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Robbed at a graveyard


I was robbed last week.

Last Friday I was at a meeting in Naas so because I am currently working on the surname Lyons from Monasterevin I decided that if the meeting ended early enough I would try to find graveyards around Monasterevin.

I actually ended up in St. Patrick’s Cemetery in Rathangan and it was a very busy cemetery, lots of people going in.  When I got back to my car, I realised I had been robbed.  My bag had been stolen off the seat.  The actual good thing about this was that they had stolen my bag but not taken my Canon camera that was under the bag.

Police came and they were so nice, Each policeman walked up and down different sides of the road looking for the bag.  They were able to tell me that the thieves only wanted the money, that they would have pulled the money from the wallet and chucked the bag out the window.

No luck in their searches.  Believe it or not, the only thing that worried me was that I had brought all my camera discs with me and for one of them I had not transferred all the information on it.  My daughter Sinead had given names to all my gravestone photographs from two graveyards and she had indexed these photographs and I had not downloaded them onto a computer :(

Have to say, the robbery put me out psychologically.

Next morning, I am sitting at computer working away and I receive a phone call from the Gardai in Edenderry to tell me that my bag had been handed in and that yes, everything was in the bag except the money.

Amn’t I such a lucky unlucky person :)

We all tend to give out about our Policemen (the Gardai) BUT no matter what I can only say that the three Gardai I spoke to this week were extremely nice and helpful and I would have nothing but good to say about them