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River Shannon Bridge, Portumna, Co. Galway

I was driving from Nenagh up to Mayo last week when we had to stop at one point and I was thinking along the lines that we’d stopped at a train line crossing while we waited for a train to go through.  Then, as I took a photo of the river Shannon it dawned on me, “No that isn’t a train crossing in front of me, it’s the river bridge.  The road is closed because the bridge is open to allow river traffic through!”  Out of the car I got with the camera in hand of course and I took a few photos.

It’s not that they are important, it’s just that this is something that happens two or three times a day, the opening of the bridge and I just happened onto the bridge when this was happening.  I was delighted needless to say.

The photographs should have been taken in a different manner, the closed bridge should be first but I was trying to get everything in as quickly as I could.  The moving boats have all just come through the bridge opening.

Portumna District Marriage Records, Co. Galway

This page features civil Marriage Records for the district of Portumna in Co. Galway and includes full names (where possible), the year of marriage, and the quarter in which the marriage occurred. A searchable index of all available marriage records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Broder Bridget 1876
Cunningham Patrick 1864
Cunningham Patrick 1864
Daly Bridget 1864
Daly John A. 1864
Daly John A. 1864
Dillon Anne 1866
Egan Kiran 1873
Egan Maria 1873
Fahy Mary 1873
Fahy Mary 1873
Fahy Mary 1877
Fitzgerald Mary 1864
Haire James 1896 3rd
Hoarey Bridget 1876
Hoctor Michael 1868
Hynes James 1882 3rd
Keane John 1922 3rd
Keane John Joseph 1922 4th
Keating James 1874
Keating Thomas 1874
Kemple Margaret 1871
Kendle Patrick 1865
Kennedy Bridget 1865
Kennedy Margaret 1873
Kennedy Patrick 1867
Kennedy William 1866
Kilalea Thomas 1871
Kildea Catherine 1871
Kilfoyle John 1865
Kilfoyle Micheal 1865
Kilkenny Michael 1865
Killeen Bridget 1865
Killeen Jane 1865
Kindle Patrick 1865
Lynch Mary 1882 1st
Lyons Mary 1864
Lyons Michael 1865
Lyons Michael 1894 1st
Lyons Patrick 1898 4th
Lyons Sarah 1898 4th
Maher Anne 1864
Mulloy John 1865
Mulloy Margaret 1865
Murray Catherine 1866
Murray Michael 1881 3rd
Murray Thomas 1880 1st
Noonan Catherine 1865
Noonan Laurence 1865
Porter Margaret 1868
Reilly Catherine 1864
Shea Anne 1916 1st
Spain Mary 1864
Spain Winefred 1877

Civil Registration Records