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Mass Rock, Oughaval, Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.) Photographs

I’ve never seen a Mass Rock before and I saw that there was a path to the Mass Rock when I looked at the ‘Notice Board’ at Oughaval Woods, so, I decided let’s go that way and the dogs didn’t mind which way I went so long as they got a good walk!

On the path, we came across a ‘sign post’ for the Mass Rock and I have to say before I got to it I wondered if it would be marked at all!

Mass Rock sign, Oughaval Woods, Laois

Mass Rock sign, Oughaval Woods, Laois

It’s really a very nice walk.  The initial part is a bit hilly but after that there are only a few ups and downs.  I didn’t realise we were at the Rock and I thought Bambi had just found a stone that looked like it could hold Holy Water and then after taking a few photos of this, I looked up and realised I was actually there.

It is a beautiful setting in amongst the trees.  Here are the photographs.

People leave their thoughts or hopes or prayers for some ‘deed’ they would like ‘done’ – the recovery of a friend or a loved one would be the usual prayer, with these thoughts, they leave something like a rosary beads.  You can see some of these on the photo of the top of the Cross and even on the St. Bridget’s Cross.

Oughaval, Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.) Photographs

I say Ballylinan to Oughaval *but* this also includes some shots taken along the road and at one point when I tried to show that the road was surrounded by hills (which was not a successful photograph)

I wanted to show you the hills and the beauty that is there.  I got some of it but personally I don’t think it gives you the full impression.

Below, you’ll see photos which are named Ballylinan to Oughaval and around Oughaval.  By around I mean the land around, the way it seems to be farmed and the look of it.  Yes, my dogs are in some of the photos the area was just so nice and I didn’t want to delete those shots.  Generally speaking there is a dog or two with me when I am out.

The titles on the photos here may confuse you because they are not placed in the times they were taken and have been sorted according to my titles.

1. Ballylinan to Oughaval are shots taken as I went from one place to the other

2. Around Oughaval were taken just after we got out of the car and are photos of the locality.

3. Oughaval 1 & 2 are the first Oughaval woods shots I took and after that it’s just shots of the woods as we walked along.

The Mass Rock in Oughaval, it was the first time I have ever seen a Mass Rock and because it is unusual I have created a separate page for that because people who do not come from this area of Ireland will still be interested in looking at it.