Tithe Applotment Books, Rearymore, Co. Laois

This page features 394 free records relating to Tithe Applotment Books in Rearymore, Co. Laois. The names are listed below in alphabetical order, once only regardless of how many times any name appears in the books, spellings as they are on the original (as best they can be read). Watch out for Dygan probably a variant of Deegan even though the surname Deegan is not found in the parish – or, it could be a vaiant of Duggan. Grugan could be Grogan a name found in Laois and Highland is Hyland. Costygan is Costigan. Flinn is Flynn, Goolden is Golden. Higgance is probably Higgins. Kilfoyle or Kilfoile can be Guilfoyle.

Surname Name
Barret James
Barret John
Barret Thomas
Barret Widow Michl.
Barret Widow, John
Beaghan Patrick
Beaghan Richd.
Beaghan William
Beechman? Henry
Bell Cook
Bell Edwd.
Bell Nowlan
Bell Richd.
Bell Thomas
Bell Thos.
Bell William
Berry Joseph
Boaghely William
Brennan Edwd.
Bromfield Frederick
Bromfield John
Bromfield John, Mr.
Bromfield Patrick
Brophy Danl.
Brophy John
Brophy Patrick & Son (Hy Bromfield)
Bryan Michl.
Bryan Richd.
Burke John
Burke Peter
Burke Thos.
Carbery Denis
Carbery John
Carrol Andrew
Carrol James
Carrol Patrick
Carrol Thos.
Carrol Thos. (Kyle)
Carrol Timothy
Clarey John
Clarey John, jun.
Clarey John, sen.
Clarey Michael
Clarey Timothy
Clybourn Peter
Clyburn William
Collins John
Connor John
Conrahy David
Conrahy Denis
Conrahy Edwd
Conrahy Hugh (Bawn)
Conrahy James
Conrahy James (Bill)
Conrahy James (Crosby)
Conrahy James (Darby – belongs to)
Conrahy James (Patrick)
Conrahy James (Pollo)
Conrahy John
Conrahy John (Bawn)
Conrahy John (Bill)
Conrahy John (Pollo)
Conrahy Mattw.
Conrahy Michael
Conrahy Michl.
Conrahy Morris
Conrahy Patrick
Conrahy Thomas
Conrahy Thomas (Bawn)
Conrahy Thomas, Long
Conrahy Thos.
Conrahy Widow (mill)
Conrahy William
Coonen Patrick
Coote Chas. H., Sir Bart
Corcoran Mattw.
Costelo James
Costelo Michael
Costelo Thos.
Costygan Danl.
Costygan John
Coyne James
Culleton James
Culleton Martin
Culleton Michael (Glanbarrow)
Culleton Michl.
Culleton Patt
Curren Widow
Curtes John
Daily Thos.
Dean Thadeus
Deevy Denis
Deevy Hugh
Deevy Widow
Delaney Bryan
Delaney John
Delaney Michael
Delaney Timothy
Delaney Widow
Delaney William
Dempsey James
Dempsey Richd.
Dempsey Thos
Dempsey Widow
Dempsy Patrick
Dempsy Richd.
Donaghoe James
Doogan John
Doolen Hugh
Dooley Denis
Dooley James
Dooley John
Dooley Patrick
Dooley Peter
Doorely Mattw
Doorly Mattw
Downey Martin
Downey Michl.
Downey Terence (Scot)
Doyle Danl.
Dunne Anne, Widow
Dunne Bryan
Dunne Chas.
Dunne Danl. (Ross)
Dunne Danl. (Scot)
Dunne David
Dunne Denis
Dunne Denis (Roe)
Dunne Edwd (Singer)
Dunne Edwd.
Dunne Hugh
Dunne James
Dunne James (Flag or Hlag)
Dunne James (Michl.)
Dunne John
Dunne John, Revd.
Dunne Joseph
Dunne Luke
Dunne Martin
Dunne Mary
Dunne Mary (Phelim)
Dunne Matt (Whhack)
Dunne Matthew
Dunne Mattw
Dunne Michael (Tailor0
Dunne Michl (Malone)
Dunne Michl.
Dunne Nicholas
Dunne Owen
Dunne Patrick
Dunne Patrick (Saunder)
Dunne Patrick Moore
Dunne Peter
Dunne Terence (Scot)
Dunne Thadeus
Dunne Thos.
Dunne Timothy
Dunne Widow
Dunne Widow (Malone)
Dunne Widow (Sally?)
Dunne William
Dunne William (Scot)
Dygan Bryan
Dygan Danl.
Dygan Patrick
Eagan John
Eagan Thos.
Fahey Michl.
Fahy John
Farrel John
Fin Michael (Mack) – Pat Brophy
Finlay Denis
Finlay James
Fitzpatrick Florence
Flanagan John
Flanagan Mattw.
Flanagan Michl.
Flanagan Widow
Flin Patt
Flinn James
Flinn Peter
Furlong John
Furlong Peter
Furlong Widow
Gaffney James
Gaffney Michl.
Garry Edwd.
Gaughney Michl.
Gaynan Timothy
Geugan (Gaugan) James (Kyle?)
Gibbs Chas.
Gill Widow
Gilligan Patrick
Glenan Bryan
Glennan Stephen
Goolden John
Goolden Thos.
Gorman Denis
Gorman James
Gorman James (Castle)
Gorman Jeremiah
Gorman John
Gorman John (?Pellahan)
Gorman Martin
Gorman Thomas
Gorman Widow
Gorman William
Gowen Frank
Green George
Grugan? James
Guynan Patrick
Gynan John
Harding John
Higgance? Bryan
Highland Martin
Hogan Michael
Hogan Widow
Hyland Widow
Johnings Patrick
Kain Terence
Keating Patrick
Keating Redmond
Kenedy Edwd.
Kenedy Patrick
Kilfoyle John
Kinshela Widow
Knight Godfrey
Knight Richd.
Lally or Scully Richd.
Lamb Michael
Lamb Patrick
Langford Joseph
Langford Thos.
Laughlin Thos.
Lawler James
Lawler Patrick
Lawless John
Linch Patrick
Lynam Andrew
Magennis Phelim
Magennis Widow (Hy Bromfield)
Maghen Owen
Magher Michl.
Malone Edwd.
Malone James
Malone John
Malone Joseph
Malone Thos.
Malone William
M’Cann Widow
Meaghan John
Meredith Joseph, Mr.
Meredith Rice
Meredith Rice, Mr.
M’Evoy James
Molloy James
Molloy Michl.
Mooney William
Moran Edwd.
Moran James
Moran Thomas
Morris Laurence
Morris Thos.
Morris or Monis Catherine
Mulloy Bryan
Nail Bryan
Nail Owen
Naughten Martin
Naughten Michl.
Nowlan Thos.
Nowlen Thomas
Pigot John, Esqr. (Mountain)
Pike William
Pole George
Pole Isaac
Pole John
Powell Thomas
Price Edwd.
Purcel Michael
Quarter? Patrick
Quin George
Quin James
Quin William
Quinn Bridged
Rabbit John
Robbinson James
Roberts Nathaniel
Roberts Thos.
Roe Widow
Scully Andrew
Scully Danniel
Scully James
Scully John
Scully Mary
Scully William
Simmons Patrick
Smollen Michael
Thompson Thomas
Tracey Edward
Troy Andrew
Troy Edward
Twohy James
Twohy John
Wall James
Ward Edwd.
Westman Saunders
Whelan George
Wright James
Young Edwd.
Young Patrick
Young Peter
Young Thos.