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Kilmallock Union: Financial Management, 1887

The Financial Management of the Union

Mr. O’Sullivan said a system had cropped up within the last year or two that he believed they should put a stop to at once. The system to which he alluded was this. Heretofore, under the old board, and as long as he was guardian, no cheques were passed except that the demand for those cheques were sent in the evening before, certified by the master and endorsed by the clerk. Unfortunately, lately, and expecially since the Labourer’s Act came into operation, the system had grown up of having all cheques written the morning of the board. If they did not look to the finance and check it as best they could, their rates would rise in spite of all they could do. He would ask them to go back to the old practice and see that no cheque was issued except that the bill or the demand for the cheque was properly certified.

The Chairman differed from Mr. O’Sullivan that there was any possibility of paying money under the present system before it was properly earned.
Mr. O’Sullivan : I heard complaints that contractors got money
The Chariman : You know Mr. O’Sullivan, that is a serious stagtement to make.
Mr. O’Sullivan : At the same time there is a danger.
The Chariman : I don’t see the danger at all . I can’t possibly see the danger when it must be certified. There is never a penny of money given here that is not certified for.
The Clerk : There is.
Mr. O’Sullivan: The Clerk has told you now here that money was given when there was no certificate before the guardians.
The Clerk : It was not, I gave it.
Mr. ‘Sullivan : I know ; I only brought forward this matter to prevent those mistakes arising.
Mr. McDonald agreed with Mr. O’Sullivan’s proposal.
The Chariman : I believe from a business point of view, the thing should be done, but to say we could loose anything by it, that is where I can’t see it.
Mr. O’Sullivan : You are leaving yourself open to loss.
Mr. Prendergast said those who were speaking about this matter now, often themselves applied for cheques during the meeting of the board.
Mr. O’Sullivan : So far as I am concerned there is not a word of truth in what Mr. Prendergast has stated.
Mr. O’Sullivan then handed in the following resolution : That no cheques be issued in future unless the bill or certificate be sent in the day before the Board and certified by the Master of the house, the Clerk of Works or the Engineer and endorsed by the Clerk.

This was unanimously agreed to
The Munster News and Limerick and Clare Advocate,
April 2, 1887

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