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Baptism Records, Kilbeacanty/Kilveconty, Co. Galway, 1855

Baptisms: Aug 6th, 1854 – Jan 7th, 1881

NLI pos. 2442
LDS BFA: 0979692 item 3

The names of the children baptised, their parents when given, and adults ‘churched’ or baptised during the years 1855-56 are listed below. No guarantee is given that the index is correct. Spellings of names are as read in the register. Question marks indicate that the entry was difficult to read and the name listed is a ‘best guess’ This section of this register was not too easy to read, placenames are given but the pages are damaged and the writing is bad, few can really be made out. In some places the year given was confusing and may have been either 1855 or 1856