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Baptism Records, Kildimo, Pallaskenry, Co. Limerick, 1846

This parish is simply listed as Kildimo (Pallaskenry) in the book I have, but, on the name of the parish records on the microfilm in the National Library of Dublin, the word Chaple is also used.

The Roman Catholic baptismal parish records for this parish begin on Jan 1st, 1831, these continue until Nov 21st, 1845.  They begin again on 7th Jan, 1846 and continue until Dec 31st, 1880.  The National Library of Ireland film ref for this set of parish records is 2419 for baptisms up to 1880.  There is another microfilm with records for this parish on it that is 2420.  According to the source I have the LDS do not have copies of the microfilm for these records

I am giving you the copies of 6 months of records going from 7th January, 1846 to 5th July 1846.  I have taken the names of some sponsors but they were only for families I was interested in and I am not including them here.  Townland names were NOT given in this set of parish records.  All first names and surnames are as in the original parish records.  I have NOT changed any spellings.  Any question marks indicate places where I was unsure of a letter or the actual name, I THOUGHT it should be spelled or written as I give it.  No guarantee is made that these records are all correct, everyone makes mistakes at some stage or other.

If you have any problems with deciphering names then please see my article on Names at


This section of these parish records are in Latin.  That means that the first name is given in Latin and the surname is in English.  Please note as I have said before in many places, Irish parish records were NOT written in Irish even in areas where Irish was the spoken language.  The Irish spoke Latin and parish records were kept in Latin in many areas, BUT by Latin we mean the first names, surnames and placenames stayed in English.

The first few surnames that I was not sure of are at the top of the list below.  All other surnames are listed alphabetically.

If you want to know more about the information on these records then you can view the film in Dublin or hire a professional genealogist such as myself

Name Surname Father Mother M Surname Date
Catharina ?Conway or Cormudy? Patritii Honoria Rourke 06-Feb
Patritium ?Made Thoma ?Hellena Danah.. 01-Jun
Patritium ?Mulahget Johannis Catharina Hanly 21-Mar
Joannem Barrett Jacobi Brigida Moloney 14-Jun
Danielem Bond Jacobi Maria M(?ee)han 25-Jun
Jacobum Bradish Joannis Honoria Kir?by 25-Jan
Joannem Buckly Patritii Catharina Lynch 29-Jun
Johannem Burk Jacobi Anna Fallon 14-Apr
?lodimum Burk Joannis Catharina Brick 24-Jun
Mariam Burns Jacobi Catharina Power 07-Jan
Mariam Burns Thoma Maria Downey 10-Apr
Johanna Casey Thoma Johanna Rice 16-Mar
Brigidam Casy Danielis Margarita Dundon 12-Jan
Patritium Clune Joannis Brigida O’Brien 14-Feb
Brigidam Coleman Patritii Maria Tracy 14-Jun
Thomam Collins Patritii Maria Tucker 22-Mar
?Joamiam Connell ?Joamys Honoria Dillon 04-Jun
Mariam Conway Patritii Brigida Ba(?rr)ett 21-Apr
Catharina Costeloe Patritii Brigida Carroll 08-Mar
Danielem Cronan Patritii Ellena Purcell 02-Apr
Helenam Cussen Thoma Margarita Walsh 09-May
Thomam Dea Thoma Margarita Shaughnessy 20-Apr
Mariam Dillon David Ellena Nash 25-Jan
Brigidam Dillon Jacobi Ellena Shaughnessy 31-Jan
Catharina Dillon Michaelis Maria Nash 24-May
?T/F or Janithana Donough Patritii Maria McMahon 13-Feb
Mariam Donough Gulielimi Brigida Madigan 10-May
Thomam Doran Michaelis Helen Dal? 05-Apr
Mariam Dowling Michaelis Catharina Howard 10-May
Mariam Downey Cornelii Maria Cronin 03-Jul
Joannem Enright Patritii Honoria Hayes 05-Feb
Patritium Farrell Michaelis Brigida Hayes 31-Jan
Thomam Farrell Michaelis Margarita Griffin 31-Jan
Brigidam Farrell Michaelis Brigida Kenny 04-Jun
Margaritam Farrell Thoma Maria Ha(nnan) 26-Jun
Mariam Fitzgerald Thoma Margarita Coglan 23-Jan
Jacobum Fitzgerald Joannis Ellena McMahon 23-Jan
Guilielmum Fitzgerald Michaelis Honoria Moylan 27-Mar
?T or J anitham Fitzgerald Patritii Ellena Culhane 03-Apr
Gulielimum Fitzgerald (?Jodimys) Maria O’Brien 03-May
Marianam Fitzgerald Thoma Catharina Cahill 10-May
Jacobum Frawly Jacobi Honoria Ka…? 04-Apr
Guilielmum Glin Thoma Brigida Quin 07-Jan
Edmundmum Goggin Joannis Margarita Madigan 03-May
Patritium Griffin Danielis Margarita Keeffe 03-Apr
Margaritam Griffin Henrici Margarita Walsh 16-Apr
Margaritam Guerin Thoma Maria Enright 25-Feb
Joannem Guerin Michaelis ?alla?eo Sheahan 28-May
Michaelem Guiltinane Michaelis Brigida McMahon 05-Jul
Geraldam Guinane Jacobi Janetha Da?ly 11-May
Jacobum Guinane Patritii Catharina Walsh 12-May
Joannem Ha(?nnan) Jacobi Maria Cussen 25-Feb
Patritium Halloran Rogerii Margarita Ronan 27-Jan
Joannem Hanly Jacobi Johanna Hourigan 13-Jan
Patritium Hannan Patritii Brigida Nolan 09-Apr
Helenam Hartney Danielis Maria Hanrahan 08-Apr
Thomam Hayes Patritii Honoria Walsh 01-Feb
Michaelem Hays Jacobi Catharina Casey 21-Jan
Catharina Heffernan Patritii Margarita Coghlan 26-Feb
Annam Hen(?essy) Joannis Maria Dundon 15-Jun
Margaritam Hogan Dionitii Debora Riely 12-May
Joannem Hogan Jacobi Maria Cosgrave 14-Jun
Thomam Horan Henrico Margarita Molony 10-Mar
Joannem Hurley Thoma Ellena Hanly 23-Jan
Jacobum Hynes Jacobi Maria Kennedy 27-Apr
Tadeum Kin?g Tadei Judith McCarthy 02-May
Patritium Kir(by or ly) Jacobi Catharina Sheahan 17-Feb
Patritium Latchford Jacobi Ellena 10-Mar
Brigidam Looney Jacobi Catharina Sheehy 24-Jan
Michaelem Lynch Joannis Catharina Sheahan 13-May
Patritium Lyons Thoma Anna Holahan 17-Mar
Margaritam Lyons Patritii Anna Horan 30-Jun
Mariam Mack Jacobi Brigida Hickey 19-Apr
Jacobum Madigan Danielis Catharina Shaughnessy 26-Feb
Catharina Madigan Joannis Johanna Madigan 05-Jun
Winferd McDonnell Thoma Anna Burns 17-Jan
Joannem McEnery Jacobi Maria Guinan 02-Jun
Mariam McMahon Edmundi Maria Dalton 25-Jan
Michaelem Meany Patritii Ellena Hayes 25-Mar
Jacobum Molony Michaelis Honoria Macnamara 03-Jun
Guilielmum Molony Patritii Catharina O’Donnell 24-Jun
Johanam Morgan Danielis Brigida Shaughnessy 08-Apr
Margaritam Morrissy Thoma Maria Frawley 08-Mar
Mariam Mulqueen Johannis Catharina Lynch 23-Mar
Mariam Mulqueen Georgeii Brigida Shaughnessy 28-May
Thomam Nash Thoma Catharina O’Donnell 31-May
Catharina Naughton Patritii Joanna McCarthy 31-Jan
Mariam Naughton Gulielimi Maria Keating 22-Feb
Michaelem Neal Patritii Margarita Guiltinane 10-Feb
Jacobum Nealon ?? Maria Sheahan 13-Mar
Margaritam Nealon Danielis Catharina Toomey 03-Apr
Patritium Nevil Patritii Maria Conway 26-Feb
Annam Nolan Patritii Catharina Fleming 26-Apr
Stephanum O’Brien Joannis Catharina Burk 20-Feb
Ellanam O’Brien Dionitii Maria Kenny 16-Apr
Brigidam O’Brien Danielis Maria Sheahan 03-Jun
Danielem O’Brien Dionitii Margarita O’Brien 28-Jun
Patritium O’Connors Johannis Brigida Ronan 22-Mar
Patritium Purcell Patritii Brigida Sullivan 19-Jan
Ricardum Purcell Patritii Honoria ?Setright 17-Apr
Margaritam Purcell Gulielimi Catharina Fitzgerald 08-May
Mariam Purcell Patritii Margarita O’Brien 31-May
Ricardum Purcell Jacobi Maria ?? 06-Jun
Thomam Rose Thoma Catharina Horan 26-Mar
Patritium Rourk Dionitii ??Fanitha Purcell 12-Feb
Patritium Rourk Thoma Catharina Hanly 21-Mar
Margaritam Rourk Jacobi Catharina Guerin 12-Apr
Mariam Rourk Murdachi Brigida Rourk 09-Jan
Annam Rourk Thoma Helena Lyons 16-Jun
Thomam Sheahan Joannis Maria ?Ahern 24-May
Patritium Smyth Jacobi Brigida Lynch 22-Feb
Patritium Sullivan Jeremia Maria Purcell ?1/3
Patritium Walsh Thoma Maria Culhane 05-Apr
Robertiem Walsh Thoma Maria Riordan 26-Apr
Joannem Walsh Jacobi Brigida Conway 21-May
Dionitium Ward Joannis Maria McMahon 05-May