1976

Catherine McEvoy Died In The Years 1791 Aged 41 Years And Her Son Patt McEvoy In The Year 1787 Aged 23 Years.

Ciss Harris Ballyroe Rheban Died 29/1/1979 Aged 66 Years. Her Brother John Harris Who Died 25/11/1987 Aged 68 years. Her Sister Bridget Harris Who Died 22/2/1997 Aged 81 Years.

Tom Harris Ballyroe Rheban Who Died 12/11/1955 Aged 72 Years. His Wife Annie Harris Who Died 9/10/1961 Aged 75 Years. Their Grandson James Harris Who Died 10/1956 Aged 2 days. James Harris Husband Of The Above Josephine Who died 12/3/2005 Aged 84 Years.

Erected By Michael Harris In Memory Of His Father Patrick Harris Who Died 26/7/1872 Aged 49 Years. His Mother Mary Harris Who Died 30/10/1898 Aged 85 Years. His Brother Thomas Harris Who Died 1/5/1872 Aged 24 Years. Michael Harris Who Died 7/3/1933 Aged 77 Years. James Harris Who Died 25/9/1945 Aged 97 Years. Frances (Fanny) Harris Who Died 2/8/1898 Aged 13 years. Michael Harris Who Died 30/9/1960 Aged 71 Years. Patrick Harris Who Died 1/11/1963 Aged 77 Years. ThomasHarris Who Died 2/7/1967 Aged 69 Years. Ellen Harris Wife Of Michael Harris Who Died 31/8/1982 Aged 76 Years.

David Harris Maganey House Aged 30 Years. Also His Brother Mikey Harris Died Tragically 11/12/2005. Michael Harris Died 21/3/2008 Aged 61 Years.

Michael Myles Brownstown Athy Who Died 27/11/1996 Aged 78 Years. His Wife Mary (Maisie) Myles Who Died 30/5/2000 Aged 75 Years.

Christy Myles Castlemitchell Athy Who Died 6/11/1976 Aged 89 Years. His Sister Mary Anne Comerford Who Died 27/5/1953 Aged 62 Years.

Here Lieth Ye Body Of Wilm O Bryan Depd This Life Ye 16 Of December 1773 Aged 26 Yr Lord Have Mercy On His Soul. Erected By His Sister Bridget O Bryan

William Lawler Ballyroe Athy Who Died 30/3/1924. His Wife Margaret Lawler Who died 15/6/1938. His Son Andrew Lawler Who died 9/3/1944 Also His Sons Peter Lawler Who Died 6/6/1971 Aged 77 Years And Edward Lawler Who Died 9/4/1972 Aged 80 Years.

Baby Conor Son Of Seamus And Rena MurphyWho Died 11/2/1973

Thomas Murphy Of Ballyroe Who Died 13/7/1921 Aged 74 Years. Also His Wife Elizabeth Murphy Who Died 31/8/1934 Aged 75 Years. Their Son James Murphy Who Died 2/1/1977 Aged 89 Years.

Ann Nancy Fitzgerald 1425 Castlemitchell Athy Who Died 15/1/1991 Aged 45 Years. Also Her Son Kevyn Fitzgerald Who Died 25/3/2004 Aged 34 Years.

Here Lieth The Body Of Elizabeth Dwen Alias Miley Depd March The 19th 1789 Aged 23 Years.

Here Lieth The Body Of Anastasia Nowlan Alias Dwen Who Depd This Life August Ye 12th 1777 Aged 13

Here Lieth The Body Of Laurence Dwen Who Dept This April The 11th 1720 Aged 68. Lord Have Mercy On His Soul Amen. Also His Wife Margaret Dwen Who Departed This Life The 7th Of June 1789 Aged 60 Years Also Daughter In Law Ann Dwen Who Deptarted This Life The 27th Of March 1815 Aged 51 Years. Also His Son Peter Husband Of Anne Departed This Life The 14th March 1817 Aged 56 Years.

Gloria In Excelsis Deo Erected By Capt Edward Dwen In Memory Of His Father Philip Dwen Who Dep. This Life 6th Jany 1811 Aged 50 Years. Also His Mother Hariot Dwen Who Died 19th Jan 1845 Aged 84 Years And His Brother And Sister Bob And Harriot Who Died Young. Also His Nephew Philip Dwen Who Depd This Life The 19 Oct’ 1819 Aged 27 Years Also His Brother John Dwen Who Depd This The 17th January 1850 Aged 66 Years And Also John’s Wife Lucenda Dwen Who Depd This Life The 31st January 1859 Aged 67

Here Lieth Ye Body Of Honnor Dwen Wife Of John Dwen Of Athy Depd March Ye 1st 1784 Aged 46 Years. May Ye Lord Have Mercy On Her Soul Amen.

Erected By William Murphy Of Athy In Memory Of His Beloved Wife Mary Murphy Who Departed This Life Feb 17th 1840 Aged 37 Years Also His Parents Patrick & Bridget Who Died Nov 1797


Martin Behan Castlemitchell Who died 5/2/2004 Aged 18 Years

Erected …. Ian And Two Sons Beneath This Stone There Rests ………. Coughlan Depart October The 22nd 1817 Aged ……. W Coughlan Depd This …… ber The 3rd 1816 Aged 26 Yrs. William Coughlan Depd This Life October The 2nd 1826 Aged 28 Years.

Here Lieth Piter Roone Depd 1761

Here Lieth Ye Body Of Mary Moore Alias Roone Depd ; Ye 26 1756 aged 78

Here Lieth The Body Of Tho Carol And Wife. He Depd Feby Ye 6 1771 Age 80 Years. Lord Have Mercy On Their Souls Amen

Patrick Cashin Newtownbert Athy Who Died 1925. Also His Wife Elizabeth Cashin Who Died 24/8/1967. His Brother John Cashin Who Died 1918 And John’s Wife Mary Cashin Who Died 13/1/1969

Frank Cashin Who Died 2/2/1981 Aged 59 Years. Patrick Cashin Who Died Who Died 22/4/1991 Aged 66 Years.

Niall Daniel Kelly 822 Raheenadeeragh Athy Who Died 7/2/1984 Aged 6 Years

Paul Perse 32 Castlemitchell Who Died Tragically 24/11/1991 Aged 20 Years.

Thomas Hickey Aged 76 Years Also His Wife Bridget Hickey Who Died 7/11/1915.

James Hickey Bert Who Died 22/6/1880. Denis Hickey Who Died 1864 And 4 Children Who Died Young. Patrick Hickey Who Died 1856. Margaret Hickey Who Died 10/6/1910. James Hickey Who Died 9/11/1930. Mary Hickey Who Died 23/12/1943. Mary Caffrey Who Died 27/1/1917. Lizzie Hickey Who Died 3/3/1924. Thomas Hickey Who Died 2/3/1951. Louis Hickey Who Died 24/7/1957.John Hickey Who Died 9/1/1965.

Erected By P. Martin Emily Square Athy In Memory Of His Affectionate Wife Mary Daughter Of The Late James Hickey Bert Who Departed This Life 27/2/1891 Aged 34 Years.

Michael Scully Foxhill Athy Who Died 24/1/1980 Aged 78 Years Also His Parents Michael And Elizabeth Scully

Patrick Sourke Who Died 22/1/1933 Aged 58 Years. His Wife Margaret Sourke Who Died 13/9/1947 Aged 70 Years. Their Son Christopher Sourke Who Died 22/12/1951 Aged 41 Years. His Son Billy Sourke Who Died 6/5/1985 Aged 73 Years.

Charles Sourke 1092 Castlemitchell Who Died 3/11/1967 Aged 52 Years. Also His Wife Nellie Sourke Who Died 29/9/2002 Aged 83 Years.

Here Lieth The Body Of Michael McEvoy Of Milltown Who Depd This Life Ye 6th Day Of January 1783 Aged 56 Years. Also His Beloved Wife Margaret Who Departed This Life Ye 12th Day Of Oct Aged 55 Years. May The Lord Have Mercy On Their Souls


This Stone Belongs To Rich’d Mathews. Here Lieth The Body Of His Daughtr Ann Mathews Who Departed This Life The 16th Of Nov’r 1782 Aged 25 Yrs.

Julia Ann Luttrell Who Died 2/9/1905 Aged 85 Years. Also Her Parents George Sherlock & Julia Sherlock

Here Lieth Ye Body Of Patrick McEvoy Depd July Ye 1st 1782 Aged 60 Yr. Ye Lord Have Mercy On His Soul Amen.

Matthew Murphy Of Milltown Died March Ye 25 1782 Aged 55. Also His Wife June Murphy Died March Ye 28th 1809 Aged 56 Lord Have Mercy On Their Souls.

Here Lieth The Body Of Mrs Catherine Brock Wife Of Mr Edward Brock Of Mountmellick Who Departed This Life The 12th Day Of June 1797 Aged 35 Years. Also Cecily Brock Daughter Of The Said Edward Brock Who Departed This Life The 25th Day Of March 1792 Aged 13 Years. The Lord Have Mercy On Their Souls.

Angela Leahy (Nee Davis) Ivy House Ballyroe Who Died 29/12/ 1978 Aged 26 Years Also Her Mother Bettie Davis Who Died 8/6/2008 Aged 86 Years.

Here Lieth Ye Body Of Matthew Kelly Dep April ye 20th 1777 Aged 66 Years.

Kathleen Byrne Kilcrow Athy Who Died 21/11/1984 Aged 72 Years. Her Husband Jerry Byrne Who Died 12/6/1991 Aged 85 Years. Their Son Matthew Byrne Who Died 9/3/2003 Aged 63 Years.


Baby Sean Peter Kavanagh Churchtown Born 18/2/2005 Died 6/3/2005

Patrick J. Kehoe Kilcoo Athy Who Died 3/3/1995 Aged 82 Years.

Shay Ryan Churchtown Who Died 15/9/2008 Aged 53 Years.

James Wright Who Died 21/10/1996 Aged 74 Years. Also His Wife Josephine Wright Who Died 9/1/1999 Aged 72 Years.

John Moran Churchtown Athy Who Died 30/7/2007 Aged 82 Years.

Jack Kelly Woodstock North Athy Who Died 21/3/1995 Aged 77 Years.

Bridget Josephine Coffey (Nee Walsh) Kingsgrove Formally Rheban Who Died 5/3/1995 Also Her Sister Elizabeth Walsh Of Rheban Athy Who Died 24/12/2008

Kathleen Walsh (Nee Scully) Born Rossnamullen, Vicarstown Who Died 19/5/1996 PortarlingtonWife Of James Walsh (Also Buried In This Cemetery)

Aida Curtin Who Died 3/5/1993 Aged 66 Years.


Michael Byrne Brackna Who Died 1934 Aged 72 Years. His Wife Mary Ann Byrne Who Died 1947 Aged 83 Years. His Daughters Mary (Ciss) Byrne Who Died 1939 Aged 39 Years, Elizabeth (Betty) Who Died 1976 Aged 78 Years, Bridie Byrne Died In Infancy, Kathleen Byrne Died In Infancy. His Sons Michael Byrne Died 1903 Aged 7 Years , Stephen Byrne Died In Infancy. Their Grandchildren Patricia Byrne Who Died 1973 Aged 47 Years, Michael Byrne Who Died 1952 Aged 23 years Also Uncle Jack Byrne Who Died 1942 Aged 75 Years

Daniel Dowd Kilberry Who Died 21/2/1970 Aged 58 Years. His Father In Law Jeremiah Byrne Who Died 16/7/1951 Aged 72 Years. His Wife Maria Byrne Who Died 3/12/1963 Aged 88 Years. Their Sons Michael Byrne Who Died 10/7/1927 Aged 20 Years, William Byrne Who Died 5/11/1929 Aged 19 Years. Marian Dowd Who Died 4/9/1986 Aged 32 Years. Elizabeth (Lill) Dowd Who Died 21/4/1995 Aged 86 Years.

Jerry Byrne Kilberry Athy Who Died 2/3/1991 Aged 74 Years . His Wife Christina (Dina) Byrne Who Died 11/11/1997.

Erected By Elizabeth McDonald Of Cardenton In Memory Of Her Husband John McDonald Who Depd This Life 5th Oct 1857 Aged 67 Years. Also Her Daughter Judith McDonald Who depd This Life June 31st 1834 Aged 54 Years and Her Son Patk McDonald Who Died August 29th 1854 Aged 24 Years And Her Son Michl McDonald who Dept This Life Decbr 2nd 1836 Aged 29 Years.

John Byrne Cardenton Who Died 13/3/1988 Aged 88 Years And His Daughter Patricia Byrne Who Died In Infancy. His Wife Maisie Byrne Who Died 26/8/2006 Aged 90 Years. His Daughter Stella Byrne Who Died 20/6/2008 Aged 72 Years.

In Memory Of Judith Gray Who Died 28th June 1883. James Gray Who Died 22 February 1884.

Michael Dunne Died August 18th 1876 Aged 75 Years. John Harvey Dunne Died July 10th 1911 Aged 65 Years. George H. Dennehy Died October 8th 1920 Aged 47 Years.

James Prendergast Who Died 11/8/1968 Aged 59 Years. His Daughter Bridget Prendergast Who Died 28/1/1945 Aged 9 Years. His Wife Mary Prendergast Who Died 2/11/1988 Aged 77 Years. His Mother Elizabeth Page Who Died 30/6/1953 Aged 83 Years. His Sister Mary kelly Who Died 17/1/1958 Aged 58 Years.

Bill Donnelly Kilcrow Who Died 8/5/1982 Aged 64 Years. Patrick Donnelly Who Died 14/11/1982 Aged 58 Years. Joseph Donnelly Who Died 7/5/1994 Aged 68 Years.

Patrick Donnelly Kilcrow Who Died 10/5/1907. His Wife Mary Who Died 6/2/1929. Their Daughter Kate Doogue Who Died 12/1/1928. Their Sons James Donnelly Who Died 22/2/1949, Joseph Donnelly Who Died 1/1/1960. His Wife Elizabeth Donnelly Who Died 22/5/1966. Their Daughter Margaret O Reilly Who Died 6/4/1936. Her Daughter Teresa o Reilly Who Died 27/2/1936.

James Donnelly Kilcrow Athy Who Died 11/9/2003 Aged 83 Years. Peter Donnelly Who Died 19/3/2006 Aged 85 Years. Mossy O Reilly Who Died 31/3/2007 Aged 73 Years.

William Bambrick Who Died 8/9/1938 Aged 56 Years. Michael Bambrick Who Died 16/7/1944 Aged 36 Years. Mary Bambrick Who Died 18/11/1965 Aged 84 Years. Denis Bambrick Who Died 31/10/1973 Aged 54 Years. Ellen Bambrick Who Died 3/10/2000 Aged 83 Years. Mary Bambrick Who Died 5/5/1992 Aged 76 Years.

John Doogue Kilcrow Athy, His Wife Margaret Doogue (Nee Donnelly) Also Their Sons Thomas Doogue Garrons Who Died 1966 Aged 67 Years. His Wife Julia Doogue (Nee Lawlor) Who Died 1946 Aged 44 Years. John Doogue Curaclone Who Died 1967 Aged 65 Years. His Wife Annie Doogue (Nee Gorman) Who Died 1990 Aged 78 Years.

Julia Doogue Stradbally Who Died 4/1/1946 Aged 44 Years, Her Husband Thomas Doogue Who Died 15/11/1866 Aged 67 years. Jack Doogue Who Died 11/11/1968.

Robert Carter Churchtown Who Died 23/12/1950

Erected By Martin Muldoon In Memory Of His Wife Julia Who Died 5/10/1937 Aged 65 Years.

Martin Maloney Killed In Action 14-18 War Aged 33 Years. His Daughter Mary Maloney Who Died 6/1/1936 Aged 22 Years. His Wife Ellen Maloney Who Died 1/8/1975 Aged 91 Years. His Daughter Bridget Maloney Who Died 1/3/1980 Aged 71 Years. His Son John Maloney Who Died 18/10/1984 Aged 74 Years.

Erected By Denis Delaney Of Athy In Memory Of His Beloved Wife Catherine Delaney Who Died On The 17th August 1844 Aged 51 years. Also Of His Eldest Son Daniel Delaney Who Died On The 27th Nov 1837 Aged 20 Years.

Mrs Margaret Lacey Of Churchtown Who Died 10/4/1904 Aged 60 Years. Margaret Mary Lacey Who Died 31/3/1905 Aged 18 Years. Michael Lacey Who Died 30/12/1922.

Tommie Donnelly Castlemitchell Athy Who Died 22/1/1999 Aged 80 Years.

Robert (Bob) Fitzpatrick Ballyroe Churchtown Athy Who Died 1/6/1999 Aged 47 Years.

This Stone Erected By James Huichison In Memory Of His Father & Mother Huchhe Died Feby The 11 1777 Aged 82 She Died May Ye 22 1761 Aged 72

Ann Hutchinson 611 Newtown, Bert, Athy Who Died 28/2/1995 Aged 87 Years. Her Husband William Hutchinson Who Died 21/4/1996 Aged 92 Years. Their Daughter Helena Hutchinson Who Died 6/9/1951 Aged 16 Years.

Michael Hickey Who Died 31/1/1883 Aged 66 Years. His Wife Who Died 10/3/1909 Aged 81 Years. Their Son John Hickey Who Died 20/5/1942 Aged 80 Years & His Wife Elizabeth Hickey Who Died 25/12/1960 Aged 82 Years. Michael Hickey His Grandson Who Died 4/1/1992 Aged 82 Years.

In Memory Of Richard Bailey Died 30/3/1886 Aged 39 Years. Also Elizabeth Bailey Died 2/2/1890 Aged 76 Years. Also Samual Bailey Died 17/8/1895 Aged 84 Years.

Erected In Memory Of Mrs Mary Maxwell Brownstown Who Died 22nd June 1887 Aged 53 Years. Also Widow Mary Lawler Who Died 27th Febry 1888 Aged 87 Years. May Their Souls Rest In Peace Amen.

Erected By Michael Murphy Castlemitchell In Loving Memory Of His Wife Mary Murphy Who Departed This Life 17/2/1831 Aged 63 Years.

This Stone Was Erected By Danl Coady Of Athy In Grateful Memory Of His Father Timothy Coady Who Departed This Life 20/2/1799 Aged 67 Years And Of His Mother Elizabeth Coady Who Died 3/6/1791 Aged 67 Years 55 years. Here Also Lie The Body Of Edwd Coady Who Died 9/7/1815 Aged 33 Years And Also The Body Of Christopher Coady Who Departed This Life 29/3/1819 Aged 45 Years. The Lord Have Mercy On Their Souls. Also Mrs Anne Coady Rosebran Athy Who Died 9/9/1899 Aged 56 Years.

Elizabeth Coady Rosebran Athy Who Died 28/2/1922 Aged 27 Years. Maria Smith And John Coady Who Died 28/10/1942 Aged 76 Years. Also Mary Coady Who Died 8/10/1943 Aged 60 Years. Bridget Christina Hyland Who Died Young.

Erected By Marianne Bromme Kildare In Memory Of Her Beloved Mother Julia Broome Who Died 6/1/1900 Aged 78 Years. Her Father Thomas Broome Who Died 10/7/1891 Aged 69 Years And His Sister Miss Elizabeth Behan Who Died 21/1/1899 Aged 37 Years. Her Grandmother Ellen Broome. Her Aunt Ellen And Her Brother Thomas Who Died Young.

This Stone Is Erected By Elizabeth Mahon In Memory Of Her Husband Denis Mahon Who Departed This Life 9/12/1811 Aged 46 Years. Also Her Son William Mahon Who Departed This Life 15/11/1820 Aged 35 Years. Lord Have Mercy On Their Souls

Erected By John Campbell Of New York In Memory Of His Father Thomas Campbell Of Bennetts Bridge Who Died 11/4/1863 Aged 55 Years

Erected By James Harrison In Memory Of His Father Thomas Harrison Who Departed This Life 4/1/1821 Aged 75 years. Also The Body Of His Mother Mary Harrison Who Departed This Life 19/2/1824 Aged 82 Years.

Margaret Kinsella Raheenaderragh Who Died 30/4/1937. Lar Kinsella Who Died 29/9/1943. Lukie Kinsella Who Died 13/11/1988. Lilly Kinsella Who Died 23/6/1993.

In Memory Of The Parents, Brothers And Sisters of The Late Martin Moore Who Died 27/11/1931.

Elizabeth Costello Who Died 23/11/1949 And John Costello Who Died 16/2/1962. Their Daughter Shiela Costello Who Died 29/12/1927. Their Son James Costello Who Died 11/11/1927.

James Costello Who Died 7/11/1927 Aged 20 Years & Shiela Costello Who Died 29/12/1927 Aged 18 Years.

In Memory Of Brother Michael Maher And The Beloved Parents Of The Above.

Here Lieth The Body Of Rodger Flaherty Who Departed This Life August (Remainder Buried)

Elizabeth Doherty Who Died 24/9/1977. Her Parents Patrick Brennan & Margaret Brennan. Her Sisters Mary Brennan And Maggie Brennan. Her Brothers Patrick Brennan, Michael Brennan, William Brennan & James Brennan Of Rheban. Also Kathleen Brennan Who Died 31/3/1982. Ann Brennan Who Died 6/1/1995 Aged 98 Years.

Her Lieth Ye Body Of Daniel Kenna Departed November Ye 7th 1770 Aged 70. Also His Wife Margaret Kenna Depd March Ye 9th 1752 Aged 70 Years. Lord Have Mercy On Their Soul.

William Moore Rheban Who Died 1922 Aged 51 Years. His Wife Mary Moore Who Died 12/9/1967 Aged 79 Years. Their Daughters Minnie Moore Who Died 27/9/1980 Aged 63 Years, Annie Moore Who Died 24/7/1987 Aged 72 Years. Their Son Willie Moore Who Died 2/5/1999 Aged 78 Years. Willie Moore Died 16/12/1916 And His Wife Mary Ann Moore Who Died 6/1/1932 Aged 64 years. Their Sons John Moore Who Died 28/5/1972 Aged 80 Years, Jim Moore Who Died 5/6/1977 Aged 78 Years. Their Daughter Lil Moore Who Died 26/3/1997 Aged 92 Years. Grand Nephew Sean Moore Who died 13/11/1991 Aged 65 Years.

Erected By Mary Moore In Memory Of Her Father William Moore Who Died 24/8/1880 Aged 62 Years.

Here Lieth The Body Of James Moor Who Departed This Life Ye 10th Day Of June 1758 Aged 57 years. Also Sarah Walsh Who Departed This Life April 2nd 1771 Aged 22.

This Stone Was Erected By Richd Poole And Posterity. Here Lieth The Body Of Sarahe Toole Depd This Life 15th April 1776 Aged 66 Years. Here Lieth The Body Of The Said Richd Toole Depd This Life 3rd May 1773 Aged 79 Yrs. Also The Body Of Tobias Toole Depd This Life 28 February 1784 Aged 40 Years And Also The Body Of Sarah Dwen Alias Toole Depd This Life 26 April (Remainder Buried)

Erected By Thomas Aldridge Of New Zealand In Memory Of His Father Richard Aldridge Who Died 1/4/1873 Aged 73 Years. His Mother Sarah Aldridge Who Died 16/11/1879 Aged 78 Years.

Denis Redmond Churchtown Athy Who Died 25/5/1966 Aged 62 Years. His wife Bridget Redmond Who Died 9/1/2006 Aged 81 Years.

The Nolan Family Of Churchtown Athy.

Dorah Ransbottom Who Died 11/8/1910 Aged 27 Years.

Joe Maher 629 Castlemitchell Who Died 4/11/1990

William Doogue Raheenadeeragh, Athy Who Died 3/4/1988 Aged 56 Years. Also His Wife Anne Doogue (Nee Carroll Who Died 13/11/2007 Aged 81 Years.

Here Lieth The Body …………….Peppard Who Dep…………….. 1896 Aged 13 Years……Pettit Who……. Ears The Daughter Of John Peppard Of Athy. Also The Body Of John Peppard Jnr Who Dep This Life The 23rd July 1833? Aged ….Years. Their Father John Peppard Who Departed This Life 8th Of Oct 1814 Aged 76 Years.

Here Lyeth Ye Body Of Bryan McManus Late Of Castle Rebban Who Departed This Life Ye 9th Of Decbr 1729 Aged 47 Years & Of His Mother In Law CATHERIN COFFIE Who Departed This Life In Ye 73rd Year Of Her Age & Also Of his Daughter CATHERINE McMANUS Who Departed This Life In 1729 And In Ye 20th Year Of Her Age