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St. Michael’s Church, Portarlington, Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.)

St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church,
Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.)),

Portarlington is one of those places in Ireland which is spread over two counties even though it is listed as being part of Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.).

Lewis topographical Dictionary (1837) gives us Portarlington as being part of “PORTARLINGTON, a borough, market, and post-town, partly in the parish of CLONEHORKE, barony of UPPER PHILIPSTOWN, KING’S county, but chiefly in the parish of LEA, barony of PORTNEHINCH,  

QUEEN’S county, and province of LEINSTER, 9 ½ miles (N.E.) from Maryborough, and 34 ½ (W. S. W.) from Dublin; containing 3091 inhabitants. This place, anciently named Coltodry, or Cooletetoodra, corrupted into Cooletooder, …..”

Also “In the Roman Catholic divisions Portarlington is the head of a union or district, called Portarlington, Emo and Killinard, and comprising parts of the parishes of Clonehorke and Coolbanagher, and the parish of Lea, with the exception of the townland of Inchcoolley. Chapels are respectively situated at Portarlington, Emo and Killinard: that in Portarlington having been found too small for the increasing congregation, a new chapel is now being erected near the old one, and, when finished, will be a handsome edifice in the pointed style; the principal front will consist of a tower, with pinnacles at each angle and surmounted with a fine spire, 140 feet high. “

These photographs were taken Mary 2014.

The French Church, Portarlington, Co. Laois & Offaly

St. Paul’s, The French Church,
Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.) & Offaly (King’s Co.)

From Lewis Topographical Dictionary of Ireland (1837) “PORTARLINGTON, a borough, market, and post-town, partly in the parish of CLONEHORKE, barony of UPPER PHILIPSTOWN, KING’S county, but chiefly in the parish of LEA, barony of PORTNEHINCH, QUEEN’S county, and province of LEINSTER, 9 ½ miles (N.E.) from Maryborough, and 34 ½ (W. S. W.) from Dublin; containing 3091 inhabitants. This place, anciently named Coltodry, or Cooletetoodra, corrupted into Cooletooder, …..”

Also “Two churches were built in the town at the time of the settlement, dedicated respectively to St. Michael and St. Paul, in the reign of William III., and endowed severally with a rent-charge of £40 late currency reserved upon lands let in perpetuity; St. Paul’s was appropriated to the French and Flemish settlers, and St. Michael’s to the use of English Protestants in the town; in consequence of this arrangement the former of these is called the French church, and the latter the English. “

These photographs were taken Oct, 2006.

Baptism Records, Portarlington, Co. Laois, 1820

There were no baptisms recorded for October 1820

baptisms: Jan 1st, 1820 – Nov 22nd, 1846
Nov 25th, 1846 – Feb 27th, 1876
Mar 5th, 1876 – Dec 26th, 1880

Baptisms are indexed at the beginning of each section of the film. names are not listed alphabetically, but boys and girls are listed in two separate groupings. The index does not include the mother’s name or that of the witnesses, just the childs name and the fathers name. That format is followed on this page. Child and father. Townland is not given in the first few years of this register – it may be in later years, but I have not looked at any other than the early 1820’s

Marriages: Nov 24th, 1822 – July 16th, 1845
July 21st, 1825 – June 21st, 1876
Jan 14th, 1876 – Nov 27th, 1880
NLI pos. pos 4205

name Abbreviations found in registers:
Wm = William Jas/Js. = James ; Mich/Mick. = Michael ; Margt. = Margaret ; Jn/Jno. = John or Jonathan; Ally = Anastasia (sometimes) ; Anty = Anastasia /Anastatia ; Lau. = Laurence ; pat/patt = patrick ; May = Mary ; Jos. = Joseph ; Matt. = Matthew ; Onny = Winifred ; Cath. = Catherine ; Danl., Dan = Daniel; Hanna = Hanora or Anne ; Jer. = Jeremiah ; Sally = Sarah ; bess = Elizabeth, Eliza ; biddy/bridgt. = bridget ; Fanton = Finton. Nics./Nich = Nicholas ; Thos. = Thomas ; Nelly = Eleanor or Ellen ; Fanny = Frances

1820: Rev. James Delany
Jany 1st. Ellen, of Thos. & Mary Walsh. Wit: John Dunn & Rose Walsh
?3rd. ?Onie of Danl & Mary Lalor. Wits: James Dee?ran & brigt. Dun?fy
9th. Mary of patt. & bridget bergan. Wit: Luke & Mary McDonald
11th. Michael of peter & Mary Dunne. Wit ??? Conolly & betty Dun?fesey
12th. Married: Stephen Fitzgerald to Anne Reilly. Wit: M. Ml. Dun?fy & Jne Fitzgerald
16th. Christy of Thos. & Ellen Conroy. Wit: John Flood & Anne Conboy
Francis of Jer. & Mary Neil. Wit: Danl. Moore & Susan Dempsey
Catherine of Malachy & Mary Dunne. Wit: James Kinna & Margt. ?Malon
Mary of Michl. & Mary Coghlin. Wit: Thos. Higgins & Judith Coghlin
19th Mary of Sandy & Mary Luttrell. Wit Mary bergan & Catherine Dun
23rd. Edwd. Of Thos. & Margt. Flinn. Wit pAtt & betty Flinn
24th Married: John Walsh to Judith bourke Wit: Edwd Walsh & betty Fox
29th James of Stephen & Mary brophy. Wit patt Keegan & bridget ?Tierney
30th. Mary of peter & Mary Doolan. Wit: Denis bergan & Anne Tierney
Anne of James & Mary Ferrett. Wit: Michl Toohy & bess McEvoy

Name Father Date
Catherine beaghe? Maurice May, 1820
Thomas beaux Thos. March, 1820
Catherine beha ?n Richard May, 1820
Eliza behan Ml October, 1820
MAry behan patt, June, 1820
Anne bourke Ned December, 1820
Catherine brennan Martin September, 1820
patt brien Ml April, 1820
Eliza butler John February, 1820
Sara butler Denis October, 1820
James byrne philip February, 1820
Simon byrne Stephen May, 1820
Michael Canvahy Ml December, 1820
Eliza Carroll Martin March, 1820
patt Carroll Greg March, 1820
William Carroll Tom September, 1820
bridget Carson Wm March, 1820
Margaret Carson Wm March, 1820
Mary Carthy John February, 1820
Terence Co?nly Ml June, 1820
Margaret Coghlan Simon April, 1820
Margt Commins? Wm December, 1820
Margaret Conner Stephen May, 1820
Margaret Connor peter April, 1820
Tom Connor Dick December, 1820
Anne Conroy patt, December, 1820
Eliza Conroy peter April, 1820
John Conroy patt, December, 1820
Joe Conway John November, 1820
Jas Coogan Dan December, 1820
Anne Costello Wm February, 1820
John Costello Michael December, 1820
Joseph Crow Wm March, 1820
Mary Culleton John November, 1820
Anne Curran James May, 1820
Simon p. Dalton John July, 1820
patt Deigan John June, 1820
John Dempsey patt, October, 1820
Anne Dovinen Jas November, 1820
Anne Dowling WM September, 1820
Denis Dowling William October, 1820
Denis Dowling William October, 1820
John Dowling Henry June, 1820
Kate Dowling Stephen October, 1820
patt Downey Edwd March, 1820
Margt Doyle John May, 1820
Mary Drennan patt, February, 1820
patt Duigan Ml December, 1820
Anne Dunne Tom October, 1820
bridget Dunne John February, 1820
Edward Dunne Ml September, 1820
Honor Dunne JOhn December, 1820
Joseph Dunne Joe February, 1820
MArgt Dunne patt, September, 1820
Martin Dunne John April, 1820
Ml Dunne Wm April, 1820
peter Dunne Dan November, 1820
Eliza Ennis JAs December, 1820
Mary Fennelly Ml March, 1820
Michael Fennelly Ml February, 1820
Mary Fian John October, 1820
Michael Fister Ml March, 1820
patt Fitzgerald Stephen March, 1820
Tom Flood patt, November, 1820
Eliza Flynn Andrew June, 1820
Kate Garry JAs October, 1820
John Gerraghty Jas June, 1820
Anne Grilbin Thos. March, 1820
Mary Hanley JAs September, 1820
Mary Harrison Wm April, 1820
Daniel Heffernan Murtha February, 1820
John Hickey patt, April, 1820
Mary Higgins Mark March, 1820
Michael Higgins peter September, 1820
Thos. Higgins James March, 1820
Martin Hoologen patt, November, 1820
Anne Horan Martin July, 1820
Henrietta Horan David April, 1820
Anne Hyland JAs September, 1820
bridget Hyland Michael June, 1820
Dan Hyland Ml October, 1820
John Hyland James September, 1820
Margaret Hyland James October, 1820
Margt Hyland Joe October, 1820
William Hyland Henry April, 1820
Mary Kavanagh Mal July, 1820
Michael Kavanagh Edwd September, 1820
Michael Kavanagh Chas October, 1820
patt Kavanagh Wm March, 1820
Eliza Keegan Owen October, 1820
Lawrence Keegan Denis February, 1820
Robert Keegan Thos. March, 1820
Anne Kehoe Ned October, 1820
bridget Kelly Martin September, 1820
Christ Kelly Ml March, 1820
Mary Kenna John May, 1820
Eliza Keogh Ml May, 1820
John Hickey Tom June, 1820
Mary Hickey Francis March, 1820
Anne Lane Frank November, 1820
John Leavy John February, 1820
Catherine Lee Ml March, 1820
Tom Lutterl Thos. October, 1820
John Lynam Garrett July, 1820
Anne Lynch peter June, 1820
Henry Malone Harry December, 1820
John Malone George June, 1820
MAry Malone Jas March, 1820
Tom Mangan James September, 1820
Michael McLough. Andrew April, 1820
Michael M’Cue Not given March, 1820
Dan M’Donnell patt, May, 1820
John M’Donnell George May, 1820
Margt M’Donnell John April, 1820
Martha M’Donnell Thos. March, 1820
Eliza Meagher Jas September, 1820
Arthur M’Evoy Hugh March, 1820
Mary M’Evoy William June, 1820
Kate Molloy Tom October, 1820
bridget Moloney Jas May, 1820
Eliza Monagher peter October, 1820
Mary Monahan bryan September, 1820
Alice Moore patt, March, 1820
MArgt Morrin William October, 1820
Simon Mulhall patt, November, 1820
William Murphy Wm February, 1820
patt Nowlan Wm July, 1820
Elisa pilsworth John May, 1820
Mary poo??as Tom September, 1820
John Ryland Henry March, 1820
Ml Scully peter October, 1820
patt Scully John March, 1820
James Scurlough patt, September, 1820
James Seery Jas June, 1820
Mary Shortall patt, November, 1820
Michael Siney Michael December, 1820
Anne Territt John March, 1820
Eliza Tierney Ned June, 1820
Mary tracy John February, 1820
Robert Tynan John June, 1820
James Walsh Thos. September, 1820
Anne Whela Edmd April, 1820
Catherine Whelan John May, 1820
Mary Whelan patt, May, 1820
Elisa White John April, 1820
Robert Wilkinson John December, 1820
Kate Woods JAs September, 1820