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Acragar, Laois. Gravestone index

Acragar graveyard
Gravestone Name index

Ardea Civil Parish
Mountmellick Poor Law Union (Civil Registration District)
Co. Laois

An index to the names that I have seen on gravestones in this graveyard in Acragar.

Copies of original photographs can be purchased for a figure of 5 Euro per stone.

If you are interested in other places in Laois (aka Queen’s Co.) then please visit my
Laois Genealogy page

If you are looking for someone from a different county, please use the General Index linked to below.
General Index to names on all gravestone photographs on this site (all counties/70,000 names)

A word or two on first names

e.s.=erected stone
n.d. = no date
questionmarks indicate that I could not read or was not sure of what I thought I saw.

NameSurnameYearAgeStone Name
?Fitzpatrick179070Fitzpatrick 1
?KateButlerButler 1
?PatrickFullon1747Fullon 1
AnneButlerButler 1
AnnieDowling19?4?Dowling 1
BridgetO'Dowling1922Kelly 1
DenisCashin n.dCashin 1
DenisWoodse.s.Woods 1
FamilyDonnelly n.dDonnelly 1
FamilyDonnelly n.dDonnelly 2
FamilyPiercen.dPierce 1
FamilyConroyn.dPierce 1
HanoriaO'Dowling1893??5Kelly 1
JeremiahO'Dowling18827?9Kelly 1
JeremiahO'Dowling??Kelly 1
JohnO'Dowling1899??Kelly 1
JohnButlerButler 1
JohnDowling19?38Dowling 1
John JosephDowling19?33Dowling 1
JosephWoods?Woods 1
JuliaKeating18?92?55Keating 1
KateHartleye.s.Donnelly 2
LucyHorane.s.Donnelly 2
MargaretHoran190?Horan 1
MaryCashin n.dCashin 1
MaryCashin 1963Cashin 1
MaryKellyKelly 1
MichaelDonnelly e.s.Donnelly 1
PatrickKeating1889?65Keating 1
PeterO'Dowling1911??Kelly 1
SarahButlerButler 1
TobiasButlerButler 1
WilliamCashin 1944Cashin 1
WilliamHoran?78Horan 1
WilliamO'Dowling18?81??Kelly 1
WillieHartleye.s.Donnelly 2


Abbeyleix Public Cemetery. Index of names

Abbeyleix town, public cemetery
Gravestone Name index

Abbeyleix Civil Parish
Abbeyleix Poor Law Union (Civil Registration District)
Co. Laois

An index to the names that I have seen on gravestones in this public cemetery just outside Abbeyleix town, Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.)

Copies of original photographs can be purchased for a figure of 5 Euro per stone.

If you are interested in other places in Laois (aka Queen’s Co.) then please visit my
Laois Genealogy page

If you are looking for someone from a different county, please use the General Index linked to below.
General Index to names on all gravestone photographs on this site (all counties/70,000 names)

A word or two on first names
Aileen=Eileen ; Bart=Bartholomew ; Bride/Bridie=Bridget/Brigid ; Eddie=Edward ; Peig/Peggy=Margaret ;

NameSurnameYearAgePhoto No
AnthonyBaggot1991Baggot 1
JohnBaggot197785Baggot 1
PatriciaBaggot198887Baggot 1
Arthur H.Bardon 1979Bardon 1
CatherineBardon 2007Bardon 1
Thomas J.Batty1979Batty 1
EllenBergin199097Bergin 4
family plotBerginBergin 3
PatrickBergin195870Bergin 4
ReginaBergin199628Bergin 5
TimothyBergin197744Bergin 1
WilliamBergin197548Bergin 2
ElizabethBonham200682Bonham 1
JosephBonham196922Bonham 1
ElizabethBrazil197684Brazil 1
PatrickBrazil1962Brazil 1
MichaelBree1980Bree 1
JohnBreen1983Breen 1
AnnieBurke198579Burke 2
JosephBurke197773Burke 2
MaryBurke1978Burke 1
TeresaBurke200681Burke 3
William BillyBurke197759Burke 3
JohnButler1973Butler 1
BridgetCahill198880Cahill 1
JamesCahill198182Cahill 1
MargaretCarroll199963Carroll 1
ThomasCarroll199157Carroll 1
KathleenCoffey200564Coffey 1b
Sarah LouiseCoffey19964 daysCoffey 1a
DanielConway200087Conway 1
KathleenConway198882Conway 1
JamesCooney 196268Cooney 1
MaryCooney 197878Cooney 1
JoeCorcoran2006Corcoran 1
MargaretCorcoran197580Corcoran 2
MichaelCorcoran196372Corcoran 2
ConorCranny19972 daysCranny 1
Mary Elizabeth Crennan200678Crennan 1
NoelCrennan199873Crennan 1
AnnieDalton199884Dalton 2
BridgieDalton199285Dalton 1
JimDalton199987Dalton 2
TedDalton198480Dalton 1
JimmyDeegane.s.Deegan 1a
KathleenDeegan199771Deegan 1a
AnnieDelahunty1993Delahunty 1
JimDelahuntye.s.Delahunty 1
?? DaughterDelaney??Delaney 6
AdrianDelaney19783Delaney 6
AnnieDelaney199885Delaney 3
DenisDelaney198874Delaney 1
infant sonDelaney1970Delaney 1
JeremiahDelaney199280Delaney 3
JohnDelaney19728 wksDelaney 7
MarkDelaney197366Delaney 2
MatthewDelaney199123Delaney 4
NanDelaney198974Delaney 5
NoraDelaney1999Delaney 2
RitaDelaney199572Delaney 5
ThomasDelaney197614Delaney 6
JosephineDevoy197986Devoy 1
LenaDevoy199779Devoy 2
MichaelDevoy199177Devoy 2
Michael (Mick)Devoy198735Devoy 2
KathleenDonnelly1978Fennelly 1
PatrickDonohoe199768Donohoe 1
CraigDrennann.d.babyDrennan 1
DanielDrennan197442Drennan 1
MaryDrennan199563Drennan 1
AileenDunne199367Dunne 2
AnneDunne1948Dunne 2
BernieDunne198469Dunne 2
DavidDunnee.s.Dunne 1
EdnaDunne199966Dunne 1
JohnDunne1948Dunne 2
JohnDunnee.s.Dunne 1
JosephDunne198170Deegan 1b
SeanDunne200582Devoy 1
ElizabethFanning196446Fanning 1
JaneFanning199083Fanning 1
ThomasFanning198284Fanning 1
CatherineFennelly1985Fennelly 2
IsabelleFennelly1977Fennelly 1
LaurenceFennelly1975Fennelly 2
PatrickFennelly198951Fennelly 3
Tom (Scal)Fennelly199668Fennelly 4
JimFitzgerald200583Fitzgerald 1
AnnieFitzpatrick1949Fitzpatrick 1
BrigidFitzpatrick1999Fitzpatrick 5
JohnFitzpatrick199384Fitzpatrick 3
KathleenFitzpatrick199567Fitzpatrick 4
MargaretFitzpatrick200382Fitzpatrick 3
MichaelFitzpatrick196590Fitzpatrick 1
Morgan (Mog)Fitzpatrick199874Fitzpatrick 4
OliverFitzpatrickn.d.Fitzpatrick 5
SeanFitzpatrick199551Fitzpatrick 2
MaryFoley197783Foley 1
MichaelFoley194564Foley 1
MichaelFoley200769Foley 1
Josephine MaryFoyle1980Foyle 1
John (Joseph)Glennon199067Glennon 1
ElizabethHarding1983Harding 1
John FrancisHarding1992Harding 1
James (Jimmy)Hartford199756Hartford 1
AgnesHolohan198677Holohan 2
ArthurHolohan199488Holohan 1
EileenHolohan198473Holohan 1
BartHoran199668Horan 2
ColinHoran200552Horan 1
James (Jimmy)Horan200181Horan 1
RoseHoran200489Horan 1
AnnHutchinson 198140Hutchinson 1
Mary (Moll)Hutchinson 200249Hutchinson 2
ElizabethJacob200590Jacob 1
JamesJacob197781Jacob 1
Eddie J.Keeffe199635Keeffe 1
EamonKelly1993Kelly 1
KathleenKelly1996Kelly 2
MichaelKelly1972Kelly 2
PatrickKelly199661Kelly 3
Malcolm (Mala)Kennedy200021Kennedy 1
TimKennelly200673Kennelly 1
BridgetKinsella199874Kinsella 2
James (Jim)Kinsella198277Kinsella 1
James ChristopherKinsella19536 wksKinsella 1
Margaret (Ciss)Kinsella199477Kinsella 1
MartinKinsella19641 moKinsella 2
WilliamKinsella196447Kinsella 2
??Lalore.s.Lalor 1
AndrewLalore.s.Lalor 1
DavidLalore.s.Lalor 1
JohnLalor198475Lalor 1
JohnLalor1985babyLalor 2
KathleenLalor199677Lalor 1
MargarethLalore.s.Lalor 1
PatLalore.s.Lalor 1
TonyLalore.s.Lalor 1
CatherineLangton1973O'Neill 1
FrancesLangton1971O'Neill 1
FrancesLeonard198554Leonard 1
HelenLyons19556Lyons 1
RichardLyons197059Lyons 1
Anthony H.Madigan1978Madigan 1
VeronicaMadigan1976Madigan 1
AnnaMcDonaghe.s.McDonagh 1
ElizabethMcDonaghe.s.McDonagh 1
FlorenceMcDonaghe.s.McDonagh 1
IreneMcDonaghe.s.McDonagh 1
M.H.McDonagh1991McDonagh 1
PatsyMcDonaghe.s.McDonagh 1
TomMcDonaghe.s.McDonagh 1
McDonaldConway 1
Christina (Ina)McEvoy200478McEvoy 2
GerardMcEvoy199173McEvoy 1
JamesMcEvoy197153McEvoy 2
MargaretMcEvoy199171McEvoy 1
family plotMcMahonn.d.McMahon 1
PatrickMcMahon199165McMahon 2
RitaMcMahon198653McMahon 2
EamonnMeaghere.s.Meagher 1
NoraMeagher1993Meagher 1
Thomas R.Meagher1988Meagher 1
JosephMills200568Mills 1
KathleenMills1977infantMills 2
LarryMills199849Mills 2
PatrickMills19749 mosMills 1
PaulineMills19772 mosMills 1
PatrickMoore1996babyMoore 1
RobertMoore1995babyMoore 1
EileenMoran199471Moran 1
JohnMuldowney 198786Muldowney 1
AnnMulhall1995Mulhall 1
BrideMulhall198784Mulhall 1
ElsieMulhall198454Mulhall 2
JamesMulhall1915Mulhall 1
JohnMulhall198780Mulhall 1
KateMulhall197494Mulhall 1
Patrick J.Mulhall200586Mulhall 3
JosephMulhall 199569Mulhall 2
Joseph PatrickMullally19833 mosBrazil 1
JeremiahMurphy198497Murphy 2
MargaretMurphy197374Murphy 2
MuireannMurphy19786 wksMurphy 1
babyMurrayn.d.Murray 1
ConNo surnamen.d.Redmond??
JohnNolan199352Nolan 1
MaryNolan2006Nolan 2
NancyNolan1999Nolan 2
WilliamNolan1988Nolan 2
JoeO'Brien1995O'Brien 1
MichaelO'Connell199387O'Connell 1
NoelO'Connor1968O'Connor 1
UnaO'Connor1983O'Connor 1
AidanO'Dea199476O'Dea 2
AndrewO'Dea198783O'Dea 2
BridgetO'Dea198859O'Dea 1
CatherineO'Dean.d.O'Dea 1
EdwardO'Dea199073O'Dea 1
KathleenO'Dea198081O'Dea 2
MichaelO'Dea199180O'Dea 2
AnnaO'Gorman 199570O'Gorman 3
JoanO'Gorman 1991O'Gorman 2
MichaelO'Gorman 199265O'Gorman 3
Patrick (Paddy)O'Gorman 199573O'Gorman 1
RoseO'Gorman 199971O'Gorman 1
PatrickO'Keeffe1976O'Keeffe 1
PatrickO'Keeffe199861O'Keeffe 2
DavidO'Mahoney199920O'Mahoney 2
KathleenO'Mahoney198654O'Mahoney 1
AnnaO'Neill1968O'Neill 1
JohnO'Neill1986O'Neill 1
MaryO'Reilly1978O'Reilly 1
RichardO'Reilly1975O'Reilly 1
Margaret (Peig)O'Shiel199172O'Shiel 1
PearseO'Shiel200687O'Shiel 1
RuairiO'Shiel19476 wksO'Shiel 1
JuliaO'Sullivan1987Fennelly 1
family plotPhelanPhelan 4
GerardPhelan199514Phelan 1
JamesPhelan1978Phelan 1a
JanePhelan1978Phelan 1a
JuliaPhelan199682Phelan 3
MaryPhelan1996Phelan 2
NoraPhelan200179Phelan 5
PatrickPhelan198378Phelan 3
PatrickPhelan1986Phelan 2
Patrick (Paddy)Phelan199976Phelan 5
JanePurcell199991Purcell 1
PatrickPurcell197568Purcell 1
AmandaRedmond19872.5Redmond 1
AnneRedmonde.s.Redmond 1
BridgetRedmond200686Redmond 2
MichaelRedmonde.s.Redmond 1
WilliamRedmond199273Redmond 2
family plotReillyReilly 1
ArthurRing199266Ring 1
JuliaRyan200683Ryan 1
WilliamRyan198566Ryan 1
DanielScullye.s.Scully 1
GerardScully1980Scully 2
JamesScullye.s.Scully 1
JaneScully1982Scully 1
MartinScully196857Scully 3
MaureenScully?Scully 2
MichaelScully196860Scully 2
Andrew EdmondShanahan197749Shanahan 1
WilliamSheeran1974Thornton 1
AnnaStokes200176Stokes 1
MartinStokes199783Stokes 1
TinaStokese.s.Stokes 1
JosephThornton1975Thornton 1
JosephTierney200584Tierney 1
Kathleen Wood-TiernryTierney199570Tierney 1
RaymondTierneye.s.Tierney 1
MargaretTynan199069Tynan 1
MichaelTynan197970Tynan 1
ThomasTyrell198373Phelan 4
Peig (Margaret)U? Chaoimh197640U? Chaoimh 1
EileenVaughan1998Vaughan 1
JohnVaughan1991Vaughan 1
MauraWalshe198540Walshe 1
ThomasWarren1982Warren 1
AgnesWhelan197867Whelan 2
BillyWhelan198744Whelan 2
JohnWhelan197676Whelan 1
WilliamWhelan198586Whelan 2

Heritage tour in Laois. Kidnapped!

Kidnap Day!!

Heritage Tour in Laois

I’m calling this a Heritage Tour in Laois because for the most part, it was a Heritage tour and we did things that our friends might not have managed to do by themselves.  They definitely would not have had the company of people who know the area.

My friend Sue McDonald Welles along with her friend Mary Connelly Pereira and Mary’s brother Philip were over here in Ireland on holiday, they were going to spend 3 days in Laois because Sue’s family are from Raheen.  This was the second time in the last few years that Sue and Mary have been over and I spent a few days with them the last time as well.

My friend Dorene Allen is this incredible cook so I asked Dorene if she would cook dinner for my friends and we’d have it in her house (which was my childhood family home).  Dorene agreed to this, then it dawned on me “Jane, these are Americans and Americans go around Ireland wondering where they will get ‘Irish’ food.  Why don’t you cook an Irish stew for them”  I asked Sue if they’d like Irish stew or Bacon & cabbage, the reply came back that they would like the stew.  When I told my brother this he informed me that Dorene and her children do not like Irish stew so, I found another recipe which had lamb cooked in a red wine and tomato sauce.

In the meantime, Dorene and I are talking about my American friends and their few days here and Dorene says “Why don’t we kidnap them on Wednesday and show them all kinds of stuff they’d never get to see on their own? – A Heritage Tour” To which I replied, great idea and asked Sue to keep Wed free because we were going to kidnap them.

The Heritage Tour kidnapping day went like this:

1. We collected the three – Sues, Mary and Phil

2. We took them to the kennels for the hunt ‘hounds’ – I was calling them dogs!!

3. We went to Morrissey’s Pub in Abbeyleix for a cup of coffee

4. After that off to see the hunt people gathering and taking off from Abbeyleix Manor Hotel

5. Followed by Alissa Blundells shop ‘Horse n Riders’ in Abbeyleix

6. Then to Bramleys or the Gallic Kitchen in Abbeyleix (Titanic Carpets had been produced

7. Church of Ireland, Abbeyleix

8. Lord’s Walk beside Church of Ireland

9. Down to Durrow and Bowe’s Foodhall for lunch

10 Up to the Castle Arms Hotel Durrow – Castle

11. Off to Donaghmore Workhouse which is now a Museum

12 back to Sandymount house their Bed and breakfast for an hour break

13 Back to my family home in Rathdowney for dinner & a surprise.


I have no photos for the Gallic kitchen visit – at that point I was wrecked and just stayed in

Philip Sheppard was coming to dinner as well so I had asked him if he wanted to come earlyfor the surprise – he said yes.

We all got back to Rathdowney at 6.30p.m. where Dorene had everyone roll up their sleeves and she taught Sue, Mary, Phil, Philip & myself how to make brown bread.

Brown bread was supposed to go with dinner

Dinner consisted of Irish stew and a casserole of lamb cooked in red wine and tomatoes and
then a spinage lasagne which I had prepared for our vegetarian. Dorene did starter and dessert – she is an incredible cook.   As it turned out the American trio had a bit of both meat dishes.  The vegetarian stuck with the lasagne

They had an incredible day – I had an incredible day, Dorene and my brother Matthew had an incredible day

Almost forgot – over the course of the evening, Dorene and the children sang them songs

I am not going to load all the photos taken that day  to this page.  Most of the Hounds & Hunt went to a page created just with hounds and hunt.  Some of the photos taken there are not on that page so I include them here.  Most of the Donaghmore Workhouse photos will go to a Donaghmore Workhouse page.

Those pages will be linked to from this page.

From here – for the rest of this page, it is just going to be photos!

I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed our day overall.  My American friends have thanked us for a most incredible day and evening.  Philip has said similar as regards his evening out with us all.

Lead photo at top of page preparing to leave and go on Heritage tour not having a clue where they were going!!

The Hounds

Hunt gathering & leaving

If you are interested in seeing the rest of the Hounds & First Hunt Laois 2016 photos taken that day then please click the link.

Before the actual Hunt took off from the hotel we went to Mossirrey’s pub in Abbeyleix, a very famous place in it’s own right.  Years ago, and I am talking very many years ago this pub was only one story high.  There are photographs of it as a one story building in Heritage House Abbeyleix, although I don’t know if those photographs are available for public viewing or not.

Morrissey’s Pub, Abbeyleix

Out the door to the Hunt and then back onto Main street to

Horse N Riders

Church of Ireland, Abbeyleix & The Lord’s Walk (beside it)

Bowe’s Food Hall, Durrow 

and yes, I only have one photo from that day of the floor in the new bathroom of their extension.  A 2 cent floor!



Castle Arms Hotel, Durrow 

You can find photographs of the Castle everywhere but not of the trees.  Isn’t the colour beautiful?

The final venue of the day, the saddest place we were at.  I’ m only giving you a few photos here as the Workhouse (Museum) is going to get itself a full web page

 Donaghmore Workhouse

Everyone was exhausted at this time, it was about 5pm when we left the Workhouse.  I

dropped my American friends back to Sandymount House in Abbeyleix for an hours rest and
then got them back to our house in Rathdowney where we met Philip at the gate waiting to
go in (3 dogs in garden).  We got into the kitchen and Dorene had everyone roll up their
sleeves because she had a big bowl waiting – she taught us how to make brown bread to go

with our dinner!

Evening :)

While the bread was baking we had music

Finally the Dinner table

Our guests left at 11.30 that night and I can only say that a wonderful day was had by all.

At the end of it all, I have to say that the Americans and everyone except our vegetarian all had portions of both the Irish stew and the wine stew AND the children ate every single bit!  It was great.

Heritage Treasure Trove, Laois

Treasure Trove – Heritage.  Laois


There is a ‘Treasure Trove’ relating to our Heritage in Co. Laois.  A friend of mine had told me that I really had to go and see this place and I am telling you now that it is incredible!!  The photos I have here don’t even do it justice.  The creator/owner of the Treasure Trove is of himself a Treasure also.

Some people know that I had 3 friends from the US staying in Sandymount House, Abbeyleix for 3 days last week.  The first day we met we headed off to Kilkenny, the 2nd day the plan was for me to bring them to the Rock of Dunamase (because that is an incredible Heritage treasure for Co. Laois).  En route, just as we got to a turn in Portlaoise I remembered that my friend had told me I had to go see this place and I changed route.

We got there, I spoke to the owners son he let us into the building and then telephoned his father to tell him that he had visitors.  His father returned and I have to say I was so glad.  As I’ve said he is a Treasure of himself and he walked all around telling my friends the history of every object – not exactly everything because there is so much ‘stuff’ there that it would take you a week to get round it all and even then you still would not be finished!!

My photographs do not do the Treasure Trove justice.  Light was bad and I only had my little camera with me.  Some of these photos may include my friends Sue, Mary and Phil.

Enjoy –  as we did :)

My ‘Header’ photograph on this page is of a Trolley which was used in St. Vincent’s Hospital, Athy, Kildare to transfer bodies to a paupers grave during the Great famine.


Hounds & First Hunt, Laois. 2016

Hounds & the First Hunt, Laois.

2nd November 2016

The Hunt in Laois was established in 1899 according to the date on a plaque where the dogs are kept.

We had friends over from America and we decided to ‘kidnap’ them for a day and bring them to places that they would never thing of going to in their lives.  The first hunt of 2016 just happened to occur on that ‘kidnap’ day.

First place of stop was to see the houndss which were not going out for the day. Meeting with the new Huntsman Dermot Hannify and seeing the hounds in their kennels was very interesting.  Laois Hunt has approximately 60 hounds, sexes are kept separately in the kennels.  When they first go out young hounds are tied to an older hound and the older hound will teach them.

An hour or so later we headed to the Manor Hotel, Abbeyleix where the Laois Hunt was about to take off from.

An interesting event to view.  I’ve never actually seen the hounds or the proper hunt take off before.



Kyle (Knock, Corbally), Tipperary & Laois (Queen’s Co.)


Kyle (Knock, Corbally), Tipperary & Laois (Queen’s Co.)

Marriage Index 1846-49

The following table of Kyle (Knock, Corbally) marriages is transcribed from Microfilm No. 2479.   This microfilm is kept online by the National Library of Ireland accessible through their Roman Catholic Parish Register Search page.  This is an index of the names of the people who were married in this Roman Catholic parish during the years 1846-49 This section of the register is in English.  It was very difficult to read

My list is sorted by the surname of the groom.  Question marks indicate letters or words I had a problem reading. Spellings are exactly as I read them, no corrections have been made, the letters in brackets ‘sic’ means that whatever spelling I have given it is as I read it. Square brackets [ ] hold letters that I am guessing at.

Place names are not given in this section of the register.  Witness names are NOT given in many of these records.

Nicknames, Shortened names used in Irish


NameSurnameName BrideSurname BrideDateYear
CharlesB… [??Bacon]JudyDooly1 ??Feb1847
TimothyCampionHonorDelany22 ??Oct1847
BernardMcG[rims]Mary AnneCahil17-Feb1846

Rathdowney, Laois. Baptisms 1854

Rathdowney, Laois

Rathdowney, Laois.  Baptismal Index 1854

The following table of Lixnaw marriages is transcribed from Microfilm No. 5014/2 held online by the National Library of Ireland accessible through their Roman Catholic Parish Register Search page.  This is an index of the names of the people who were baptised in the Roman Catholic parish of Rathdowney, during the year 1853.

This register is in English and there were a few converts baptised – the children of Daniel & Anne Ringwood, Sophia Evans and Robert ?Marvet.  Robert was 65.  One child was baptised at the ago of ten and the register says that the parents of the child are unknown.

I have the letters n.g. where no word was written for a name or a placename.  Question marks indicate that I had a problem reading the name and I am giving a best guess.  With the repeated entries placenames were spelled differently.  I keep to all spellings as I read them.

My list is sorted by the surname of the groom.  Please note that a section of the register was repeated from about August 1854.  For some of the entries which were put into the register a second time there was a different placename, for one of them I read the male surname incorrectly the first time.  Edward Dunn got married in 1912.  A few of these children were born out of marriage.

NameSurnameFatherM NameM SurnameFromDateYear
??JosephCoyne????JohnBiddyKeyn.g.??28 Nov1854
MaryKeenan??PattEllenCurranB. Bugga10-Aug1854
MargaretBrophyMickMargaretTalbertcan't readJuly1854
??PattCooganJohnAnneFitzpatrickBallycoulid??10 Sept1854
EllenDeavyTomMaryMansellcan't read25-Jun1854
MaryDeavyMickJudy??BerginDerries 06-Jul1854
PattLogan or HoganJohnAnneFitzpatrickBallacolad11-Sep1854
MaryRowneyWilliamSophiaEvansCastle Fleming23-Apr1854

Live Christmas Crib, Rathdowney, Laois 2015

Live Christmas Crib.  Stories behind the animals

There has been a live Christmas crib in Rathdowney for the last 15 years and behind most of the animals there is a story.

This Christmas Crib is taking in donations in support the Children’s Hospital in Crumlin. People come and look at the animals, children feed them, some of the children (and even adults) sit up on the back of Jack the donkey.

The donkey Jack is 25 or 26 years old and he was orphaned when he was born. A little girl knew that the donkey was an orphan and persuaded her Dad that they would rescue the donkey. Jack was reared on a bottle and has come to live (on loan) with 3 other donkeys that Noel owns. Then we have another donkey Dusty, his name is Dusty because whenever you hit his back the dust rises up.  Dusty is the donkey who neighs very regularly in the crib.



Then, then we have Suki and Cloud.  Suki is the Mammy and Cloud the 10 week old baby.  Cloud is white even though her Mammy is black and her Daddy brown.  These two have never been kept in a pen before and it’s taken a few days now but Suki will take carrots from people.  She is very protective of Cloud and Cloud, Cloud is just beautiful and quiet and soft.

A few days ago the animal that I was calling the star of the show arrived.  Vera the Scottish Highland cow.  Vera came to live in Ireland 8 years ago and she is just beautiful.  I got some lovely photos of her just before she left her trailer and as she came into her stall part of the crib.  She is so quiet.

Bob the pony has been there since the first day that animals came in.  Poor old Bob his feet get itchy and you will hear him banging them on the ground to get rid of the itch.  Outside of that, what can I say about Bob.  He’s a dote if you know what a dote is.  He’s just there and his head is out of his stall most the time while he tries to communicate with everyone.  I think Bob belongs to Paddy Keyes.

Now we come to the real star.  Dustin the turkey.  Dustin was the turkey they had last year and a lady came and asked Noel not to kill Dustin.  Noel told her that if she made a donation to whatever charity they had last year then she could take the turkey home. She did and Dustin went home with her.  Noel wanted to know if she still had Dustin this year and so he telephoned her number (which he has listed in his phone as Mrs. Turkey).  Dustin came for a visit.  Yesterday two little children were in with their Granny and one of them turned round to me and said that the turkeys name is “Tinsel”.  It dawned on me that these had to be the children of the woman who had saved Dustin last year and I chatted away with them.  They wanted to know if they could bring Dustin home with them and I promised he would be home by Christmas.  I’ve been photographing Dustin for the last few days and I swear to God no matter how puffed up he seemed to be before he was bigger and fatter and more spread out when those two children were in.  He even talked to them gobbling away as they left.  Their Granny told me that Dustin follows them  around when they are out in the garden.  It was really very interesting to watch this interaction.
It took me a day to notice that the colour of his head changes.  They say it is white when he is calm and red when upset.

Next stall we have a sheep called Bubba. This sheep was one of triplets born to one mother. A sheep can only take care of two lambs so the farmer gave Bubba to a Nanny goat to suckle. The Nanny goat is called Kelly. Bubba follows Kelly around all the time and Kelly treats the sheep as if it is a baby goat!

Then we have a big Billy goat called Joe

A white Nanny goat called Snowy and her twin kids and then Jackie (or J.J.) the Shetland pony.

Finally, even though we know there were no reindeer at the Nativity, we had to have some reindeer at our live Christmas Crib because for children where would Christmas be without reindeer.  One of these reindeer has been named Rudolph!  It took 3 days and a lot of effort for these reindeer to get to Laois from Lapland, Noel picked them up last Friday and it took until Saturday night to get their ‘stable’ ready.  The stable is completely closed off in case any of them try to jump away on us!  The bottom of the panel has had holes placed in it to allow children see the reindeer.

Baptism Records, Clonaslee, Co. Laois, 1859-78

The film ref is Pos. 4202 for the National Library in Dublin.  As far as I know the LDS do NOT have a copy of this film.

It’s a while since I took records and I have not found my comments yet.

Records sorted by surname of child, question marks show you where I had a difficulty.  Spellings are exactly as I thought I was reading them.

Name Surname Father Surname Mother Mother     Place
Anne Bergin Dan Lalor Mary June 1860
Patt Brophy Michl Casy Bridget 12-Mar 1860 Derrylaheen
Patt Brophy Timothy Egan Eliza 18-Mar 1860 Scaroon
MAry Burke John Doyle Eliza ?21/1 1859
Mary Carroll John Malone Cath 08-Nov 1870
Patrick James Clarke Patrick Conroy Judith 1864 Boyle
James Conolly – Conroy put in on top & Connolly not crossed out! John Hynes Mary ?? Post Jan 1874 Bihenim…
Thos Conroy Mick Murphy Margaret 01-May 1859 Boolabohola
Edward Conroy James Dooly Eliza 19-Dec 1859
Wm Conroy Wm Dunne Mary June 1860 ?Lahoole
Mary Conroy Patt Condren Judy 14-May 1860 ?Sheracullen or Heracullen
John Conroy Edwd Scully Anne 30-Apr 1860 Brocca
Bridget Conroy William Dunne Mary ?Feb 1860
Patt Conroy Patt Conroy Catharine 04-Mar 1860
Margaret Conroy Wm McDermot Mary 15-Mar 1860
Patt Conroy Wm McEvoy Margaret 01-Apr 1860
Charles Conroy Edwd Scully Anne May 1860
Mary Anne Conroy John Dunne Eliza Aug 1860
John Conroy John Conroy Eliza Aug 1860
Elizabeth Conroy John Egan Mary ? 3 April 1864 ?Boyle
Pat Conroy Thos Keenan Mary Sept 1865 Brogla
Mary Conroy Jno Delany Eliza 16 ?Oct 1865 Castlecuffe
Mary Conroy Peter Dunne Cath ?9/4 1865 Coollough
Pat Conroy Thos Kelly Anne 19-Mar 1865 Coollough
Dan Conroy Stephen Dunne Maria ?July 24 1865 Cush
Charles Conroy Willm Dunne Ma?ry 29 ?July 1865 Garryheathin
Rosanna Conroy Thos Mulhall Rose 23-Apr 1865 Glan(?geesh or keesh)
Peter Conroy Dan Doogan Judy ?2 July 1865 Graiguafulla
Martin Conroy Jno Dunne Anne ? July 17 1865
Ellen Conroy ?Jo ?Roe Eliza 15-Jul 1866 ??
Anne Conroy ?Ein Scully Anne 17-Nov 1866 ??
Mary Conroy Jno Brophy Biddy 14-Mar 1866 Boyle
Mary Conroy Jno Egan Mary 01-Apr 1866 Cool?bo..
Jno Conroy Jno Dunne Eliza 09-Sep 1866 Tinnehinch
Joseph Conroy Thos Egan Eliza 23-Sep 1866 Tinnehinch
John Conroy Thos Conroy Mary 27-Oct 1866 Tinnehinch
William Conroy Stephen Dunne Margt 10-Feb 1867 Br..
Mary Conroy Thos Keenan Mary 28-Apr 1867 Brogla
James Conroy Wilm McEvoy Mary 31/6 1867 Brogla
Pat Conroy Wilm ?McDeermin? MAry 15-May 1867 Clara Hill
Anne Conroy Jno Egan Mary 26-May 1867 Coolnabookla
Anne Conroy Peter Dunne Cath 01-Dec 1867 Coolough
Thos Conroy Tom Kelly Anne 13-Jan 1867 Coolaugh
Mary Anne Conroy Jas Grogan Eliza 13-May 1867 Gl..?
Mary Conroy Thos Mulhall Kitty 09-May 1867 Glan?kean
James Conroy Dan Dugan Judy 28-May 1867 Graigfulla
Eliza Conroy John Brophy Biddy 08-Aug 1868 ?Boyle
Anne Conroy ?Jno Delany Eliza 15-Jun 1868 Castlecuffe
Michael Conroy Thos Egan Eliza Jan 1868 Tinnehinch
James Conroy Stephen Dunne Margt 07-Feb 1869 ?Brocca
Joseph Conroy Jno Gorman ?Seisken 25-Jul 1869 ?Clunabeg
Mary Conroy ?James Dooley Eliza 23-May 1869 ?pul…gh
Maryanne Conroy Willm Caulton Ellen 21-Feb 1869 B..
Catharine Conroy Jno Egan Mary 16-May 1869 Clonaslee
Ellen Conroy Thos ?Graugan Eliza 17-Apr 1869 Glankeen
Maryanne Conroy Tom Conroy Mary 14-Feb 1869 Tinnehinch
Margaret Conroy John Dunne Eliza 21-Sep 1870 ??
Catharine Conroy Stephen Dunne Margt 08-May 1870 Brocca
Pat Conroy Willm Caulton Eliza 10-Oct 1870 Brocca
Mary Conroy Thos Kelly Anne 13-Mar 1870 Coola…
Joseph Conroy Willm Dunne Mary 24-Jul 1870 Garryhrather
John Conroy Thomas Egan Eliza 09-Jun 1870 T.hinch
Thos Conroy Peter Dunne Kate 01-Jan 1870
Michael Conroy John Gorman Susan 26-Feb 1871 ?Clunabeg
John Conroy John Egan Mary ?1st April 1871 Ballinakile?
Bridget Conroy John Brophy Bridget 22-Jan 1871 Ballynaleamy?
Margt Conroy James Grogan Eliza 15-Jan 1871 Glankeen
Joseph Conroy Dan Dugan Judy 07-May 1871 Graigafulla
Thomas Conroy Thomas Egan Eliza 15-Jul 1871 Tinnehinch
Michael Conroy Willm McEvoy Margt 26-Nov 1871
?Wilm Conroy Thos Keenan Mary July 1872 ?
Bridget Conroy Jno Hynes Mary 17-Mar 1872 Ballynahimmey
Mary Conroy Stephen Dunne Mary 07-Apr 1872 Brocca
E.? Conroy ?Brien Cantle? Ellen 09-Jun 1872 Brocca
?Wilm Conroy John Delany Eliza 29-Oct 1872 Castlecuffe
Eliza Conroy Peter Dunne Cath 12-May 1872 Coolough
Anne Conroy Tom Kelly Anne 07-Apr 1872 Coolough
Charles Conroy ?Willm Dunne Mary 22-Dec 1872 Garryheahter
Mary Conroy James Fitzpatrick Mary Ann 05-May 1872 Laugh..
James Conroy John Brophy Bridget 02-Jul 1873 B.Hennimy?
Michael Conroy Thos Conly Anne 12-Oct 1873 Ballyp?
Joseph Conroy Edwd Scully Anne 12-Mar 1873 Brocca
Thos Conroy John Egan May 07-May 1873 Deel?
Thos Conroy James Grogan Eliza 27-Mar 1873 Glas??
Christopher Conroy Jas Fitzpatrick Maryanne 25-Dec 1873 Lau…?
Timothy Conroy Thos Egan Eliza 19-Oct 1873 Tinnehinch
James Conroy Jas Grogan Eliza June 1874 ??
page torn Conroy Stephen ?…any ?? ?? Post Jan 1874 ?Hardress or Fordress
Mary Conroy Willm McEvoy Margt May 1874 Br..
Honor Conroy Willm Colton E. 17-Jan 1874 Brocca
Sarah Conroy William Colton Ellen 17-Jan 1874 n.g
page torn Conroy Thos ?? Ma.. ?? Post Jan 1874 Tinnehinch
Mathew Conroy Willm Caulton Ellen 15-Jan 1875 Brocca
Margt Conroy Thos Keenan Margt 14-Mar 1875 Brogla
Catharine Conroy Peter Dunne Cath 09-May 1875 Coolough
Cath Conroy Peter Dunne Cath 09-May 1875 Coolough
Cath Conroy Tom Kelly Anne 05-Dec 1875 Coolaugh
Anne Conroy Jas Fitzpatrick Maryanne 18-May 1875 Larrigan
Thos Conroy Thos Egan Eliza 20-May 1875 Tinnehinch
Patt Conroy John Egan Mary 30-Jan 1876 Bally Kenna?
Jas Conroy Jas Connolly Anne 13-Feb 1876 Ballyfarrell
Honoria Conroy Willm Caulton Ellen 31-May 1877 Brocca
Margt Conroy John Fitzpatrick Maryanne 02-Dec 1877 Lanagan
Anne Conroy Thos Conroy Mary 22-Jan 1878 Coolaugh
Anne Conry? Thos Cainen Mary Sept 1868 Brogla
Eliza Delany James Delany Mary Jan 1860
John Delany Michl Deegan Peggy 20-Jul 1862
Margt Dunne James Conroy Mary 12-Mar 1860 Pullough
Mary Dunne Nicholas Maher Mary June 1860 Ballynacroy
Thos Dunne Thos Conroy Mary Aug 1860 ?..ullough
Catharine Dunne Wm Devy Onner June 1860
James Flanagan John Houlahan Honor 11-Dec 1864 Balnahemmy
?Danl Gorman? ?James Conroy Margt Feb 1860
Anne Griffin Arthur Kenna Margt June 1860
Joseph Haly or Daly? Robert ?Colgan Mary 17-Apr 1859 Clonaslee
John Henry James Scully Ellen July 1860 ?Caradoos
Mary Hickey Andrew Conroy Ellen 26-Feb 1860
Eliza Hickey Andrew Conroy Ellen July 1860
James Hoctor Stephen Delany Catharine 16-Apr 1860 Castlecuffe
Ellen Hogan Thos Barret Mary Nov 1859
Patt Hogan Patt Dunne Mary Feb 1860
John Hogan Patt Conroy Catharine July 1860
John Kelly Patt Dunne Onner ?? 1859 Clonaslee
James Kelly John Dunne Catharine 28-Sep 1859 Brocca
Anne Kelly Christy Daly Mary July 1860
Jno Kelly Christy Daly Mary 25-Feb 1866 Clonaslee
Michael Kelly Michl Murphy Joanna 12-Sep 1866 Fordress
Mary Kelly Michl Murphy Mary ?May 12th 1868 Fordress
Catharine Kelly Michl ?Murray Bridget 29-Nov 1868 Rath?mines
Maryanne Kelly Christy Daly Mary 21-Feb 1869 Clonaslee
Catharine Kelly Patrick ?Ceaoul? Mary 25-Feb 1871 Ballykaneen
Francis Kelly Michl Murphy Johanna 01-Dec 1872 Fordress
John Ken?ehey James Molloy Betty July 1860
Mary Maher Mathew Conroy Anne 24-Apr 1859 Tinnehinch
Mary Mahon James Conroy Margt 21-Apr 1865 ?Brocca
Mary Mahony John Cleary Margt July 1860
John Malone n.g. Dunne Hony 22-Dec 1871 B.H
James Malone James Dunne Honor 06-Jul 1873 B.Hennimy?
Michael Malone Jno Dunne Margt 29-Jan 1875 Augha
Joseph Malone Jas Dunne Hony 12-May 1875 Ballynahimmey
Maryanne Malone Joseph Con…? Maria 17-Jul 1875 Delahe??
Mary Malone Jas Dunne Hony 09-Jun 1877 Ballynahimmey
Jas Malone ?Lau Conroy Maria 10-Jun 1877 Deilathem??
Joseph Malone Martin Preston Mary 24-Aug 1878 Clonaslee
Catharine McEvoy Wm Meagher Julia ?28/1 1859
Charles Multany Charles Kea?ry Cathr 19-Feb 1862
Eliza Peak Thos Devery Anne 30-Apr 1860 Castlecuffe
Judith Rourke Patt Conroy Eliza 19-May 1859 Graigafulla
Margaret Scully John Brislan Margaret 24-Apr 1859 Castlecuffe
Joseph Troy Edwd Hacket Mary May 1860
Rose Troy Mick Corcoran Roseanna June 1860
Michael Troy Edward (deceased) Hacket Mary 1865 Glebe
James Troy Jas Casey Eliza ?26 July 1865 Glebe
Eliza Troy James Casey Eliza 09-Jun 1867 Glebe
Anne Troy Joe Casey n.g. 15-Mar 1871 Castlecuffe
Matilda Troy James Casey Eliza June 1874 ?
William Wilkse John n.g. Ellen 04-Mar 1860
James Wright Joe Conroy Bridget 21-Sep 1859