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Clones District Marriage Records, Co. Monaghan

This page features civil Marriage Records for the district of Clones in Co. Monaghan and includes full names (where possible), the year of marriage, and the quarter in which the marriage occurred. A searchable index of all available marriage records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Anne Duffy 1897 1st
Anne Jane Agnew 1851
Anne Riggs 1865
Anne Slowey 1860
Anne Slowey 1864
Anne Slowey 1865
Anne Slowey 1868
Anne Thompson ors Forster 1847
Bessie Keary 1870
Catherine Anne Clarke 1864
Catherine Callaghan 1870
Catherine Callaghan 1871
Catherine Callaghan 1873
Catherine Fye 1870
Catherine Kearns 1874
Catherine Murray 1865
Cathrine Slowey 1868
David Clarke 1864
David Lyons 1846
Edith Speers 1896 4th
Eliza Boid 1872
Eliza Daltin 1865
Eliza Emerson 1857
Eliza Harvison 1855
Elizabeth Hoskins 1863
ELizabeth Murray 1857
Elizabeth Neenan 1898 3rd
Elizabeth Pogue 1855
Elizabeth Reid 1864
Ellen Forster 1849
Ellen Kelly 1863
Frances Spears 1896 2nd
Francis Ganley 1870
Hana Conly 1894 2nd
Henry Neale 1846
Henry Wilson 1849
Hester Tarrane Haskins 1864
Hugh Cassidy 1873
James Ganley 1870
Jane Agnew 1845
Jane Anne Blackburn 1846
Jane McQuaide 1898 2nd
John Aikin 1845
John Aikins 1845
John Armstrong 1864
John Corr 1866
John Cowden 1876
John Dunlop 1882 4th
John Martin 1860
John McQuaid 1895 4th
John McQuaid 1898 4th
John Vance 1849
John Wilson 1851
Joseph Brison 1849
L????da Abercromby 1846
Maggie Kinart 1879 4th
Maggie Kincart 1879 4th
Manus Galvin 1864
Margaret Bowles 1866
Margaret Kierans 1879 3rd
Margaret Purdy 1845
Margret Armstrong 1864
Martha Dunlop 1880 2nd
Mary Anne Kelly 1845
Mary Blackburne 1872
Mary Jane Agnew 1861
Mary Jane Emerson 1912 4th
Mary Lyons 1845
Mary McKernan 1889 2nd
Mary Sarah Frain 1896 1st
Matilda Emmerson 1856
Morcella Wilson 1846
Nancy Connolly 1865
Nicholas Macdonnell 1860
Patrick Cusack 1863
Peter McKernan 1889 2nd
Rebacka (sic) Murray 1846
Rebecka (sic) Murray 1846
Robert Adams 1861
Robert Daly 1869
Rosanna Lyster 1864
Sarah Jane Daly 1897 2nd
Sarah Jane Harvison 1855
Sarah Lyons 1846
Sarah McQuade 1897 4th
Sarah McQuaide 1897 4th
Simon Connolly 1866
Susan Connolly 1894 2nd
Terence Cassidy 1873
Thomas John Devine 1855
Thomas Kenwell 1867
Thomas Wright 1846
William Andrew 1864
William Andw. Pollock 1856
William Kennedy 1879 3rd
William Phairs 1896 4th

Civil Registration Records

Cholera in Clones, Co. Monaghan, 1834

Extract from a letter dated Feb 2nd 1834, Clones, from Dr. M. Keating, Clones to Dr. Bernard, Ballybay. Taken from Carolan Rushe MSS and published in the Clogher Record.

Already there are near fifty deaths, scarcely any survivors …Subscriptions have been sent in from all quarters. Nothing to exceed the consternation…..From forty to fifty families have left Fermanagh St., Shamble St. is also deserted. Our town presents the appearance of having undergone a great siege…..So frightful a scene, I hope in God I may never witness. We distributed a beef cow on Thursday. We are giving the poor now meat and turf, together with blankets and straw. We have a young Doctor Mitchell from Monaghan and one to-day from Cavan of the name of Byrne or Burn, who, I am told, is on the Cavan staff. We are leaving nothing undone. Our visitation has far exceeded yours. ..The deaths have, as you remarked, been confined to the very poor or dissipated