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St. Lachtain’s Church of Ireland, Freshford, Co. Kilkenny

St Lachtain Church of Ireland,
Co; Kilkenny,

A 1730 rebuilding, incorporates the 12th century romanesques doorway

Freshford Church, Co. Kilkenny

Roman Catholic Church,
Co. Kilkenny,

Lewis Topographical Dictionary (1837) tells us “FRESHFORD, or AGHOURA, a post-town and parish, in the barony of CRANAGH, county of KILKENNY, and province of LEINSTER, 6 ½ miles (W. N. W.) , from Kilkenny, and 63 (S. W.) from Dublin, on the road from Kilkenny to Johnstown; containing 2277 inhabitants. This place, anciently called Aghoure or Achadhur, signifying the “green ford,” “

Also, “In the R. C. divisions the parish is the head of a union or district, comprising Freshford, Tullaroan, Ballynamara, Clashacrow, Ballylarkin, and parts of Odogh, Burnchurch, and Clomanto, in which district is a chapel at Freshford, one at Odogh, and one at Tullaroan.”

These photographs were taken May 2014.

Freshford Public Graveyard Gravestone Photographs

Ballylarkin Church, Co. Kilkenny

Balylarkin Church
Co. Kilkenny,

These photographs were taken May 2014. There is no graveyard around this church.
Lewis Topographical Dictionary (1837) tells us “BALLYLARKIN, a parish, in the barony of CRANAGH, county of KILKENNY, and province of LEINSTER, 1 ¾ mile (S. W.) from Freshford; containing 243 inhabitants. ”
and that “In the R. C. divisions the parish forms part of the union or district of Freshford.”

However, these are the remains of Ballylarkin Church (aka Ballylarkin Abbey). There are Castle remnants across the road.

I have left one photo with Janet in it to give you an idea of the height of these remnants.


Marriage Records, Freshford, Co. Kilkenny, 1878-80

Diocese of Ossory,
Freshford, Co. Kilkenny.  Marriage Index 1878-1880

National Library of Ireland (NLI) Film ref. 5015
Latter Day Saints ref 0926192 items 1-7

I have indexed the names of the Groom and Bride from the parish records of Freshford, Co. Kilkenny for the years 1878-1880.  Placenames are given for both people.  The records are in English and the full names are given in most instances. Question marks indicate points where I had a problem with letters or the word

Statia=Anastatia/Anastasia ; Kate=Catherine


Groom Name Surname From Bride Name Surname From Date Year
Gordan Shearman Barnd Mary Curley Kyle 07-Jan 1878
Michael Connolly Nellbrook Mary Costigan Wellbrook 15-Jan 1878
Patrick Keede Curraghduff Kate Byrne Newtown 19-Feb 1878
William Glennan Threecastles Julia Brennan Knockroo 21-Feb 1878
Thomas Downey Swift….house Mary Holohan Newtown 21-Feb 1878
Michael Kavanagh Freshford Mary Walsh Freshford 25-Feb 1878
Thomas Dunne Bally?gosney Mary Holohan ?Newtown 26-Feb 1878
Michael Clohesy Out… Mary Fitzpatrick Knockaroo 26-Feb 1878
Michael Feehan Newtown Margaret Ryan Killrush 05-Mar 1878
Patrick Clohesy Lower Ballydool Catherine Fennelly Ballinamare 29-Apr 1878
James Shanahan Tifeighna Anne Campion Bellerville 13-May 1878
Patrick O’Hara Upper Ballydod Anne Murphy Leugh 17-Jun 1878
James Brennan Ballyoo Grace Margaret Campion Ballylarkin 27-Jun 1878
Nicholas Grace Gaulstown Kate Keoughan Purcells Garden 24-Jul 1878
Richard Moran Kyle Catherine Murphy Barna 14-Oct 1878
John Whyte Freshford Honora Walsh Boherkyle 21-Nov 1878
Thomas Whealan ??Newtown Judith Dargan Sart 23-Jan 1879
Michael Fleming ??Simonsland Kate Byrne Three Castles 18-Feb 1879
Stephen Quinn Fermoyle Eliza ??Costello Freshford 25-Feb 1879
Michael Walsh Freshford Margaret Moran Freshford 29-Apr 1879
James Whyte Irishtown Eliza Clifford Freshford 02-Jun 1879
Daniel Bevans Kilamory Mary Anne Donnelly Killrush 07-Jun 1879
?Laurence Walsh Grange Hill??? Anastatia Henessy Leugh 18-Jun 1879
James Cahill Three Castles Judith Mahony Bawntha amingh 15-Jul 1879
John Hickey Barna Sarah Dowling Ballylarkin 07-Aug 1879
Thomas Murphy Boher..loss Ellen Dooley Moat 21-Oct 1879
Martin Dunne Luskimagh Judith Fitzpatrick Rathmoyle 10-Nov 1879
John Dowling Freshford Bridget ?Fanning ?Wellbrook 25-Nov 1879
Patrick Delany Three Castles Johanna Brennan Clashmaero 09-Feb 1880
?Bernard Barry Dublin Margaret Grace Freshford 10-Feb 1880
Michael Dowling ……town Catherine Ryan Freshford 05-Apr 1880
Patrick Dooley Upper Ballydod Anastatia ??Lannan Upper Ballydod 08-Apr 1880
Edmund Butler …..back Bridget Fleming Mount ?Eagle 10-Jun 1880
Edmund Phelan Boules  ?Ballingarry Bridget Dowling Freshford 18-Nov 1880
Edmund ?Kenedy Ballinamara Statia Brophy Rathkelly 24-Nov 1880

Baptism Records, Freshford, Co. Kilkenny, 1825

Diocese of Ossory,
Freshford, Co. Kilkenny.  Roman Catholic Baptisms 1825

National Library of Ireland (NLI) microfilm ref 5015
Latter Day Saints microfilm 0926192 items 1-7

I have indexed the names of children and parents from this set of parish records.  The records are in English, the first names are shortened.  Placenames are given.  I have not changed the names in any way and give them as I read them.  Question marks indicate the points at which I had a problem. Dots as part of a word show that there were other letters which I could not make out

Cathn=Catherine ; Edmd=Edmond/Edmund ; Margt=Margaret ; Eliza=Elizabeth ; Bridgt=Bridget ; Michl=Michael ; Patt=Patrick ; Thos=Thomas ; Wm=William ; Andw=Andrew ; Anty=Anastasia/Anastatia ; Danl=Daniel ; Betty=Elizabeth

Name Surname Father Mother Mother Surname From Date Year
Cathn Maher Laurence Cath Maher ??Auntstown 02-Jan 1825
John Stapleton Michl Judith Marshall Kile Tullin.. 03-Jan 1825
Anne Haynes Martin Eleanor Campion Huntstown 09-Jan 1825
Edmd Martin James Margt Clohosy Ballyphilip 10-Jan 1825
James Walsh Wm Bridget Brenan Rathealy 19-Jan 1825
Bridget Brenan Thos Bridgt Phelan Sart 27-Jan 1825
Margt Connell Martin Honor Keough Sart 28-Jan 1825
Laurence Brenan James Judith Martin Kilain 29-Jan 1825
Bridget Casey James Bridget Read Paul?brin 30-Jan 1825
Mary Brophy John Ally Spencer Rathmoyle 30-Jan 1825
Eliza Buggy Richd Mary Branagan Kile St. George 07-Feb 1825
Joseph Quinn Patt Mary Ryan Kile Tullin.. 07-Feb 1825
Cathn Wall Edmd Bridgt Petres Freshford 08-Feb 1825
Bridgt Butler Michl Judith Magrath n.g. 10-Feb 1825
Cath Smyth Peter Anne Burk “Strangers” 10-Feb 1825
Michl Grace Richd Judith Birch Coleshall 10-Feb 1825
Richd Ryan Thos Judith Jordan Kilrush 12-Feb 1825
Mary Grace Thos Mary McEvoy Tullaroan 12-Feb 1825
Margt Maher Michl Margt Dunphy Rathmara 12-Feb 1825
Honor Delany Patt Mary Fogarty ThreeCastles 20-Feb 1825
Michl Kerevan John Anne Phelan Kilrush 22-Feb 1825
Charles Fitzpatrick Rich Cath Fitzptk Freshford 25-Feb 1825
Patt Jordan John Mary Delany Carrigeen 26-Feb 1825
Cath Cullinan Edwd Cath Lanigan ??Truckard 27-Feb 1825
Thos Hogan Michl Cathn Hickey Lisnalea 27-Feb 1825
James Cody ?Michl Margt Conway Bally(heth) 27-Feb 1825
Thos Murphy John Mary Purcell Sart 28-Feb 1825
MArgt Phelan John Mary Dowling Carrig… 01-Mar 1825
Sarah Fitzpatrick John Mary Purcell Freshford 01-Mar 1825
Edmd Kelly Edmd Anne McEvoy Kilaree… 07-Mar 1825
Wm Hennessy Darby Bridgt Lanan Castle…. 08-Mar 1825
Mary Hickey John Mary Christial Freshford 09-Mar 1825
Michl Holohan Michl Bridgt Ryan Freshford 10-Mar 1825
Simon Ryan Thos Ally Fogarty Rathuna… 06-Mar 1825
Patt Heffernan John Margt Hennessy Kile St……. 12-Mar 1825
Mary Davy Edmd MAry Conway Rem…. 17-Mar 1825
Patt Madden Patt Mary Kearney Tuller…. 19-Mar 1825
Mary Phelan Patt Ellen Kennedy Bally…. 20-Mar 1825
Patt Fogarty James Sarah Dowling Gaulsto… 25-Mar 1825
Cathn Stapleton John Mary Neal ThreeCa… 25-Mar 1825
Timothy Hennessy Edmd MAry Martin Kilaree… 27-Mar 1825
Wm Keriwick John Mary Dooly Oldt…. 31-Mar 1825
Margt Hickey Martin Cath Gaffney ???? 31-Mar 1825
Eleanor Grace Richd Judith Rafter Bally??? 31-Mar 1825
Mary Brenan Murty Anty Neal Brabstown 03-Apr 1825
Eleanor Stapleton Wm Mary Fox Kile Tulleroan 03-Apr 1825 Bastd
Mary Dargan James Mary Boe Courstown 03-Apr 1825
Mary Clear Michl Margt Butler “Strangers” 04-Apr 1825 Bastd
John Keefe John Judith Costigan Clinstown 06-Apr 1825
Patt Kennedy John Margt Breen Freshford 08-Apr 1825
Cath Walton Philip Mary Walsh Clashaer… 09-Apr 1825
Thos Morris Michl Ccath Kelly Oldtown 10-Apr 1825
Anne Stephens Oliver Honor Delany Tulleroan 11-Apr 1825
Margt ?Fane Andrew Mary Walsh Freshford 12-Apr 1825
John Costelloe Wm Margt Lanigan Thubberlacteen 12-Apr 1825
Bridget Phelan John Honor Dooly n.g. 13-Apr 1825
Andw Lanigan Patt Eleanor Quinn Kilaree 13-Apr 1825
Anty Magrath Wm Bridgit Nowlan ThreeCastles 18-Apr 1825
Cathn Tierny Martin Eleanor Hogan Freshford 18-Apr 1825
Mary Walsh Michl Mary Gaffney ??? 19-Apr 1825
Judith Kennedy Andrew Judith Gleesan Boggin 12-Jul 1825
Edmd Robertston John Margt Hickey Foyle 20-Apr 1825
Edmd Maher Michl Judith Gleesan Courstown 22-Apr 1825
Elizabeth Banks Wm Judith C..ak Brownstown 24-Apr 1825
Mary Fitzgerald Michl Cath Purcell Knocknare 25-Apr 1825
Bridgt Phelan Nichs Mary Phelan Freshford 26-Apr 1825
Bridget Hearn Michl Mary Dowling Boggin 26-Apr 1825
James Kilfoil James Mary Brophy Freshford 29-Apr 1825 Bastd
Bridgt Harohan (or Karohan) Patt Mary Stapleton ?? 29-Apr 1825
Elizabeth Whyte Thos MAry Lalor Tulleroan 06-May 1825
Cathn Butler Wm Margt Campion Freshford 07-May 1825
Edmd Dowling John Mary Clohossy Freshford 07-May 1825
John Hoyne Thos Mary Campion Moonabrouge 08-May 1825
John Shortll Wm Cathn Quinlan Freshford 08-May 1825
Anne Roe Martin Judith Campion Brabstown 08-May 1825
Elizabeth Kelly John Mary Fitzpatrick New England 08-May 1825
Mary Martin James Judith Hanlon Ballydown.. 09-May 1825
Cath Martin James Judith Hanlon Ballydown.. 09-May 1825
Mary Clifford Edmd Judith Bryan Freshford 10-May 1825
Bridgt Fitzpatrick James Betty Fitzpatrick n.g. 12-May 1825
Anne Conway Richd Betty Delany Brabstown 12-May 1825 Bastd
Elizabeth McEvoy James Mary Dowling Rathealy 12-May 1825
Wm Grace Wm Margt Whyte Freshford 12-May 1825
John Martin James Margt Nary Rathmoyle 15-May 1825
Cath Conway Wm Cath Malone Tullaroan 15-May 1825
Thos Costelloe Thos Judith Phelan Boggin 15-May 1825
Edmd Cahill Mathew Cathn Bergin Freshford 21-May 1825
Eleanor Sharp Thos Betty Martin Kilaree 23-May 1825
John Dohany Darby Anty Kee…. Tullaroan 29-May 1825
John Swift John Bridgt Dunn Rathmara 29-May 1825
joana Coman Thos joana Costelloe Uppercourt 31-May 1825
John Gleeson John Mary Dowling Freshford 31-May 1825
Cath Hanahan or Hanrahan Martin Mary Conway Freshford 31-May 1825
Nichs Brenan Larry Mary Butler Rahilly 12-Jun 1825
James Glindon James Margt Dunn Freshford 12-Jun 1825
Thos Dooly Richd Cath Walsh Bootstown 14-Jun 1825
Thos Dunn Michl Betty Lalor Freshford 14-Jun 1825
Mary Phelan Patt Mary Dowling Freshford 19-Jun 1825
Thos Kelly Michl Nelly Rafter Three Castles 23-Jun 1825
Margt Hennessy Thos Mary Dunphy Freshford 23-Jun 1825
John Walsh James Biddy ?Mints Bally…. 24-Jun 1825
John McEvoy James Judith Kilfoil Kile 24-Jun 1825
Peter Bergin James Margt Kelly Freshford 26-Jun 1825
John Swift John Bridget Dunne Rathma.. 29-Jun 1825
Wm Coogan Laur Anty Grace Tulleroan 03-Jul 1825
John Murphy John Ellen Bryan Tulleroan 03-Jul 1825
Mary Phelan Wm Mary Quigly Freshford 04-Jul 1825
Ellen Campion James Mary Malloy Freshford 05-Jul 1825
James Dooly Richd Ellen Bond Freshford 10-Jul 1825
Mary Murphy Philip Bridgt Cahill Freshford 11-Jul 1825
Honor Bow Darby Betty Kenedy Sart 16-Jul 1825
Danl Neal Daniel Honor Neal Lisnalea 17-Jul 1825
Thos Cahill Martin Eleanor Bond Pier…… 17-Jul 1825
Michl Larkin Wm Anty Cody Freshford 18-Jul 1825
Margt Campion Wm Judith Dowling Freshford 20-Jul 1825
James Hoyne John Mary Costelloe Kile St. George 24-Jul 1825
James Power Mathias Cath Kelly Courstown 31-Jul 1825
Cath Kelly Michl Margt Clohosy Tullaroan 31-Jul 1825
Mary Phelan Kyran Margt Lanigan Clashaerow 31-Jul 1825
Mary Dunphy Thos Anne Price Freshford 06-Aug 1825
Judith Maher Nichs Eleanor Darcy New England 11-Aug 1825 Michl
Mary Eagen Wm Bridget Cody Brittas 15-Aug 1825
Eleanor Butler Thos Judith Holohan Ballyphilip 16-Aug 1825
Mary Walsh John Elizabeth Bergin Frenchardstown 22-Aug 1825
Wm Edwards John Eleanor Fogarty Ballydeal 27-Aug 1825
John Cronin David Eleanor Magrath Freshford 27-Aug 1825
Julia Magennis Robt Margt Tyrrell New England 28-Aug 1825
Mary Cahill Michl Bridget Robertson Ballybeth 28-Aug 1825
Bridget Cullen John Rose Key Ballybeth 28-Aug 1825
Wm Fitzgerald James Cath Skeehan Freshford 30-Aug 1825
Michl Kavanagh Wm Honor Dohany Bally?roe 03-Sep 1825
Mary Butler John Honor Brenan Sart 04-Sep 1825
Michl Keefe Wm Margt Phelan Lisnalea 06-Sep 1825
Mary Hackett ?Michl Mary Maher Brittas 06-Sep 1825 Richd
Eleanor Stapleton Michl Cath Butler Brittas 06-Sep 1825
Judith Phelan Nichs Honor Doran Freshford 13-Sep 1825
John Carey John Judith Walsh Freshford 13-Sep 1825
John Marshall Robt Mary Delany Kile 18-Sep 1825
Morgan McEvoy Thos Eleanor Dunphy Courstown 19-Sep 1825
Valentine Kelly James Margt Fitzpatrick Kilaree 20-Sep 1825
Mary Troy James Margt Butler Ballybeth 25-Sep 1825
Mary Hanly James Judith Butler Kile 25-Sep 1825
Patt Dohany Martin Eleanor Dowling Rahely 25-Sep 1825
Bridget Butler Wm Margt McDonald Courstown 25-Sep 1825 Bastard
Richd Shea Michl Ellen Healy Freshford 26-Sep 1825
Thos Gorman Danl Mary Kilfoil Kilrush 01-Oct 1825
James Burke Michl Anne Farrell Freshford 01-Oct 1825
Martin Magrath Edmd Bridget Leary Tullaroan 02-Oct 1825
Michl Delany n.g. Anty Martin Luich 03-Oct 1825
Michl Mansfield Mark Eleanor Fitzgerald Ballylarkin 07-Oct 1825
Cath Cullenan Darby Honor Fanton Whitehall 07-Oct 1825
Mary Delany Laurence Judith Gaffney ?Liss 09-Oct 1825
Sara Ryan John Margt Doyle Freshford 09-Oct 1825
Michl Kerevan Martin Cath Fitzgerald Freshford 09-Oct 1825
John Travers Michl Mary Cahill Freshford 11-Oct 1825
Mary Fitzpatrick John Margt Magannis New England 13-Oct 1825
Cath Walsh James MAry Walsh Freshford 16-Oct 1825
Bridget Cody Patt Eleanor Dempsy Tullaroan 16-Oct 1825
Eleanor Keefe Peirse Eleanor Fairbrother Freshford 16-Oct 1825
Cath Quirk Nichs Mary Morris Freshford 18-Oct 1825
Michl Dowling Wm Mary Casey Paul?back 18-Oct 1825
Martin Duggan Phil Mary Cor?mic Tullaroan 24-Oct 1825
Wm Du?nn Wm Bridgt Magrath Moonam…… 28-Oct 1825
Anty Connors Daniel Mary Brophy Ballybeth 30-Oct 1825
Mary Maher Edmd Cath Murphy Ballybeth 30-Oct 1825 John
Daniel Kelly Phil Eleanor Lanigan Ballybeth 30-Oct 1825
Eleanor Grace Patt Anne Clohossy Rahely 30-Oct 1825
Anty Delany Timothy Honor Maher Luich 06-Nov 1825 James
Peter Holohan James Eleanor Doyle Freshford 06-Nov 1825 Bastard
James Buckly John Mary Walsh Ballybeth 06-Nov 1825
Michl Hoynes Patt Mary Laherty Courstown 06-Nov 1825
Elizabeth Read James Bridget Brenan Freshford 06-Nov 1825
Martin Power Patt Cath Stapleton Three Castles 13-Nov 1825
Martin Dillon Thos Anty Ryan Ballybeth 13-Nov 1825
Martin Butler John Cath Phelan Ballybeth 13-Nov 1825
Mary Walsh Michl Margt Hoyne Ballyphilip 15-Nov 1825
MAry Larkin Richd Cath McEvoy Ballylarkin 20-Nov 1825
James Shortall Oliver Cath Tracy Kincelstown 20-Nov 1825
Richd Dalton Michl Cath Connell Sart 21-Nov 1825
Eleanor Phelan John Mary Dawson Freshford 22-Nov 1825
Martin Keough John Bridget Butler Kilaree 23-Nov 1825
Michl ?Feahan or Teahan Edmd Eleanor Maher Gurtnagap 27-Nov 1825 Michl
Thos Ryan Phil Honor Talbot Freshford 27-Nov 1825
Cath Doyle James Elizabeth Petres Freshford 29-Nov 1825
Cath Fanton Mathias Anne Costelloe Reameen 02-Dec 1825
Eleanor Brenan Wm Mary Butler Sart 02-Dec 1825
Edmd McNamara Michl Mary Kenedy Kilrush 04-Dec 1825
Anne Dowling Nichs Cath Knavsboro Earls Bog 06-Dec 1825
Patt Magrath Wm Judith Hennessy Ballyphilip 08-Dec 1825
Anne Clohossy John Cath Fantan Picketstown 09-Dec 1825 Bastard
Thos Dunn John Mary Fanton Freshford 09-Dec 1825
Ally Fogarty James Honor Hogan Rathmacan 13-Dec 1825
John Costelloe Michl Mary Lodge Moonabrougen 18-Dec 1825
Michl DArgan Peirse Judith Cody Sart 18-Dec 1825
Ally Quigly Patt Betty Bradley n.g. 18-Dec 1825 Bastard
James Burke Andrew Mary Roony Boggan 18-Dec 1825
Mary Dowling James Mary Delany Thubberlacteen 23-Dec 1825
Cath Fitzpatrick Thos Honor Young Reameen 25-Dec 1825
Patt Delany Michl Mary Holden Three Castles 27-Dec 1825
Thos Whyte Martin Anty Costelloe Rahealy 30-Dec 1825

Baptism Records, Freshford, Co. Kilkenny, 1777-80

These may seem a bit confusing BUT they come from the early set of records I was working with this week and those records are represented at a later date on the film so I’d have to go look at the later set to see if there are any differences.

There were only a few pages that could be read with 1777 records on them, I managed to read one record for March and then some for November and then the film was just too difficult to work with and faded.

All of 1780 has been transcribed as I read it in this set of parish records.  Please read my other posts about Freshford parish records in order that you will understand why I talk about two different sets of records on the microfilm.

The records are in English and placenames are given.  All spellings are as I read them, questionmarks indicate that I had a problem with the reading and give the name as best I saw it spelled.  I have not interfered with the spellings as I read them.

Name Surname Father Mother if given S. Mother Place Date Year
Bridget Costelloe Jams Eliz ?Farrill Freshford 04-Nov 1777
Cathr Delany Michl Eleanor Kavanagh R???? 01-Nov 1777
Cath Fitzgerald ?Simon Eliz Stapleton Freshford ?? 1777
?? Quigly Jno Mary Costelloe Freshford 06-Jul 1777
Mary Stapleton Richd Mary Brett 3 Castles 03-Nov 1777
Margt ?? ?? Mary ?Clear Mmoonab?? 14-Jan 1780
Mary Clear? ?? Mary Brien Freshford 17-Jan 1780
Ed Corcoran? Jno Mary Corcoran Ballylarkin 15-Feb 1780
Elizabeth Fian? Jno Mary Phelan Freshford 03-Apr 1780
Wil Phelan? Michl Margt Cody ?Saard 21-Jan 1780
Mary Brady Dens Margt McDanl New ?England 08-Feb 1780
John Brennan Tom Cathr Dooling Rahelty 02-Apr 1780
Joan Brennan Nichls Bridget McCoy Ballynamara 19-Apr 1780
Tom Burke Tom Bridget Fitzgerald Freshford 02-Mar 1780
Margarett Cahill Jno Mary Gl?ishin? Kyle 24-Apr 1780
Joan Coggy William Honor Delany Bballydaniel 02-Apr 1780
Michl Corigan Michl Cathr Comeford Ballylarkin 19-Jan 1780
Mary Costelloe Jams Margt Farrell Freshford 02-Apr 1780
Joan Costelloe William Mary Delany N.g. 23-Apr 1780
Anstice Dalton Mathew Anstice Wall 3 Castles 16-Apr 1780
Jno Delany Pat Brittas 20-Feb 1780
Patt Dooling Tom Cathrin Delany Kahely 19-Jan 1780
Patt Doran Jno Mary Melvin Clinstown 09-Apr 1780
Anne Dowdle Jno Mary Booden 3 Castles 10-Apr 1780
Anstice Dunne Luke Mary Looby Ballydooles 10-Apr 1780
Mary Finan Kyran Cathr Dooling Ballylarkin 05-Apr 1780
Margt Fleming Pat Anstice Wallace Oldhouse 12-Jan 1780
Mary Grace William Mary Cahill ?Kerreen 02-Mar 1780
Margt Hanlan Ppatt Cathr Delany Coolishill 09-Apr 1780
Tom Henesy Jno Honr Doghny Ballyroe 24-Jan 1780
Joan Henesy Jno Mary Henesy Huntstown 15-Apr 1780
Patt Horahan Tom Mary Byrne Freshford March 1780
?Patience Jackman Patt Susanna Fitzgerald Freshford 05-Mar 1780
Jams Kavanagh Jams Honer Foley Bally?? 03-Jan 1780
James Keating Edmd Cahtrin ?Kemple B?? 18-Jan 1780
Elizabeth Kelly Jams Honor Phelan Kilaree March 1780
Patt Keoghan Wilm Mary Thracey Cooleshill March 1780
Bridgt Lannan Jno Mary Power Barnaglefran 28-Jan 1780
Helena Maher Willm Helen Fitzpk Freshford 13-Mar 1780
Bridgt Mahony Will Mary Kylfoile Freshford 22-Jan 1780
Elizebth McDaniel ?Simon Cathr Poor New England March 1780
Elizabeth McDaniel Jno Mary White Rahelty March 1780
Mary McGrath Michl Bridgt Hickey Rahelty 08-Mar 1780
Patt Neale Wiliam Cathr Dunne Lisnaclea March 1780
Thoms Phelan Pat Margt Hackett ?Saard 09-Mar 1780
H?onor Ryan Dens Winifred Keoghan Freshford 21-Jan 1780
Cathr Tinan Tom Mary Dooling Freshford 28-Jan 1780
Thoms White ?Pierce Cathr Brophy Freshford 23-Apr 1780

Baptism Records, Freshford, Co. Kilkenny, 1805-06

I seem to only have some placenames added in for this set of records and I’m afraid at this stage I don’t know if it was a case of me deciding it was too much work or if placenames were only given for some children!  I’m sorry about that.  I’d assume, knowing myself that if I had decided to only take some then I would have written a note on my document and I didn’t do that.

These are all the records for 1805 and 1806 according to the set of records I was working with. The last date for 1806 was 24th August, 1806 and the next entry in the books was dated March 15th, 1807.

Name Surname Father  Mother name M Surname Date Year Place
Bridget Brennan John Anne Walsh 24-Sep 1805
Wm Cahill Patt Eleanor Hickey 12-Jun 1805
Judith Campion Jno Cath Hely 14-Jan 1805 Monabrague
Joane Carey Pierse Eleanor Cleary 13-Aug 1805 Freshford
Honor Clohissy Luke Anne Fitzgerald 27-Mar 1805
Eleanor Coady James Margt Delany 10-Nov 1805
Edmd Cody Robert Anne Walsh 21-Jan 1805 Crow?seele
Thos Connell Michl Joan Phelan 05-Jan 1805 ?Kilaree ot Tularee
Richd Connell James Mary Walsh 14-Feb 1805 Sart?
Richd Conway Edmd Eleanor Walsh 19-Nov 1805
Richd Cuddy Michl Anne McDonnell 03-May 1805
Timothy Dowling Wm Mary McGrath 12-Feb 1805
James Dowling Michl Annst Dermody 25-Aug 1805 Freshford
Elinnor Dowling John Anne Burke 26-Sep 1805
James Dwyer Willm Joan Grace 23-Feb 1805
Bridget Dwyer Wm Joan Grace 23-Feb 1805
Bridget Fanning Michl Rose ?Kelly 10-Feb 1805 Ballydonll
James Fitzpatrick Wm Cath Brenan 06-May 1805
Bridget Glendon Thos Mary Sexton 23-Sep 1805
John Glennan Patt Anastaee ?Keohan 22-Sep 1805
Edmd Hickey James Bridget Brenan 05-May 1805
Robert Holden Patt Anne Grace 17-Feb 1805 Three Castles
Philip Horohan Martin Cathe Butler 24-Sep 1805 Freshford
Philip Horohan Martin Cath Butler 24-Sep 1805
Mary Houghney John Mary Dowling 14-Jun 1805
Margt Hoyne Francis Honor Fitzpatrick 04-Jan 1805 Freshford
Mary Hoyne Wm Eleanor San?dford 18-Jan 1805 Rathmoyle
Thos Hoyne Martin Bridget Fitzpatrick 30-Apr 1805
Elizabeth Hoyne John Mary Maher 04-Nov 1805 Moonibrougue
Cath Jourdan John Bridget ?Dinison 13-Jan 1805 Clashacrow
John Kelly Malachy Mary Downey 20-Jun 1805
Margaret Kelly? Danl Joane Younge 27-May 1805
Patrick Kirby? James Mary ?Dawly 23-Feb 1805
James Lalor Michl Mary Clohissy 22-Jan 1805 Rathmoyle
James Larkin John Anne Corrigan 01-May 1805
Adalaide Maher John Alicia Murray 16-Jul 1805 Freshford
Adalaide Maher John Alicia Murray 16-Jul 1805 Freshford
Thos McAvoy Edmd Bridget Corrigan 03-Nov 1805
Patrick O’Hara Nichs Cath Phelan 31-Mar 1805
Mary Phelan Patt Mary Grace 03-Feb 1805 ??
Michl Phelan Patt Sara Lodge 08-Feb 1805 Freshford
Joane Phelan Thos Anast Cliare 05-May 1805
Margaret Phelan Edmd Mary ?Dunne 19-May 1805
James Purtell Roger Mary Darcy 10-Nov 1805
Nichs Quigley Pierse Cath Nowlan 28-Jan 1805 ….town
Cathe Quigley? Mark Judith Cunningham 10-Mar 1805 Freshford
Cath Quigley? Mark Judith Cunningham 10-Mar 1805
Jno Tuohan? Wm Mary Fitzpatrick 26-May 1805
Thos Tynan Patt Eleanor Meany 06-Feb 1805 Ballydoole
Nichs Walsh Thos Mary ?Feelan 07-Jan 1805 Freshford
Margt Walsh Thos Mary Mallone 11-Aug 1805 ?Trencherstown
Patrick Younge Patrick Mary Dowling 05-May 1805
James Brenan Nichs Honor Brady 25-Sep 1806
Catharine Butler Edmd Cath Duggan 07-Apr 1806
Eleanor Cleere James Juliana Duggan 07-Apr 1806
Richd Clifford James Catharine Hoyne 15-Jan 1806
Mary Delany Jno Joane Fogarty 22-Sep 1806
Mary Dermody Denis Elizabeth Phelan 01-Apr 1806
Michl Doran Danl Catharine Phelan 01-Jan 1806 Freshford
Mary Duggan Patt Joane Durney 11-Jan 1806
Mathew Duggan Philip Mary Cormuck 11-Dec 1806
Darby Fogarty James Elenor Dargan 02-Aug 1806
Joana Guiltinan James Anne Holohan 22-Jun 1806
Bridget Heany Patk Mary Grace 10-Aug 1806
John Henesy Edmd Joane Cleere 01-Apr 1806 Kilaree
Sarah Henesy Edmd Cath Dowling 17-May 1806
Mary Howlahan Philip Judith Bray 07-Aug 1806
Eleanor Howlahan James Cath Loughman 11-Aug 1806
Mary Kealy Patk Mary Mulhall 10-Aug 1806
Mary Lalor James Mary ?Dunne 01-Jan 1806
James Lalor Richd Mary Carroll 20-Feb 1806
Honor Maher Richd Bridget ?Marnell 17-May 1806 Ballydonnell
Thos Nowlan Nichs Mary Ryan 02-Aug 1806 Ballagh
Mary Phelan Wm Catherine Walsh 02-Feb 1806
Cath Purcel Martin Mary Casey 14-Dec 1806
Michl Rielley Pat Mary Delany 30-Aug 1806
John Ryan John Margaret Phelan 19-Jan 1806
Mary Ryan Thomas Honor Hely 17-Mar 1806
Patt Wall Thomas Cath McAvoy 30-Mar 1806
Michl Walsh Jno Judith Clohessy 24-Aug 1806

Baptism Records, Freshford, Co. Kilkenny, 1800-01

These records are from my older transcription of Freshford Roman Catholic Baptisms.

These records are in English and a placename is given.  I have transcribed all of the names for 1800 and then I was looking for surnames Blanchfield, Shee/Shea, Trihy/Treahy and Maher or Meagher.  I have not yet seen another copy of these records

Name Surname Father Mother M Surname date Year Place
Margaret ?? Patt Sally Price 06-Apr 1800 ?Brabs?town?
Ba?rtolomew ?? Patt Bridget Walsh 06-Apr 1800 New England
Mary Bartly Willm Cathne Kilfoile 14-Sep 1800 Garanamana
Edmond Beetston? James Nancy Finilly 11-May 1800 Tullarone
Patt Bond Patrick Mary Tynan 20-Dec 1800
Mary Brady James Margaret Fitzgerald 20-Sep 1800 Rathhealy
Robert Brazill James Mary Shee 22-Sep 1800 Foile
Mary Brenan James Mary Walsh 06-Jun 1800 Saart
Martin Brenan James Margt Kennedy 17-Nov 1800 Freshford
Mary Brouder James Honora D?… 09-Apr 1800
John Buggy Willm Mary Currin 05-Jun 1800 Rathmoile
Mary Bulger Patt Bridget Brouder 29-Mar 1800 Freshford
Timothy Burch John Mary H?? 24-May 1800 ??Freshford
Edmond Burke Edmond Mary Purcell 24-May 1800 Three Castles
John Cahill Richd Cathne Horohan 05-Dec 1800 Ballylarkin
Thomas Cahill Thomas Elizabeth Grace 15-Dec 1800
Eleanor Cahill Patrick Margt Doyle 21-Dec 1800
Judith Cain Michl Honora ?Staplton 17-May 1800 Freshford
Margaret Cantfill Wm. Cathrine ?? 12-14 April 1800 ?Freshford
Elizabeth Carty? John Mary ?Hilan 12-14 April 1800 ?Freshford
John Clear Patt Honora 11-Apr 1800 Brown??
Michael Clohosy John Mary Dargan 20-Sep 1800 ?Earlsbog
Catharine Closesy John Mary Brenan 14-Apr 1800 Balli?soer
Philip Comoford John Margt Mulowney 05-Nov 1800 Courtstown Hill
Cathne Comoford Garret n.g. 27-Nov 1800 Clomanto
Mary Coyne Francis Honor Fitzpatrick 05-Dec 1800
John Croak John Cathrine Carroll 15-May 1800 Bally?larken
Margt Dalton Michl Mary Dooley 09-Jun 1800 Ballydooley
Edmd Dalton James Honor Clear 26-Dec 1800
Michl Darby Dunn Bridget Ry… 30-Apr 1800 Freshford
Ellen Delany Michl ?Nancy Henesy 12-14 April 1800 Leaugh
Anne Delany John Margt ?Flinn 18-Jul 1800 Freshford
Cathre Dillancey? Martin Cathne Dunne 20-Jun 1800 Clssnagreen or Clapsnagreen!
Cathne Dillon Michl n.g. 25-Nov 1800 Cla?snagawne
Timothy Doheny John Betty Joyce 03-Nov 1800 Liss
James Dooley Michael Eleanor Glinden 02-Aug 1800 n.g.
Michael Doran John Cathr Horohan 03-May 1800 Freshford
James Dowling John Mary Murphy 27-Apr 1800 Wallstown
John Duggan James Mary Heffernan 20-Sep 1800 Ballyroe
Cathne Dunne Kyran Cathne Cormick 26-Dec 1800
Cathrine Fannen? Michl Judith Cahil 26-Apr 1800 Ballydoole
Sarah Fannin Michl Roce Kelly 08-Sep 1800 Ballydonnel Hill
Edmond Fitzpatrick Wm. Cathrine Brenan 27/4? 1800 Sart?
Margt Fitzpatrick Edmond Ellis Corrogan 03-Aug 1800 Rathmican
Edmond Fitzpatrick Patrick Eleanor Henessy 19-Aug 1800 Balliroe
Cathne Fleming Thomas Mary Fleming 30-Oct 1800 n.g.
Mary Fogarty Philip Eliza Eagan 06-May 1800 Rathmi..an
Mary Fox Thomas Betty Cashin 20-Sep 1800 Ballydoole
Mary Glinden Thos Mary Sexton 10-Aug 1800 Ballylarken
James Glinden Kyran Bridget Carty 12-Oct 1800 n.g.
James Glindon Thos Cathne Kealy 10-Jul 1800 Freshford
Mary Gorman Dennis Elizabeth Philips 28-Oct 1800 Brittas
John Gorman? Michl ?? Delany 06-Apr 1800 ?Archerstown
Judith Grace John Margaret Butler 21-May 1800 Ballinamara
John Grace Pierce Mary Butler 17-Jun 1800 Garanamanagh
James Grace James Eleanor Ke….? 26-Jun 1800 Freshford
Timothy Grace Richd Mary Doheny 20-Jul 1800 Liss
Mary Grace Mark Margt Dunne 31-Aug 1800 Freshford
Patrick Grace James Mary Conway 05-Nov 1800 n.g.
Cathne Grace James Judith Doheny 06-Nov 1800 Liss
Ellen Harden Wm. Cathrine Kelly 02-May 1800 Tullon
?Martin Healy Patrick Ellen Bowden 10-May 1800 Garnamana
Matthew Henecy Michl William (sic) Morris 09-Nov 1800 Liss
Dennis Hickey John Margt Ryan 08-Jul 1800 Nocknamuck
James Holoen Nicholas Judith Kohoe 11-Aug 1800 Ballinamara
Catharine Horahan Michl ?nelly Hoalahan 27-Dec 1800
James Houlahan James Cathne Loughman 28-Aug 1800 Garanamanagh
Ann Hoyne ?Lacton ?Ann ?Kohan 06-Apr 1800 ??
Patrick Jackman John Maty Fitzpatrick 17-Apr 1800 Freshford
?Darby Jourdan? ?Patt Honora Walsh 21-Apr 1800 Garinamana?
Mary Jurdan John ?Anty Kilfoil 20-Apr 1800 Tullarone
Michl Kealy Richd Honor Quigly 13-Jun 1800 Freshford
Mary Kelly Peter Mary Kelly 20-Apr 1800 ?Tullarone
John Kelly Richard Margaret Delany 24-Aug 1800 Oldtown
Jeremiah Kelly Jno Margaret Grace 15-Aug 1800 Brillas
Cathne Kennedy John Judith Campion 12-Nov 1800 Lisnelea
Mary Kief Patt Ellen Houlding 17-May 1800 ??
Elizabeth Kohan William Mary Fitzpatrick 02-Jun 1800 Cooleshill
John Laffan Kyran Cathne Bearde 14-Sep 1800 Three Castles
Mary Lanagan Andrew Margt Clohosy 11-Aug 1800 Barnaglissawn
Nicholas Lawlor Nicholas Mary Shea 15-Apr 1800 Newtown
Edmond Malone Morgan Mary Doherty 04-Aug 1800 Lisnelea
Walter Mansfield James Cathrine Codehy 29-Mar 1800 Crophill
Lawrence Martin Lawrence Ellen ?Donnolly 27-Mar 1800 ?Thillarce or Killarce?
Cathne Martin John Catharine Fannin 07-Nov 1800 Freshford
William Maurice Patt Mary Henecy 07-Jun 1800 Liss
Mary Maurice ?Edmd Cathne Walsh 24-Jun 1800 n.g.
Margt McEvoy John Bridget Hogan 28-Sep 1800 n.g.
Bridget McEvoy Daniel Judith Murphy 11-Nov 1800 Freshford
John Meagher Denis Mary Connors 16-May 1800 ?Ropeen
Edmond Meaher Thomas Cathne Brenan 06-Dec 1800 Huntstown
Cornelius Michael Meagher Cathne Feehan 06-Aug 1800 Rathmican
Thomas Morris James Cathne Walsh 28-Dec 1800
Elizabeth Neile Daniel Mary Fling 24-Aug 1800 Lisnelea
Richd Nowlan Nicholas Mary Ryan 28-Oct 1800 Ballagh Cloneen
Catharine O’Hara Daniel Mary Walsh 14-Sep 1800 Ballylarken
James Phelan Patrick Mary Phelan 27-Oct 1800 n.g.
Willm Quealy Michl Alice Horohan 29-Aug 1800 Garanamana
James Rafter Hen Judith 10-Apr 1800 Rath?liss
Anne Reade John n.g. 15-Aug 1800 Freshford
John Reade John Mary Curren 05-Nov 1800 Garranamana
Edmond Roberts James Eleanor Fogarty 31-Oct 1800 Ballybeagh
Darby Roth John Eleanor Dargan 03-Oct 1800 Rathmican
Timothy Shea ?Michl Mary Dunn 26-Apr 1800 Freshford
John Slattery John Mary Coogan 22-Sep 1800 n.g.
Michael Stapleton Thomas Mary Costigan 24-Jul 1800 Garanamanagh
Margaret Tynan Wm. Ellen Lawlor 20-May 1800 Freshford
Elizabeth Tynan Willm Cathne Woods 07-Nov 1800 Freshford
Bridgt Wallace James Winifred Ryan 14-Dec 1800
Philip Walsh John Judith Close?hey 22-May 1800 Rath?eola
Margt Walsh John Mary ?Lerman 09-Jun 1800 n.g.
John Walsh James Margt Darmody 07-Jul 1800 Three Castles
Mary Walsh Thomas Eleanor Neile 24-Aug 1800 Tullaroan
Judith White Thos Cathrine Fitzpatrick 14-Apr 1800 ?Foil
Timothy Young James Cathne Cashin 21-Dec 1800
John Akins Thomas Judith Trihy 25-Jan 1801
John Akins Thomas Judith Trihy 12-Sep 1801 Ballybeagh
Bridget Banaan Michl Mary Darcey 18-Jan 1801
Laurence Brenan Nicholas Margt Tobin 14-May 1801 ?Sart
William Browne Patt Mary Shee 10-May 1801 Balli?tarson
Willm Cashin James Mary McDaniel 21-Jan 1801
John Coggy Patt Eleanor Maher 06-May 1801 3 Castles
George Comerford Philip Mary Maher 07-Nov 1801 Gurtnagap
John Conners Michl Eleanor Maher 01-Aug 1801 Ballybeag
Thomas Conway Edmond Neley Walsh 17-Jul 1801 La?tes
Thomas Delany Martin Bridget Corcoran 15-Jan 1801
Mary Glenan Patrick Anastatia Keoghan 18-Jan 1801 Three Castles
James Hoyne John Mary Meagher 15-Aug 1801 Moonamrogee.?
Cathrne Kelly William Anne Kelly 15-Dec 1801 Tullaroan
Anty Lanagan Patrick Judith Keefe 14-Jan 1801
John Maher Willm Eleanor Grace 03-May 1801 Moonavodrue
Mary Maher Michl Mary Holohan 15-Aug 1801 Courtstown
Catharine Maher Mathias Judy Buckley 10-Sep 1801 Wallstown
Mary Maher Mathias Margt Cashin 20-Sep 1801 Rathmiean
Honor Maurice Richd Mary ?Lahut 02-Jun 1801 Gurnaga?pny
Peter Mehan Pierce Bridget Shee 17-Jul 1801 Tullaroan
Margaret Rooney Peter Anty Maher 15-Jan 1801 Rathmican
Patrick Sheahan Martin Biddy Clohosey 22-Jan 1801 Ballyroe
James Shee Richard Margt Burke 15-Oct 1801 Ballybeagh
Edmond Thomas Meaher Cathrne Brenan 06-Jan 1801 Huntstown
John Traverse John Margt Cashin 19-Jan 1801
Michl Trihy John Cathne Darmody 19-Jan 1801
Eleanor Trihy Joseph Mary Lynch 11-Jun 1801 Bally?beagh
Richd William Kelly Elizabeth Young 15-Mar 1801 Brittas

Baptism Records, Freshford, Co. Kilkenny, 1773-75

According to my notes Roman Catholic Parish records for Freshford begin on Jan 12th, 1773 and it just so happens that when I went looking at these records on the first day this week I had forgotten to move a copy of the records that I had from my old computer to my laptop.

So, when I got to the records I couldn’t read the first few pages, 1775 was the first year I could read.

The records are a movable feast!  I began working at 1775, got what seem to be very few records for 1776, then went on to 1788, then they went back to 1786 and then into 1787.  I just kept transcribing away at whatever I could read.

These records for the most part do not contain the name of the mother, they are in English, Name of child, name of father, placename and date.  EXCEPT when I got home after my second day of transcribing and when I went to my old records I found I had already worked this section of these parish registers AND the section I had worked previously HAD the name of the mother!

I have combined both sets of records into one file BECAUSE the last thing that I have noticed is that both sets are different.  The set of records I worked which had the mother’s name seems to have other names as well, that is names not included in the records I transcribed over the last few days.

I do realise that this may seem confusing for those of you who think that this is all a very simple job of just transcribing what you see, but, if I put up one set of records then you will wonder where your record that you know should be in these records are or you would wonder why there are extra records.

I can only assume that someone made a transcription of the hand written notes and the first time I worked these records it was with the transcription which definitely would have been much easier to read.

In some ways, these records may seem confusing because I actually have a place name in the area where I would or should have had the mothers name for some of them.  The references with no mothers name are the ones I transcribed this week.  If the name is repeated and then includes a Mother’s name then that comes from the set of records I transcribed in the past.  The set of records taken this week has a number in the area where there should have been a place, that number represents the page I was working on.  I actually have different numbers for the earlier set of records.

I did not manage to read any record for 1772

Name Surname Father Mother M Surname date Year Place
Mary Branick? Jno Margt ?Hyne 30-Apr 1775 New ?England
Margt Brenan Nicholas n.g. n.g. 18-Jun 1775 Walstown
Danl Brenan James n.g. n.g. 01-Oct 1775 Freshford
Danl Brenan James Freshford 01-Oct 1775 1
Mary Britt John n.g. n.g. 22-Oct 1775 Oldtown
Mary Britt John Oldtown 22-Oct 1775 2
Honor Burke ?John n.g. n.g. 05-Jun 1775 Three Castles
Richd Butler Jams Sara Nichols 26-Dec 1775 Curragh Skateen
Richd Butler James Curragh Skateen 26-Dec 1775 3
John Clahasy ?James n.g. n.g. 25-Jun 1775 Ballydooly
Lar Connor John n.g. n.g. 16-Dec 1775 Brittas
Lar Connor John Brittas 14-Dec 1775 3
Tim Cormack James n.g. n.g. 07-Jun 1775 Ballynamara
Michl Dalton Patt n.g. n.g. 12-Nov 1775 ?Iaand
Michl Dalton Patt ?Ioand 12-Nov 1775 2
?Daniel Darcy Jno n.g. n.g. 18-Jun 1775 Bra?lktown
Cathrine Delany Danl n.g. n.g. 07-Jun 1775 Oldtown
Margt Dooling Tim n.g. n.g. 20-Jun 1775 Rathmoile
Mary Dooling Patt n.g. n.g. 18-Sep 1775 3 Castles
Mary Dooling Patt 3 casles 18-Sep 1775 1
Cath Dooly Michl n.g. n.g. 19-Nov 1775 Bootstown
Edmd Dooly Patrick n.g. n.g. 10-Dec 1775 ?Saard
Cath Dooly Michl ?Bootstown 19-Nov 1775 2
Edmd Dooly Patrick ?Saard 10-Dec 1775 3
Cath Doyle ?Nicholas n.g. n.g. 29-Jun 1775 Freshford
Patricia Fitzgerald Thomas Margaret Doyle 21-Nov 1773 Freshford
Michl Fitzgerald Martin n.g. n.g. 02-Oct 1775 Rathmoile
Michl Fitzgerald Martin Rathmoile 02-Oct 1775 1
Margarett Fitzpatrick John n.g. n.g. 20-Dec 1775 Freshford
Margarett Fitzpatrick John Freshford 20-Dec 1775 3
Joan Grace Robt Margret Brennan 16-Jan 1773 Gariboy
?Joseph & Cath Grace Patt Anne Vaughton 10-May 1775 Freshford
Margt Grace Ricd Elizth Butler 15-May 1775 Brittas
Sara Grace Thoms n.g. n.g. 05-Jun 1775 Bally?daniel
Phil Grace Patt n.g. n.g. 06-Jun 1775 Garranamanagh
Michl Grace Robert n.g. n.g. 02-Oct 1775 Earlsbog
Edmd Grace John n.g. n.g. 30-Nov 1775 Tullow
Michl Grace Robert Earlsbog 02-Oct 1775 1
Edmd Grace John Tullow 30-Nov 1775 2
James Hanifield? William Helen Haly ?3/8 1773 ?Foley ?ford
n.g. Harney n.g. n.g. n.g. 15-Oct 1775 Newtown
Not given Harney Not given Newtown 15-Oct 1775 1
Jno Henesy Willm n.g. n.g. 18-Jun 1775 Leugh
Richd Henesy John n.g. n.g. 29-Oct 1775 Huntstown
Richd Henesy John Huntstown 29-Oct 1775 2
Patt Hoghny Thady n.g. n.g. 26-Sep 1775 Freshford
Patt Hoghny Thady Freshford 26-Sep 1775 1
Cathrine Hoyne Timothy n.g. n.g. 14-Dec 1775 Tulloroan
Cathrine Hoyne Timothy Tullaroan 14-Dec 1775 3
Bridgt Hoynes Tim Joan Morris 18-May 1775 L?iss
Anne Jackman Martin n.g. n.g. 04-Oct 1775 Freshford
Anne Jackman Martin Freshford 04-Oct 1775 1
Helen Joordan Jas Anne Menoge 27-Apr 1775 Newtown
Honor Kavanagh James n.g. n.g. 21-Jul 1775 Ballybegh
John Kealy Edmd Mary Archer 27-May 1775 Walstown
Mathew Kealy Richd n.g. n.g. 29-Oct 1775 Freshford
Mathew Kealy Richd Freshford 29-Oct 1775 2
William Kelly William n.g. n.g. 14-Dec 1775 ?Saard
William Kelly William ?Saard 14-Dec 1775 3
Bridgt Laffin James Anne Connore 21-May 1775 Brittas
Will Lawless Nichs n.g. n.g. 26-Nov 1775 ?Kilaree
Will Lawless Richd Kilaree 26-Nov 1775 2
Helen & Honor Maher Nichls n.g. n.g. 17-Sep 1775 Boggan
Helen Mahon Nichs Boggan 17-Sep 1775 1
Honore Mahon Nichs Boggan 17-Sep 1775 1
Lar Martin John n.g. n.g. 10-Dec 1775 Ballydoole
Lar Martin John Ballydoole 10-Dec 1775 3
Elizabeth Mc?boy Murtagh n.g. n.g. 14-Sep 1775 Ballycloneen
?James McDa?niel Jno n.g. n.g. 12-Jun 1775 Rath?healy
Cathr McGe(?nnis) Hugh ?Saard 16-Dec 1775 3
Cathr. McGennis Hugh n.g. n.g. 16-Dec 1775 ?Saard
Bridgt McGrath Michl n.g. n.g. 07-Jun 1775 Rathmoile
Mary McMahon Will Mary Kilfoile 25-May 1775 Kilrush
Edward McNaun John n.g. n.g. 08-Oct 1775 Freshford
Edward McNaun John Freshford 08-Oct 1775 1
Elizabeth M’Coy? Murtagh Ballycloneen 14-Sep 1775 1
?Eliz Morris John Cath ?Coss 12-Jan 1773 ?….igrove
Mary Mulrowney John Elizth Brett 01-Jun 1775 Oldtown
William Murphy Wm. Elizth Phelan 24-Jan 1773 Garanamanagh
James Murphy John n.g. n.g. 22-Oct 1775 Tullaroan
James Murphy John Tullaroan 22-Oct 1775 2
Sara n.g. n.g. n.g. 26-Jun 1775 Newtown
Kyran Neal Will n.g. n.g. 04-Jun 1775 Ballyclogh
Darby Phelan Lar. n.g. n.g. 30-Oct 1775 Freshford
Darby Phelan Lars Freshford 30-Oct 1775 2
Jno Purcell ?Jno ?Helen Lynch 29-Jan 1773 Rathmoile
Dennis Quigly Nichls n.g. n.g. 25-Jun 1775 Liss
David Ranley or Kanley? Wm. Mary Lalor 29-Jan 1773 Freshford
Cath. Realy? Michl ?Mary Brow?n 11-Oct 1773 Freshford
Joan Ryan Will n.g. n.g. 25-Jun 1775 ?Huntstown
Jno Shortall Nichls n.g. n.g. 24-Jun 1775 Freshford
Jams Skehan John n.g. n.g. 22-Jul 1775 Freshford
Cathrine Smith Will n.g. n.g. 07-Nov 1775 Br?iscoloe
Cathrine Smith Will Bris?coloe 07-Nov 1775 2
Jno Staplton? James Mary Brooke 27-Apr 1775 ?Drakes
Edmd Thracy? Luke n.g. n.g. 22-Nov 1775 Cooleishill
Edmd Thracy? Luke Cooleishil 22-Nov 1775 2
Mary Vesy John n.g. n.g. 23-Oct 1775 Kilrush
Mary Vesy John Kilrush 23-Oct 1775 2
Andrew Walsh Nicholas Cath Campion 15-May 1775 Balinn…?
Helen Young John n.g. n.g. 14-Oct 1775 Freshford
Helen Young John Freshford 14-Oct 1775 1