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Tithe Applotment Books, Killabban, Co. Laois

This page features 527 free records relating to Tithe Applotment Books in Killabban, Co. Laois. The names are listed below in alphabetical order, once only regardless of how many times any name appears in the books and all variations are given. Some which were not possible to read fully are listed as questionable, while there are others listed on the tables that are also questionable.

Surname Name
?Cwin (Quin?) Edwd.
?Fennell James
?Freeman Widow
?Jussted Joseph
?Lannon or Sammon John
?MacJarvule Widow
?Warren Daniel
?Warren Michael
Abben Michael
Ash Andrew
Bagot James
Bam?brick Hugh
Bambrick James
Bambrick Mary
Bambrick Richard
Barre(?n) Garrett
Barrett John
Bergin James
Bowe Patt
Bowels Michael
Bowles William
Brennan Darby
Brennan Dennis
Brennan Edward
Brennan James
Brennan John
Brennan Joseph
Brennan Michl.
Brennan Mosses
Brennan Patt
Brennan Philip
Brennan Widow
Brennan William
Broder James
Broder Michael
Brown George
Bryan Marten
Bulger Edwd.
Bulger James
Bulger John
Bulger Michael
Bulger Widow
Bulger Widow, jun
Bulger Widow, sen.
Bulger William
Bunnan James
Burke Thomas
Butler James, Esqr.
Byrne James
Byrne John
Byrne Mary
Byrne Michael
Byrne Patt
Byrne Peter
Byrne Thomas
Byrne Widow
Cahil Mr. John
Cahill Daniel
Cahill John
Carepenter? Charles
Carney Francis
Carpenter James
Carpenter William
Carrole ?Jerrvis
Carroll Widow
Carroll William
Carten or Carter Peter
Carter James, Esq.
Carty? James
Caughlin Andrew
Clony Willm, James & Pat
Co?rrigan William
Coady Andrew
Coady William
Coffer John
Condran Patt
Connell Patt.
Connelly Hugh
Connelly John
Connelly Peter
Connelly Thomas
Coogan John
Cooke Wm
Cooney Phanton
Cooney Thomas
Cooper Gilbert
Cooper Widow
Coote or Cooke ?Wm., Esq.
Cope ?Johanne
Cope Samuel
Corcoran Edward
Corcoran Luke
Corney Dens.
Coughlan James
Crawly? Mr. George
Crawly? William
Crosswhite John
Cullen Edward
Cullen Peter
Cullen Peter
Curran John
Curran Joseph
Daly Michael
Davis James
Davis John
Davis Thomas
Davis Widow Ann
Deegan Edmd
Deegan Francis
Deegan James
Deegan John
Deegan Michael
Deegan Patt
Deegan Pierce
Deegan Thomas
Delany James
Delany Lawrence
Delany Thomas
Dempsey Edwd.
Dempsey Michael
Dempsey Patt
Dempsey Robert
Dempsey William
Deveral Robert
Devine Thomas
Devoy Michael
Dollen James
Donnelly Edwd.
Donnelly Michl.
Donnelly Patt
Donnelly Peter
Doogan Andrew
Doogan John, Sen.
Doogan Thomas
Doogan William
Dooge Widow
Dooing John
Dooley John
Dooley Loughlin
Dooley Mathew
Dooley Patt
Dooling James
Dooling Thomas
Dooling William
Dowling John
Dowling Timothy
Dowling William
Doyle Andrew
Doyle James
Doyle Silvester
Doyle Widow, Jno
Doyle William
Drennan John
Drennan Michael
Drennan Patrick
Duffe James
Duffi James
Dugan Widow
Dunn Daniel
Dunn Darby
Dunn Dennis
Dunn Martin
Dunn Patt
Dunne Andrew
Dunne Edmond
Dunne Edward
Dunne John
Dunne Patt
Ellis John
Ennis Edwd.
Fariell Widow W. (?Tarviele)
Farrele Edwd.
Farrele Hugh
Farrele Laurence
Farrele Patt
Farrele William
Feely Loughlin
Fingleton James
Fingleton John
Fingleton Patt
Fingleton Widow
Finn Widow
Fishbourne Robert M., Esq.
Fishowine? ?Fishbourne) Robert M., Esq.
Fitzgerald Charles
Fitzgerald Judy
Fitzgerald Patt
Fitzgerald Philip
Fitzmaurice James, Esqr.
Fitzpatrick Edws.
Fitzpatrick Pat
Fleming James
Fleming Michael
Fleming Murtha
Fleming Thomas
Flood Hugh
Flood Patrick
Foley James
Foley Widow
Fwiney (?Swiney) James
Gahan Daniel
Gale Peter, Esq.
Gibbons Thomas
Gibbons Widow
Gleeson Thomas
Gleeson Widow
Gorman James
Gorman Peter
Gorman Thomas
Gormon James
Gormon Michl.
Governy Hugh
Governy Michael
Governy Patt. Junr.
Governy Philip
Grace Mr. Edmond
Grace Mr. James
Grace Mr. Michael
Grace Sir William
Green Patt
Gregory Thomas, Esq.
Grey Edmond
Grey Edward
Grimes Michael
Grimes Patt
Hackett Thomas
Hamilton Andrew
Hamilton Laurence
Hamp?erd Nichls.
Handrick Thomas
Hart Bryan
Hart John
Hart Patt
Hart Widow & Michael
Headon John
Healy Thomas
Hefferan Daniel
Hefferan Michl.
Henebry Michael
Hennesy Bryan
Hennesy Edward
Hennesy John
Hennesy Michael
Heydon Daniel
Heydon Edward
Heydon James
Heydon William
Hickey John
Hickey Revd. Pat
Hickey Widow
Hill Andrew
Hines William
Hogan James
Hogan Martin
Hogan Patt
Hogan Peter
Horan Cons.
Horihian William
Horohan James
Horohan John
Horohan Owen
Hosey Michael
Hovendon James, Mr.
Hovendon John
Hovendon Nicholas, Mr.
Hughes James
Hughes John
Hughes Patt
Hughes Widow
Hurley Brine
Hurley Henry
Hurley Patt
Hurley Widow
Hurly Henry
Hurly Patt
Hyland Richard
Jacob Richard
James John
Jhounsto?n (?Johnston) John
Julian John
Junsted (?Tunsted) Henry
Junsted (?Tunsted) Joseph
Kavanagh Elen
Kavanagh John
Kavanagh William
Keasy Thomas
Keatan John
Keatan Nichl.
Keatan Thomas
Keatan Widow John
Keaten Bridget
Keaten Edward
Keaten James
Keaten Lally
Keaten Michael
Keaten Richard
Keaten Thomas
Keaten William
Keden Patt
Keefe John
Keefe Michael
Keefe Patt
Keefe Widow ?Pat or urt
Keeffe Michl.
Keegan James
Keegan Peter
Keegan Widow
Kelly Dennis
Kelly Fargus
Kelly James
Kelly John
Kelly Mr. Thomas
Kelly Patt
Kelly Thomas
Kelly Widow Mary
Kelly William
Kemple John
Kenna Laurence
Kennedy Richard
Kennedy William
Kenny Robert, Mr.
Keys Patt
Kinevan Widow
King Edwd.
King John
King Michael
King Murtha
King Patt
King Thomas
Kinsela Thomas
Kinshela John
Kinshela Patt
Kinshela Thomas
Kinshela Widow
Kinshela William
Kinshelaw Edward
Lacey Daniel
Lacey Peter
Lacy Thomas
Lawler Abben
Lawler Dennis
Lawler Hugh
Lawler James
Lawler John
Lawler John
Lawler Michael
Lawler Patt
Lawler William
Lawton William
Loudon Edward
Loudon Richard
Loudon William
Lowdon John
Lynch Richard
Mack Patt
Mackey William
Mage?e William
Mahan Barny
Mahan Francis
Mahan Patt
Maher Edward
Mair James
Malone Barny
Malone John
Mara John
Maragh Thomas
Marah James
Marah Walter
Maugher Matt
May Nicholas
M’Cabe Stephen
McDonald Charles
McDonald Widow Jno
M’Darbe John senr.
M’Darbee James
M’darbee Patt
M’Darbee Widow Ann
M’Darby James
M’Darby John
M’Darlee James
M’Darlee John
M’Darlee Patt
M’Darley Nancy
M’Donald James
M’Donald John
M’Donald Laurence
M’Donald Pat
M’Donald Thomas
M’Donald Widow
M’Donald William
Meehan Pat
M’Evoy Daniel
M’Evoy James
M’Evoy John
M’Evoy Mary
M’Evoy Michael
M’Grath James
Miehan Owen
Mihan Pat
M’Loughlin Peter
M’Nally Patt
Montg?omery Mr. William
Moor William
Moore James
Moore John
Moore Widow Ml.
Moran Dennis
Moran Hugh
Moran James
Moran Patt
Morrison Widow
Morrisy Mary
Mosse Peter, Esq.
M’Quaid William
Muldoon John
Muldowney Michael
Mulen Agnis
Mulhall William
Murphy Biddy
Murphy Charles
Murphy Daniel
Murphy David
Murphy James
Murphy John
Murphy Michael
Murphy Patt
Murphy Richard
Murphy Thomas
Murphy Widow
Murray Daniel
Neale James
Neile Martin
Nickson Major
Nowels Patr
Nowlan Dennis
Nowlan James
Nowlan John
Nowlan Michael
Nowlan Patt
Nowlan Widow
Pain Morgan
Paulger Michael (C?)
Pender (Peuder) John
Pendergast Widow
Poore Widow
Price James
Price Michael
Price Widow
Purcil?o Edward
Purcile Edward
Purcile Thomas
Quigly John
Quinn Edmond
Quinn Patt
Quinn Thomas
Riely Philip
Roarke Michael
Robinson Michael
Rourke Charles
Rourke Owen
Rourke Patt
Rourke Thomas
Russele? John
Ryan Andrew
Ryan James
Ryan John
Ryan Michael
Ryan Patt
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Widow ?Jhp
Ryan William
Sammon Patt
Sammon William
Scully Dennis
Scully Edw
Scully James
Scully John
Scully Martin
Shaw Thomas
Shortle Thomas
Shortle William
Simmons John
Simmons Patrick
Simmons Widow
Simmons William
Smith John
Smith Thomas
Ste?nson William
Stewart Michael
Stines James
Stines Michael
Stines Patt
Storey James
Story Ben.?
Taylor Widow
Taylor William
Thomas Mathew D., Esq.
Tirney James
Titney Benjm
Tobin John
Tomlinson Daniel
Tomlinson John
Tomlinson(Fomlinson?) Daniel
Tomlinson(Fomlinson?) David
Tomlinson(Fomlinson?) Francis
Toole James
Toole Michael
Tunney Ben
Tunsted or Funsted Henry
Wale Edward
Wale Patt
Wall Arnold
Wall George
Wall James
Walsh Thomas
Walsh Widow Edmd.
Walsh William
Warren John
Warren Thomas
Weldon Rev. A. ?J.
Whelan ??Shane
Whelan James
Whelan John
Whelan Michael
Whitacre Ben
Whitty John, Revd.
Winne Patt