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Baptism Records, Clonaslee, Co. Laois, 1859-78

The film ref is Pos. 4202 for the National Library in Dublin.  As far as I know the LDS do NOT have a copy of this film.

It’s a while since I took records and I have not found my comments yet.

Records sorted by surname of child, question marks show you where I had a difficulty.  Spellings are exactly as I thought I was reading them.

Name Surname Father Surname Mother Mother     Place
Anne Bergin Dan Lalor Mary June 1860
Patt Brophy Michl Casy Bridget 12-Mar 1860 Derrylaheen
Patt Brophy Timothy Egan Eliza 18-Mar 1860 Scaroon
MAry Burke John Doyle Eliza ?21/1 1859
Mary Carroll John Malone Cath 08-Nov 1870
Patrick James Clarke Patrick Conroy Judith 1864 Boyle
James Conolly – Conroy put in on top & Connolly not crossed out! John Hynes Mary ?? Post Jan 1874 Bihenim…
Thos Conroy Mick Murphy Margaret 01-May 1859 Boolabohola
Edward Conroy James Dooly Eliza 19-Dec 1859
Wm Conroy Wm Dunne Mary June 1860 ?Lahoole
Mary Conroy Patt Condren Judy 14-May 1860 ?Sheracullen or Heracullen
John Conroy Edwd Scully Anne 30-Apr 1860 Brocca
Bridget Conroy William Dunne Mary ?Feb 1860
Patt Conroy Patt Conroy Catharine 04-Mar 1860
Margaret Conroy Wm McDermot Mary 15-Mar 1860
Patt Conroy Wm McEvoy Margaret 01-Apr 1860
Charles Conroy Edwd Scully Anne May 1860
Mary Anne Conroy John Dunne Eliza Aug 1860
John Conroy John Conroy Eliza Aug 1860
Elizabeth Conroy John Egan Mary ? 3 April 1864 ?Boyle
Pat Conroy Thos Keenan Mary Sept 1865 Brogla
Mary Conroy Jno Delany Eliza 16 ?Oct 1865 Castlecuffe
Mary Conroy Peter Dunne Cath ?9/4 1865 Coollough
Pat Conroy Thos Kelly Anne 19-Mar 1865 Coollough
Dan Conroy Stephen Dunne Maria ?July 24 1865 Cush
Charles Conroy Willm Dunne Ma?ry 29 ?July 1865 Garryheathin
Rosanna Conroy Thos Mulhall Rose 23-Apr 1865 Glan(?geesh or keesh)
Peter Conroy Dan Doogan Judy ?2 July 1865 Graiguafulla
Martin Conroy Jno Dunne Anne ? July 17 1865
Ellen Conroy ?Jo ?Roe Eliza 15-Jul 1866 ??
Anne Conroy ?Ein Scully Anne 17-Nov 1866 ??
Mary Conroy Jno Brophy Biddy 14-Mar 1866 Boyle
Mary Conroy Jno Egan Mary 01-Apr 1866 Cool?bo..
Jno Conroy Jno Dunne Eliza 09-Sep 1866 Tinnehinch
Joseph Conroy Thos Egan Eliza 23-Sep 1866 Tinnehinch
John Conroy Thos Conroy Mary 27-Oct 1866 Tinnehinch
William Conroy Stephen Dunne Margt 10-Feb 1867 Br..
Mary Conroy Thos Keenan Mary 28-Apr 1867 Brogla
James Conroy Wilm McEvoy Mary 31/6 1867 Brogla
Pat Conroy Wilm ?McDeermin? MAry 15-May 1867 Clara Hill
Anne Conroy Jno Egan Mary 26-May 1867 Coolnabookla
Anne Conroy Peter Dunne Cath 01-Dec 1867 Coolough
Thos Conroy Tom Kelly Anne 13-Jan 1867 Coolaugh
Mary Anne Conroy Jas Grogan Eliza 13-May 1867 Gl..?
Mary Conroy Thos Mulhall Kitty 09-May 1867 Glan?kean
James Conroy Dan Dugan Judy 28-May 1867 Graigfulla
Eliza Conroy John Brophy Biddy 08-Aug 1868 ?Boyle
Anne Conroy ?Jno Delany Eliza 15-Jun 1868 Castlecuffe
Michael Conroy Thos Egan Eliza Jan 1868 Tinnehinch
James Conroy Stephen Dunne Margt 07-Feb 1869 ?Brocca
Joseph Conroy Jno Gorman ?Seisken 25-Jul 1869 ?Clunabeg
Mary Conroy ?James Dooley Eliza 23-May 1869 ?pul…gh
Maryanne Conroy Willm Caulton Ellen 21-Feb 1869 B..
Catharine Conroy Jno Egan Mary 16-May 1869 Clonaslee
Ellen Conroy Thos ?Graugan Eliza 17-Apr 1869 Glankeen
Maryanne Conroy Tom Conroy Mary 14-Feb 1869 Tinnehinch
Margaret Conroy John Dunne Eliza 21-Sep 1870 ??
Catharine Conroy Stephen Dunne Margt 08-May 1870 Brocca
Pat Conroy Willm Caulton Eliza 10-Oct 1870 Brocca
Mary Conroy Thos Kelly Anne 13-Mar 1870 Coola…
Joseph Conroy Willm Dunne Mary 24-Jul 1870 Garryhrather
John Conroy Thomas Egan Eliza 09-Jun 1870 T.hinch
Thos Conroy Peter Dunne Kate 01-Jan 1870
Michael Conroy John Gorman Susan 26-Feb 1871 ?Clunabeg
John Conroy John Egan Mary ?1st April 1871 Ballinakile?
Bridget Conroy John Brophy Bridget 22-Jan 1871 Ballynaleamy?
Margt Conroy James Grogan Eliza 15-Jan 1871 Glankeen
Joseph Conroy Dan Dugan Judy 07-May 1871 Graigafulla
Thomas Conroy Thomas Egan Eliza 15-Jul 1871 Tinnehinch
Michael Conroy Willm McEvoy Margt 26-Nov 1871
?Wilm Conroy Thos Keenan Mary July 1872 ?
Bridget Conroy Jno Hynes Mary 17-Mar 1872 Ballynahimmey
Mary Conroy Stephen Dunne Mary 07-Apr 1872 Brocca
E.? Conroy ?Brien Cantle? Ellen 09-Jun 1872 Brocca
?Wilm Conroy John Delany Eliza 29-Oct 1872 Castlecuffe
Eliza Conroy Peter Dunne Cath 12-May 1872 Coolough
Anne Conroy Tom Kelly Anne 07-Apr 1872 Coolough
Charles Conroy ?Willm Dunne Mary 22-Dec 1872 Garryheahter
Mary Conroy James Fitzpatrick Mary Ann 05-May 1872 Laugh..
James Conroy John Brophy Bridget 02-Jul 1873 B.Hennimy?
Michael Conroy Thos Conly Anne 12-Oct 1873 Ballyp?
Joseph Conroy Edwd Scully Anne 12-Mar 1873 Brocca
Thos Conroy John Egan May 07-May 1873 Deel?
Thos Conroy James Grogan Eliza 27-Mar 1873 Glas??
Christopher Conroy Jas Fitzpatrick Maryanne 25-Dec 1873 Lau…?
Timothy Conroy Thos Egan Eliza 19-Oct 1873 Tinnehinch
James Conroy Jas Grogan Eliza June 1874 ??
page torn Conroy Stephen ?…any ?? ?? Post Jan 1874 ?Hardress or Fordress
Mary Conroy Willm McEvoy Margt May 1874 Br..
Honor Conroy Willm Colton E. 17-Jan 1874 Brocca
Sarah Conroy William Colton Ellen 17-Jan 1874 n.g
page torn Conroy Thos ?? Ma.. ?? Post Jan 1874 Tinnehinch
Mathew Conroy Willm Caulton Ellen 15-Jan 1875 Brocca
Margt Conroy Thos Keenan Margt 14-Mar 1875 Brogla
Catharine Conroy Peter Dunne Cath 09-May 1875 Coolough
Cath Conroy Peter Dunne Cath 09-May 1875 Coolough
Cath Conroy Tom Kelly Anne 05-Dec 1875 Coolaugh
Anne Conroy Jas Fitzpatrick Maryanne 18-May 1875 Larrigan
Thos Conroy Thos Egan Eliza 20-May 1875 Tinnehinch
Patt Conroy John Egan Mary 30-Jan 1876 Bally Kenna?
Jas Conroy Jas Connolly Anne 13-Feb 1876 Ballyfarrell
Honoria Conroy Willm Caulton Ellen 31-May 1877 Brocca
Margt Conroy John Fitzpatrick Maryanne 02-Dec 1877 Lanagan
Anne Conroy Thos Conroy Mary 22-Jan 1878 Coolaugh
Anne Conry? Thos Cainen Mary Sept 1868 Brogla
Eliza Delany James Delany Mary Jan 1860
John Delany Michl Deegan Peggy 20-Jul 1862
Margt Dunne James Conroy Mary 12-Mar 1860 Pullough
Mary Dunne Nicholas Maher Mary June 1860 Ballynacroy
Thos Dunne Thos Conroy Mary Aug 1860 ?..ullough
Catharine Dunne Wm Devy Onner June 1860
James Flanagan John Houlahan Honor 11-Dec 1864 Balnahemmy
?Danl Gorman? ?James Conroy Margt Feb 1860
Anne Griffin Arthur Kenna Margt June 1860
Joseph Haly or Daly? Robert ?Colgan Mary 17-Apr 1859 Clonaslee
John Henry James Scully Ellen July 1860 ?Caradoos
Mary Hickey Andrew Conroy Ellen 26-Feb 1860
Eliza Hickey Andrew Conroy Ellen July 1860
James Hoctor Stephen Delany Catharine 16-Apr 1860 Castlecuffe
Ellen Hogan Thos Barret Mary Nov 1859
Patt Hogan Patt Dunne Mary Feb 1860
John Hogan Patt Conroy Catharine July 1860
John Kelly Patt Dunne Onner ?? 1859 Clonaslee
James Kelly John Dunne Catharine 28-Sep 1859 Brocca
Anne Kelly Christy Daly Mary July 1860
Jno Kelly Christy Daly Mary 25-Feb 1866 Clonaslee
Michael Kelly Michl Murphy Joanna 12-Sep 1866 Fordress
Mary Kelly Michl Murphy Mary ?May 12th 1868 Fordress
Catharine Kelly Michl ?Murray Bridget 29-Nov 1868 Rath?mines
Maryanne Kelly Christy Daly Mary 21-Feb 1869 Clonaslee
Catharine Kelly Patrick ?Ceaoul? Mary 25-Feb 1871 Ballykaneen
Francis Kelly Michl Murphy Johanna 01-Dec 1872 Fordress
John Ken?ehey James Molloy Betty July 1860
Mary Maher Mathew Conroy Anne 24-Apr 1859 Tinnehinch
Mary Mahon James Conroy Margt 21-Apr 1865 ?Brocca
Mary Mahony John Cleary Margt July 1860
John Malone n.g. Dunne Hony 22-Dec 1871 B.H
James Malone James Dunne Honor 06-Jul 1873 B.Hennimy?
Michael Malone Jno Dunne Margt 29-Jan 1875 Augha
Joseph Malone Jas Dunne Hony 12-May 1875 Ballynahimmey
Maryanne Malone Joseph Con…? Maria 17-Jul 1875 Delahe??
Mary Malone Jas Dunne Hony 09-Jun 1877 Ballynahimmey
Jas Malone ?Lau Conroy Maria 10-Jun 1877 Deilathem??
Joseph Malone Martin Preston Mary 24-Aug 1878 Clonaslee
Catharine McEvoy Wm Meagher Julia ?28/1 1859
Charles Multany Charles Kea?ry Cathr 19-Feb 1862
Eliza Peak Thos Devery Anne 30-Apr 1860 Castlecuffe
Judith Rourke Patt Conroy Eliza 19-May 1859 Graigafulla
Margaret Scully John Brislan Margaret 24-Apr 1859 Castlecuffe
Joseph Troy Edwd Hacket Mary May 1860
Rose Troy Mick Corcoran Roseanna June 1860
Michael Troy Edward (deceased) Hacket Mary 1865 Glebe
James Troy Jas Casey Eliza ?26 July 1865 Glebe
Eliza Troy James Casey Eliza 09-Jun 1867 Glebe
Anne Troy Joe Casey n.g. 15-Mar 1871 Castlecuffe
Matilda Troy James Casey Eliza June 1874 ?
William Wilkse John n.g. Ellen 04-Mar 1860
James Wright Joe Conroy Bridget 21-Sep 1859