Top Gear : Creation, movement of Scarecrow entry 2016

Top Gear

2016 All Ireland Scarecrow Festival Entrant


The ‘creation of’ :)  I remember the first time I saw this ‘two cars stuck together’  few years ago and I wanted to photograph it, my friend Noel said, “Not now Jane, it’s not ready yet”.  That’s the kind of statement that makes you wonder when will it ever be ‘ready’?

So, no a Sat morning as I drove from Westport home to Laois I received a phone call (answered by my nephew) and the person calling wanted to know when would I be home, that the All Ireland Scarecrow Festival began the next day and I had to take photos!  I didn’t even know the Scarecrow festival was starting the next day.  So, off I went to Durrow that evening to take photos which I have already uploaded.  My friends idea though was that I could take photos of his entry as it set out to go to Durrow.  His entry was ‘Top Gear’.  I hadn’t been around to photograph the re-painting of the cars and I just begin with getting the entry up and off to Durrow along with some photographs of the ‘creation’ of the puppets.

Young boys were all fascinated with these two cars AND they actually do ‘work’ as in can move themselves around a bit or so I’ve heard.