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Blog: The Vatican, Report & Photographs

Day two in Rome and we went to the Vatican.

Again I have lots of photographs here, what can you say about the Vatican. It is incredible, everywhere you turn there is something that you have to photograph.

We took a tour which is a good idea for anyone as you don’t ‘queue’ to get into The Vatican – you go in the back door with all the other tour groups.  The queue to get into the Vatican can be seen in these photographs.

We went in the morning, but our tour was later than that.  The only thing I can say about the visit is that there were too many people towards the end of our tour, you could hardly get to see anything you were trying to look at.  It’s a bit hard when you are only 5′ tall as I am!

For me the most important bit was our visit to the Pope tombs.

Papal Transport

Inside the Vatican


Papal tombs

Blog: Rome, Italy – The Colosseum & Roman Quarter

I went on a holiday to Rome with my friend Patsy – and let me tell you, she’d walk the hind legs off a donkey. Day one – we left Dublin at 6.30am, by afternoon, she’d walked me to the Colosseum and then, before we went in there, we walked around the ‘Roman quarter’ Don’t get me wrong when I talk about Patsy walking me from A to B, I had the most wonderful holiday. My arthritis did not agree with the walking, that’s all.

I’ll leave the photos and let you do the thinking.