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Errill Village Photographs, Co. Laois

Errill is quite a pretty little village, blink twice though as you pass through it and you’ll miss it though! I’ve been to a wedding held in a marquee at the back of Dowlings pub and Dowlings was known as a place to hear traditional Irish music. I’ve also been over in the kitchen of the house late one night listening to a ‘session’ – that is Irish music being played by all and sundry.  It’s always interesting to watch musicians, they are always very care giving to the newbies and generally speaking very open to allowing strangers join their ‘session’.

St. Kieran’s Church, Errill, Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.)

St. Kieran’s, Errill, Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.), Ireland. Errill is only mentioned in passing in Lewis Topographical Dictionary of Ireland (1837) These photographs were taken May 2008 & April 2014


Grogan Roman Catholic Church, Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.)

Roman Catholic Church,
Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.),

Lewis Topographical Dictionary (1837) has little to say about Grogan other than Rathdowney Roman Catholic Division is in the Union or District of Grogan.

We used to go to Mass in this Church and so the first time I saw it like this with no roof or windows I was shocked.  The water font for this church is now outside the RC church of Errill and you can see a photograph of that on the Errill Roman Catholic Church page.

These photographs were taken April 2014

There is no graveyard with this Church

Errill Roman Catholic Church, Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.)

Roman Catholic Church,
Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.)

The only time that Lewis (1837) mentions Errill is under Rathdowney where it says that a Fair is held in Errill in January and March.  Also that there was a Dispensary in Errill.

One of the things about this Church is that I heard that at least one window if not all had come from the Church in Grogan.  I don’t know if that’s true or not.  I did photograph the water font outside as the notice there says that it is the water font from Grogan.

These photographs were taken April 2014 – please excuse the lack of colour as my camera was on the wrong setting.  I didn’t notice that until I got to Grogan.