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The King’s Co. Chronicle, Wednesday, Oct 6th, 1845

Electioneering on DIT
It is currently reported that H. A. Cole., Esq,. M. P., will seek the suffrages of the county at next election, and that the popular Paul Dane, Esq., descendant of an old Enniskillener, who was provost and commandant when the town was beleagured by Jame’s forces, will be the Representative of our loyal borough. – “Fermanagh Reporter

Remedy for the Distemper in Cattle.
Six grains of arsenic in four ounces of white sugar, to be pounded very fine for an hour – dose, a teaspoonful every three hours. After losing fifty head of cattle, I was induced to try this, and have not lost any since, except one that was too far gone when I commenced, and had been previously treated with severe remedies. – “Correspondent of the Limerick Chronicle

Two Thousand year old
Some mummy wheat supposed to be two thousand years old, sown by Col. North at Wroxton, has produced upwards of forty stems from each grain, each of them bearing an ear.

Mr. O’Connell arrived at Limerick on Friday night from Dublin, and left next morning for Killarney, to dine with the Repealers on this day (Monday) and tomorrow to enjoy a stag hunt on the Lakes. There are four reporters in Mr. O’Connell’s suite.
(Mr. Daniel O’Connell)

We are informed by the Galway Vindicator that the triennial election of commissioners for that town terminated on Wednesday, and that the entire body are pledged to Repeal.

The King’s Co. Chronicle
Vol. 1 No. 3
Wednesday, Oct 6th, 1845