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River Shannon Bridge, Portumna, Co. Galway

I was driving from Nenagh up to Mayo last week when we had to stop at one point and I was thinking along the lines that we’d stopped at a train line crossing while we waited for a train to go through.  Then, as I took a photo of the river Shannon it dawned on me, “No that isn’t a train crossing in front of me, it’s the river bridge.  The road is closed because the bridge is open to allow river traffic through!”  Out of the car I got with the camera in hand of course and I took a few photos.

It’s not that they are important, it’s just that this is something that happens two or three times a day, the opening of the bridge and I just happened onto the bridge when this was happening.  I was delighted needless to say.

The photographs should have been taken in a different manner, the closed bridge should be first but I was trying to get everything in as quickly as I could.  The moving boats have all just come through the bridge opening.