Tolligory Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Kildare

The following Tolligory gravestone transcriptions were compiled by the Athy Cemeteries Committee and given to From-Ireland, with permission to publish, by Michael Donovan, secretary of the Athy Cemeteries Committee.

Joseph Delany Who Died 4/10/1968. His Wife Margaret Delaney Who Died 17/1/1986. Two Children Who Died Young. The Moore Family Blackwood Athy.

Esther & Christina.

Peter Kelly Smallford Who 27/8/1975 Aged 88 Years. His Wife Margaret Kelly Who Died 11/1/1985 Aged 96 Years.

Sarah Connell Who Died 24/4/1848 Aged 71 Years.

William & Mary Moore Belview Athy.

John (Sonnie) Moore Bert Athy Who Died 12/2/1968 Aged 39 Years. Patrick Moore Who Died 12/10/1950 31 Years. Ellen Moore Who Died 25/3/1988 Aged 81 Years.

Erected By Maria Kavanagh In Memory Of Her Husband Patrick Kavanagh Who Died 3/3/1907 Aged 70 Years.

Erected with Filial Affection To The Memory Of John Fogarty Athy And His Wife Catherie By Their Son William Fogarty Who Died 9th August 1872 Aged 50 Years And Is Interred Here.

Erected To The Memory Of Denis Fogarty Died 27th Decr 1816 Aged 72 Years. Here Also Are Interred The Four Children Of His Grandson William Fogarty All Of Whom Died In Infancy. Also His Great Grandson Thomas Vincent Fogarty Who Died 10th May 1880 Aged 19 Years. May They Rest In Peace Amen.

Erected With Affectionate Regard To The Memory Of Catherine Fogarty Athy Of Her Sister Elizabeth Fogarty Who Died 8th March 1867.

Bridget Kelly Ardscull Daughter Of Michael & Bridget Kelly Who Died 15/7/1914. Also Patrick And Winifred.

John Doyle St. Michael’s Terrace Athy Who Died 25/1/1947. His Wife Mary Doyle Who Died 19/12/1938. His Daughter Mary Doyle Who Died 13/8/1924. Also His Grandparents, Uncle And Aunts.

Erected By Kathie Kehoe In Memory Of Her Husband Michael Kehoe Who Died 11/7/1937 Aged 45 Years. Also A Child Who Died Young. Her Father Thomas Larcey Who Died August 1924. Her Mother Annie Larcy Who Died March 1933. Also Mary Collette Kehoe Who Died 14/6/1951 Aged 19 Years.

Erected By Annie Brennan Ballyroe In Memory Of Her Husband Thomas Brennan Who Died 17/6/1914 Aged 68 Years. The Above Annie Brennan Who Died 27/2/1952 Aged 69 Years.

Erected By Thomas Brennan Ballyroe In Memory Of His Father James Brennan Who Died 28/1/1881 Aged 82 Years. His Brothers James Brennan Who Died 23/8/1897 Aged 48 Years. John Brennan Who Died 21/2/1906 Aged 78 Years. Patrick Brennan Who Died 8/11/1907 Aged 84 Years.

Erected By John Brennan Of Armore (sic) Athy In Memory Of Michael Brennan Who Depd This Life April 16th 1832 Aged 18 Years. Joseph Brennan Died July 12th 1852 Aged 14 Years. Margaret Brennan Who Depd This Life March 11th 1860 Aged 25 Years. Winifred Brennan Who Died Octbr 6th 1850 Aged 70 Years.

Here Lieth The Body Of Bridget Devoy Wife Of John Devoy Who Departed This Life …..Novemeber 15th ….. Aged ……

Sacred To The Memory Of Thomas Devoy Of Grangenolvin Who Departed This Life The 27th April 1827 Aged 60 Years. Also His Dearly Beloved Wife Mary Devoy Who Died 18th September 1840 Aged 58 Years. His Son Thomas Who Died 17th Feby 1839 Aged 26 Years. His Son Joseph Who Died 12 April 1843 Aged 22 Years. And His Son John Who Died 25th Augt 1865 Aged 20 Years.

His Son Patrick Died 10 November 1887 Aged 74 Years. His Son James Died 14 July 1889 Aged 72 Years. His Son Michael Died 22 November 1894 Aged 68 Years.

His Daughter Bridget Died 13 November 1875 Aged 74 Years. His Daughter Eleanor Died 12 July 1878 Aged 68 Years. His Son Samuel Died 15 June 1885 Aged 66 Years.

Here Lieth The Body Of Loughling Toole Of Nicholastown Who Departed This Life 25th Day Of July 1772 Aged 36 Years. May He Rest In Peace Amen.

Gloria In Excelsis Deo Erected By Henry Darby Of Tenakill In Memory Of His Beloved Son Andrew Darby Who Died 16th Of Novr 1860 Aged 29 Years. Andrew Darby Died 1924. His Wife Roseanna Died 1955. His Brother Henry Died 1926.

Erected By Christopher Darby Of Sheen In Memory Of His Beloved Father Henry Darby Who Died 3rd May 1871 Aged 74 Years. Also His Mother Catherine Darby Who Died 4th March 1871 Aged 70 Years. Also His Daughter Mary Anne Darby Who Died 29th April 1884 Aged 16 Years. The Above Christopher Darby Who Died 5th May 1894 Aged 70 Years. His Wife Anne Who Died 30th Oct 1902 Aged 73 Years.

In Memory Of Margaret Murphy Of Kildangan & Kildare Who Died September 27th 1879 Aged 89 Years. In Memory Of Her Father Martin Darby Who Died July 24th 1839 Aged 46 Years And Of Her Mother Mrs. Mary Darby Who Died October 7th 1874 Aged 74 Years.

This Stone Was Erected By Mary Darby Of Clogora In Memory Of Her Beloved Husband Martin Darby Who Dept This Life July 24th 1839 Aged 46 Years.

Here Lieth The Body Of Edward M’Gan Who Dep This Life May Ye 12 1767 Aged 22 Years Also His Sister ….. M’Gan Who Departed This Life March Ye 17 1772 Aged 28 Years. May Dire (sic) Souls Rest In Peace Amen.

Sacred To The Memory Of Michael Devoy …ol Leinster L…. Who Died On The …. September 1818 Aged 76 Years Also His Wife Catherine Who Dep This Life .. May 1812 Aged 73 Years Lived Together 57 Years And … …………..Was … And Pious She Was ….. And ….

Erected By Liam Noud In Memory Of James Noud Who Died 27th Oct 1896 Aged 93 Years. Also His Mother Elizabeth Noud Died 24th December 1904 Aged 86 Years Also His Brother James Who Died Young.

Mary Nolan Kilboccan Who Died 4/5/1936 Aged 80 Years. Her Husband Thomas Nolan Who Died 2/10/1936 Aged 76 Years. Their Daughter Mary Nolan Who Died 18/5/1914 Aged 23 Years.


John Birmingham Who Died 8/4/1890. His Wife Eliza Birmingham Who Died 18/2/1902. Patrick Birmingham Son Of The Above Who Died June …..

Erected By Patrick Mackey …. Of Athy To The Memory Of His Beloved Sister Honoria Who Departed This Life …… February 1882 Aged …. Years. Also His Father Peter Who Died 20th February 1890 Aged 64 Years.

Erected By Patrick Mackey In Memory Of His Brother John Mackey Who Died 8/10/1898 Aged 60 Years. The Above Patrick Mackey Who Died 10/2/1900 Aged 80 Years. Ellen Tomlinson Ardmore Who Died 1/8/1935 Aged 60 Years. Her Husband Michael Tomlinson Who Died 1/12/1956. Their Daughter Margaret Mackey Who Died 26/9/1956.

Erected By Mrs Carroll In Memory Of Her Husband Richard Carroll Who Died 21/6/1902 Aged 73 Years.

Erected By James Alcock In Memory Of His Mother Elizabeth Alcock Who Died 1/3/1939.

Erected By Lizzie Alcock In Memory Of Her Uncle Peter Carroll Who Died 8/10/1910 Aged 41 Years.

Here Lieth The Body Of Isaac Cooper Late A Soldier In The Royal Reg Of Foot Of Ireland….. Faithful To His King Obedient To His Officers …… Of May 1739

Erected By Mary Dunne Ballyroe In Memory Of Her Parents Patrick Dunne Who Died 11/1/1871 Aged 30 Years . Ellen Dunne Who Died 19/1/1901 Aged 64 Years. Her Sister Ellen Dunne Who Died 22/3/1882 Aged 16 Years.

Erected By Michael Cummins Kilberry In Memory Of His Wife Lizzia Cummins Who Died 29/2/1908 Aged 67 Years. His Daughter Alice Cummins Who Died 30/9/1899 Aged 24 Years. Daniel Cummins Who Died Feb 1900 Aged 70 Years. His Wife Catherine Cummins Who Died 15/8/1906 Aged 70 Years.

Here Lieth Ye Body Of Nicholas Devoy Who Departed This Life The 2nd Day Of July Anno Dom 1732 .. In The 4th Year Of His Age

Erected By John Darby Of Athy In Memory Of His Father William Darby Who Died May 14th 1840 Aged 60 Years. Also His Mother Mary Darby Who Died Aug 10th 1864 Aged 75 Years. Also His Beloved William Darby Who Died June 14th 1885 Aged 24 Years. Also The Above John Darby Died 24th Sepr 1889 Aged 65 Years.

Erected By James Flood In Loving Memory Of Denis, Kate, Michael, Mary & Anne Flood.

Erected By Philip …… In Memory Of His Wife Mary Who Dep This Life 26th April 1881 Aged 39 Years……….

Erected By Daniel Toomey Athy In Memory Of His Beloved Mother Elizabeth Toomey Who Died 26th March 1879 Aged 44 Years Also His Brother Patrick Toomey Who Died 28th Oct 1911 Aged 56 Years.

Also Michael Toomey Who Died 17/9/1925 Aged 66 Years. Also Daniel Toomey Who Died 20/11/1929 Aged 70 Years. Also Ellen Toomey Who Died 26/2/1935 Aged 80 Years.

Elizabeth Hall Who Died 16/6/1970 Aged 84 Years.

Erected By Joseph Devoy Of Ardry In Memory Of His Son Patk Devoy Who Departed This Life 5th July 1810 Aged 7 Years. Lord Have Mercy On His Soul Amen. Here Also Is Interred His Daughter Margaret & Her Husband Patrick Keenan Together With Their Children.

Here Lieth The Body Of Juddith Sarsfields who Depd This Life 12th 1798 Aged 36 Yrs Lord Have Mercy On Her Soul.

Erected In Memory Of John Cullen Of Ardreigh Died 4th Nov 1867 Aged 65 Years. Also His Wife Mary Cullen Died 3rd July 1889 Aged 85 Years And Their Son John Cullen Died Jan 13th 1922 Aged 79 Years, And His Daughter Elizabeth Mary Power Died Feb 22nd 1924 Aged 31 Years. Also His Wife Elizabeth Cullen Ardreigh Died Jan 10th 1947 And His Daughter Mary Neill Offaly St. Athy Died Oct. 14th 1957 Aged 71 Years. Also Her Husband Alec Neill Died 12th Sept 1982 Aged 94 Yrs.

John Moore Newtown Bert Athy Who Died 11/9/1961 (An Accident) Aged 73 Years.

Patrick Moore Bert Athy Who Died 12/10/1941 Aged 71 Years. His Wife Elizabeth Moore Who Died 4/3/1966 Aged 84 Years. Their Daughter Esther Breslin Who Died 25/5/1991 Aged 81 Years.

Erected By Ellen & Bridget Keenan In Memory Of Their Father Denis Keenan Who Died 10/8/1930 And Their Mother Mary Keenan Who Died 6/12/1959 Aged 77 Years. Also Francis Keenan Who Died 19/9/1959 Aged 46 Years. Theresa Keenan Who Died Young. The Above Ellen Keenan Dooley’s Terrace Who Died 14/4/1974.

Private M. Maloney Leinster Regiment Who Died 13/3/1917 Aged 33 Years.

Erected By Anne Maloney In memory Of Her Husband Martin Maloney Foxhill Who Died 27/1/1888 Aged 62 Years. Also Her Mother Ellen Dunne Who Died 29/4/1888 Aged 70 Years. Also Her Father Patrick Dunne Who Died 8/5/1872 Aged 40 Years.

Baby Thomas Phillips Smallford Born 31/7/1944 Died 30/11/1944.

Paddy Joe Kelly 702 Barkersford 9/1/1945 9/5/1945

This Stone Is Erected By James Cullen In Memory Of His Son James Cullen Who Dep This Life ……. Aged 20 Years….. (Headstone Sunk)

Brian Tobin Who Was Born 7/3/1909 Died 8/11/1985. Mairin Tobin Who Was Born 4/9/1920 Died 10/1/1997

Marjorie O Neill Nee Seabrook Who Died 16/7/1904 Died 30/8/1981

Jerry Who Died 31/1/1974

John O Neill Who Was Born 14/11/1900 Died 7/2/1972

Mary O Neill Nee Mallick Who Was Born 2/11/1911 Died 5/2/1968

Rose Murray Who Was Born 18/9/1891 Died 17/8/19…

Lal O Neill Who Was Born 3/8/1902 Died 19/8/1971

Dr Jeremiah O Neill Who Was Born 1/2/1873 Died 19/8/1954. Mary D. O Neill Who Was Born 1/5/1874 Died 22/6/1931

Mac Who Died 29/12/1904 Died 25/1/1942. Dolly who Was Born 23/4/1906 Died 21/11/1988

Denis O Neill Who Was Born 9/12/1883 Died 4/10/1954

Stephen O Neill Who Was Born 6/7/1882 Died 29/9/1943

Elizabeth K O Neill Who Was Born 7/5/1851 Died 31/10/1945. Her Sons Stephen O Neill Died 29/9/1943 Denis O Neill Died 4/10/1954. Jeremiah O Neill Died 19/8/1954. His Wife Mary D(Nee Adye Curran) Died 22/6/1931. Their Sons John L O Neill Died 7/2/1972. Francis C O Neill Died 19/8/1971. Their Son-In-Law Patrick J De Courcy MacDonnell Died 25/1/1942. His Children Baby De Courcy MacDonnell Died 6/1/1935. John F De Courcy MacDonnell Died 15/3/1939. Rose Allison Murray (Nee Adye Curran) Died 17/8/1971. Brian Tobin Died 8/11/1985 Marin Tobin Died 10/1/1997. Mary D De Courcy MacDonnell Died 21/11/1988.

Thomasina O Neill-Harmon Who Was Born 4/12/1947 Died 21/6/2012

Elizabeth (Lys) Brennan Nee Carbery Who Was Born 1/10/1942 Died 14/4/2011

Fr. Bertie (Gilbert) Kelly Ballytore Who Died 29/4/2013. P.P. Of Drimnagh And Ballygall.

Baby Joseph Carbery Who Died 27/12/1994. Baby Maeve Carbery Who Died 6/9/1995.

John P. O Neill Who Was Born 12/5/1935 Died 20/7/2005

Georgina O Neill Who Was Born 14/3/1912 Died 2/1/2008

Joe O Neill Who Was Born 9/12/1916 Died 23/2/2008. Blatnaid O Neill Who Was Born 8/7/1923 Died 24/4/2008.