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Clogh village, Kilkenny. Photographs

Clogh Village, Kilkenny


One of the days last year my daughter and her husband were on their way down to Clough the village I live in.  I think they were using the map on their phone and they commented on how they were going a different way to the way I go.  Then, they arrived in Clogh, Co. Kilkenny.  Clough, Co. Laois and Clogh, Kilkenny are separated by a 30 minute drive.  That was the time that they realised we have more than one place of the same name in Ireland and when they told me this I laughed and replied we have more than one place of the same name in each county!!
I went off to Clogh, Kilkenny deliberately in 2013 to see how they spell the name of their village took photographs of Clogh and then began photographing the gravestones in the Roman Catholic graveyard.  I have about 2/3rds of the graveyard photographed and almost completely indexed.  Come this Summer, I’ll get it all finished.


Ballyragget, Kilkenny. Photographs

Ballyragget village, Kilkenny

Ballyragget photographs

These photographs were taken 29th December 2007


Donkey Churning Butter, Threshing, Co. Laois

Did you ever see a donkey churning butter? I never did before I went to the Threshing day at Knock, Laois last Sunday.  The day of Threshing and everything that went with it was organised to support Knock National School and it’s re-development.  A really wonderful day for all who attended!

There is little can be said about a donkey churning butter, except it involved work for the men who organised the exhibition and I wonder does anyone think of that?  I’d like to thank them for the please I got in watching this ‘event’ and for the education I received.

Photographs of Owls and Other Birds, Threshing, Co. Laois

Raven Haven Aviaries had a stall at the Threshing in Knock this year.

I’d never seen this group before.  They are listed as breeders and exhibitors of Native Birds and Birds of Prey and they go to places such as schools, field days, nursing homes, special needs, weddings, photo shoots and more.  This is a business so the visits are for a fee.

They take in injured birds of prey for rehabilitation and release and one of the things they do when they go to schools is teach children how these birds can be damaged by poison.  That’s something I hadn’t thought of to tell the truth, how birds can be damaged by poison!

Here are a few photos of the birds that they had in their stall on Sunday.  You’ll easily guess which bird caught my attention the most!  His eyes were incredible and he watched everything.  He is only 4 months old.  The ravens can talk!

Photographs of Graiguenamanagh Town, Co. Kilkenny

There I was yesterday and I decided to take myself off to the Book Fair in Graiguenamanagh, Kilkenny.  Graiguenamanagh is about 75 minutes of a drive away from me.  I didn’t even think about what part of Kilkenny it is in I just set off.  Sent my daughter a text telling her where I was going and she replies “You’ll call in then”.  She was down visiting her in laws in a place called Skeoghvosteen (I sometimes spell it Skeoughvosteen) and Skeoghvosteen is only a few miles from Graiguenamanagh.  I’d forgotten that, hadn’t I? :)

Even though I went to Graiguenamanagh because of the Book Fair, it’s still the kind of a town that you just photograph.  Take advice from Andy Defrancesco if you need photography advice. The flower display outside Graig Kebabish is spectacular.  The two little dogs had me laughing.  They were sitting looking up at one of the men who was eating and they were glued to him.  Later on, as I was walking back to my car they had moved across the road and I realised they were following the man!  Later on still, they had moved down the river and were beside the Scout hall.

The river, the bridge, the boats and the barges on the river, all so much for a brain to take in.  People live on some of the barges.  Look at the flowers around one of them.

I hope you enjoy these photos