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An Extraordinary Will

An esteemed correspondent favours us with the following. John Langly, an Englishman who settled in Ireland, where he died, left the following extraordinary will:-

“I, John Lanley, born at Wincanton, in Somerset-shire,and settled in Ireland in the year 1651, now in my right mind and wits, do make my will in my own handwriting. I do leave all my house, goods and farm at Black Kettle of 253 acres to my son, commonly called ‘Stubborn Jack,’ to him and his heirs for ever, provided he marries a Protestant, but not Alice Kenrick, who called me ;Oliver’s whelp.’ My new buckskin breeches and my silver tobacco stopper with ‘J.L.’ on the top I give to Richard Richards, my com-rade who helped me off at the storming of Clonmel when I was shot through the leg. My said son John shall keep my body above ground six days and six nights after I am dead ; and Grace Kendrick shall lay me out, who shall have for so doing five shillings. My body shall be put upon the oak table in the brown room, and fifty Irishmen shall be invited to my wake and every one shall have two quarts of best acqua vitae, and each one skein, dish, and knife before him, and when the liquor is out nail up the coffin, and commit me to the earth whence I came. This is my will ; witness my hand this 3rd of March, 1674. “John Langley”

Some of Langley’s friends, before his death, asked him why he would be at such expense treating the Irishmen whom he hated? He replied, that if they got drunk at his wake they would probably get to fighting, and kill one another, which would do some-thing towards lessening the breed !