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Rathaspick, Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.) Photographs

I will have to change or add some words to this page eventually, such as the Lewis(1837) words re Rathaspick.

I was driving along the road from Ballylinan(Ballylynan) to Stradbally the other day and I spotted this Church up a wee road on my left.  Now why I never noticed this before I don’t know, but, I didn’t.  So off myself and dogs went to get a closer look at the Church.  It is such a beautiful setting.  I did send a copy of the Church photo from my phone to the County Laois Genealogy Facebook page.  I didn’t know where I was and a man from Laois was able to tell me later that night.

So here are the photos I took of that Church.  The sun was out and it was lovely even if cold.