Tankardstown 1901 Census Records, Co. Laois

This page features 1901 Census Records for the civil parish of Tankardstown in Co. Laois and includes the name of the head of household and the townland (and district electoral division) in which the head of household resides. A searchable index of all available 1901 census records present on From-Ireland.net is available here.

Head of Household Townland District Electoral Division
John Bowden Shanganagh Beg Barrowhouse
Patrick Boylan Shanganagh More Barrowhouse
Ellen Brennan Ballinree Tankardstown
Michael Brennan Shanganagh Beg Barrowhouse
Patrick Brennan Shanganagh More Barrowhouse
Patrick Brien Tankardstown Tankardstown
William Brien Tankardstown Tankardstown
John Bryan Barrowhouse Barrowhouse
Patrick Clear Ballinree Tankardstown
James Coady Cullenagh Tankardstown
Alex Condon Ballinree Tankardstown
Margaret Connor Shanganagh More Barrowhouse
James Deegan Tankardstown Tankardstown
William Donnolly Shanganagh More Barrowhouse
John Dooley Tankardstown Tankardstown
Patrick Dunne Shanganagh Beg Barrowhouse
Mary Farrell Shanganagh Beg Barrowhouse
William Fennell Monebrock Tankardstown
Mary Fitzpatrick Tankardstown Tankardstown
Thomas Gearen Shanganagh Beg Barrowhouse
Patrick Gray Ballinree Tankardstown
Thomas Gray Ballinree Tankardstown
John Grey Shanganagh More Barrowhouse
Patrick Grey Ballinree Tankardstown
Laurence Heffernan Ballinree Tankardstown
Robert Horsburgh Tankardstown Tankardstown
James Julian Cullenagh Tankardstown
Patrick Julian Graigue Barrowhouse
Sarah Keating Barrowhouse Barrowhouse
Jane Keeffe Tankardstown Tankardstown
Michael Kelly Shanganagh More Barrowhouse
Patrick Kelly Tankardstown Tankardstown
Pierce Kelly Magharegh/Magheragh Tankardstown
William Kelly Barrowhouse Barrowhouse
Robt. A. King Kilmorony Tankardstown
James Lacy Monebrock Tankardstown
Denis Langton Shanganagh Beg Barrowhouse
James Lawler Ballybeg Tankardstown
John Lawler Ballybeg Tankardstown
James Lawlor Magharegh/Magheragh Tankardstown
Joseph Lawlor Tankardstown Tankardstown
William Lawlor Tankardstown Tankardstown
Rebecca Lazenby Ballinree Tankardstown
Michael Lynch Ballinree Tankardstown
James Maher Shanganagh Beg Barrowhouse
Patrick Maher Magharegh/Magheragh Tankardstown
James Malone Barrowhouse Barrowhouse
John Malone Barrowhouse Barrowhouse
Patrick Malone Barrowhouse Barrowhouse
Ellen McDarby Ballinree Tankardstown
John McDonald Tankardstown Tankardstown
Margaret McDonald Shanganagh More Barrowhouse
Robert McDonald Shanganagh More Barrowhouse
Michael McEvoy Magharegh/Magheragh Tankardstown
George Meredith Monebrock Tankardstown
James Moore Graigue Barrowhouse
John Moore Ballybeg Tankardstown
Patrick Moore Tankardstown Tankardstown
James Murphy Barrowhouse Barrowhouse
Patrick Murphy Magharegh/Magheragh Tankardstown
Timothy Murphy Magharegh/Magheragh Tankardstown
Thomas Philips Tankardstown Tankardstown
Catherine Piert Tankardstown Tankardstown
James Ryan Barrowhouse Barrowhouse
William Stacey Magharegh/Magheragh Tankardstown
Lewen Weldon Kilmorony Tankardstown
Anne Whelan Tankardstown Tankardstown
daniel Whelan Shanganagh More Barrowhouse
Edward Whelan Tankardstown Tankardstown
William Whelan Ballinree Tankardstown

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