Register Extracts, Taghamaconnel, Co. Galway

2432 Extracts and notes

Film damaged – beginning of roll, end of register
R. C. Diocese Clonfert

1875  John Walsh Priest
8 Jany
Married: Michael Giblin & Bridget Galvin.  Witnesses: Elenor Galvin & Bridget John

Baptisms July 31st, 1842 – Dec 16th, 1880
In Latin P. Galvin, Priest
Johannes Keogh. Parents:  Jacobis & Marie Caulfield. Date: 31st July. Witnesses: Johannes Keogh & Marie Kelly
Marie Flynn.  Parents:  Michaelis & Marie Smith. Date: 1st. August.  Witnesses: Henricus McDermott & Marie Smith
Johannes Tumulty. Parents:  Johannes & Judity Glynn.  Date: 4th August.  Witnesses: Patricius Nocten & Brigida Glinn
Johannes Cunniffe.  Parents:  Jacobi & Anna Keena.  Date:  4th August.  Witnesses: Thaddeus Gately & Marie Nocten
Margarita Muluce.  Parents:  Johannes & Catharina Butler.  Date: 5th August. Witnesses: Laurentius Carty & Catharina Butler
Heleanora Dolan.  Parents:  Petris & Heleanora Mullin.  Date: 5th Aug.  Witnesses: Bartholomeus Morgan & Marie Dolan
Michaeles Downey.  Parents:  Patricius & Brigeda Mannion. Date: 8th Aug.  Witnesses: Johannes Downey & Judith Downey
Bernardus Keena.  Parents:  Patricius & Brigida Fehily.  Date: 8th Aug.  Witness: Marie Nocten.
Marie Kelly.  Parents:  Andrio & Anna Moore. Date: 12th Aug.  Witnesses: Thomas Brooks & Elizabetha Neville
Johannes Downey.  Parents:  Johannes  & Maria Newell.  Date: 12th Aug. Witnesses: Bernardus Newell & Brigida Kelly.
Marie Flynn.  Parents:  Michaelis & Anna Fahy.  Date: 15th Aug.  Witnesses: Thomas Kelly & Brigida McDonnell
Marie Curley.  Parents:  Edwardi & Marie Gately.  Date: 15th Aug. Witnesses: Patricius Glinn & Maria Kelly
Michaelis Murray.  Parents:  Johannes & Margarita ?Finneran.  Date: 15th Aug. Witnesses: Michaelis Kelly & Catharina ?Finneran
Johannes Gunning.  Parents:  Patricius & Joanno Leech.  Date: 16th Aug.  Witnesses: Daniel Croffy & Heleanora Doyle
Maria Harte.  Parents:  Patricius &  Catharina Watson.  Date: 19th Aug. Witnesses: Jacobus Flynn & Marie Harte
Margarita Doran.  Parents:  Johannes & Catharina Fihily.  Date: 19th Aug.  Witnesses: Daniel Harney & Maria McDonn